Becoming Humble – Part 01

By RotherhamMan

Thor didn’t quite get the fuss. It was only a mug, so what if he had broken it? But it seemed that deliberately smashing it on the floor, even in delight, wasn’t accepted on Earth. He had been so desperate for a drink. After spending all night and day walking the barren wasteland he had finally found a town and entered the first place he saw that looked like they might serve drinks. He found the place a tad strange but he had been to many realms and took in the different culture with ease—until he broke one of their rules of etiquette, apparently, by breaking the mug once he had drained it of water.

“You broke it, you clean it up,” the owner had told him in a stern voice, thrusting a dustpan and brush at him to clean up. And so Thor was doing menial work, on both knees with a dustpan and brush, cleaning up the broken shards of mug. Completely oblivious to the view of his ass he was giving the customers and the looks they were giving it back. He finished up quickly, it was only the one mug, and deposited them in the bin by the counter.

The owner eyed him up. He was a man who was not muscled but not with fat either, an average frame, maybe more so, and a bushy brown moustache with his finely combed hair. “Now you’ve done that you can pay for the damage and get lost.”

Shit, thought Thor. It had not occurred to him at all that he would have to pay for this (when did a prince have to pay for food?) and he did not have anything on him but for the clothes he was wearing, the meagre shirt and trousers he had worn beneath his armour when his father had stripped him of it. For the first time in a long while he was ashamed to speak, not wanting to admit his helplessness. “I… I don’t have any money…” he said in a small voice that didn’t suit a man of his size.

The eyebrows of the owner—his name-tag read Harry—rose as his eyes widened. “You’re joking? You’re serious?” and when Thor stayed silent he continued, “Fuck you, you’ve got some balls coming in here, breaking my shit and not having a penny on you!” He spoke loud enough for everyone to hear and Thor tried to look as small as possible. It couldn’t really be done, he was at least half a foot taller than everyone there.

“Is there some other way I can… make amends and repay you?” he offered. He was strong and a fast learner, he could do him some good deed to satisfy him.

Harry’s look changed in a way Thor couldn’t name. His eyes roamed over him again in a different way now, taking in how strong he was, maybe. “You offering?”

Thor knew this was a loaded question but didn’t know how. “…yes?” he said slowly, not wanting to commit to anything without knowing. “I am offering to make it up to you if you will accept another way.”

Harry nodded slowly, not breaking eye contact, judging him and coming to his own conclusions. It seemed the cafe was suddenly quiet, as if everyone were waiting for his response. Finally Harry came to a decision and jerked his head to the door by the counter that led to the back rooms. “Come into the back.”

Thor followed, glad to be away from the audience. The back rooms were simple and nondescript with some boxes of stock around. Harry walked to the far back, where there was some privacy from the public rooms, and then turned, back to the wall, leaning against it.

“Kneel,” he said. He had spoken before with the authority of the owner of the business but now it had a different tone, a different kind of command and an obedience expected of him.

After only a moment of thought Thor did so, dropping to one knee as a sign of respect for the man he had disrespected. “Is this some kind of expression of gratitude?”

Harry chuckled, shaking his head with apparent amusement. “Yeah, you’re gonna be gratifying me.” One hand was placed on Thor’s head, running into his hair, while with the other he unbuckled his pants and pulled out his semi-hard cock, just about level with Thor’s face and it all clicked in his head.

“You expect me to—” Before Thor could say anything more the hand that had been on his head took a firm hold and with a pull on is hair and a thrust of the hips the man’s cock was forced inside Thor’s mouth. Thor choked at the intrusion and thought about biting down.

“I so much as feel your teeth and you’ll be losing them,” Harry growled above him.

Thor opened his mouth however he could to breathe around it but this only let it further inside, even more so as it reached full hardness in the warm wetness of his mouth. He clamped both hands on the man’s hips to push himself off—he was a warrior, he could overpower this man—but the man countered by grabbing his head with his other hand and refusing to budge.

It was only at this moment that Thor realised what it meant to be mortal, that although he was strong he no longer had the strength of an Asgardian.

Harry was oblivious to his revelation. “You want to pay me back? This is how you do it or we’re going to have a real problem. Get that tongue doing something useful!”

Thor had felt obligated to pay the man back but this was something he was above. He did not stoop to such means to get what he wanted—not unless it was on his terms. But as he tensed his arms to push off he realised he had no other means by which to do so, and he had already taken without thinking about what he could give in return. He had other things to offer but to this man it seemed he had only one thing that he needed.

Just this once he would do it. No one need know. Thor began to explore the intrusion with his tongue.

“There you go,” said Harry with a sigh of relief at his obedience and ministrations. “I was looking for an excuse to get you on my cock the moment you walked in. Fine guys like you aren’t easy to come by round here and hard to… convince. Dumbass like you, all brawn and no brain, didn’t stand a chance!”

Thor wondered if there was any way he could have avoided this but was distracted by the head of the cock reaching the back of his throat and triggering his gag reflex. Instinctively he tried to pull off but the hands fisting into his hair were tight and a reminder to stay in place. Harry started moving his hips back and forth, slowly fucking his mouth.

“God, your throat feels good, could really get used to you learning to take dick.”

Thor couldn’t see himself staying long enough to get used to it, as far as sucking a guy off went he was unlikely to try it again.

Harry let his head fall back on the wall and saw that several of his customers had dared to venture behind the counter to watch the show. They were quietly stood palming themselves, one with his hands down his pants, licking their lips. Harry winked at them. With an audience Harry was spurred on to go a little harder on the stud, he could take it. He picked up the pace and felt himself get close.

Thor had no choice but to try and time his breathing and keep his tongue out of the way while still running it over Harry’s cock. Without warning Harry thrust in as far as he could and Thor’s face was pressed fully into his crotch, the cock filling his whole mouth. He felt it throbbing and knew what had happened. He had come into the cafe looking for a drink and had ended up drinking cum.

Harry jerked his hips a few more times but was finished and let his cock slide out of the stud’s mouth. “Fuck, was that your first cock? Your first time swallowing cum?” Thor heaved in air and nodded, not opening his eyes to see how the guy grinned with glee. “You’re a natural, just need some training. Anytime you want a free drink come back and I’ll give you one along with another practice session.”

Thor slumped back onto his heels, unaware of how he looked; hair a mess, face flushed, and a strand of drool hanging from his mouth. Again he didn’t notice how he was being watched by the men in the doorway who retreated now the show was over and they risked getting caught.

He dimly heard the cafe door open and heard new, loud voices speaking. “…crater outside town with a hammer in it that no one can move…” It was a welcome coincidence. Of course the hammer wouldn’t be far from where he had arrived. He could get it, go home, and forget this whole sorry mess had happened. Simple.

“Hammer?” he repeated, his thoughts coming out as a single word as he worked his stretched jaw.

Harry nodded, uninterested as he tucked his cock away. “Yeah, they’ve been yammering away about it all morning, some gathering to the north of town.”

“How do I get there?” said Thor, determined to end this episode of his life.

Harry looked confused by his sudden change in demeanour but answered anyway. “You could walk it but it’s a long haul.” And Harry had a brainwave. “Better to ask for a lift. I know a guy who might help you.”

“I would be—” Thor began.

“Grateful?” Harry finished, a wicked grin on his face.

Thor gave his best glare but it was ruined by the knowledge he had choked on a cock a few minutes prior and that he was still kneeling on the floor. Harry’s cock was flaccid now but still out and level with Thor’s face.

Harry chuckled. “I’ll ask him for you. You wanna leave by the back and meet him by the trucks?”

Thor nodded and took the indicated back door. He didn’t think the diners had seen what had happened but didn’t want to face them either way.

As he left Harry stared at his ass, shown off nicely in those trousers. He just knew that ass would be so much better than his mouth if he could get at it. He stepped out into the cafe, grinning at the few looks he was getting from regulars who had watched. He had a reputation and was keeping it, upgrading it even, with the new dumb hunk. He approached an old friend finishing his breakfast and sat across form him.

“Hey Billy, jealous?” The look he got told him he was but Harry wasn’t phased. “How about you get some of that stallion for yourself?”


Thor checked his reflection in the window of a car. His face was a bit red and his hair was a mess but there was nothing that gave away he had just had his mouth fucked. He brushed at his hair to tidy it up. The man had ejaculated deep in his throat but he was sure he could taste the cum. He wished he had another drink to wash it down with.

“Hey muscles,” said a voice and Thor jumped. “Harry says you need a ride to the crater?”

Thor cursed himself for getting too caught up in his own reflection. He turned to the man and answered, “Yes sir.”

The man was grin at him. Blond hair tied back in a pony tail, unkept facial hair and clothes that looked like they needed a wash covering a decent frame, the frame of a man who worked with his hands. Maybe it was that he didn’t have time for grooming himself rather than not caring. “Sir,” he repeated with amusement. “Well aren’t you polite?”

“How my father raised me,” said Thor.

The man nodded slowly, biting his lip. He gave Thor the same look Harry had that set alarm bells ringing inside his head. “I bet he did. Get in and I’ll drive you.” he got in to the rusty truck next to where Thor stood. Thor had a sudden urge to walk the journey rather than ride along but he wanted this over and he pushed down his suspicions. He got in the passenger side.

As they pulled out of the parking lot Thor tried to strike up conversation. “You know Harry?” Did this man know what kind of a man his friend really was?

“Oh yeah, Harry and I—Billy’s my name, by the way—go back. Not many new guys come through this town so when they do Harry and I make the most of them.”

Thor felt like he should know what this meant but couldn’t put the pieces together. “What do you mean?”

The man looked at him sideways, wriggling his eyebrows. “I think you know.” He gave him a wink. “Harry got you all flushed and roughed up in the backroom, just how we liked to leave a guy when we’re done.” He grabbed at his crotch and Thor realised it was swollen—in anticipation!

Thor felt himself flush up again. “You… do that sort of stuff with him?”

“Oh yeah, since we were both old enough. He told me all about you, you’re too good to let pass us by. So you paid him for that drink and glass, you gonna pay me the same way for the drive?”

Thor cursed himself for making the same mistake twice in the same hour. Of course he had to pay and now he was no doubt in the same situation as before with this man. “I wasn’t aware I had to pay,” was all he could say, his tone giving away how resigned he was to this already.

The man was grinning openly now, the trap had sprung on the foolish hunk. “Rule of the road: cash, grass or ass, but I’ll settle for that mouth of yours.”

“I… err…” Thor was distracted by the man opening his pants just like Harry had done and puling out his own erection that had been a semi at the sight of Thor and a full hard-on since he had disappeared into the back with Harry but was now dripping with precum.

“Get your mouth on me as we go, it’s an easy drive.” His tone revealed it was all a foregone conclusion and his hand reached over and rested on Thor’s head just as Harry had done.

Thor had already had one cock in his mouth today—hell, it had been less than an hour ago—what did it matter if he had another? Billy’s hand was in his hair just as Harry’s had been and was pulling him down onto the cock. Thor didn’t put up much of a fight. This was different from Harry’s approach. No, it was more about the position. Harry had been stood with Thor on his knees and had been able to fuck his mouth at his pace. Billy was sat and Thor was having to go up and down. He was a more active participant in this and he couldn’t escape the fact he was doing this rather than having it done to him as he was accustomed.

Billy’s hand was stroking his hair, running his hands gently through it as he muttered dirty things that Thor couldn’t hear over the engine. It was almost soothing to be stroked like that, especially when the hand slid down to the nape of his neck and the thumb stroked there absently. Thor was so relaxed by this and occupied with working the cock in his mouth he didn’t quite notice the man’s hand move lower until he felt it make contact with the skin where his shirt had ridden up, his lower back just above the belt.

He stilled on the cock, unsure what to do. The man was sure however, and the fingers slid into his trousers, pressed by his own will and the tightness of the fabric against his ass. Just how much did the man want from him for the journey?

“That’s a nice mouth,” said Billy from above him. “But it’s better when you’re using it.”

Thor got the message and resumed his actions as the hand explored his rear. It roamed over the curves, hard to tell if it was stroking, exploring, or feeling. The occasional squeeze made Thor arch his back and raise his ass into the touch almost against his will.

Above him Billy was grinning. This guy, for all his looks and muscles and attitude, was a natural submissive. He would have to make sure he stuck around somehow. The fingers moved into the cleft between the cheeks, where they had room to move more freely. The reached so far down Thor felt them tickle his balls and twitched at the contact. Then they slowly slid upwards, searching for… he knew what the fingers wanted.

It wasn’t a physical shock when they found his hole, he had known it was coming, but a mental one. No one had ever dared to touch him there, he had never allowed it and no one was brave enough to defy him. But this country hick, he was sure that was what he was, had his middle finger ticking at his entrance as Thor sucked him off. The finger tickled back and forth and Thor shuddered uncontrollably. He was now so absorbed in the feeling that sucking the cock had become something he was doing almost without thinking. Fortunately, as Billy had guessed, he was a natural and he was doing great without even trying.

A little pressure on his hole, not enough to enter but enough to stimulate. Thor was close, he suddenly realised, he was straining in his trousers, made tighter by the extra limb taking up space. He moved his hips and was rewarded by the friction on his cock and the alternating pressure of the fingers. With every new action he proved to Billy he was right.

It was amazing that Billy was able to drive as well as he was with the hunk in his lap being so active and responsive, he was so close and knew he wouldn’t last much longer. He applied more pressure to Thor’s hole, never expecting to enter but knowing the feeling would be enough. Thor responded by groaning with the cock deep in his mouth and that was what sent Billy to heaven.

The cum-shot was different from Harry’s, with this angle and rather than going straight down his throat it was shot all over Thor’s mouth and he had no choice but to taste it. He was close too but knew that if he finished himself off now then he would always know he had cum, without touching himself, while sucking of a man who was fingering his hole. He was a hair’s width from going through with it—he wanted to cum! To hell with what he would think later. He pulled off Billy just as the last few shots spurted out and coated his beard with cum.

One last grind and he’d—

“Fuck yeah!”

It took a moment for Thor to realise that wasn’t the voice of his driver and he looked up. At some point they had stopped driving and Thor had been so absorbed in the blowjob he hadn’t noticed they had arrived. He hadn’t expected a crowd of people to be at the crater and even if he had he hadn’t expected them to see him giving a blowjob. But there were enough faces of jeering men looking through the window that there was no way he hadn’t been seen.

It was now that he came in his pants, with everyone watching as he jerked and the bulge of his crotch became damp with his load.

To be continued …

Metal would like to thank RotherhamMan for allowing this story to be shared here.

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