Beguiled – Part 1

By ty dehner

author ty dehnerIn the darkness, anxious breathing echoes in the small space. There is certainly a person in his space, helpless. The echo of breathing is broken with the sound of steel sliding on the edge of more metal as a solid, shiny sword slowly enters this container. At first, it proceeds slowly, then settles into place with a strong shove that makes this captive person sigh with relief that they have not been impaled by this sharp weapon. A muffled crowd sound is heard inside the container as the sword sets.

This person adjusts themselves in the tight confines of this container. A sliver of light comes through a different slot on the other side. The eyes of a man turn towards that slot, hoping to catch a view out of his confinement. But he sees very little, as another sword is inserted slowly, sliding close to his chest. The captive draws in his breath to move his chest out of the way.

A hand in a leather gauntlet holds the sword’s handle that has just been inserted, giving it one hard push to set it in place. There is an auditable gasp as the gloved hand releases the sword. The mysterious figure, all in black, lifts his head to his audience with a mischievous grin curling upon his lips.

Stepping back from the red-painted container with simulated rusted metal accents on the corners, the magician waves his arm and turns to the rack that holds another five swords. This talented illusionist is the world-renown magician, Magier.

Taking the next sword, he removes it from the fine leather tooled scabbard. Lifting the sword into the air, the theater lights reflect off the polished steel. Wasting no time, Magier quickly twists his body to the container, this time quickly inserting the sword. His audience watches as many begin to wonder if the human that volunteered to go into the container has been sliced by one of those swords. As the third sword has been inserted, Magier moves for the next.

Out in the audience sits a man, enthralled with what he is watching on the stage. Since he was a youth, Ben has been a fan of magic, creating his own little acts for friends and family. But his lack of confidence never allowed him to do something with his skills. Another factor kept Ben an introvert; he is gay and afraid to share that with others. So, this man lived a simple life but enjoyed the times he could go to the magic shows in person. With Magier being his favorite.

Ben is attracted to Magier because of his costume during his performance; it is made of leather, black with a shine, all finely fitted to the tall magician in his mid-forties. The magician has a shaved head and a dark goatee that makes Ben intimidated by this performer of magic. At times Magier looks like the devil. A devil that puts a person through some hell by placing them in a locked box, shoving metal swords into that box.

The last sword slides into the box, and the victim inside can barely move, sweating as the box is warm, with his breathing labored by the steel that keeps him in place.

Magier takes hold of the box on the stage, spinning it around as the audience watches, wondering if the man inside has been impaled. Electric Dance Music that accompanies the performance has a gothic sound as it increases in tempo and frenzy.

Suddenly, the magician stops in his tracks, his heavy black leather boots climb over his knees, flaps drooping down, stomping on the wood stage floor with a bang. This startles some of the audience members with the booming sound. Slowly, Magier looks down at the lower portion of the box, and he notices something dripping onto the stage from the bottom of the red box that he inserted the swords into.

The audience members close to the stage see the dripping, and there is a slight murmur coming from the seats before the stage. The dripping seems to be blood, and Magier quickly stands, trying to maintain his composure, not letting on that his illusion might have gone wrong.

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Ben notices the blood dripping from the box, moving to the edge of his seat. Magier raises his gloved hands to calm the audience as the music accompanying his illusion ends. Walking around the box one time, the illusionist starts to remove the swords, returning them to where they were stored when the performance began. Magier does this quickly as there is some moaning from inside the box. After all the steel is removed, Magier spins the box again, then raises his arms and the sides of the box drop to reveal that there is no one inside the box. The audience is stunned and surprised and then starts to applaud the illusionist. Clapping his hands, Ben is in thought as to how Magier pulled off this trick.

Going to the small table, Magier takes a piece of latex that seems to be a large balloon made of gold latex that he starts to inflate by blowing into it. It grows larger and larger; it lightly bounces on the stage as it inflates to be as tall as the magician. The accompanying music builds as the balloon grows. Magier turns to his side so that the balloon is before him, stage left. Stopping his breath, the magician holds the balloon’s end as it lightly bounces on the wood stage. Tying off the stem of the gold balloon, it sits steady, the faint breeze causing it to sway slightly.

There is a drum roll, and suddenly dozens of smaller black balloons fall from the rafters, making the gold balloon disappear. The black balloons fall, and the gold balloon pops rather loudly. This startles a few audience members.

As the falling balloons land and bounce across the stage, they reveal a figure standing covered in black latex. There is a shine on the latex as he reflects the lights above the stage. There is no face to this object as Ben is truly on the edge of his seat, his cock getting hard by the sight of the latex gimp on the stage.

The audience doesn’t know what to make of this sight before them. As Magier lifts his hands to present the gimp from the balloon, the crowd applauds hesitantly as they wonder what happened to the man who went into the box. As they watch, the latex gimp lifts its gloved hands and starts to remove the latex that encases its head. Pulling it up at the neck, it lifts from the back to cover its face until it finally pulls the entire hood off. With the snap of the latex, the hood comes off and reveals the man selected from the audience to go in the box. He stands, holding the latex hood in his hand down at his side as he takes in the applause from the audience of the illusion that they saw unfold before their eyes. The man smiles a bit, looking down at the latex covering his body, then slightly waves back to the crowd.

Magier goes to the man, shaking his hand and patting him on the back for being a good sport for being in the act, as the crowd continues their appreciation of the entire performance. As Magier shows the man off stage, he hands the man in latex his business card and whispers in his ear, “You look fucking hot in that latex.” Magier squeezes the man’s arm and then returns to the applause coming from the audience.


The crowd is emptying the theater into the lobby. Ben exits, seeing the man that was on stage with Magier. He sees that the guy has removed the latex and is back in his street clothes. The guy shows his partner the card that the magician handed him while leaving the stage. After looking at the card, the man moves to put the card in his pocket as they make their way to the exit.

Ben drops the program from the performance, losing sight of the couple as he picks up the program, holding the before his crotch to hide his hard-on that has been around since he saw Magier come on stage in his leathers and boots. Moving through the lobby, Ben spots the business card on the floor. It is like the card that the man was showing his partner and must have dropped it. Ben quickly makes his way to the card as others exit from the lobby. As he picks it up, Ben looks as the card reads:

Come to my place tonight at 11p, and you will experience some special magic at my hands.

Flipping the card, Ben sees that it is from Magier, with his address on the card. Ben can’t believe his luck. Pulling out his phone, he checks the time and sees that he has an hour to get to where Magier lives.


The farther Ben drives, the stars in the night sky become more plentiful as the metropolitan lights fade away. The road that was once lined with cookie-cutter neighborhoods is now lined with trees as the blacktop with double yellow stripes winds its way up the side of the foothills of the mountains surrounding the valley. Having plotted the drive on his phone, Ben no longer glances at it, for there is one direction to head on this road.

Anticipation grows in Ben, including his cock with more blood flowing to it, growing harder in his black jeans. Since there was a little time after the performance, Ben stopped at his apartment, changing clothing, hoping to impress the man of illusion. After putting on his black jeans that fit him snuggly, Ben slipped into his polished black Doc Martins and a white t-shirt. Grabbing his well-worn leather duster-style coat, Ben hopped in his truck and headed out on his late-night adventure.

As the brake lights turned the forest behind his Dodge Ram red, Ben pressed the brakes as he came to the large iron gate at the address listed on the card. Stopping his vehicle, Ben’s heart was beating a bit faster as his breathing was heavier than it had been. This was the home of the great Magier. Looking out the windshield, Ben saw the large steel gates with two tall stone pillars that the gates were mounted. An iron fence was beyond both sides of the pillar that disappeared into the dark woods surrounding the magician’s property.

Ben rolled down his window and reached to press a button on the gate box when the iron gates started opening. He hadn’t pressed the button, and Ben was impressed that his presence was already known; Ben slowly maneuvered his vehicle through the gate and up the paved drive. The truck disappeared into the night as the gates slowly reversed direction.

The driveway wandered through the trees; only the headlights lit the way for Ben. Then around a corner, the great stone castle-like mansion appeared in Ben’s sight. Slowing down a bit, Ben can’t believe he will be stepping foot into the home of his idol. The mansion was bathed in blue light, as the lower portion was shimming from the reflection of light off the water of a small pond near the entry.

Unsure where to park, Ben decides to pull up in front of the massive entry portal, where he stops this truck, turns it off and leans forward on the steering wheel. Lowering his head for a moment, Ben can’t believe his luck and what he is about to experience.

Quickly coming back to his reality, Ben opens his door and steps out of the truck, with a hop and the sound of his boot hitting the pavement. Closing the truck door, Ben instinctively remotely locks the truck. Pausing, Ben laughs at himself for locking the truck at the home of the world-famous magician. Like Magier wouldn’t be able to get into the vehicle if he wanted to.

Reaching the large teak doors, Ben can see they are sculptured with various animal designs intertwined with chains, midlevel weapons, and astrological symbols. After admiring the eight-foot-tall doors, Ben reaches for the wrought-iron knocker, designed to look like a griffin, knocking loudly against the wood. The doors open silently as Ben immediately lifts his head, seeing the massive round foyer with stone stairs climbing up into the next two stories.

Entering the foyer, Ben proceeds to a table in the center of the foyer as the doors close behind. After looking up at the massive rustic chandelier, Ben turns, looking at the two sets of doors leading from the foyer; both are closed. As he turns to the third set of doors on his right, he finds the double doors are open to a dark room, except for a spotlight that shines down to a simple wood stool about three feet tall.

Deciding that the open doors are where he should go, Ben’s boots echo through the foyer and into the room as he enters. As Ben enters, he can see a printed card lying on the stool. Reaching the stool, Ben sees there is some rope under the stool. Taking the note in his hand, he finds it is made of quality card stock with fine calligraphic text and design.

Welcome, my new apprentice.

Your training starts now, and I need your full trust to let you into my world and secrets. You will remove all your clothing to show your trust in me as you fully expose yourself to me.

As Ben reads, he doesn’t notice a chain dropping from above with a pair of heavy manacles attached to the end. The chain stops over the stool.

After you are naked, take the rope and bind your legs to the stool so you cannot stand up. Then secure your wrists above you.

This part surprises Ben as he looks up to find the chain and manacles suspended over the stool.

You will be ready for my appearance.

There is nothing else on the note. Ben looks around but sees no one in the room, just as he has seen no person since arriving. Ben decides that he has no choice and removes his clothing and leather jacket.

ty dehner bondage books male bdsmIt doesn’t take long before the man is naked in the strange castle-like residence. Ben sits on the stool, reaching for the rope under it. Deciding he has to do his best bondage, Ben starts with his right ankle wrapping it a few times tautly against the leg of the stool. Since it is one piece of rope, Ben takes it up and around his waist, wrapping it around his right thigh and then to his left thigh. Ben wraps it down the left leg, including the stool leg, until he is at his ankle. Then, Ben binds his left ankle as he did with his right. The rope is snug against the man’s skin, but Ben makes sure it isn’t too tight to cut his circulation. Ben has enough rope to secure his calves to the stool before working hard to knot the rope behind his back.

Struggling a bit, Ben is proud of the bondage he has put himself in. Looking up at the manacles above him, this is the moment of truth where Ben will put full trust in Magier. Turning his head, Ben checks the room one more time to make sure there is no one around. Deep inside, he is certain that Magier is watching all Ben does to himself. Ben hopes that Magier will see that he has followed all the instructions and prove that he trusts the magician completely.

No longer hesitating, Ben reaches up, taking the left manacle into his right hand, struggling a bit before getting the thick steel around his wrist and quickly locking it. With Ben’s right arm dropping, he realizes he is being stretched by his left arm, the manacles set at a height that will be uncomfortable once Ben locks his other wrist.

Knowing he wants to meet this great man, Ben can’t resist following through. He has to know what this man is like; there is no real choice. Ben reaches up to work the manacle around his right wrist with great effort. Stretching as far as he can, he starts to understand why Magier had the man bind himself to the stool as it makes Ben work harder to place himself in bondage.

There is a click, Ben tugs down on his wrist, and the realization comes to him as he is totally bound, helplessly. The lights go out, and the doors to the room that Ben is bound in slam shut in a dramatic flair.

Naked, bound in steel and rope, Ben can only hear his breathing, the cool air lightly drifting across his skin. As the man settles, he realizes his cock is hard. That will be something that will be difficult to hide from Magier.

As the muscles on Ben’s arms feel the force exerted upon them, Ben knows that it won’t be long before he is in pain. The man is stretched slightly beyond his limit, keeping that pain and pleasure of bondage on edge.

On edge, in darkness, not knowing what will happen next.


The darkness was constant; only Ben’s breathing could be heard as his arms remained stretched over his head, the steel manacles now starting to dig into his skin. The pain that Ben was able to deal with was increasing, causing his arms to quiver a bit as the stress continued to grow. Ben had done his best to keep his back straight, lifting his ass as much as possible from sitting on the stool. Ben realized that he was too aggressive in binding himself to the stool. Wanting to impress Magier is now causing Ben to regret his desire to please.

Feeling that the room was getting warmer, Ben’s thoughts of his pain faded as he heard a faint low rumbling coming into his consciousness. Unsure if he was actually hearing anything, Ben turned his head to figure out just what he was hearing. But Ben found his arms hurting as he moved his head, side to side, as even that simple action was causing stress on his muscles.

Slowly, the sound and warmth increased just enough to be felt. As the sweat was starting to bead on Ben’s naked body, his hard, bobbing cock was dripping slightly as he couldn’t deny that the bondage, while painful, was turning him on.

Ben could hear a bit more as the bass sound continued to grow louder, but now he was hearing faint voices, lots of voices. All of them were speaking simultaneously, which made it difficult to understand what any of the voices were saying. Ben sat still, his arms stretched over him, his legs bound to the stool, trying to focus on one voice, which seemed impossible.

As Ben was focusing, he didn’t notice, at first, the large black and white spinning spiral that was lowering from above to be in Ben’s point of view. A light that shined directly on the spiral became strong so that Ben could only focus his sight on this wheel. Around and around, it was spinning, the voices were now filling the room, and the sweat was starting to run down his skin. But Ben was slowly losing focus on his pain, the bondage he was suffering in, his mind floating out of consciousness.

That wheel, Ben thinks to himself; he is unable to take his glance from it. His eyes are getting heavy as that black and white spiral turns and turns. Forgetting the pain in his arms, Ben was now feeling the tightness of the rope that kept his naked legs bound to the small stool. As the spiral revolved, Ben started to take in what he swears is the scent of leather. Could it be the leather of his jacket, as the room has gotten warmer? No, Ben thinks; it feels like there is a presence in the room. The voices fill his brain, but none of them are clear in what they are communicating, at least at the conscious level.

As his senses become confused, Ben begins to wonder if he is not alone. There is a warm feeling that Ben feels is him as his body has relaxed, though his arms are stretched over him, still quivering in the stressful position. There is warmth around Ben’s hard cock, pre-cum pooling on the wood floor.

Now that feeling of someone else was stronger than ever, Ben turned to find a man in steampunk style leather standing next to him. A flowing leather cape dropped from the shoulders, and a hood covered the head of the man standing beside Ben. Ben looks upon this tall man, whose face is hidden in shadow, admiring the soft leather of the peasant-style shirt with copper latches that keep the shirt closed. Lifting an arm, the man steps forward; a sliver of light slides across the face and Ben can tell that it is Magier. This brings Ben a bit of comfort, though being bound, naked was not how Ben imagined his first personal introduction to the great illusionist would occur.

Magier steps in front of his captive, blocking the spiral from view. Ben can see the brown leather pants that the leather shirt tucks into, with a large gold belt buckle filling Ben’s view.

As Magier gets his first view of the man that has bound himself to the stool, the magician raises his arm as the leather of his cape rises. Stepping forward, Magier is speechless as he envelopes the naked, bound Ben with the leather of his cape. Ben takes in the strong lambskin as it covers his sweaty body, feeling the coolness of the leather as it sweeps over his physique.

Totally relaxed, Ben can’t believe the scent and feel of the leather. Magier, with the leather-wrapped around Ben, leans in, touching his lips to the man bound to the stool Magier tastes the sweat on the lips of this man that has voluntarily walked into this trap.

Exactly as I wanted, thinks Magier.

Magier lowers his gloved hand down to Ben’s hard cock, lightly touching it to provide the man a pleasurable experience. Ben shutters a bit, as his manhood is extremely sensitive, being so excited. It is the sensation that only a man feels when he is horny as fuck. It is indescribable, but one’s entire body tingles with ecstasy. Magier can feel the pure pleasure he is giving his captive with just the touch of his fingertips.

Ben’s mind wanders with his eyes closed, all the sensations he is experiencing concurrently. The touch of the gloved hand by the great magician, the pain of his arms locked in steel manacles pulling his wrists away from his body. The tightness of the rope that keeps Ben tied to the stool, the bondage that Ben did himself.

Opening his eyes, Ben is in darkness as the leather cape has covered him completely. Moaning a bit, Magier likes the life that he is currently controlling as the magician’s tongue pushes through Ben’s lips, entering and making its way towards the edge of the man’s throat. Moaning again, Ben wants to take hold of this man but is unable.

Enjoying the reaction that he is receiving, Magier takes his other gloved hand and starts to gently squeeze Ben’s left nipple, causing the captive man to pull his chest away. But that action only pulls on Ben’s sore arms, making him scream into the lips of the magician in the leather cape. At the same time, Magier starts to stroke the hard penis that protrudes from the rope that wraps Ben’s crotch. Sliding over some of the pre-cum allows the gloved hand to slide along the shaft of Ben’s cock.

As Ben is so horny, nearing the climax with his body being played like Magier’s next magic trick, Ben struggles some, unable to sit still as he deals with the conflict in his mind with the pain and pleasure that are happening at the same time. The man in the leather is silent as Ben can only still hear the many voices filling the room.

Sensing the ultimate climax for Ben quickly approaching, Magier takes a step back, pulling the cape away with the leather flowing off the naked and bound body on the stool. As the leather floats to the side of the magician, Ben continues to sit straight up, his arms restrained, pulling his arms above him, the voices surrounding his mind, Ben’s chin lifted high as his body sways slightly, his eyes closed, feeling that touch of Magier’s gloved hands touching and soothing, even though they no longer are actually on the sweaty, naked skin.

Magier smiles from under the hood, which keeps his face in the darkness; this routine works just as he had hoped. Knowing that he has the control he wants, the magician raises his hands, reaching out to where Ben sits but never touching the man. Pulling his arms in and then slowly out, Ben matches the movement of Magier’s hands, as Ben is now under the spell of this sorcerer, with the finale about to be achieved.

Moving his arms in and out, Magier wants to pull something out of this man. Ben is right where the illusionist wants him. Magier reaches mentally deep inside Ben as he sways; the man’s crotch is rolling in and out, Ben’s cock bobbing as it is harder than a magic wand.

Magier balls his right hand into a fist, the leather creaking, reaching to Ben with a strong force. As if he was struggling for total control, Magier swiftly brings his fisted hand away from the naked, bound man. As Magier pulls his fist away, his arm flies over his head, his fingers releasing the fist, spreading wide. At the same moment magical seed bursts from deep inside Ben, flying across the room, splattering at the toes of Magier’s boots.

Ben feels the ecstasy throughout his body; the man keeps his chin high as his manhood releases a few more spots of his seed. Ben’s pain returns as his arms reach the maximum stretching point, and the joy begins to fade. Feeling the pain coming back, Ben lowers his head, opens his eyes, and sees Magier standing before him with the magician’s arms crossed, his face hidden inside the hood covering his head. The black and white swirl has disappeared.

Ben takes in what he sees before him, speechless of what he just experienced, but having enjoyed it so much. The bound man looks at Magier from boots to hood, about to thank the magician for the experience, as Magier pushes out his right hand and snaps his fingers.

Ben’s head falls as he becomes unconscious. Magier turns and disappears into the darkness.


Ben wakes, quickly raising his head as he catches his breathing. Slowly lowering his head to the pillow he lays upon, he looks about, but darkness surrounds him. Closing his eyes, Ben tries to remember what has happened, but nothing is coming back to him. Wait, he does recall being tied to a stool and his arms hurting like hell being locked over his head.

Ben decides to take a chance and move his arms, which he can do freely. They aren’t sore, and he discovers he is fully dressed in the clothes he arrived in. With little hesitation, Ben lifts himself, turning and sitting up on the edge of the Victorian fainting sofa that he lays upon. He finds the room is lit, a breeze floating through the sheer curtains as the window is open. The light in the room comes from the outdoor daylight that enters through the many windows; Ben is unsure how long he has been on the sofa. Turning his gaze from the window, he spots Magier sitting in a tufted red leather chair.

The magician is wearing a casual outfit of a white linen poet shirt, with leather breeches that slip into a pair of brown knee-high cavalier boots. Magier’s right leg is over the arm of the chair, his foot gently swaying, as he sees his guest sitting upon the fainting sofa.

“Ah, he rises!” the magician notes, turning his body and putting both feet on the rug before his chair.

Rubbing his neck, Ben has many questions but is unsure which to ask first. He just starts randomly, “What happened?”

Looking at Ben, Magier starts speaking, “Well, that is a loaded questing, but I know you seemed to have enjoyed yourself.”

Gazing directly at his idol, Ben asks, “I did?”

“You’ll just have to take my word for it, but yes, you did.” a grin grows on the lips of the magician. Magier leans forward, putting his elbow on his knees, “You see, you’ve done exactly as I wanted.”

“You wanted?”, now this confuses Ben.

“Yes, what I wanted. You probably think I was surprised that you showed up after my performance. I know you watched me hand my card to the man in my act the other night.”

Ben catches the words, ‘the other night,’ worried about how much he doesn’t remember.

Magier continues, not allowing Ben time to ask any questions. “You are here because I wanted you here. I had no interest in that man that went through my illusion. I saw you and thought you’d be good to be part of my act.”

“But how did you know me?”

Chuckling a bit, Magier continues, “I saw your profile a few months ago online. You are fucking cute, and I thought you would truly add to my act. So, through some magic, well, fuck, manipulation, you wanted to go to my show. I saw you in the audience several times. Each time we made eye contact was one more step in my suggesting you need to come to me.”

Now Ben does not believe what he is being told. “But you gave that guy your card, and I found it in the lobby.”

“Are you sure?”, Magier leans back in his chair. “Yes, I gave that audience member a card, but it is a gift card to a local restaurant. The card you found on the lobby floor was for you.”

“How did you know I’d find it or pick it up?” inquires Ben.

“You’re here, aren’t you?” Magier smiles as he adds another piece to Ben’s puzzle in his head.

As the magician speaks, the visitor shakes his head in the negative; it just couldn’t happen. “No way, you’re amazing, Sir. But no one is that good.”

“Well, you can believe what you want. You are free to go; you did perform very well for me.”

“You mean when I was bound to the stool?” asks Ben, as that is all that he remembers.

“Yes.”, Magier nods to Ben, not sharing anything more or revealing what Ben doesn’t remember.

Starting to feel uncomfortable, Ben stands, “I should leave.”

Magier remains in the chair, his gloved hands pressed against each other before his face, “I understand.”

Ben stops after taking a few steps, feeling a weight on his cock and balls. Pressing his hand against his black jeans, he feels steel surrounding his man tools. A metal tube encases his cock that is starting to grow inside the tube as he finds another element of control by Magier. Ben’s balls are in a steel cage also. While feeling the chastity under his jeans, the man looks at the magician.

“Just a memento of our time together.”, Magier smiles. “I do appreciate all that you did. You provided my guests with a wonderful experience.”

Ben stops in his tracks when he hears Magier speak of guests. “Guests?”

“Yes, I hold a very special show here every so often. Only a few special guests are invited. I don’t share the guest list with anyone.”

“I don’t remember anything like that.”, notes Ben.

“Nor will you until it is right for you to remember.”, explains Magier. “You are starting to realize that your wish to meet me has allowed me to control you. This is all just a beginning.” Magier flips his right hand, telling Ben that it is time for him to leave.

Ben takes a step forward, then looks back, unsure if he should leave. But as he looks back to where the magician was seated, the red leather chair is now empty. Quickly, Ben looks about the room, surprised that the magician could disappear so quickly.

Ben heads to his truck with no option to ask any more questions.


Returning home, Ben enters his bedroom to change his clothes into something more comfortable. After removing his jeans, he finds that only the steel that locks up his cock and balls remains. Looking into the mirrored closet door, Ben can’t believe that he is so heavily locked up. He can feel its weight, his cock growing in the steel tube. Curiosity fills Ben’s mind as he lifts his right hand, gently placing his fingertip on the tube that covers his manhood.

As his fingertip touches the metal, Ben’s vision shifts from himself standing before a mirror to seeing a small audience of wildly dressed adults watching. They watch Ben as he feels that he is suspended before all these people; his face is covered in tight leather, his mouth filled with something, and his body cannot move.

Releasing the touch of chastity, Ben sees himself in front of the mirror. Ben is confused when looking down at the steel device that keeps him from being sexually active.

How long was he out? Could Magier truly have controlled him so easily?

Ben turns to lay on his bed, naked. He sees a small black envelope with a silver embossed “M” design. Sitting on the edge of his bed, Ben opens the envelope and pulls out the card. It reads,

See you again very soon.


© Copyright 2022 ty dehner

All rights reserved.

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  1. Not only do you give us great stories that keep me, at least, on edge, but you certainly know how to create and ebb and flow that carries us along. Looking forward to the continuation of Beguiled.

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