Busman’s Holiday – Part 05

By lthr_jock

Clark drove home, his persistently hard cock a distraction as he drove. As he drove, his free hand wandered down to caress his cock and he could feel it leaking, and the need to cum became more and more urgent. He pulled over into a handy layby and nipped out of the car into the bushes. Pulling his cock out, he only had to jerk it 3 or 4 times before exploding all over the leaves of the bush. Blushing furiously, he tucked his cock away and returned to his car for the drive home.

Once back, he quickly grabbed a shower and changed into some sweats, then logged onto his computer. The first thing he did was send Vickers a message. “Hey, great bit of kit again. Thanks. Hope to see those pics soon.”   He then started to browse some of the sites he had found previously and soon found himself stroking his cock again.

After a couple of days, Vickers sent him an email. “Pics have been posted on my site. I have a ton more here, but too large to send by email.” He had added a URL and Clark clicked on it. Vickers’ site was all to sell his bespoke metal bondage gear. He checked around it, and under the heading “Yoke” he found a set of pictures in an album entitled “Samuel.” Vickers had photo-shopped a generic looking head onto Clarks shoulders and then blurred it slightly. He had also photo-shopped several backgrounds in. The photos looked amazing, and Clark tried to make copies but the site wouldn’t let him. He snarled in frustration and fired an email off to Vickers about it.

Vickers replied “Ah I’ve done that to stop people stealing the pictures. I could drop a DVD off if you like – that will take a couple of days.”

Clark sighed “Any way of getting it done sooner?”

“Well, I could do a file transfer. Are you set up for that?”

“I don’t know. Not a clue about technical stuff.”

Vickers grinned when he read the last reply. “It’s simple. Do a search on Teamviewer and download the latest version. Let me know when you’re done.”

Clark searched for it and pressed the download button. Within a few minutes he installed it and then emailed Vickers. The reply came quickly “Great – email me your username and password.” Clark did so and within a few seconds his cursor started moving on its own.   A chat window opened up.

“Hi, Vickers here. I’ll use this link to download all the pictures for you.” As he started the download, Vickers opened a second window on his computer and started browsing through Clark’s computer. He grinned as he came to his browsing history and the websites Clark had been visiting recently. He kept an eye on the download and before it ended added some commands via Teamviewer that would stop Clark from changing the password. He now had access to Clark’s computer whenever he wanted it.

“Ok. Download is done, Samuel. If you want to chat, this is an easy way to do it. See you soon.” With that Vickers logged off of the Teamviewer chat, but kept his hidden link open so that he could see what Clark would do. To his delight, Clark started going through all of the photographs. Vickers took a look and found that Clark had a webcam. He took a chance and activated it and was rewarded with the sight of Clark sat in front of the computer stroking his cock. Vickers started recording and was soon treated to the sight of Clark cumming and then cleaning himself up. Vickers hummed happily to himself as he saved the video.

As the next few weeks passed, Clark found himself more and more surfing from site to site and more and more aroused by videos and pictures of men in heavy bondage. He returned time after time to the photos Vickers had sent him of the session and loved stroking while he remembered the sensations of being locked up. He also checked Vickers site and was pleased to see some very positive comments added to the Samuel pictures. They were all very complimentary, and for some reason that made him feel really good.

Then he noticed a few negative comments. They pointed out that it was photo-shopped, claimed that the muscles were clearly fake and even pointed out flaws. Clark was tempted to reply, but stopped himself. Instead, he checked himself out in the mirror – if anything he looked even more cut than he had when the photos were taken. He seethed quietly as the number of comments increased. A thread began claiming they had to be fake, or the site would have posted more.

Clark could take it no more and emailed Vickers about it. Vickers grinned as he read the email. He had been planting the comments himself and had loved watching Clark’s reaction over the webcam. Now he sent his planned reply. “Yeah, I saw those myself and wanted to be able to respond. But the point about needing more Samuel photos is a good one. Of course, if you were willing to do another shoot…”

Clark replied immediately “Yes. I would. When shall I come round?”

Vickers grinned. “Not at my place this time. I think in order to quash the comments we need to take some outside. You up for it?”

Clark paused “My face would still be hidden?”


“Ok then.”

Vickers sent Clark an address. “Be here at 06:00 tomorrow.”

The next day, Clark pulled up beside Vickers’ beaten-up van. They were in the middle of the countryside at a farm. Vickers walked up to Clark with a smile. “You up for this?” Clark nodded nervously – “You sure this is safe?” “Yes. We’re going to gear you up before my assistant arrives so he doesn’t see your face. Then we’ll take a few photos. That ok?” Clark nodded, barely able to control himself as his cock had already gone rockhard. He got out of the car and opened the boot to reveal the pristine yoke. Vickers smiled as he looked at it. “Right then, you know the drill – strip!” Clark looked at him “Fully?” “Hell, yes, we have to put on the ankle restraints, don’t we?”

Clark paused and bent to undo his boots. Vickers grinned at how quickly the guard complied. As he stripped, Vickers chatted away. “So, the basic plan for today is to get some outside action shots. I’ll be manning the camera and my friend, Mark, will be assisting me. I’ll get you geared and masked before he arrives.” Clark was soon naked and bent as Vickers lifted the yoke with a grunt and placed it on Clark. It was faster for it to be secured this time, and soon found himself locked into it and helpless. He blushed as his cock stood out proud in front of him and hoped no-one would wander past – still, at this hour of the morning he should be fairly safe. Vickers crouched in front of Clark and he felt the weight of the fetters around his ankles and as he shuffled the hefty weight of the ball between them.

“That’s much better – Samuel.” To his surprise, Clark’s cock twitched at the sound of his slave name. Vickers noticed and grinned. Vickers then got the next item out of his car and held it up in front of Clark’s face. Instead of the expected leather hood, a blank metal face was in front of him. He could see through the eyes but although the mouth was open he could not see through it. “This is my latest design. I think it should fit you perfectly. I figured we can then run the pictures without any photo-shopping. Up for it?” Vickers could see from the reaction of Clark’s cock that he didn’t have to ask.

He took the back plate and put it carefully against Clark’s skull. It covered the entire back of his head and slotted into recesses in the back of the yoke’s collar. “Push your head back.” Clark did so, and the rear of the helmet slid into place. It was an ideal fit – not a surprise to Vickers as he had modelled it on Clark’s head. “Ready?” he said, lifting the front half. Clark nodded. Vickers lined up the halves and pushed them together.   Clark looked at the metal as it approached him and noticed something inside the mouth. He started to ask what it was, but Vickers pushed forward and he was cut short as it filled his mouth. He could taste rubber in his mouth, and when he tried to speak, could produce nothing but a muffled “MPPPHHH!” Vickers chuckled. “Calm down – it’s just the internal fitting to keep the mask in place and to allow me to give you water without taking the helmet off.” Clark calmed down, his tongue exploring the rubber intruder as much as he could. It was thick and seemed to be ridged at the inner end. Vickers worked quickly, using pins to secure the two halves of the helmet together and stepped back to see what it looked like. The metal helmet fitted onto the yoke perfectly and completed the look he wanted. Of course, he didn’t tell Clark that the rubber insert was sculpted to resemble a cock – that was his own private joke.

“Well, Samuel, I think you’re ready for a day’s work.”

Vickers stepped behind Clark and picked up the two chains hanging from the back of the yoke. “Walk!” he yelled, and as Clark started to stumble forward he used the chains to direct him. Clark had limited vision through the eyeholes in the mask, but as long as he moved left and right as the chains directed he didn’t do too bad. The weight of the ball between his legs made every step difficult and he realised that if he worked for long, he would be exhausted. Vickers led him around a corner and up a short lane to a barn. By the time they got there, Clark was already sweating, his hairy body moist and making his hairs lie flat across his muscles. Vickers enjoyed the sight of Clark’s tight arse as he forced his way up the lane but concentrated and steered him around to the front of the barn. There Mark was waiting for them.

Mark grinned with disbelief as the men came into site. He was about 25 years old, as tall as Clark but his muscles were those gained from working outdoors rather than gym work. He ran his hands through his mop of messy black hair. “Damn, dude, I thought you were joking.”

Vickers grinned “Not at all – this is Samuel, and today he’ll be your plough horse.”

Clark could barely believe what Vickers had said, but couldn’t resist as the two men moved him to the front of the plough. Chains were attached from the plough to the yoke and a steel belt went around Clark’s waist that was also attached to the plough. The ankle restraints were removed, and he saw Vickers step to one side and get his camera out. Before he could do much more than wonder what was going on, he heard Mark yell “Forward” and as he hesitated, he felt the sting of something across his buttocks and realised that Mark had used some kind of whip on him. He yelled into the gag, but all he got was a harder blow and he had no choice but to move forwards.

Immediately, he felt the weight of the plough and was glad the ankle restraints had been removed so that he could get a better purchase on the ground. He strained and got it moving and headed towards the field entrance, directed by Mark on the leading chains and the occasional kiss of the whip. He could feel the burn as his muscles pushed against the plough and caught the occasional glimpse of Vickers taking photos. As they entered the field, Mark lowered the plough blade and Clark grunted with the extra exertion as he now had to force that through the earth.

Vickers was amazed as Clark started to pull the plough across the field. He was getting some great photos as Clark’s muscles strained and pulled against the weight of the plough. It was like some test of strength as the helpless, restrained man dragged the plough across the field. Sweat soon matted Clark’s hair even more and he could feel streams of it running down his body. The helmet was baking hot, and he could taste sweat as it leaked in around the rubber gag. It ran over his eyes, blurring his vision, but he could see the end of the field and he was determined to make it there.

By the time he was three-quarters of the way across the field he was faltering. Mark had to encourage him with a few more uses of the whip, and Clark could feel his arse burning. He grunted into the gag and forced his burning legs forward. Almost at the end of his strength, he reached the end of the field and collapsed to his knees. Vickers took some more shots and then walked round in front of Clark with a water bottle.

“Lift your head, Sam.” Clark did so and Vickers pushed a tube from the water bottle into the gag. Clark tried to drink but couldn’t get anything through the gag and grunted angrily. “There’s a knack to it, “ Vickers said. “ Try sucking on it and at the same time working it with your tongue.” Clark could hardly move his tongue as it was trapped under the gag, but he did as he was told and he soon found he was able to get a steady stream of water through the gag – especially if he managed to rub his tongue against the ribbed end. Vickers held back his joy – he was training Clark to suck a cock and the man didn’t realise.

Vickers and Mark let Clark rest for about 10 minutes, during which time he sucked his way through 2 bottles of water. Then Mark yelled “Giddup” and used the whip across Clark’s back. He staggered to his feet and responded to Mark’s pulls on the chains by turning around and then plodding his way back across the field. This time took much longer, and the exhausted man had to stop several times. Each time Vickers brought him the water bottle, and each time Clark found it easier to suck water through the gag. Eventually he made it across the field and collapsed to his knees again, his back and arse covered with whip marks.

Mark walked up to Vickers. “Nice job. I can’t wait to see the pictures.” Vickers grinned and shook his hand, then assisted him in unshackling Clark from the plough. Vickers had noticed one thing – Clark had remained solidly erect throughout the whole experience. Without releasing him from the helmet or the yoke, he put the ankle restraints back on him and led him back to the car.

By the car, he opened the helmet to reveal the sweat-streaked man underneath. He put the front of the helmet away quickly so that Clark couldn’t see the rubber penis he had been sucking on and gave him a good drink of water. He then started to unlock the yoke. Clark was shaking, his muscles over-stretched, and he could barely stand. His cock was still rock hard, though, and as he struggled into his clothes, he had problems stuffing it down inside his trousers.

“You OK to drive?” asked Vickers. Clark nodded and walked around to the front of the car where he collapsed in the front seat. Vickers put the yoke away in Clark’s boot then walked back to Clark and found to his surprise that the man was already asleep. He grinned and grabbed a tape measure from his own car. For the next ten minutes, he reached around Clark, moving him where needed – gingerly at first and then when it was clear that Clark was not going to wake up easily, more roughly. In half an hour he had measurements for the whole of Clarks body. He stepped back and took a long look at the sleeping guard and grinned. Time to see just how asleep he really was.


Clark gave a sudden start and woke up. It was virtually dark and he realised that he must have slept through most of the day. He raised his hands to run them through his hair and grunted with surprise as he couldn’t raise them above his chest. He looked down. Around his wrists were padlocked heavy steel shackles with about 1 foot of chain between them. A chain linked them to shackles around his ankles, and it was that which stopped him raising his hands any further. He felt his cock starting to rise and then winced in pain. Something around his cock was stopping him getting erect. He looked down to see what it was and realised that he was naked except for a leather harness strapped around his chest and a rubber posing pouch which did nothing to disguise the steel tube that was locked around his cock.

“Fucking BASTARD!!” he yelled. As he turned his head he realised that he was also wearing a thick, heavy steel collar, which had a heavy padlock at the front that bounced off his collarbone as he moved. He also saw a note on the passenger seat.

“You looked so cute that I couldn’t resist keeping you as Sam for a while longer. Don’t worry – your clothes and all the keys will be in your garage. Have a safe drive.”

Clark bellowed and yelled impotently, still aware that his cock was trying to get erect as he found the whole situation incredibly arousing. Still muttering to himself, he started the car and gingerly drove off, hoping beyond hope that he wouldn’t get stopped by the police.

Meanwhile Vickers was watching via the cam he had installed in Clark’s car. He chuckled as the restrained man started driving and leant back in his chair stroking his own cock with pleasure at how the day had turned out.


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8 thoughts on “Busman’s Holiday – Part 05”

  1. Fantastic, utterly fantastic.
    could clark be encased in a steel suit attached to the special helmet ?with a dildo inside his arse and his own cock encased in steel too , perhaps his balls fitted seperately into balls of steel so they clank together as he strides ahead.

    1. The concentration on metal equipment… the locked helmet… the measuring of his full body… hmmmmm… I think I like the direction this takes!
      Can’t wait for the next part(s)!

  2. Hmm. Most interesting… Question entering my mind.. when he gets home from work will he be putting on the shackles , harness collar chastity device. which Vickers will see on his cam view… Has Vickers sold any more items like this to other guys.. that are getting addicted ? will they be bought together at some point.. When asked will he go back to mark’s place, then the inner need become an addiction Clark may not need being blackmailed. will he ask to become Sammy again and again.. until Clark is no more and becomes Sammy 24/7 I sit in patience for the next exciting episode … :ob……………

  3. So freaking hot I’m glad I checked this website after work so great to read the next chapter awesome and hope Clark finds his way into some rubber soon

  4. A great story and it keeps getting better. When he gets home and finds the keys will the key to the chastity tube be there? Let’s hope the key ring has one missing.
    If he plays farm animal again he should have a new metal hood that resembles an ox with horns and a nose ring. He can pull a cart or a plow as an ox and be tied by the nose of his mask.

  5. Folks,

    thank you very much for your kind comments. I’m really glad you’re enjoying it. I’ll try and keep your suggestions in mind – though still want to try and surprise you as well! (I liked the metal ox helmet suggestion though – that got quite a reaction here!)

    1. When you first described Clark as a ‘bull of a man – 6-foot-4, barrel chested’ and then introduced the metal yoke, I got an idea of him as a working bull/ox. Then you worked him at the farm and it reinforced the idea. Being an ox seemed suited to yoked hard labor for a big man.

      I’m interested to see if Morrison has a bigger part in the story. He is also a big man. Will he get paroled so he can torment Clark, or get heavier restrains, or both?

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