Male BDSM: Hunter Page gets tied up and edged


Hot new stud Hunter Page comes to Men on Edge ready for his first edging session. They tie him up near the windows and blindfold him so he won’t know what’s coming. All the excitement has this hot hunk bulging out of his underwear as Sebastian teases him with his tongue. They cut away his underwear and surprise him with the vibrating hitachi bringing him to the edge. Hunter is then suspended in the middle of the room as a dildo fucks him in the ass while swallowing Sebastian’s hard cock. Begging to cum, Hunter is tied down in the chair as the prostate massager is shoved up his butt. They finally bring him to climax as he sprays his hot load all over the place, but his orgasm abruptly turns to pain as they tease him with some post-orgasmic torment to finish him off.

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