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24 Hours in Jail – Part 3

By Prisoner805

Waking Up In Jail

I couldn’t believe how well I had slept. I rolled over and adjusted a number of times during the night, each time feeling the wet spot at the opening in my chastity belt, noticing the musky smell of crotch and cum. That only made me throb more in the belt. This whole thing was one vicious cycle. I thought to get up and call out a number of times, but I corrected myself. When AR wants me up, he’ll order me up. If I’m smart, I’ll get my rest while I’m able.

AR did come to the bars, and wasted no time pointing to his crotch. I quickly got to my knees and made myself useful through the bars. I had always wanted to be used through the bars of a jail. I’ve previously sucked cock through the bars of a cage so I knew it was going to be right up there on the “gotta try it” scale. Sure enough, it was amazing. After a little bit, AR was done with my mouth.

He passed my boots and muzzle in and told me to put them on. Then came the 4 buckle hand restraints and leg irons for over my boots. Once I had them all on, he told me to get up against the wall. He came in and inspected me, then told me to turn so that he could take in his work for a moment.

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24 Hours in Jail – Part 2

By Prisoner805


It happened. I was in jail. As I heard him turn the key to the door lock, I leaned back on my bunk and felt the cold cinder block behind me. I raised my foot and kicked what must have been the toilet. I extended my foot and was able to touch the wall. AR came back after I had a few moments to rest. AR took off my transport chains and told me to strip. My hoodie, shorts, socks and shoes were gone. He locked them away out of my reach. AR did another search. I had asked to be treated like a high escape risk. That’s exactly what I got. He wasn’t taking any chances.

I had never seen this place before. AR told me that first thing, he’d show me the facility. Still hooded and gagged, AR put me in the rigid collar and cuffs. When that was secure, he took off my muzzle and my hood. Looking around, I stammered “The shit I get myself into…” while I looked on in amazement at where I was, and the state in which I was present there. My cock throbbed then as it does now while I write thinking about it. I was a prisoner for use by a sexual dominant.

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24 Hours in Jail – Part 1

By Prisoner805

Bondage Beginnings

For the record, this is a completely true story. All of this stuff actually happened. I’ve been into bondage for my entire adult life. As time has gone on, it’s gotten more and more advanced. It started with fucking around with handcuffs I had picked up at the local army surplus store. Leg irons followed, and so did hogties as a result. In college, I had my first bondage hookup. I knew then that this was going to be something I would be into forever.

Not long after, I met a couple who had set up a dungeon in their spare bedroom. They had a ton of steel and chain, rigid irons and even a cage. After experiencing more restraint than I’ve ever known, they called it a night. Seeing the disappointed look on my face, one suggested that I stay the night in the cage, naked and chained, of course. I lived alone and nobody was expecting me, so I did it. They tried to chain me but my damn wrists wouldn’t fit in the manacles. I was heavy at the time. I had never been very good about managing that at the time. Anyway, they locked some cuffs to set and I was chained for the night. I must have gotten off about 4 times in that cage using the lube that was leftover from earlier and every boner that I woke up to. It was about the hottest experience I’d had to date, but it never happened again. Not with anyone.

Over a decade has gone by and I have played with some formidable doms. I’ve been suspended, tied, chained, locked in rigid irons, flogged, spanked (hate it except for with a hand), zapped, buzzed to an electro orgasm…the list goes on. I got a Recon account ages ago and had chatted with thousands of people. Over all that time I had chatted on Recon on and off with one dom who I just never managed to meet. That was about to change, and I was about to do the craziest thing I had ever done while thinking with my dick.

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