Beguiled – Part 2: ‘Bewildered’

Written by ty dehner

ty dehner male bdsm authorThe warmth envelopes Ben, dark and alone; the man is so calm, so safe. There is the natural rhythm of his breathing, which he hears so strongly. That is the only sound in this void that feels like floating in water. But Ben is dry, well, other than the sweat he feels dripping off his head. Gently, Ben’s senses are coming back to him. The feeling is so serene that his body is in no rush to return to any part of a real world.

No, this dark seclusion is the perfect place. But the man’s curiosity isn’t calmed by this safe place. With the sound of his breathing, Ben gets the urge to yawn. As his body and face stretch, Ben finds that his lips cannot open to release the exhaust of air that the yawn draws from his lungs. Lifting his tongue, the man tastes the slight flavor of leather, with his teeth digging into a soft tube that allows him to breathe through but unable to speak. Sighing, a memory creeps back into Ben’s thoughts.

With the memories floating like clouds in his mind, Ben instinctively lifts his right hand to touch his face, but he finds that he cannot move his hand. Sensing more feeling on his skin, Ben realizes his hand is in a glove; no, it’s not a glove as his hand is in a fist. A parting of the fog in his mind allows him the knowledge that he is locked in fist mitts. As hard as he tries, Ben can’t raise his fist as he starts to take in the scent of warm leather through his nose. Slightly moist from his sweat, the leather is strong but mixes with a metal smell. As the man connects with his breathing, he feels pressure on his chest, causing the movement of his lungs to be restricted. There is a weight wrapped about his body.

That weight is his arms. Ben now understands that his arms are hugging his body, covered in heavy, padded leather. As he moans into the gag, Ben connects that he is in a snug straitjacket, not allowing him to move much. With the leather encasing his head and securing his arms around him, Ben understands where the leather scent is coming from. The slight bob of his manhood getting harder changes his thoughts to between his thighs as the tip of that cock slides up on a cool metal surface as it glides with the dripping pre-cum that leaks from the very turned-on man.

In his darkness, Ben feels unable to move as he seems to be interred in a container that holds him tightly. That is when a sliver of light appears before him, his eyes adjusting as he can make out an opening allowing him sight. With his eyes darting back and forth as they adjust to the new sight, Ben starts to make out what is sitting in an auditorium. A spotlight shines directly at him, with the burgundy velvet seats mostly empty in the darkness. As the man’s eyes adjust, he begins to make out a few men sitting, looking at him as if Ben were on display on a stage. Ben is not able to make out these viewers’ faces as they are shaded by the lack of lighting on the audience.

These men are well-dressed, each in a dark suit jacket, white shirt, and dark bowtie. If Ben were to guess, these men were wearing tuxedos. But their faces are not showing much emotion. Through the leather that Ben’s head is wrapped in, the faint music comes through. It is mysterious, with a hypnotic groove. Ben believes he hears the sound of heavy boots stepping on wood along with the music. This must be a wooden stage, and someone is approaching him.

gay bondage author ty dehnerA sudden sharp sound of metal scraping along metal breaks the lilting music. Before Ben, a flash of light raced across his eyesight, followed by a shiny polished steel surface of a sword that rises in front of the captured man. In the seconds that Ben can see a reflection, which is himself, in a helmet, only his eyes visible. The sword drops, and the sound of it entering a metal slot is heard. At first, feeling the cold of the steel along his naked thigh, Ben feels the sword slide across his skin in a downward pattern that glides along his hard cock before it settles. The man’s cock slides off the cool steel because of his leaking pre-cum, dangling before Ben. The sword has brought a bit of fear to Ben as he feels a warm thick liquid running down his leg. The first thought that raced through Ben’s mind is that the sword has cut him as Ben does feel some pain from cut skin.

There is the sound of another sword with the same flash of light. But this time, Ben is blinded by a bright light, seeing nothing. Closing his eyes because of the brightness, Ben opens his eyes after the flash ends.

There is darkness, but the audience is gone. Ben raises his head, which he can, reaching up freely, stroking his face that is no longer covered in leather. As his eyes adjust to the ambient room light, Ben looks down the bed covers to see that his penis is tenting the sheets. Feeling his right thigh where the sword cut him, Ben finds that the skin on his leg hasn’t been broken; it is complete, just like it always was.

Puzzled by the dream he just experienced, Ben rolls on his side, not wanting to release the pent-up desire in his manhood. What he was experiencing in his slumber was very relaxing, so Ben uses the feeling to quickly return to sleep.

During the night, there was no more kinky dreaming. When Ben rose in the morning, he felt refreshed as he had a good solid sleep session. As he went through his morning routine, he flashed back to what he could remember of that dream from last night. It was unlike anything he had ever experienced but weird in many ways. To be locked away in front of an audience, what the hell was that saying about what is going on in the man’s mind.


The spreadsheets filled Ben’s computer screen, but he was not analyzing the figures. His mind was elsewhere, thinking of that leather he was encased in. On top of that leather, the man was in a container of some type, seemingly metal of construction. Even though Ben wasn’t reading the figures, he was aware of his body as he adjusted his snug-fitting black Levi’s under his desk as his cock was hardening and tightening the denim.

Unbeknownst to Ben, the mail cart came down the row of cubicles, stopping next to Ben’s spot; a long-haired young man reached into his cart, pulled out a black envelope, and dropped it on Ben’s desk.

“Have a good day!” comments the mailman, as this startles Ben from his thoughts. Turning his head quickly, Ben sees the mail cart move away, nodding to the greeting he was given. Looking back at his monitor, Ben spots the black envelope, pausing as this seems like what he found when he met Magier a week ago.

Ben picked up the envelope, looking around to see if anyone was looking. He balances his fingers, trying to decide if he should open it. How did Magier find where he works, Ben thought. Once again, glancing around the office floor, Ben laughs at himself for being so nervous about what he holds in his hand. After all, to anyone that might be looking, it is only an envelope.

Gathering these thoughts, Ben opens the envelope with the paper tearing along the top seam of the black envelope. As he starts to lift the flap, a small burst of white and gold glitter bursts from the envelope with a small bang. That noise makes a few heads pop over the edges of the cubicles on this office floor. Trying to remain unnoticed just went out the window. Ben smiles, waves the envelope for everyone to see, then lowers it as his fellow employees settle back to their jobs.

Dropping his head in embarrassment, Ben looks at the envelope lying on the white countertop. Closing his eyes, Ben flashes back to his dream. Though he doesn’t understand, he does want to know what it means. Lifting his head, Ben lifts the flap and pulls out a gold card that sits in the envelope. The side towards him is blank, Ben turns it, and in a beautiful handwritten script, the card read, “Sweet Dreams?”

Staring at the black and mostly white spreadsheet, Ben’s eyes glaze over as his mind wander back to feeling trapped in the metal container.


The sense of calm is interrupted as he feels the movement of the container. It is as if he is floating; his body rolls to one side, then another of the metal. While there is only a little space between Ben and the container, he can feel the leather straitjacket that keeps him tightly bound slide.

Being slightly surprised by the movement, Ben moans a bit into the gag that fills his lips. Ben turns his sight to the opening, where he has seen the few gentlemen in an audience watching him. The viewport slowly closes as the bound man feels the movement, placing Ben into total darkness.

ty dehner authorNow time starts to become abstract as Ben is in seclusion, alone in his little world, listening to his breathing echoing into the metal cocoon. Still feeling the movement that confuses his body as it rolls back and forth, Ben doesn’t know that he is being raised over the stage. But the pressure changes from his feet to his chest as his leather-covered arms are pressed against the metal. His exposed manhood feels the sharp point of metal spikes that seem strategically placed to surround his hard cock. Unable to adjust his body, three long spikes slide along the shaft, with a small thin metal tube working to enter Ben’s piss slit, which only turns Ben on more. He moans as he feels the cold, lubed metal entering his urethra, creating a sensation of pleasure and pain as the width is stretched. Small spikes are felt as his loose ball sack lays upon the metal, with another moan from the secluded man.

When the metal container has placed Ben in a vertical position, the viewport opens again, allowing Ben to look down at the oak stage. His full body weight is now pressing on his chest, and his arms are trapped in leather under him. Ben’s cock is filled with a metal rod, and the various spikes’ points add a bit of pressure to his sensitive skin. As Ben adjusts to the position, his attention is pulled down to the stage as the lights go up; Magier is stepping onto the stage wearing a full leather top hat and tails. Even the white shirt and bow tie are leather, with his hands in white leather gloves. Music starts as Magier waves his arms, starting a performance.

With his attention directed to the audience, Magier watches as two well-built men dressed in medieval serf costumes made of leather step onto the stage with a rectangle horseshoe-shaped box on wheels. Magier’s serf leather costumes consist of olive green tunics belted at their waists. Their leather leggings are a rich forest green that is only seen on their upper legs, as these serfs are allowed tall black poulaines that fold over at the top of the boot shaft, with pointed toes. The long sleeves of their green tunics fold into the top of black snug-fitting gauntlets as the serfs spin the wheeled box to the beat of the music. These magician assistants are into the music as their heads bob to the beat. These men wear leather hoods with liripipe in the rust color over their black leather coifs.

Looking down, Ben is intrigued by all the leather he sees these men wearing. The captive in metal admires the creative costume design that Magier has in his shows while allowing for the fetish of leather.

Performing for the men in the audience, ignoring Ben, who floats over the stage, Magier uses a cane to knock on the box, but the sound reveals that the container is made of metal. After showing how solid this device is, Magier steps back and waves his arms as the showman that he is.

The stage lights turn hot red as the two serfs bring out a naked man in chains. And what a handsome man he is. His wrists and ankles are secured by well-worn, rusted shackles that jingle as he hobbles across the stage to stand in front of the box. A snug metal collar of four inches around his neck keeps his head high. The volunteer is fit, looking like he could break the chains with just a twist of the thick arms. Ben finds his cock growing uncontrollably as he sees this Zeus of a man. Even his manhood would rip apart the underutilized hole of Ben which causes Ben’s ass to twitch, thinking of the pain.

Tapping his cane on the corner of the box, the two assistants reveal several latches on the metal, flipping them up, and the box opens on the top and sides, creating the horseshoe shape. The serfs take the naked, shackled man, positioning him to go into the container on the stage. As the serfs hold each arm, they pull him to the box as he struggles slightly, knowing that he is chained and doesn’t have much hope of escaping. Knowing the fight is fruitless, the man climbs into the box as he settles his stomach on the high part, his legs bent. Resting on his arms, the man looks before him as he tries to get comfortable in this dog-style position.

Floating over the stage, Ben is watching this extremely erotic action as he has forgotten any pain caused to his own body. There is a slight moan as Ben watches the serfs in leather securing the metal restraints on the naked man to rings affixed to the base of the box. Ben can almost feel the steel dig into the skin, but for now, he is tightly bound in leather, allowing a slight struggle.

When the man is secured, Magier walks about, pointing to the several bondage points as the man moves his feet or hands in hopes of breaking the metal that secures him firmly in place. Happy that the man is secure, Magier signals his assistant, and they close the various doors on the box. The naked man’s feet, hands and head remain exposed as his body is enclosed.

Magier points his gloved right hand to the top of the box, and several heavy-duty locks appear in a white puff of smoke. With confidence, the serfs take the locks, making quick work as they place the locks in place on the container. They pull on the locks, then move and spin the box around the stage for the audience.

Seeing this heavy-duty bondage, Ben feels how contained he is, making his cock grow around the metal inserted into his manhood. This makes Ben adjust himself as he feels the security and enclosure he is enduring as he is suspended over the action.

As the assistants complete their display of the box with the restrained man, they park it and step away. Magier waves his arm; the music abruptly ends as the lights go out, then come up in a blue glow. The magician now holds two stainless steel plates that reflect the stage lights as he moves them back and forth. This throws light on the audience, even reflecting a bit into Ben’s eyes.

Magier strikes the steel plates with his cane to demonstrate that these are solid steel. After a final hit, the action is quick as Magier raises the plates, quickly lowering them to the dead center of the box that holds the naked man. There are two slots in the top, very close together as the stainless plates are settled, but Magier pauses for dramatic effect.

The audience is filled with gay magicians who know what will happen next. They are here tonight to see what kinky twist Magier puts on this classic illusion. With silence, Magier looks at his audience with a serious look that transforms into a sinister smile that lulls everyone into a bit of peace.

The pause is long, just enough for the men watching to forget what they just knew was going to happen. Loudly and swiftly, Magier shoves the plates down, cutting through the box and the naked man’s torso. The captive man’s hands and feet struggle in the chains that secure them as he shakes his head, responding to the insertion of the plates.

The is an audible gasp from the audience, a few of the men jumping in their seats at the suddenness of Magier’s action and seeing the struggle of the man in the box. Even Ben can’t believe what he is witnessing. The action is so real; even though Ben knows it is a trick, Ben is surprised by his cock that jumps a bit in the steel surrounding it. That metal tube slid deeper down his small hole; Ben closed his eyes and tried to calm his breathing as this was all very intense. It is also so fucking horny; being restrained as he is, Ben relates to the helplessness of the man on stage.

As the audience calms, the serfs return to the stage as the music comes up again, a contemporary beat. Each assistant takes one side of the metal box, and with one sharp tug, they pull it apart, and the naked, chained man is split in two. He screams a bit, but there is no blood, only stainless steel at the ends where the man’s body should be exposed.

Spinning the two boxes on the stage, Magier steps between them, hitting his cane on the box in various spots to remind the audience how solid it all is. The naked man struggles against the chains that hold him in place. There is a short dance on the stage with the upbeat music with the assistants moving the pieces of the encased man around, Magier performing some simple dance steps while choreographing his arms. As the music ends, the two halves of the naked man are brought back together, making him whole, but still divided by the stainless plates.

Moving to the front of the stage, the house lights come up. Tinting the audience blue in color, Magier looks at the small yet formally dressed crowd watching all this unfold before them. Scanning the group of men with his mysterious dark eyes, Magier raises his right hand and points directly to one of the audience members. Closing his hand into a fist, Magier bursts open his finger as the man in the audience’s eyes open wide as if some mystical power has taken over him.

Raising his right hand slightly, Magier watches as the man in the well-fitting Tom Ford tuxedo rises from his seat, standing up straight. Twisting the palm of his hand, Magier smiles as this tall man, on the younger side of 40, with braids of dark hair on his head, makes his way to the aisle, then moves onto the stage where he stops the top of the stairway.

Magier quickly looks out into the audience once again. Finding a gray-haired man, Magier goes through the same motions as this older gentleman makes his way to the stage, pausing at the top of the stairs.

High over all this, Ben watches, wondering what will happen, as he continues to take in the scent of the leather and steel that keeps him silent and captive of the great and powerful Magier.

Below Ben, the well-dressed men, under the spell of Magier, have made their way to the man in the case, locked in chains. The younger man stands at the back side of the naked man, with the older man placed at the face of the man in chains. With this formation, everyone watching is anticipating what will happen next, including the man that has been split in half, struggling in the chains that keep his arms and ankles locked in place.

Waving his arms high over his head, Magier directs the lighting to be dim, creating a more intimate feeling on the stage. Slower, more romantic music fades in as the two men in a trance reach down, unzipping their slacks and removing their hard cocks. Both men are well endowed and lightly stroke their manhood in their fingers.

With a clap of his hands, a small hole opens at the ass of the naked, encased man that lines up with his asshole about to be assaulted. Of course, his face is clearly accessible to the older gentleman in his tuxedo.

There is a flash of light, and the crashing sound of thunder shakes the theater as both well-dressed men harshly insert their cocks into the opening before them. For Ben, his sight of this erotic action below him is removed as the opening for his view is closed, placing him back into darkness.

Ben struggles a bit, as he truly was turned on by the sexual illusion, wanting to see it to a conclusion. Unable to witness the sexual action, Ben is now receiving his own action, as all the metal around his cock and balls comes alive with electricity, as does a metal plug in his ass. The voltage starts to increase as Ben struggles in his confinement. The trapped Ben has to release the pain through loud moans into the gag that fills his mouth but goes unheard because of his encasement.

Magier looks up to notice the slight movement of the metal container that floats over him, swaying on the chains that keep it suspended. This gives him a smile as he looks out over his audience, enjoying their own sexual entertainment on the stage.

Through the moaning and sound of leather from Ben struggling in the straitjacket, the man can hear some of the action on the stage with the heavy bass beat of the muffled music. Hearing those sounds from below only makes Ben horny, increasing his desire to release this seed. But this captivity has been created to keep its hostage on edge but never allow him to achieve total pleasure.

With the two audience members not having such restrictions, the two men in their finest are nearing their ecstasy as the younger man howls, lifting his head, emptying his seed deep in the lower half of the naked man he is fucking. This only excites the older gentleman, thinking of himself performing this sexual encounter with this extremely built man in chains. That puts the gentleman over the top, his cum exploding deep down the throat of the man he is skull fucking.

Ben hears the commotion, knowing both those audience members have achieved their sexual peak, making Ben very jealous. While Ben struggles with the pain and captivity, his sight is returned as he adjusts to the light. Below him, Ben watches as each of the tuxed men has pulled out, returning their spent rods into their fine pants. With a slight clap from Magier, each man seems to exit their trans, looking around to discover they are on the stage. Both are embarrassed as they feel so relaxed, the remaining audience members clapping politely. They both look at Magier, who nods at them with reassurance that all is well. Quickly the two men make their way back to their seating.

Believing that the performance is over, Ben rests as the torture has eased for him. But he is surprised at Magier bringing the serfs off stage, having them stand at both ends of the captive man in the box. That is when Ben catches the glance of Magier.

Magier is looking directly at Ben, suspended over the stage. The look on the magician is one of knowing amusement, causing Ben to be bewildered as to what the powerful entertainer might be thinking. Magier winks at Ben, immediately followed by the sight of the captive suspended man once again being removed.

On the stage, the two serfs release their impressive man tools as the lights go out on the stage. A burst of loud guttural music swirls about the auditorium, and lights begin to spin, causing a confusing experience for all.

Ben sees none of what is happening below him as the electric shocks ramp up, teasing him. Ben moans in the gag, struggling again in the heavy leather. The torture becomes extreme to the external forces on Ben’s body. His breathing became labored as his lungs struggled for the sweet air they craved. Becoming light-headed, Ben’s cock feels so hard against the steel that keeps it trapped. The force of all that is happening to Ben trapped in the steel cocoon is accumulating to the point that Ben loses consciousness briefly.

Down on the stage, there is lighter now as the serf take their position. Without any more dramatic effect, they slam their cocks deep into the exposed holes.

As Ben gains his senses, he is surprised by the deep penetration that goes deeper than he had felt before. The gag seems to be sliding down his throat as he feels the pressure against his ass, deep in his bowel. All the sensations Ben is feeling are overwhelming, making the young man’s desire for sexual climax builds beyond anything he has ever craved.

In total darkness but trapped, no one knows where he is, and only the great Magier can save him. Ben knows that is the last thing Magier has planned. No, that fucking magician has total control over every element of Ben’s life, emotions, and experiences. Feeling the tight bondage he has been trapped in for hours now, the sharpness of the swords that scrap his naked skin, the holes of his natural body filled and causing him pain, all the while moaning into a gag that has expanded deep down his throat.

As Ben reaches his climax, his darkness is broken as he sees those mysterious dark eyes of Magier; they made contact just moments ago while being trapped high over the performance, which no one even knew of. Ben felt the touch of leather gloved hand on the trapped penis, bringing him to the edge. That was Magier’s hand; in his dark vision, he could see the smile of pure sadistic pleasure that Magier was bringing to his captive, Ben.

No longer able to hold on, wanting to feel that tingling, mind-blowing touch for as long as the seconds allow, Ben blew his nectar into the void he was trapped in. Over and over, he could feel the flow of that seed, pumping out the captive’s life, as Ben felt all the heavy restraint, taking in the scent of the leather and metal.

Ben could slowly come down as his mouth emptied, and the plug seemed to have been removed. The glove hand was no longer touching Ben’s softening manhood. Even the bondage seems less intense.

As the lights returned to full status on the stage, the serfs stepped back as the audience could see that the man in the box was now hooded in heavy leather, only his lips exposed. Magier came to the front of the stage, pointing his cane to the box where the locks opened and dropping to the wood stage in loud clunks echoed in the auditorium. Now the audience was on the edge of their seats as they wondered how the man became hooded, his arms no longer chained before him.

The serfs moved the boxes around, bringing them very close together as Magier pulled out the two steel plates and handed them to the serfs, who took them off stage. Waving his arms over the box that he now stood behind, the doors dropped open to reveal a different man in the box. There was a gasp as they saw this naked man, but now in a heavy leather hood and leather straitjacket. Magier reached to the hood, releasing the collar and quickly pulling it off.

The face that was revealed was Ben’s, who was blinking because of the bright light. As he could focus, Ben was amazed to be on the stage, no longer floating over it. As the audience applauds the surprising conclusion to this illusion but realizes he was fucked by the two serfs.

As Ben remains laying in the box, Magier moves to the front of the stage, motioning for the steel cocoon to be lower to the stage. As it lands with a thud, it too opens as if by magic, revealing the face and body of the naked man in chains. Magier’s fellow kinky magician bursts in even louder applause as Magier makes his bow and takes in the admiration.


Ben sits naked on the edge of the box that he somehow was transported to from the metal container that he was suspended in. While it is a bit chilly in the theater, Ben is still warm from the intense sexual action he just experienced. The theater is empty; only a few lights remain on the stage as Ben wonders if he is free to go. He is no longer in any bondage.

As Ben starts to reflect upon all that he experienced and the ecstasy that he was given by Magier, then hears boot steps on the wooden stage. Lifting his head, Ben sees Magier coming toward him. Now dressed in a unique costume made of leather, it is in the style of the Tudor royals. With leather covering his legs and tall boots, Magier looks like a kinky Henry the VIIIth. Still, he looks powerful, and this is as close as Ben has gotten to the magician.

Stopping just in front of Ben, Magier greets the naked man, “Hello, Ben.”

Looking up at this tall man before him, Ben sees the dark, powerful eyes of the man he has long admired. Stammering a bit, Ben responds, “Hello.”

There is an awkward pause between them, then Magier realizes he must lead. “Are you alright, Ben?”

Nodding slowly, Ben realizes that he is indeed in good condition. “I am.”

Ben pauses, knowing he has been given a great privilege. “Actually, I’m more than alright; I can’t believe you have allowed me to experience all this.”

This brings a smile to Magier’s lips, “I’m glad. When I first saw you, I thought you would understand my talents and allow me to take you on a magic carpet ride of sexual adventures!”

Realizing that he sits naked before this man in full leather, Ben lowers his head a bit, “I couldn’t have imagined all this; you are truly an incredible magician.”

Humbled by what Ben has stated, “Well, it takes a great assistant to have a great performance; that was you, Ben.”

Seeing that Ben is shivering slightly, being naked, Magier lifts the heavy leather cape in rich sepia and places it around the naked man. Ben is surprised by Magier’s action, taking hold of the leather while looking into the magician’s eyes to show his appreciation.

Magier stands straight while connecting with Ben’s green eyes. There is an attraction between them as Magier lowers himself again; this time, his and Ben’s lips connect. Suddenly, with the scent of leather and the warmth of the lips from the magic man, Ben is no longer shivering, finding himself very secure.

As they complete their first embrace, Magier helps Ben to his bare feet. Magier leads him from the stage to the dressing room by wrapping his arm around the caped man. In the room, they sit on a crushed velvet curved sofa in each other’s arms.

“May I ask, why me?”

Magier chuckles a little at Ben’s question, “Simple really; you intrigue me, and I saw how interested you were in the magic. You can tell I have fun with magic in all aspects of my life, including my sex.”

“You are very creative!”

Magier hugs Ben a bit tighter for his comment. “Yes, it is fun, but like all my tricks, I must take the next one to a higher level once I complete the other. It requires lots of planning. How can I make the bondage tighter, take the experience another level more intense so that someone like you reaches a high in ecstasy beyond anything you have ever experienced.”

Ben thinks about what the magician has just shared. “That would be a great deal of work. I appreciate what you did for me; I could never ask for anything again.”

“Oh, don’t think that I’m done with you.”

Ben lifts his head off Magier’s chest, looking into those powerful dark eyes.

Magier continues, “I would have fun with you. But what I want is a great sacrifice for most men. I can’t explain what I am seeking, but I can just say that if you did take the leap of faith, your life would never be the same.”

Ben opens his mouth to speak, but Magier places his gloved finger on Ben’s lips. Taking his hand, Magier just lowers Ben’s head to his leathered chest as both men sit silently, taking in the moment and the performance they were both parts of.

Slowly, Ben relaxes so much that he quickly falls asleep.


“Ben!” the voice is far away as Ben’s mind slowly escapes the fog he is in. That fog surrounded him in memories of the performance he was part of for the great Magier.


Another shout, this time louder, which switches the brainwaves in Ben to respond. Quickly lifting his head, Ben remembers that he is at his desk as the light from the spreadsheets glares back at him. Blinking a few times, sitting up straight and turning to his left to see that one of his workmates was standing behind him.

“Fuck Ben, how can you be so sleepy?”

Ben smiles, then responds to his workmate, “Sorry, just feeling relaxed today.”

The workmate nods, “Hey, we’re going out for a few drinks. Are you interested in joining us?”

Pausing to think about the offer, Ben truly wants to get home and see if there is any new communication from Magier. “Thanks for the invite, but I have the stuff to get done at home tonight.”

The workmate nods and moves on as Ben waves goodbye.


Returning home, Ben enters his bedroom to change his clothes into something more comfortable. Being very relaxed, Ben lays on his bed, naked. Feeling the cool air waft over his skin, he thinks slightly of his intense experiences with the great Magier. It is only a moment before he closes his eyes and falls deep asleep.


Opening his eyes, blinking a couple of times, adjusting to the light as he is no longer in darkness. As his vision focuses, he sees low-hanging gray clouds above him. It is day as Ben realizes he is outdoors. Taking a deep breath, he smells the earthy scent of grass and leaves, with a sweet scent of roses mixed in.

Lifting his head slightly, Ben feels a drop of the morning dew roll down his cheek. Reaching up with his right hand, Ben sees he is wearing tight burgundy leather gloves. Touching his face, wet from the dew, Ben realizes he must have been outside for a while for the morning dew to lay on his skin.

Holding his hand before his face, Ben can see that he is wearing a long sleeve-leathered garment, with a slight ruffle at the bottom of the sleeve that sits on the edge of the glove. Now a bit confused, Ben looks around where he lies. The man is in the middle of a paved path through a downtown park. Several oak trees tower over him as he elevates his body to see a fountain in the distance. With the thick cloud cover, it is hard to Ben to determine the time of day, but with the lack of people in the park, he is certain it is early morning.

Now sitting up, Ben recalls falling asleep in his bed but doesn’t understand why he lies in the middle of a park in the morning. Checking out how he is dressed, laying on the pavement, Ben finds that the leather top he wears has a diamond motley pattern of burgundy and black. A small jester’s collar of gold cloth with pointed ends with small bells attached. Ben feels the leather on his chest, the fits snugly.

Looked at his legs, again covered in leather, this time in black that fits tightly, burgundy pantaloons shorts around his waist. Mid-calf boots in leather complete his look. Ben looks around the park to see if anyone notices this jesterly dressed man lying in the middle of the walking path. As he turns his body, the little bell jingle creates a bit of embarrassment for Ben.

Now that Ben has his bearing, he spots a black card at his side. Reaching for the card, Ben picks it up with his gloved hand. Flipping it over, in the lettering that he has seen a few times before, it simply reads Join me.

Knowing that it is from Magier, Ben pauses for a moment. What does he mean by joining me, and why am I dressed in this leather costume.

Ben scans the world around the park, lowering his hand and soon spots a familiar building. It is the theater where he saw the magic show with Magier. Remembering back to the beginning when he picked up that card in the lobby that he now knows was meant for him, Ben sees that the theater’s front door is open.

Looking at the small black card again, Ben turns his attention back to the open theater door. Standing, wiping some of the dew off his leathers, sweeping the dirt from his ass, Ben turns to the theater.

With one more glance at the card, Ben knows it is an invite he must face. Stepping forward in the boots, Ben makes his way down the path to the theater.

After all, the show must go on.

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All rights reserved.

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