Black Leather Cops and Revenge – Part 5

By Alex Ironrod © 2021


“OK, boyo, I’m going to seriously bruise that fucking bubble-butt of yours with this whip. I’m not forgetting you can’t see it with that hood and blindfold on. But you can feel these knots trailing down your back right now and tickling your ribs. Right? Just nod. Good. Now I want you to count the strokes as I lay them on you.

Yes, you’ll have to shout through the gag. Here comes number…ONE. Let me hear something. Shout louder next time. TWO. It’s no use trying to pull yourself loose from the ropes. I’m a master at knots as well. THREE. And I like my boys stretched good and tight for thrashing. FOUR. I still can’t hear you. Shout, damn it! FIVE. We’re getting you warmed up nicely. SIX. And let’s try a couple round the front. One to get those nipples erect, and one for your cock – although that’s already at attention.

“You’re sweating – and groaning – and wriggling – that’s good. I like that. Now comes the main event – my seven-inch ramrod at your door. Shit, donut stiffen up. I need your fucking chute relaxed to receive me. That’s right, push back and welcome me into your warmed-over hole. Come on, for Christ’s sake, this is Master Jim giving you a fuck, not some Nelly queen from the nearest leather bar. You told me you’d been ploughed before, so let me in and stretch your passage. No, you can’t buck me out, and I’m coming in all the way.

“Ah, you’re trembling – well, well, let my prick stir you up and tickle your innards and my gloved hands can work on your tits and your tool to distract you. Come on, shithead, open up properly. I want to root around in you and to feel something responding. That’s better – wiggle that ass, while I shake your dick. I’m beginning to glide and slide – keep moving, you cunt, feel the friction. Now my man-meat is really stroking your pussy cave. Get with it – fight back, ease back, push back, fuck back. Christ, do something — you’re like a fucking bag of shitty flour. OK, let’s finish this off. I’m going to pull you completely onto me, and grunt my way to perdition….shit, I’m finally coming. Stand by for the cum train”.

I shot into his space, clutching the faceless bound victim; then I eased out, scarcely satisfied. I slapped bubble-butt, slowly released him from the ropes, the hood and the gag and sent him on his way. Sexual satisfaction was getting harder. I needed some different stimulation. The procession of pricks waiting to be topped by Jim Barnes, former Highway Patrol Officer Barnes J., was gratifyingly long, but no longer excited me.

I’d progressed far beyond the innocent biker who was raped by a black leather clad sergeant and his sidekick – only a year ago. I’d worked hard to join the force, survived the exciting and violent initiation and joined Sergeant Grant Tyrell’s elite team of motorcycle cops who kept the peace and who kept their pricks entertaining one another at weekends. Oh, I got my revenge in the end, raping the virgin hole of Grant Tyrell and allowing his subordinate, Officer Witkowski, to hump him relentlessly one night. My pal and fuck-mate Colin and I left them bound together, on exhibition for the rest of the station crew to find the next morning, while we rode away on our bikes to freedom in Chicago. But revenge was ashes in my mouth, freedom was an illusion, and I wouldn’t or couldn’t get back through the door of bondage and pain the sergeant had opened for me. I sighed, put away my S & M gear, and picked up the phone.

“Colin – its Jim, Jim Barnes”.

“Hey, Jim, long time no hear.”

“Yea, it’s been a while since we talked. How’s it going? You like the new job?  OK – not so new; it’s been a couple of months”.

“Well, my accounting background has helped me to become Assistant Manager”.

“You got promoted! No shit! Good for you, man. What am I up to? Oh, same old, same old. The day job is boring, and the S & M leather shit isn’t much better”.

“How are you coming along as a top?”

“OK, I’m getting lots of practice, but I feel I’m not getting any real satisfaction”.

“Give it time. You’ve moved into a new world in a new city. Give it time”.

“Yea, yea, I know it’s only four months since we got here, but I keep thinking back to the good times we had on our Highway Patrol bikes”.

“I’m not so sure about that – what about the extracurricular fucking and sucking?”

“Well, some of it wasn’t bad, and we looked studly in those leather uniforms. What do you suppose happened to Sergeant Tyrell? Boy, I’d like to have seen the others’ faces, when they found him hanging there in full leathers with Witkowski’s fucker up his chute”.

“OK, yea, that was quite a scene”.

“Y’know, I’m tired of waiting for Tyrell to come looking for me and bursting through my door. Oh hell, I’m even thinking of going back to find him”.

“You’re kidding. You said you never wanted to see him again”.

“No, I’m fucking serious. I’m going back there. I miss the black leather bastard and his dungeon workshop. He was a neat guy”.

“I thought you hated him – with all that talk of revenge. You’re flipping out”.

“No, I’m not losing it. And I just kinda wondered if you wanted to come with me. We could get off on our bikes again – and see shit happen”.

“Well, I’m making a good start here….”

“You want to keep that no-nothing job…. I can’t persuade you”.

“I don’t think so, Jim. You go if you think you have to, but I’ll stay here”.

“Well, screw you, Colin…….It’s been good talking to you, man”.

“Am I going crazy? Colin’s right. I couldn’t wait to get away from that cunt Tyrell four months ago, and now all I want to do is to see that buffed body in those tight leathers and tall Dehners and feel him manhandling me. I must be sick, really screwed up. And I’m afraid of facing him after fucking his virgin hole. All I know is that what I have now isn’t satisfying me. So I’ll take my chances back with Tyrell”.

I gave my notice at work – and the apartment; they said I’d be welcome back any time. I packed my shit; I’d kept the uniform and the tight high boots for some reason. I checked out the bike and called Colin again – one last chance to buddy-ride together – no reply, so I left a message to say that I was on my way.

It was the glorious end of summer as I took to the highway and the trees were shedding their first leaves. It was cool enough for leathers and my boots; my thighs gripped the Harley engine, and I felt liberated as I left the city behind. I took my time and reached that familiar turf on the third morning.

I knew Tyrell’s routine; I’d catch him before the evening shift started. So I checked into a small motel and changed into full uniform – helmet and dark glasses, leather jacket, leather breeches and black bal-laced boots, and rode over to the substation. I had to psyche myself up to march in there.

“What the shit am I doing? Park the bike and check yourself out in the mirror. Yea, still looking good; I’ve only put on a couple of pounds. OK, through the front door. No-one in the office – it’s too late for the girls. Is that my heart thumping, or my boot cleats echoing? Straighten up tall. Stand proud. Knock on the door jamb, as usual. Hey, Sergeant, I’m back”.

“Who the fuck are you – Jesus, is it really you, boy? I didn’t think to see you in here again, Barnes. You’ve got true grit showing up in my corral. Turn around; let’s look at you. Well, you still fill out that uniform in the right places. But you’re not entitled to wear it – I forgot, you’re off my books”.

I looked at him standing there – all six foot of prime man-meat in his leathers, the light glistening off his black jacket. My heart and my cock each gave an involuntary thump.

“I want back in, Sergeant – all the way”.

“What the fuck makes you think I want a motherfucker like you in my team again. Christ, the trouble you caused”.

“I’ve been thinking it over while I was in Chicago, waiting for you to track me down and punish me – if punishing me is what you want”.

“Shit, I wasn’t going to waste my time looking for a prick like you. But I surely didn’t expect to clap eyes on you in this office. You’ve got spunk, I’ll give you that. For all you know, I could have you thrown into a cell for assaulting a senior officer. I can have you thrown out of the Highway Patrol, just on my say-so”.

“So you haven’t actually fired me as yet?”

“No, you’re on suspension at the moment. Shit, let’s get a proper look at you”.

He prowled around me, checking out the merchandise, straightening my tie, zipping tight my jacket, cupping my treacherous cock as it writhed in his big hand and finally slapping my leathered butt, as he always had done. I stood tall at attention and he smiled , looking down at my erection.

“Well, I don’t know what to do with you ‘officially,” but unofficially I’ve got time before I go out on the bike. So get yourself down to my workroom, if you can remember the way. I’ve got a surprise for you”.

I saluted smartly and clattered down the familiar stairs. The door was open, and I strode in – and stopped. There, strapped to the bed in the corner, naked except for a hood laced tight around his face, and his Dehner boots roped high over his shoulders by good old Officer Witkowski, was my own fuck-buddy Colin. His ass glowed red from a recent thrashing and his rosebud hole winked at me in the dim light.

“What the fuck…..” I started, before one gloved hand was shoving a pecker gag in my mouth, as the other hand pinched my nose to ensure it went in. For a moment I had forgotten the Sergeant behind me, but he was ready for me, as he wrenched the gag tight around my head, and held my creaking leathers against his black uniform.

“Right, Witkowski, finish that up and get over here. I need your help. [then as a whisper in my ear] I told you I had a surprise. Colin came round yesterday, said he was passing through, and this is our second session.

Hold still while we get you ready now. Arms up and breeches down. Good, I see you remembered not to wear your Jockeys. Cuff his hands up to the pulley, Officer, and pull him forward to the bed. You said you wanted back in, Barnes – well, here’s the price. You fuck your buddy there first”.

“But it’s you I want, Sergeant. Damn it, that’s why I’m back”.

“Well, well, so it’s my cock that’s brought you back. You want to ride my rod again. You want to feel my whip and my leathered body. Shit, what a joke! You run away, only to find you can’t get enough of me, livening up your hole. Holy hell, my tool is so excited that it’s rising up to greet you. Now here’s the deal – you fuck young Colin here – hard and deep, and, as a reward, I’ll consider fucking you up hill and back down. Let’s get to it. I haven’t all night”.

It was the sexual initiation all over again. Our voices had risen, and Colin, who had heard, was straining in his bondage and tossing his hooded head. His asshole gaped invitingly; it had obviously been lubed for action. I was moved onto the bed, my arms imprisoned above me, and I wriggled and struggled, with my leather breeches around my thighs, like a landed fish. Witkowski giggled, massaged my penis to its full seven inches with lubricant, and shoved my body into fucking position. I felt a heavy boot – the Sergeant’s – pushing me from behind. I jerked and maneuvered as my tool slowly edged through the warm rosebud. Colin groaned at my entry, and I gurgled my reply into my gag.

“I’m sorry, Colin, this isn’t what I planned. Christ, my arms are being pulled forward over your body, and that damned boot is forcing me up your hole. Ummm, it feels good in there, warm and comfy, like you’ve been waiting for me, fuckbuddy. I’m gliding on and up – you’ve been stretching your passage for me, and I can feel my whole rod checking out its new home. Now – a few deep strokes to give us some real pleasure and to get us really fucking. I’m going to back down for a moment to your sphincter.

“Christ, what’s that sudden pain on my bum. Shit, someone’s whipping my ass. It’s driving my sword right back into you, and then some. God, those lashes feel good – it’s been too long. My hole is twitching and you’re trying to push back. What a fuck combination. My cock is really enjoying it in there, burrowing around for the best of you, Colin.

“Damn, the whipping’s stopped; it doesn’t really matter. I’ve got the fuck rhythm going, and I can feel you moving with me. OK, feel this stroke….and now this. They’re really jazzing you up. Come on, Colin, ride with me…. hump with me….  groan with me….swear with me…. squirm with me…. and now……fuck with me. I can’t really move my body, so push back further on my pole – that’s better. I can feel you sweating and moaning beneath me. Oh, the friction’s great now to work your muscles. I’m fully in and a few more strokes should see me off. Yes, that biting down really grabs my prong – grip it again…great. I can feel I’m coming…yes, here’s my man-seed filling up your glory hole. God, this is good”.

As I shot, I could feel the officers around me. Leather jacket came off. My shirt was ripped open in front and I could feel leather against my rear end, as fingers slipped in and out, giving me a lube job. I gasped and shuddered, catching my breath for the next   ordeal.

“It’s Tyrell I can feel – I can recognize his man-smell. God, it’s good to have him rubbing my fucking tits with those hot ribbed gloves and to feel him rubbing his prick against my butt. My cock is filling again, still embedded in Colin.

“Shit, who’s rolling my nipples? I know they’re bigger now – and fuck it, I know what’s coming. Christ, that tit clamp hurt – and where’s the second – Oh, bloody hell, that’s worse – and someone’s pulling the chain between them, as the tool is tormenting my chute.  Shit, I’d forgotten how big Tyrell is. Mother of God, he’s forcing his way right up and my fucking velvet lining is loving it.

“I can feel his big arms circling me and holding me to him. He’s pulling me back with the tit chain – damn, it hurts, but it’s wonderful – and I can buck on his pole until he hears the eight-second buzzer. Oh, God, this is what I need – that black-hearted sergeant’s cock way up my passage and his leathered chest crushing me against him. Fuck, he’s strong – he’s really got me filled up and lusting. My prick’s charging back up Colin and we’re all three groaning and thumping together. Fuck—fuck me, master, while I fuck my buddy again.

“This is where I want to be and to stay – impaled on your pole, while I impale an ass-hole on mine. Shit, that nipple play hurts. I think I’m going to come again. OK, Colin, feel my weapon tormenting you; I can feel Tyrell scourging my innards. God, you both feel hot and horny. Let’s ride home together. I’ll moan loudly and nod my head. Yes, twist my chain hard, Sergeant, take me hard. Stand back for action, Colin – get ready- and here we blow!”

Hot cum filled me at one end and flowed out of me into a similar receptacle at the other. My ass was sore, but well-fucked, and I hoped Colin would feel the same. We panted, sweated and stayed glued in one another for minutes on end. Then the Sergeant pulled out and slapped my butt, as he sprinkled his last cum drops on my back. My arms were lowered and uncuffed, so I could slip out of Colin. He in turn was untied and unhooded – our Dehners banged together as both of us gulped and gasped in pleasure. He smiled, leaned over to kiss me hard.

“I thought it was you. I could smell the last of your aftershave, and I know the way your prick likes to burrow in”.

“Alright, you two fuck-shits, that’s enough girlie gossip. Witkowski and I are due out on patrol. What do you two bastards want to do? Wait here in the Workroom?”

“I’m on my way,” returned Colin. “I only passed by to see whether you still threw a good fuck – and to piss off Jim”. He laughed at me. “I thought it would be a neat trick to shake you up a bit, and to let you know that others want the Sergeant’s eight inches in their holes. But I’m not staying around. I’ll wait for you at your motel tonight, Jim. Then I’m off back to Chicago in the morning. Thanks for “having” me; you still give a second-to-none bum-battering.”

“I’ll stay here, Serge, until you get back for your break”.

“Suit yourself, Barnes, but we don’t want you idle. Stick this plug in your ass; my cum is too valuable to waste and pull up your breeches. Officer, hang him back up again – hood and gag him to keep him quiet – pull his cock through and out [and don’t play with it] – let his feet dangle a bit.”

My Dehners scrabbled for purchase on the floorboards, and my body, now leathered from head to toe, swayed gently as Tyrell cupped my butt once more. He moved in front, smoothing the hood across my face with his gloved thumbs, before deeply kissing my gagged mouth. Three sets of cleats clattered on the iron stairs, doors slammed, and bikes roared into life.

“They’ve all gone, and I’m left hanging like a side of beef. Well, this is what you wanted, isn’t it? You’ve been well-fucked and you’re well-bound for the moment. God, you must be mad – or sick – or both. You walk right into his den, throw your arms open and expect him to kiss you welcome. At least he didn’t throw you into a cell or refuse to speak to you. In fact he seemed quite impressed, and I guess I passed his new initiation test.

“What the shit is Colin playing at. Is it just a spur of the moment game to him? I didn’t plan to share Tyrell with anyone. Maybe the Sergeant’s got enough new replacements and doesn’t need a scum-bum like you. You didn’t think of that, did you?

“Christ, these cuffs are closed tight, and my arms are aching already. Trust Witkowski to get in his two cents of S & M. Well, there’s nothing you can fucking well do, except suck on the pecker gag and feel the leather sweating up your face. Hang tall, kid, it’s going to be a long night”.

I drifted into an uneasy doze, until I heard one pair of boots clumping down the stairs and unlocking the workroom door. I could smell Tyrell’s leathers, as he stood close to me, tickling my always eager tool and unlacing the hood.

“Hope you had a good rest, swaying there like a leather zombie. I’ve been thinking as I’ve been riding around. Why the hell have you come back?  You certainly burnt your bridges – fucking me before you left. Now four months and five days later, you want back in again. I don’t get it”.

I muttered loudly into the gag. Impatiently, he untied it, pulled it out of my mouth and stood holding it, ready to shove it back in, if he didn’t like my answer.

“Thanks, sergeant. OK, I’m not totally clear why I’m back either. All that I know is that I started to miss you – your strength, your leathers, your thrashings, your fuckings and your attention to me. I wanted you to come to Chicago to find me and punish me and to force me back here. When you didn’t crash through my door, I slowly realized that I would have to find you. I didn’t hate you anymore. In fact I’m not sure how much I ever did hate you. Whatever your magnetism is, I know I need a dose of it – and regularly.  If I have to kiss and tongue your boots every morning or let myself be fully fucked and beaten every evening, it’s you I want, you black-leather bastard.. I’m one sick puppy, master, but I’m your sick puppy”.

“Christ almighty, what a load of shit you dump on me, Jim. Well, you can count yourself lucky with your revenge tactics. Anderson, my alternate fuck partner, came in early and found me and Witkowski that morning, and got us free and cleaned up in time for briefing – no thanks to you. Oh yes, I wanted to go after you and beat the living daylights out of you, and to screw you senseless. And then I got to thinking about it. What’s the point of pursuit? You and I would go on escalating the violence, until very likely we killed one another.

“No – I had to admire you. No one else ever dared to fuck my virgin hole, to string me up, to whip me and violate me as you did. Maybe that first fuck session I gave you was too intense, and you thought you had good reason to hate me. So I left it alone. Oh yes. I thought about you – you were a good-looking meathead in that leather uniform, and, yes, my cock had leaked cum many times just looking at you. But I think it was more than just a man-sex itch; I wanted to penetrate the real you. But you weren’t to be had any more. So I got on with life, until Colin reappeared like John the Baptist. He didn’t say much, just mumbled that he was passing through and let me stick my member up his chute. But I wondered. And here you are. Now, what the hell do I do with you?”

“I want to belong again, Tyrell. Oh, I understand it must be on your terms. And I hope I can live with them. I want you to be proud of me, as I am of you. I want to ride my bike alongside yours – my hole filled with your cum and stoppered with your biggest butt plug, my back laced by your whip, and my mouth stuffed with your saliva. I want to be a true fuck-partner, not just a slave for a month or so, and then cast away”.

I lunged for him, my arms still cuffed above my head. He stepped forward and hugged me tightly, leathers to leathers. I kissed him, and he tongued me back, our saliva swopping in our mouths, and we gasped in this awkward embrace. Then he drew back and looked deeply into my eyes, smiling.

“Shit, who could resist such an offer! Hell, boy, you’ll be mine, and I’ll treat you well. Until we get you reinstated, you can move in with me – and maybe even longer. But I expect to breach your castle gate regularly, to thrash you like clockwork and to make you serve me in every way, with the love and respect due to a true Master. And I’ll love you in return.

“Now, let’s get you down from there. But before I let you go, I’m going to tickle that juicy ass with this paddle. So you’ll remember who you belong to, as you bounce around on your well-plugged butt on that bike. And then make sure you report to me by 10am tomorrow morning and I’ll get you well and truly settled in”.


Alex Ironrod granted permission for this story to be posted here.


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