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The story so far…

Elias is a male dom looking for a reluctant sub. Owen is a reluctant sub because he’s a straight sub.

NOTE: This is part of a much longer story called “Dr. “NOOOO!!!” — and this chapter has been slightly altered to suit the Metalbond site. For the full story, click here, but be forewarned that the complete story, especially the end, features a female dom. If you’re interested in primarily male-on-male action, try the chapter below, as well as chapters 3 and 8 on POW’s site.


Dr. “NOOOO!!!” chapter 7 – Crag


Crag isn’t quite a bar and isn’t quite a club. It’s more of a co-op based in what used to be a manufacturing plant for railcar parts in the old industrial area of town. The members pool their resources to have a shared space for play and equipment and they host public events like tonight’s once a month. I’m not a member, so I pay the high guest rate when I visit, which is not all that often. I tend to hang out at the bars farther north in Edgewater when I’m looking for leather companionship, but I’ve visited Crag a time or two before. Great atmosphere – huge high ceilings, big rooms to play in with echoey concrete walls in a lot of them. A good dungeon vibe. And unlike the Edgewater bars, the focus here was not on drinks or conversation, but on getting physical. The money the co-op brought in was not to make a profit for a business but instead got reinvested into either the space or the gear.

I was dressed in my best: black leather from hat to boots, tight in all the places I wanted to show off like waist, biceps, and thighs. Short-sleeved lambskin shirt under a zip-front vest (unzipped) with a jacket over top, also open at the front now that we were inside out of the chill. Hunter boots down below and a biker cap on my head and I was looking every inch the alpha top.

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