Arresting officers

Here are some pictures of hot men who look like they know how to use handcuffs. They are my kind of men, if you ask me.

MetalbondNYC_Cops_01 MetalbondNYC_Cops_02 MetalbondNYC_Cops_03 MetalbondNYC_Cops_04 MetalbondNYC_Cops_05 MetalbondNYC_Cops_06 MetalbondNYC_Cops_07 MetalbondNYC_Cops_08 MetalbondNYC_Cops_09 MetalbondNYC_Cops_10 MetalbondNYC_Cops_11 MetalbondNYC_Cops_12 MetalbondNYC_Cops_13


Yeah, I stole a number of these pics off various internet sites. If you got a problem with that, come and arrest me. Bring your cuffs, and they better be high-security or hinged or else I will bust out of them.



2 thoughts on “Arresting officers”

  1. Some great pics there Metal – you haven’t stolen any of “my” pics, otherwise I’d be over there to take you up on your challenge. As it is I’ll pay you a visit next time I’m in NYC ….. with cuffs of course!

    BTW, my favourites are the 6th and 10th pics.

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