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The Story of Dax – Chapter 06

By TheBadOne

I feel the weight of the massive plug in my ass, hear the ringing in my ears and the beating of my pulse before I actually regain consciousness- a slight wooziness that is familiar to me- Donovan must have kept me knocked out with chloroform while he transported me to the ticket booth, my final destination for tonight.

‘Ticket Booth’ is generous. It’s a steel cage at the entrance to the dungeon, and there’s only enough room in it for me, a clipboard with a list of names- codenames from the looks of it- and a button I can push to unlock the entry. There’s a special, private event tonight- uninvited kinksters who didn’t get the memo will be turned away.

I raise my hand to pick up the list and take a look at it, and only now realize that I’m shackled to the bars of the cage, too- with heavy metal restraints. I can move enough to press the button, and that’s it. I look up into the crowded bar and see that I have more than a few eyes on me. At least I know I look good. I move my body- to the extent I can- to the music, and wait for the first guest.

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The Debt – Part 1

By Pup Shaggy

He didn’t know what the hell he was doing here. Seriously. The night had originally been a meet up at a pub. Simple, enjoyable; and it didn’t involve stupidly loud music and obnoxious flashing lights at whatever club happened to be on their minds. A pub was something he could enjoy. But of course, plans changed and out of the blue, instead it was going to be a night at a club. Not just any club either. For some reason, they were heading to a gay club even though none of his friends were gay, just hum. It made no sense. But then from the sounds of it, they were all already drunk when he turned up.

He had a feeling his mates were hinting at something as well, but honestly he felt more like a third wheel than anything. He had been looking forward to this night back when the plan was a few drinks and chatting at a pub; A chance to chill. But now? He wasn’t sure if he was anymore. He wasn’t the club sort of guy. He didn’t dance, not because he couldn’t: anyone can dance when they’ve had enough alcohol. He just didn’t particularly find it fun. Anytime he had danced in the past it was to keep everyone else happy; friends who were throwing him annoyed looks because he wasn’t partaking in the strange ritual others called dancing… because he didn’t want to in the first place.

Everyone else seemed to be enjoying it though, and every time they came over to ask him if he was alright: sure. He lied through his teeth and said yes. But mostly he just wanted to get the hell home.

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Montana – Part 03

By ty dehner

The drive to the bar uneventful, watching the empty landscape pass by lit by the full moon. When I adjusted in the seat I could feel the piss slosh around in my boot. On occasion Ty would reach over and rub the Velcro sharply into my tits. He explained that the bar is not a gay bar, but some of his gay buds hang out there as well as his straight friends. He thought it would be crowded with the rodeo in town.

We arrived at the bar that looked busy. As we parked I commented on being thirsty and was glad to be at the bar.

“The boot,” said Ty wryly.

i questioned him and he told me to drink the piss that is in my boot. Carefully I worked it off my foot getting a good strong whiff of the smell as it approached my lips. Laying the leather boot shaft on my lip, i poured the warm piss down my throat. Feeling very humble, Ty chuckled as I finished it off.

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All gear is encouraged at Eggplant

This Saturday, December 30, at 10 pm at Rockbar, it’s a very special Saturday Eggplant to close out 2017. (Next year they will be back to Fourth Fridays).

New York City gay leather bar

Big badass boots, full-rubber encasement, football pads, leather aprons, rugby kit, Langlitz and Wescos, harnesses and jocks are welcome at Eggplant. Breeches and leather uniforms are very much appreciated. Whatever turns you on.

Rockbar events page here.

This Friday in NYC: Eggplant

Eggplant Dave Hughes


Eggplant Thanksgiving weekend!

Friday, November 24, at 10 pm at Rockbar, 185 Christopher Street, at the West Side Highway.

Squeeze into something sexy and make some trouble with us. All gear encouraged. Think: big bad-ass boots, full rubber encasement, football pads, leather aprons, rugby kit, Langlitz and Wescos, harnesses and jocks. Breeches & Leather Uniforms very much appreciated. Whatever turns you on.

Admission is $2 for people in gear and $5 for people in street clothes. Check your clothes at the bar. Dress hard.

Hosted by Justin Hoffman + Syluss

Pornographic videotapes and sleazy backroom grooves and tomfoolery by Dave Hughes.

Details here