Riley spends the night in a tiny cell

In the morning he is bolted to an X-cross and bullwhipped. At Dream Boy Bondage.


Instead of being freed after sucking off his captor, Riley is chained in a tiny prison cell for the night, naked and completely alone. In the morning, Jared appears and bolts his prize to an X-cross. Riley’s smooth body retains the scars from his numerous beatings. Little does he know that those earlier whippings were a mere preview. Jared will now lash him with a six-foot bullwhip, up and down his chest and stomach, leaving the prisoner gasping and sputtering in pain, his pink, hairless torso covered with lash marks.

Dream_Boy_Bondage_Riley_03 Dream_Boy_Bondage_Riley_04 Dream_Boy_Bondage_Riley_05

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