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Blackmailed into an edging

At Men On Edge, Jason Maddox is willing to do anything to prevent his cruising photos from going public

Jason_Maddox_Gay_Bondage_01 Jason_Maddox_Gay_Bondage_02 Jason_Maddox_Gay_Bondage_03 Jason_Maddox_Gay_Bondage_04

Sebastian and Van heard a rumor about a hot stud who cruises the bathroom, and as soon as Jason Maddox enters the room, they know they have their stud. Sebastian follows Jason to the back stall and gives him a sloppy blowjob. Jason is so wrapped up in the cocksucking that he doesn’t notice Van taking photos. Now blackmailed by the two, Jason reluctantly gets bound and blindfolded against the urinals. Sebastian plays with Jason’s hard cock, edging a river of precum from Jason in the process. Through a ball gag, Jason begs to cum over and over, but the two ignore his pleas. Instead, they take him over to the front of the bathroom and tie him up sideways for easy access to his hole. With a dildo ramming against his prostate, Jason feels like he’ll explode at any minute. His tormentors see otherwise, and continue the edges as he swings in the air. They finally allow him to cum, standing on one foot while Sebastian worships the other. After Jason blows a gigantic load, they give his sensitive dick rough a hard rub and tickle his vulnerable body.

Jason_Maddox_Gay_Bondage_05 Jason_Maddox_Gay_Bondage_06

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Training the Sergeant – Part 5

By lthr_jock

When his alarm clock went off, Davis batted at it with one hand and rolled out of bed. He put his head in his hands as it pounded with a headache caused by lack of sleep. For the life of him, he couldn’t remember what he did last night. He knew he had had an appointment, he knew he had been drinking, but he couldn’t remember where or who with. He sat on the end of his bed and then with a deep breath stood up. His cock was bobbing before him with his usual morning wood, held up and in place by the studded leather cock and ball strap.

He walked to the shower and removed the strap and left it on the side as he stepped into the stream of hot water and lathered himself all over.   As he soaped up his hairy body, he enjoyed the feel of his hands running over his muscles. They were clearly growing and he flexed experimentally, enjoying the way they bulged and moved under his hands. His cock enjoyed it too, and with a few lathery strokes, he soon shot a load of cum against the shower wall. He grunted with pleasure and finished his shower. After he towelled dry, he grabbed the cock and ball strap and strapped it back in place, locking his cock into its semi-proud state.

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Busman’s Holiday – Part 16

By lthr_jock

Clark had driven back from work with a raging hard-on, his thought constantly returning to the humiliation of the scene in the Governor’s Office – and just how aroused it had made him. Just thinking about it made his cock rise, and he roughly kneaded it with one hand as he drove. He kept glancing at the heavy bag on his passenger seat and he couldn’t wait to get home to put it on again. As he drove in he saw Andy opposite and waved a greeting to him. Andy headed over to chat, but Clark put his phone to his ear and mimed that he would talk to Andy later. With a sigh of relief, Clark saw Andy walk back to his garden.

Once inside, Clark went straight to his computer, powered it up and downloaded the software to control the restraints. He idly flicked through the menu system and realised that it was fairly straightforward. Once it was downloaded he took it through the setup process and it registered his restraints on the system.

Clark had thought long and hard about what to wear. He had decided that it was time to try out the rubber Dainese suit he had bought weeks before and he grabbed the suit and headed into the bathroom. He grabbed a bottle of lube and generously lubed the inside of the suit and then rubbed some over himself, making his hair matted against his muscles.

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Busman’s Holiday – Part 05

By lthr_jock

Clark drove home, his persistently hard cock a distraction as he drove. As he drove, his free hand wandered down to caress his cock and he could feel it leaking, and the need to cum became more and more urgent. He pulled over into a handy layby and nipped out of the car into the bushes. Pulling his cock out, he only had to jerk it 3 or 4 times before exploding all over the leaves of the bush. Blushing furiously, he tucked his cock away and returned to his car for the drive home.

Once back, he quickly grabbed a shower and changed into some sweats, then logged onto his computer. The first thing he did was send Vickers a message. “Hey, great bit of kit again. Thanks. Hope to see those pics soon.”   He then started to browse some of the sites he had found previously and soon found himself stroking his cock again.

After a couple of days, Vickers sent him an email. “Pics have been posted on my site. I have a ton more here, but too large to send by email.” He had added a URL and Clark clicked on it. Vickers’ site was all to sell his bespoke metal bondage gear. He checked around it, and under the heading “Yoke” he found a set of pictures in an album entitled “Samuel.” Vickers had photo-shopped a generic looking head onto Clarks shoulders and then blurred it slightly. He had also photo-shopped several backgrounds in. The photos looked amazing, and Clark tried to make copies but the site wouldn’t let him. He snarled in frustration and fired an email off to Vickers about it.

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Busman’s Holiday – Part 04

By lthr_jock

Vickers linked up his camera to a long data cable and took a couple of test shots. Then he slipped on his Bluetooth headset so he could talk to the restrained prison warder.

“OK, Mr Clark, here’s what we’re going to do. I’ll tell you to strike a pose, you move into it and I’ll take some snaps? OK?” Clark grunted and nodded. Vickers chatted happily away as he started to snap photographs, enjoying the sights of this muscled guy hooded and in inescapable metal bondage. He loved the way Clark kept flexing his hands as though he could somehow break free. He could see Clark was breathing easily as his chest was rising and falling, and the sweat beading on his chest showed that he was heating up. Vickers grinned – one of the reasons for using the heavy hood was that he knew it would help Clark heat up faster.

By now he had snapped Clark from all angles. “You know, Mr Clark, it occurs to me that’s a terribly formal name for someone in a slave yoke. I really need to call you something else. Hmm how about your first name? No – too easy to identify you. Wait I know – your middle name is perfect – Samuel is a good slave name – what do you think?” Clark tried to reply but the tight leather strapped and locked around his head prevented him do anything but grunt.

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Will gets fucked over

Will comes to, disorientated and angry. He can’t accept the situation he’s in, but there is nothing he can do about being tied down while stripped naked except for his enticing tight white pants. They show off his curved lily arse beautifully. His pants are totally trashed, so he will now be totally and permanently exposed. Will’s virgin arse is broken as Dave vigorously shoves his finger in and out of his sphincter. The straight stud has never experienced having his prostate stimulated before and is disgusted to feel his cock stiffening. Will needs to learn what punishment he’ll receive if he keeps struggling. He’s delivered a harsh paddling, which leaves his pristine bum all glowing red.

BreederFuckers_gay_bondage_00 BreederFuckers_gay_bondage_01 BreederFuckers_gay_bondage_02

Adrian enters and demands that his cock be sucked while Dave hovers the paddle over his arse, promising to give him more hard whacks if he disobeys. Will is taught how to suck a cock, learning that this has nothing to do with his pleasure. While he’s distracted gagging on a stiffy, Dave shoves his cock into Will’s sore arse. The men spit roast the fucker building to such a frenzy that a torrent of spunk is unleashed into Will’s wet gob.

Every stage of his degradation is recorded on Dave’s camera phone, so the whole world will know about his humiliating downfall!

BreederFuckers_gay_bondage_03 BreederFuckers_gay_bondage_04 BreederFuckers_gay_bondage_06


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