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Tough guy gets tied up and gut-punched

Darian Rose is a foreign-exchange student who chats up a hot man, Axel Johnson, on a dating app. “I’m going to torture you and fuck your sweet mouth and ass,” Axel tells the young man when he arrives. Darian nods. Minutes later he is bound naked in Axel’s dungeon and is getting gut-punched.

Tough guy gets tied up and gut-punched

Tough guy gets tied up and gut-punched


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Title: DARIAN ROSE: Overstayed Visa – Chapter 1

Check out this stress position scenario from the men of Dream Boy Bondage

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It’s What I Wanted: A Bondage Story by and About Zander

By Zander

Part 1

I can’t say it was an ambition of mine from my pubescent days, although I was very aware of it even then. I took notice of men in news reports on crime wearing cuffs and shackles doing the perp walk. Historical movies and displays depicting bondage and the devices of it also got my attention. I did notice these things stimulated my already easily triggered teenage libido. Having no access to such things relegated my interest to just that.

It was not until I had my first homosexual encounter that many long-discarded fantasies came to the fore. I had repressed those sexual feelings all through college — even had a few girlfriends along the way. Now 26 years old and working a low-level management track job for a healthcare company, I was told one morning to go to the lobby and meet my intern, Jim, and give him some low-level tasks to occupy the next six weeks.

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A male captive is bound to the discipline bench for a live broadcast

Gareth is bound to the discipline bench in nothing but a tight jock strap that perfectly frames those furry round cheeks. What a fucking turn on! It deserves an audience, and Dave generously live broadcasts Gareth’s total humiliation in this sorry state. Adrian mercilessly lashes that beefy arse. He struggles desperately to escape this punishment and straining every muscle in his body. It causes him to flush red all over and great big globs of drool to run down his face. That sweaty arse blazes red with great big welts rising up on it. What turn on parting those cheeks to see his tight hetero arsehole totally exposed! Dave increases Gareth’s burning shame gobbing directly into his face. His whole body vibrates like a live fucking wire in his absolute fury!

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male bdsm video

Drake Jayden interrogates Tyler Saint

If you like plot with your bondage porn this one from BoundMuscleJocks.com is for you!

Drake Jayden interrogates Tyler Saint

When Sgt. Tyler Saint wakes up, he finds himself on the other side of the torturing — and far from being the pussy that he seemed, Officer Yeller knows what it takes to get information from people.

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Title of this shoot: “Protect and Serve, Part 6”

Featured: Drake Jayden, Tyler Saint, Nick Moretti

male bondage muscle porn

Drake Jayden ties up Tyler Saint

VRealWorld – Part 02

Note: This is a sequel to VRansomwear. To start at the very beginning, click here.



5: Hunter And His Handler

The bar was much busier when Jeff returned, unsurprising for 8:30 on a Saturday night. Jeff found Martin sitting at the same table as before talking with another man sitting across from him. Martin saw him and waved in greeting.

“Would you excuse me for a moment?” he said to the other at his table, who murmured a polite farewell and stood to go. It was at this point that Jeff noticed the third man at the table, who he had not seen before because he was down on all fours at the feet of the man who was rising to depart. Jeff, the son of generations of Brooklynites, was no stranger to other people engaging in odd behavior and had two stock responses in store for whenever he came across it. One was a blistering stream of profanity and the other was a carefully-blank expression and averted eyes. The first was generally reserved for behavior that affected Jeff in some way and so he was preparing to bring up the second response when something caught him off guard: the man on the floor, who was now rising up just like a dog about to follow in the footsteps of its master, was wearing a thick black rubber suit that looked exactly like the one he had seen Bill in yesterday. Jeff’s poker face crumbled and he gaped like a midwestern farm boy on his first trip to Times Square, only realizing he was doing it when Martin chuckled.

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Training the Sergeant – Part 5

By lthr_jock

When his alarm clock went off, Davis batted at it with one hand and rolled out of bed. He put his head in his hands as it pounded with a headache caused by lack of sleep. For the life of him, he couldn’t remember what he did last night. He knew he had had an appointment, he knew he had been drinking, but he couldn’t remember where or who with. He sat on the end of his bed and then with a deep breath stood up. His cock was bobbing before him with his usual morning wood, held up and in place by the studded leather cock and ball strap.

He walked to the shower and removed the strap and left it on the side as he stepped into the stream of hot water and lathered himself all over.   As he soaped up his hairy body, he enjoyed the feel of his hands running over his muscles. They were clearly growing and he flexed experimentally, enjoying the way they bulged and moved under his hands. His cock enjoyed it too, and with a few lathery strokes, he soon shot a load of cum against the shower wall. He grunted with pleasure and finished his shower. After he towelled dry, he grabbed the cock and ball strap and strapped it back in place, locking his cock into its semi-proud state.

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Busman’s Holiday – Part 16

By lthr_jock

Clark had driven back from work with a raging hard-on, his thought constantly returning to the humiliation of the scene in the Governor’s Office – and just how aroused it had made him. Just thinking about it made his cock rise, and he roughly kneaded it with one hand as he drove. He kept glancing at the heavy bag on his passenger seat and he couldn’t wait to get home to put it on again. As he drove in he saw Andy opposite and waved a greeting to him. Andy headed over to chat, but Clark put his phone to his ear and mimed that he would talk to Andy later. With a sigh of relief, Clark saw Andy walk back to his garden.

Once inside, Clark went straight to his computer, powered it up and downloaded the software to control the restraints. He idly flicked through the menu system and realised that it was fairly straightforward. Once it was downloaded he took it through the setup process and it registered his restraints on the system.

Clark had thought long and hard about what to wear. He had decided that it was time to try out the rubber Dainese suit he had bought weeks before and he grabbed the suit and headed into the bathroom. He grabbed a bottle of lube and generously lubed the inside of the suit and then rubbed some over himself, making his hair matted against his muscles.

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Busman’s Holiday – Part 05

By lthr_jock

Clark drove home, his persistently hard cock a distraction as he drove. As he drove, his free hand wandered down to caress his cock and he could feel it leaking, and the need to cum became more and more urgent. He pulled over into a handy layby and nipped out of the car into the bushes. Pulling his cock out, he only had to jerk it 3 or 4 times before exploding all over the leaves of the bush. Blushing furiously, he tucked his cock away and returned to his car for the drive home.

Once back, he quickly grabbed a shower and changed into some sweats, then logged onto his computer. The first thing he did was send Vickers a message. “Hey, great bit of kit again. Thanks. Hope to see those pics soon.”   He then started to browse some of the sites he had found previously and soon found himself stroking his cock again.

After a couple of days, Vickers sent him an email. “Pics have been posted on my site. I have a ton more here, but too large to send by email.” He had added a URL and Clark clicked on it. Vickers’ site was all to sell his bespoke metal bondage gear. He checked around it, and under the heading “Yoke” he found a set of pictures in an album entitled “Samuel.” Vickers had photo-shopped a generic looking head onto Clarks shoulders and then blurred it slightly. He had also photo-shopped several backgrounds in. The photos looked amazing, and Clark tried to make copies but the site wouldn’t let him. He snarled in frustration and fired an email off to Vickers about it.

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