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Beguiled – Part 1

By ty dehner

author ty dehnerIn the darkness, anxious breathing echoes in the small space. There is certainly a person in his space, helpless. The echo of breathing is broken with the sound of steel sliding on the edge of more metal as a solid, shiny sword slowly enters this container. At first, it proceeds slowly, then settles into place with a strong shove that makes this captive person sigh with relief that they have not been impaled by this sharp weapon. A muffled crowd sound is heard inside the container as the sword sets.

This person adjusts themselves in the tight confines of this container. A sliver of light comes through a different slot on the other side. The eyes of a man turn towards that slot, hoping to catch a view out of his confinement. But he sees very little, as another sword is inserted slowly, sliding close to his chest. The captive draws in his breath to move his chest out of the way.

A hand in a leather gauntlet holds the sword’s handle that has just been inserted, giving it one hard push to set it in place. There is an auditable gasp as the gloved hand releases the sword. The mysterious figure, all in black, lifts his head to his audience with a mischievous grin curling upon his lips.

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The actors who played Houdini

There have been a number of theatrical and TV movies about The Great One over the years. This is not a comprehensive list, but I think these are all the major ones. Which is your favorite actor who played the famed escape artist?

The classic 1953 movie, called “Houdini,” stars Tony Curtis:

Houdini Tony Curtis


There was also a 1998 movie called “Houdini” starring Johnathon Schaech:

Johnathon Schaech Houdini


“The Great Houdinis” (aka “The Great Houdini”) is a made-for-TV movie from 1976 starring Paul Michael Glaser from Starsky and Hutch.

Paul Michael Glaser Houdini


There was also a two-part, four-hour TV miniseries on the History Channel in 2014 called “Houdini” starring Adrien Brody

Houdini Adrien Brody


Somewhere I have a picture collage of all four of these guys, but I can’t find it.

Special thanks to my Fire Island housemate David!

I left a pair of engraved cuffs on Houdini’s grave

engraved handcuffs on Houdini grave

Houdini died on this day today (Halloween, Oct. 31) back in 1926, in Detroit, and this afternoon (Halloween day, 2018) I paid a visit to his gravesite in Queens, New York.

houdini handcuffs

Houdini rests amongst his relatives in an elaborate family plot at Machpelah Cemetery in Glendale. From Manhattan, it was an hour-long trip on the subway and then a 20-minute hike.

engraved houdini handcuffs

As a tribute to Houdini, I left a pair of police-issue Smith and Wesson Model 100-1 handcuffs that I had specially engraved with his name. I made sure to double-lock the cuffs before leaving them.

MetalbondNYC handcuffs for houdini

Houdini engraved handcuffs

Escape artists, named

I’m quite surprised that none of you prisoners accepted my recent “escape artist challenge,” to name some of the top studs in the genre. If you missed that posting, click here.

They are, in order from the top:

Rob Roy Collins

Andrew Basso

Harry Houdini

Spencer Horsman

David Blaine

Jonathan Goodwin

Anthony Martin


When I asked gay erotic artist Herodotus to weigh in on this, he replied, “Screw ‘escape artisits’!!! Captives should stay captured!” and sent the artwork below.



So I guess the message is clear: From now on, no more escaping here at Metalbond!



How many of these escape artists can you name?

Last week’s Metalbond A to Z feature posting was edging. This week, we linger a bit longer on the letter E with a posting about, yes — escape artists! And today’s posting is a challenge. See if you can name each of the escape artists pictured below:

escape_01 escape_02 escape_03 escape_04 escape_05 escape_06 escape_08


Use the comments button in this posting to identify the escape artists pictured above. Hint: One of these guys is known more for long-term endurance stunts than actual escapes. Another hint: three of these guys have the same first initial and two of these have the same first name. Oh, and if you don’t know escape artist No. 3, I am afraid I am going to have to revoke your Metalbond privileges.


14 days in a straitjacket

Last summer, a Canadian magician named Mark Correia spent 14 straight days in a Posey straitjacket to raise awareness and money for Parkinson’s Disease. He was strapped in on live TV in Toronto, went out in public daily and made several more TV appearances, and finally escaped two weeks later, again on live TV. He posted daily vlogs on Youtube documenting his experience. He has completed a book manuscript (not yet published) called “Two Weeks Strait.”

Here is one of his many videos:



More of this guy’s videos are here.

His ‘Escaping Parkinson’s’ page is here


Thanks to Metalbond reader Pat for sending the information and links above!