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The Trucker – Part 03

By Tigerkey, edited and approved by Steellock

Note: This is a continuation of a story by Steellock. This chapter is by Tigerkey. To start at the very beginning, click here.

Dreaming of the Trucker

A brief intro into me: I am an adult male sub who has always been interested in a sub/Dom relationship, to give up total control to a top/Dom who will take over my life.  In hopes of this I have been looking into it and looking on the internet for some information to know how things work. In doing so I came across Jim’s online shop, so I started looking more and more on his site and found that he has Matt, a sub, into bondage and the things that they get into, but the shy loner that I am, I don’t have it in me to go into the shop just yet.

So here I am reading everything that I can to find out what I’m looking for, and to fantasise about and wank off to, each and every night too. I came across Jim’s latest showing of the new and improved E-stim set up, which shows Matt in all his wonderful and impressive size, and I dream I had his muscular body and his strength.

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It’s What I Wanted: A Bondage Story by and About Zander

By Zander

Part 1

I can’t say it was an ambition of mine from my pubescent days, although I was very aware of it even then. I took notice of men in news reports on crime wearing cuffs and shackles doing the perp walk. Historical movies and displays depicting bondage and the devices of it also got my attention. I did notice these things stimulated my already easily triggered teenage libido. Having no access to such things relegated my interest to just that.

It was not until I had my first homosexual encounter that many long-discarded fantasies came to the fore. I had repressed those sexual feelings all through college — even had a few girlfriends along the way. Now 26 years old and working a low-level management track job for a healthcare company, I was told one morning to go to the lobby and meet my intern, Jim, and give him some low-level tasks to occupy the next six weeks.

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The Fall of a Master – Part 02

By Rubrpig

The slave inhaled the smell of its new owner and felt the scent imprint on its mind, so it knew it was owned by this Master…

Master Gunther looked down at the naked slave between his legs and smiled.  The slave sucked and licked Gunther’s cock, which pleased Gunther.  He barked an order to the slave and told him to pull off his cock and stand up.  The slave pulled back off his Master’s cock reluctantly and got to his feet.  The slave stood erect, head bowed and remained still as his wrists were still padlocked together behind its back.  Master Gunther stood up, his wet cock slapping against the heavy leather of his chaps as the stood up and moved behind his new slave.

Master Gunther grabbed a leash and snapped it to the D-ring on the front of the heavy leather collar the slave wore and then tugged on it and walked from the room with his slave quietly following.  The slave’s bare feet making soft slapping noises on the floor as the two men walked to the room that Gunther had set up as his private dungeon space.  The slave followed, and when they entered the room it knew that it would be tested as it had witnessed what Master Gunther was capable of in that room.

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7 Days in Berlin – Part 03

By Takeo

Day 1 – Tuesday – Awaiting Sir’s arrival

Time passes slowly, blind in a cell. I have no temporal reference, it is the absolute silence in the apartment, I perceive only the noise of the chains when I move.

Already, I feel a tension in my arms, pulled horizontally. My fists closed in the mitts are also sore, and the chain which pulls on the top of my head is also rather tense. I try to move a little to lean my back on the wall and relieve myself, impossible, the chains are too tense. Even if I am not in a bondage that prevents me from moving completely, I feel a growing tension and constraint in the muscles.

I don’t know how long I’m going to hold on like this – or how long I’m supposed to hold on…

I replay the last events in my head, from leaving home in my gym clothes to being stuck here in my uniform alone in a cell. I can’t believe what’s happening to me. I’ve already gone beyond many of my limits, including willingly submitting to strangers. But this time, unlike my previous encounters with Florian, I really want to go further to satisfy him, to do whatever he asks me to do without reluctance and to really be in my role as a slave seeking nothing more than to satisfy him. My cock is hard in my cage as my imagination wanders and I think of the multiple possibilities of bondage and games that I will be able to experiment during these few days.

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Some Time in Rubber – Part 6

By rts

The seemingly endless night crept slowly into dawn, my body shivered in its cold wet rubber confinement, the mud squished under my butt as I squirmed uncomfortably around, my lower legs held fast in its tight grip. During the night my movements had sunk me deeper into the bog, the mud now covering my crotch and hips, water continually leaking through the zipper into the suit.

I was grateful for the return of the sun, actually looking forward to its burning heat after the cold misery of this past night, and knowing that finally sometime today he was coming back for me. Tired from my sleepless night, hungry and cold as I sat there trapped in my cold rubbersuit wet with the infiltrating water and my old sweat, foul with my piss and powerless to free myself. This would be day seven totally covered and contained in this thick heavy rubber, seven days with my neck held fast in this posture collar, my waist bound tightly with this thick rubber and steel belt, my cock and balls trapped inside this locked metal chastity container.

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The Slave Daycare – Part 03

By Taurus

Note: This is the third and final part of “The Slave Daycare” by Taurus, with Chapters 20 to 31. If you missed the earlier chapters, click for Part 1 (Chapters 1 to 11); and Part 2 (Chapters 12 to 19).

Chapter 20 – Parasite

“I’m tired of you maggots not doing it right!”

Though the words were that of a stern drill sergeant, the mood was as light as can be – Warren spent seemingly the whole day rolling slaves who lost matches back onto their hands and knees, and cursing his supposed “helpers” who spent their day sat to one side instead of teaching with him.

“You beat me fair and square, Warren,” the silver helper said.

“And you gave me the win after I cheated,” the golden one said.

The cursing was thankfully entirely devoid of sincerity – jolly laughs rang out among the grunts and moans of the dojo students.

Warren’s helpers were not entirely useless either; Grey and Magnus took care of the slaves who decided they had wrestled enough, providing water and towels and hugs where requested.

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Beguiled – Part 2: ‘Bewildered’

Written by ty dehner

ty dehner male bdsm authorThe warmth envelopes Ben, dark and alone; the man is so calm, so safe. There is the natural rhythm of his breathing, which he hears so strongly. That is the only sound in this void that feels like floating in water. But Ben is dry, well, other than the sweat he feels dripping off his head. Gently, Ben’s senses are coming back to him. The feeling is so serene that his body is in no rush to return to any part of a real world.

No, this dark seclusion is the perfect place. But the man’s curiosity isn’t calmed by this safe place. With the sound of his breathing, Ben gets the urge to yawn. As his body and face stretch, Ben finds that his lips cannot open to release the exhaust of air that the yawn draws from his lungs. Lifting his tongue, the man tastes the slight flavor of leather, with his teeth digging into a soft tube that allows him to breathe through but unable to speak. Sighing, a memory creeps back into Ben’s thoughts.

With the memories floating like clouds in his mind, Ben instinctively lifts his right hand to touch his face, but he finds that he cannot move his hand. Sensing more feeling on his skin, Ben realizes his hand is in a glove; no, it’s not a glove as his hand is in a fist. A parting of the fog in his mind allows him the knowledge that he is locked in fist mitts. As hard as he tries, Ben can’t raise his fist as he starts to take in the scent of warm leather through his nose. Slightly moist from his sweat, the leather is strong but mixes with a metal smell. As the man connects with his breathing, he feels pressure on his chest, causing the movement of his lungs to be restricted. There is a weight wrapped about his body.

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Island Paradise – Part 2: Chapter 19

By Joshua Ryan

Chapter 19: We Have Lots of Room for Storage

You may be wondering what I thought of that conversation.  I was wondering what I thought, myself.  I knew I wasn’t, like “hurt” or “humiliated,” which is probably what I was supposed to be.   I did know I was happy to get to see the Owner, no matter what he said.  After all, he was the Owner.  I was wearing his clothes on my back and the name he gave me on my chest.  He paid 90 thousand dollars for me!  And he gave me exactly the kind of job I wanted.  I was gonna be a grunt.  I was gonna be doing mindless labor!  No problems!  No worries!  And it was gonna be for the rest of my life!  “What I buy, I keep.”

I guess there are two types of people.  One type, if they hear somebody talking about them, and it isn’t all perfect and wonderful, they’re unhappy.  They’re upset.  They try to figure how to forget it or get rid of it or get an apology for it.   The other type, they’re interested in what they heard.  They feel good that somebody’s actually talking about them.

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