Bog – Part 1

By ty dehner

ty dehner bondage storiesThe soft muddy soil spreads out beneath the tall cypress trees that have been growing over the decades in these wetlands that sit just east of the big modern city. There is a shallow layer of dirty water, looking like glass, settled between the wild grasses and mounds of dirt. The calm breeze makes the moss slowly sway, providing a calmness in this area with no direct sunlight.

These bogs sometimes have stories shared by locals about happenings that occur when the weather is right. Most just dismiss them to the art of telling a scary story during a stormy night or for a party during Halloween. Few people ever venture deep into bogs, preferring to stay safe and warm in the open areas that they can see what might happen. But for a rare few, the bog provides an escape from the world we live in today. Here a person can be who they want, no one to bother them, no one requires them to follow the rules. Just be alone, content, and maintain their life as they want to.

The calmness is broken when a man steps into the slog, wearing his black rubber waders with bright yellow trim. His other foot steps forward to the one that is coated with the mud from his trek into this bog.

A drizzle falls as the cold of winter covers these wetlands. The reeds are brown, the trees bare. There is an eerie silence, broken only by the sloshing sound of the rubber boots moving forward in the damp environment.

The lead man, Shane, waves his arms forward as he parts the tall grass that grows wildly because of the dampness. Shane is followed by Joshua, who is not as sure-footed in this muddy land as his workmate.

These two are biologists for the Department of Transportation. Wearing the high-visibility green rain suits, they are here to study the wetlands for the upcoming construction of a new highway that will impact the area.

Under his yellow hard hat, Shane’s face reflects how much he enjoys getting back to nature. But Joshua isn’t into the adventure as much. He likes their time researching on the internet than actually getting into the outdoors.

The department has issued them the hi-vis stay dry gear, with heavy-duty gloves on their hands and waders that reach up beyond their knees, ending at their hips.

Shane, who is used to the outdoors, wears heavy Carhartt gear under his rain kit. He has always liked the rugged look, the stains of mud in spots, and it just makes him fucking horny, especially when he can wear his Wesco lace-up boots. Shane’s lined overalls protect him from the winter cold that just cuts through rain clothing like a knife removing a layer of duct tape.

As a wet branch slaps him in the face, Joshua swears under his breath. When it was brought up that he and his partner would have made this trek into the Morrisey Bog, he decided to get some better cold-weather gear to wear. Grabbing Shane from his cube at the office, Joshua ordered the new work pants and boots from the internet. Joshua does his best to break it in on this first adventure into the woods with the stiff and new boots.

With the wetlands being miles from any development, this route will be a loop road to take traffic away from the city core. Shane comes to a stop, looking ahead as the wetland becomes more of a pond and less earthy. Joshua sees his partner stopped as he grabs a tree with his soaked leather-gloved hand, calming his heavy breathing.

Pointing forward, Shane talks to his partner, “From that point over there, that is where they want to build the higher of the bridges. This area will be about two miles from the bridge site.”

Shane takes a heavy-duty computer tablet from his backpack, swiping a few screens to bring up a map. He reviews it the looks up at Joshua, “The water is deep here; more studies will have to be done on this area to predict the impact.”

Joshua nods in agreement, “Let’s set up over there and do our study.”

ty dehner bookThe two men make their way around the edge of the pond area, spotting a snake that slithers through the peat, then a few rabbits that scurry out of the way. They come upon a running creek, too wide for them to jump, so they decide to wade across. The water comes mid-calf to Shane’s boots as he steps into the gently moving water. As Shane is about to reach the other side, Joshua makes his start into the stream, but as he makes another step, he finds a deeper section! The man in the bright green disappears beneath the creek’s surface as Shane hears the yell from his partner, turning to see Joshua quickly disappear into the dirty water.

With his arms flailing, Josh tries to stop his sinking. But there is nothing to grab on to. Shane reacts quickly, grabbing his partner’s gloved hand and ending his plunge.

Gaining his balance, Shane pulls hard on Josh’s hand to bring him out of the water. As he does, Josh’s face comes right next to Shane’s; they come face to face. Time stops as their eyes lock for a brief moment with a sexual attraction that both have often thought about but never shared. The moment passes as Shane continues helping Josh up, and they slowly get on their way.

The biologists make their way to a dryer area under an old, tall, cypress tree, naked of its lower branches. With the drizzle having ended a few minutes ago, they find a log to sit on that is somewhat dry. They both have the brief encounter at the stream on their minds as they sit, making each other a bit flustered and shy. Both don’t act towards the other as the workmates normally do.

As they sit, Shane takes out a tablet, entering some info, then sets it aside. Returning to his backpack, Shane brings out his lunch as Josh has pulled his food from his pack.

As two workmates eat, Josh looks over at Shane, who catches this glance. They quickly turn their heads away from each other. But Joshua smiles a bit, thinking of the grip that Shane had on him. Josh’s attraction for Shane is growing in his mind, well, and in his work gear.

After taking a bite from his sandwich, Shane hesitantly starts speaking but keeping his gaze out across the bog, “Josh, ah, we’ve been working together for a while now.”

Taking a sip from his thermos, Josh just nods, not saying anything.

Shane pauses, then decides to just come out with what he is trying to say, “Ah shit, I’m just gonna say it. Josh, I’m gay.”

Shane turns to Josh to see his reaction. Surprisingly there isn’t much of a reaction from his workmate as Josh bites his apple and continues to chew. With shy, short glances, Joshua looks at Shane; there is something Josh wants to say back to his partner but is unsure how.

Disappointed in not getting the reaction he was hoping for, Shane nods, “Well, hmmm. Not quite what I expected. But I guess I understand.”

Without changing his sight from looking out across the wetlands, Josh takes another bite, then asks, still chewing the apple, “How long?”

Shane doesn’t understand the question, “What?”

Casually, Josh then asks, “How long have you been gay?”

Shane nods: that is a question he would expect to get; Shane laughs a bit, “Well, since high school. I’ve been dating off and on for a few years but haven’t found anything serious.”

There is silence between the work partners as the sounds of the bog echo around them. After taking a couple more bites of his apple, Joshua throws the core into the woods, then asks, “What’s it like to kiss a guy?”

Slightly taken aback by the question, Shane turns to Josh with a big grin on his face, “Pretty damn nice.”

Josh looks at his work partner with a serious face. As Shane takes a drink from the soda he brought with him, he is concerned about the look on Josh’s face.

With all seriousness, Josh orders, “Show me.”

Shane didn’t expect that and chokes slightly on his soda. “What?”

Without hesitation, Joshua clarifies what he just stated, “Show me what kissing another man is like.”

Lowering his soda can, Shane places it on the ground, looking Joshua directly into his eyes, “You sure?”

Josh nods, “Show me, fucker.”

Shane smiles a bit, then adjusts himself. Reaching over, Shane helps Josh put his food on the ground.

Shane lifts his gloved hand and slowly lifts Josh’s chin to maneuver his head toward his. Josh lifts his eyes as Shane approaches very cautiously. Just before their lips meet, Shane quietly asks, “You sure?”

Josh softly nods yes.

Shane moves forward and lightly puts his lips on Josh’s lips. It is a soft clean kiss, but there is a spark between them as there is no hesitation from Josh.

ty dehner booksSlowly, Shane pulls back, and Josh opens his eyes. They tilt their heads forward as their foreheads touch. Josh brings his gloved hand up and starts to stroke Shane’s face, and together they kiss again; this time, it grows, and their lips continue to touch as their desire grows deeper. The kissing becomes more intense with tongues being exchange and their hands and arms holding each other.

As the two men kiss, finding an emotional bond between them that they skirted around for months, they are unaware that they are not alone in this bog. As their passion grows, they end up knocking off their hardhats, with Josh leaning back as Shane climbs upon his workmate. Their moment of discovery is being witnessed by the creatures in the bog.

Slowly, the two men in their rain gear lower their touch of each other, their lips parting as they look deeply into each other’s eyes. This moment has taken each of them by surprise and taken their breath.

Shane looks at his work partner, “What the fuck are you up to?”

Innocently, Josh replies, “I never kissed a man.”

Not buying the innocence that Josh is performing, Shane shakes his head in the negative, his voice a bit more forceful, “Bullshit. That was not a kiss from a rookie.”

Josh turns away, looking out to the woods that surround them, then places his gloved hand on the leg of his partner. “OK, I’ve been with a few guys. I’ve been wondering about you for a while, so I thought I’d take a chance.”

Shane’s glove hand reaches for the hand Josh, squeezing it to let him know that all is good between them. An evil grin grows on Shane’s face, “Well, luckily for you, we are in this fucking bog, or I’d show you what being a man is all about.”

They both laugh, then stop as the thought of them fucking out in the woods appeals to their animal lust that started when they kissed. Shane looks at Josh, then asks, “Do you trust me?”

Josh does not expect the question, who debates in his head for a moment before answering, “Sure.” It is not the most confident response, but Josh trusts his partner as they have worked together for two years now.

“OK, turn around, put your hands behind your back,” Shane states in a slightly commanding tone.

Quickly Josh looks at his workmate, “Why do I need to do that?”

Reaching up and rubbing Josh on his shoulder, Shane leans in, nearly touching his partner’s lips, “Just trust me.”

With the musky scent of this man in his damp hi-viz gear, Josh closes his eyes, briefly thinking upon the taste of those lips. Realizing he has to know what Shane has in store, Josh turns his body away from his work partner while keeping his eyes closed.

As Shane reaches into his backpack, the drizzle starts to fall again, providing a calming rhythm soundtrack for these two to bond closer together. Josh pushes his arms behind him, gripping his gloved hands. Just then, he hears the distinctive sound of duct tape being pulled off the roll. Stopping himself from turning towards Shane, Josh takes a deep breath as he knows in his heart that he is about to be put into bondage.

Quickly, Shane wraps the long strip of tape around the wrists of Josh. There is the sound of another strip of tape where Shane tapes the tape, placing it on Josh’s lips and wrapping it around his lower head a few times, effectively silencing his workmate. The heavy gagging startles Josh as he mumbles and struggles a bit. Once the tape is settled, Shane stands looking down at the bound and gagged Josh, sitting on the log in his chartreuse gear, with silver tape wrapped about his face.

Shane’s smile turns to a grin as he pats his mate on the shoulder, “You look great, fucker.”

Josh mumbles, starting to stand, but Shane just shoves him back to the seated position. “Now it’s time to show you how a man like me likes to have fun with a guy like you.”

Shane sits next to his bound workmate with his eyes opening wide, not sure what to expect. Reaching over with his gloved hand, Shane lowers it to Josh’s crotch, pressing and kneading his cock and balls that are under the work clothes that Josh wears.

Laughing a bit as Josh raises his crotch to meet Shane’s hand and provide pressure, the horniness beings to fill Josh’s emotion from under his work gear. Seeing that he is connecting with Josh, Shane continues to work his partner’s crotch to increase his desire to shoot his load as that cock of his becomes harder and a bit of pre-cum starts dripping and soaking the underwear that Josh wears.

While Shane’s one hand is working his partner’s crotch, he takes his other gloved hand, sliding it under the rain jacket and starts to twist his workmate’s nips that have become firm with the cold and damp air that lays in the bog.

Josh moans into the duct tape wrapped across his lips, having never had the erotic pleasure of his tits being worked. Now Josh was being teased in two locations on his body as he tries to break free from the tape that keeps his arms behind his back and his body exposed to Shane.

Lifting his face to the canopy of trees that covers the bog, Shane allows the drizzle to soak into his face as he relishes the moaning that is coming from his captive’s gagged lips. This is something he has been wanting to do to Josh for a long while, always believing that Josh was a faggot just like him. But there was never the right time to test that. Then out of the blue, Josh brings it up between them out here in a fucking bog, and now, Shane is enjoying what he has always dreamed of doing to his partner.

A small gust of wind travels through the bog, the leaves rustle, breaking Shane’s thoughts as he caresses his partner. Lower his face, looking at the gagged face of Josh, his mate’s eyes closed, breathing heavily with the growing lust that Shane is driving him to. Shane removes his hands from Josh’s body, causing Josh to yell a bit in frustration. Opening his eyes, Josh pleads to his workmate to continue.

“Come on; we got work to do. Let’s get this shit done so we can get out of here!” states Shane.

Josh looks at his work partner, knowing he is correct, but still can’t finish off the erotic session before they move along.

Leaving Josh in bondage, Shane cleans up their lunch items, puts his backpack on, and then goes to his partner. Josh works his way to his feet, then turns so Shane can cut the tape from his wrist.

“Let’s go,” is all Shane says as he steps away from where the two have been, heading into the woods.

Josh yells loudly through the gag, turning his body so that his secured hands are at his side so that Shane can see them.

Not turning around, Shane shouts, “The sooner we get this done, the sooner you’ll get out of that!”

Moving his head around, not sure what to think, Josh groans in the gag as the drizzle runs down his hardhat. Giving a loud sigh, Josh takes the first step into the mushy ground, catching up to his partner.

The trek through the bog is a challenge for Josh, as he cannot keep steady at times without using his hands; he falls twice into the mud, which Shane truly enjoys.

They finally reach the work site, where Shane cuts loose his partner, removing the tape from his lips. To show his appreciation for allowing Shane to keep him in bondage and sexually tease him, Shane plants a big kiss on Josh’s lips. Any bit of anger that Josh might have had for trekking through the bog in bondage drifts away as they both grip each other. This allows their warmth to come through as their passion continues to simmer.

They spend the next hour using their devices to enter, measure and compute the information they will use to create the reports to present to leadership in the coming months. When they have completed their tasks, they pack up their gear. Shane lifts the roll of duct tape, shouting at Josh, then winking. Josh sees the tape and shakes his head no, that he is not willing to slog through the bog in bondage again. Shrugging his shoulder, Shane thought it was worth a try.

“I gotta piss, I’ll be right back!” stats Josh as he makes his way into the bog so that he is away from his partner.

Shane enters a few more figures into this tablet, “Yea….ok.” Not noticing where his partner has gone off too.

After finishing with his information, Shane returns the tablet to the pack, then takes out his cell phone to make a call. Looking at the screen, he notices there are no bars, “Fuck…no signal.”

Taking a few steps around to find a signal, Shane gives up after a moment, returning his phone to his pocket. Grabbing his backpack, he mounts it on his back. Turning, he sees Josh’s pack sitting in the muck, then wonders why Josh hasn’t returned from his piss. Looking about, Shane yells, “Josh! Where you at?”

Looking around the woods, there is no response from Josh. So Shane yells out for him, but still nothing. Now, this is making Shane perturbed. “Goddammit, Josh!”

Grabbing his workmate’s backpack, Shane heads off into the woods, yelling for Josh, as his voice echo’s between the trees.

The voice echoes in the damp, cold bog as big mud-covered work boots stomp into a patch of the muck that layers across the bog. Behind the boots, with muddy jeans sitting on top of the boots, is the unconscious body of Josh, being dragged through the mud. A dirty rag is wrapped around Josh’s lips as his hands are tied in front of him with rope. There is heavy breathing from whoever is dragging the lifeless body of the biologist.

Shane makes his way back to where he first lost Josh, now a familiar part of the bog they have been in for a while now. Hoping to find his workmate, there is no one around. As he looks around the wood area, Shane swears under his breath, “Fuck Josh, where are you?”

In desperation, Shane tries his phone again, but to no avail. Returning his device to his pocket, Shane turns toward one directly, unsure where to trek, but it is better than any other. Carrying both backpacks, Shane slogs through the muck of the bog, disappearing into the darkening woods.

© Copyright 2021 ty dehner. All rights reserved.

Metal would like to thank ty dehner for allowing this story to be shared here.

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