Busman’s Holiday – Part 04

By lthr_jock

Vickers linked up his camera to a long data cable and took a couple of test shots. Then he slipped on his Bluetooth headset so he could talk to the restrained prison warder.

“OK, Mr Clark, here’s what we’re going to do. I’ll tell you to strike a pose, you move into it and I’ll take some snaps? OK?” Clark grunted and nodded. Vickers chatted happily away as he started to snap photographs, enjoying the sights of this muscled guy hooded and in inescapable metal bondage. He loved the way Clark kept flexing his hands as though he could somehow break free. He could see Clark was breathing easily as his chest was rising and falling, and the sweat beading on his chest showed that he was heating up. Vickers grinned – one of the reasons for using the heavy hood was that he knew it would help Clark heat up faster.

By now he had snapped Clark from all angles. “You know, Mr Clark, it occurs to me that’s a terribly formal name for someone in a slave yoke. I really need to call you something else. Hmm how about your first name? No – too easy to identify you. Wait I know – your middle name is perfect – Samuel is a good slave name – what do you think?” Clark tried to reply but the tight leather strapped and locked around his head prevented him do anything but grunt.

“So, Samuel it is! Right then.” Vickers took a few more shots. “Damn, Samuel, you’re getting a good sweat on there. You must be thirsty? You want something to drink?” Clark nodded and Vickers went and fetched a bottle of sports drink from the fridge. He put a straw in it and fed the other end through the grommet hole and into Clark’s mouth. “Here you go, Samuel. Drink up.” Clark gulped blindly at the straw and soon felt the taste of the cool drink in his mouth. He sighed with pleasure.

Vickers sighed with pleasure as well. “Hold on, Samuel, just stay steady.” Vickers used this as an excuse to put one hand on Clark’s stomach, enjoying the feel of the man’s solid abs under his hand. “Take it slowly, Samuel – we have a long session ahead of us.” As he spoke he moved closer to the hooded, restrained man, enjoying the way he blindly gulped at the drink. Clark could feel the warmth of Vickers’ body as he got closer. He tried to step away, but Vickers moved his hand to behind Clark’s back. “Careful, Samuel, don’t want to spill any.”

The two men were now stood face to face, bodies touching, and Vickers could clearly feel Clark’s arousal through the material of his camouflage pants. He grinned, his own cock forming a noticeable lump down the leg of his jeans. “Alright then, Samuel, time for the next set of photos.”

He took a few more and then paused. “You know, Samuel, something isn’t quite right about this. I mean, the pics look great, but to be really authentic, the slave should have ankle restraints on as well, don’t you think?” There was a pause, then Clark nodded. “I knew you would agree. So, what do you think, Samuel? Up for going for it properly?” Again there was a short pause – and Clark nodded again. Vickers grinned – he was hoping Clark would agree. He pulled out a heavy set of ankle restraints made of the same thickness metal as the yoke and joined by a heavy 2ft length of chain with a heavy metal ball welded in the middle. He knelt down and unlaced Clark’s boots before removing them and his socks. He then stood up – this was going to test Clark’s resolve.

He started to unbuckle Clark’s belt. Clark immediately stepped backwards and yelled incoherently into the hood. “No, no, Samuel, it’s got to be this way. No slave would be wearing camo gear would they – they’d be lucky if they had a loincloth. Of course, if you don’t want to see what it properly feels like, you can back out of the whole deal.” Clark stood there and thought. Time slowed down for Vickers, and he thought he had gone too far. But after what seemed like 10 minutes, Clark nodded. Vickers didn’t delay. He unbuckled Clark’s belt and pulled off his camouflage trousers. Underneath, he was wearing a white jockstrap that could barely contain his semi-erect cock and was stained with the pre-cum that had been leaking from it. Vickers smiled as he pulled it down and Clark’s 8-inch cock sprang free. He resisted the temptation to stroke it, instead kneeling down to secure the restraints around Clark’s ankles.

“Ok, Samuel, try walking around.” Clark did so and found the weight of the ball between his legs made every step hard. Even in Vickers’ front room, he had to use his muscles simply to move. He could hear nothing except his own breathing and the faint clank of the restraints. His cock reacted as Vickers hoped it would and was stood straight out in front of Clark like a flagpole. He started taking pictures again, giving Clark instructions as he made the restrained man pace around his living room. He took photos of Clark from every viewpoint, resisting the temptation to concentrate on the man’s cock and lovely, muscled arse. Instead he concentrated on taking full body shots and only zooming in to look at the restraints themselves.

Inside the hood and restraints, Clark was loving this. His muscles were aching – some from being kept in the same position, others from having to fight against the weight of the restraints just to move. He was sweating freely, and he could feel it running over his chest and stomach, some even dripping off of his cock. The more the feelings intensified, the more he wondered how he looked – and how horny he was feeling. He could feel his balls start to churn and realised how close he was to cumming. With an effort he forced it down and hoped Vickers would release him before he humiliated himself.

Vickers saw Clark’s cock twitch and realised how close the man must be. He also realised that if Clark embarrassed himself by cumming at this stage of their relationship, he would never come back. “OK, then Samuel. That’s all I need for today – time to let you out.” He unstrapped the hood, as he unzipped it a blast of hot sweaty air came out with it and he pulled it off Clark’s head. Clark’s hair was messy, and his face bore the seam marks from the tight hood. He blinked at the light. Bowing his head as he did so, not realising how submissive that made him look. “Well, Samuel, looks like Mr Clark is back.” Vickers grinned. “Have fun, Mr Clark?” Clark could hardly speak and just nodded. Vickers unlocked the padlocks and lifted the yoke off Clark’s shoulders, enjoying the red marks it had left on Clark’s wrists, neck and shoulders. He then undid the ankle shackles and stepped back.

“Want to see the pictures?” He went over to the computer and showed Clark the photos he had taken as Clark slowly got dressed. “I’ll photo-shop out the hood and put a generic head in there. I’ll also ’shop a decent backdrop in. It’ll help me sell a lot – thanks, Samuel.” He grinned as he turned around to find Clark was nearly ready and lacing his boots up. Clark had flushed as he looked at the pics, but also found himself incredibly aroused as he could then see just what he had looked like in the restraints and hood. His cock was swelling again and he wanted to get out of there so he could pay some attention to it. “Yeah, Vickers, they look great. See you again soon.” He grabbed the yoke and left.

“What, no chit-chat?” Vickers laughed and turned back to his computer. He was telling the truth – these would help sell his gear. He saved the images and then opened up another file. This one was from his webcam, which had been running for the entire time Clark was there. It showed everything including some clear shots of Clark’s face as he stripped off his shirt and let Vickers yoke and hood him.

“Oh my, Mr Clark, how indiscrete.”


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5 thoughts on “Busman’s Holiday – Part 04”

  1. Very hot. Like the slow controlled build of the story. Looking forward to next one

  2. I really really enjoyed this , its getting more and more intriguing….I hope clark also ends up in rubber and thick rubber at that .

    1. That can be arranged. I tend to find that bribery works – maybe if you trussed me up in tight rubber, it would help :)

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