gay bondage

Bound and ready to be skullfucked

Looks like this guy could be in for a serious throat pounding:

gay bondage

Today’s image is from Tom Isern.

Of course I always prefer for the cocksucker to be RESTRAINED when he is servicing. Makes it much more interesting, in my opinion, whether I am the suck-fag or the “top” for the session.

Oh, if you guys want top get a leather restraint similar to the one shown above, I recommend this shoulder strap version available from Mr S.

4 thoughts on “Bound and ready to be skullfucked”

  1. That Penis Owners Handbook site is well worth looking at if your into cocksucking;I specially liked the comments about deep throating.

  2. Oh, absolutely the cocksucker should be restrained. When sucking cock, there is only one cock that is important to a cocksucker … the one in his mouth. The one between his legs is meaningless until he has completed his task at hand. And if that means multiple cocks in front of him, it just means he waits longer until his own fuckrod is serviced … if he’s even allowed service.

    Like you, Metal, that applies whether I am one of the men who’s getting my cock sucked, or I am the man sucking cock(s).

  3. Thanks for the useful link to that cocksucking site. When it comes to size I always reckon that it’s not just length that matters but girth as well…a cock with a decent circumference can be very satisfying-regardless of length!!!

  4. Yes the cocksucker should definitely be restrained, preferably with cold steel and remember, whether you prefer length or girth, more than a mouthful is a waste!!

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