Busman’s Holiday – Part 15

By lthr_jock

Vickers was ticked off. No, scratch that, Vickers was angry. Angry at Clark, angry at Carl and Greg – but most of all, angry at himself. It started from the moment at the party when he realised that the hunky man secured in the straitjacket and muzzle was actually Clark. He had dreamed of getting Clark in that kind of position, but had been moving things forward slowly, carefully. But Greg and Carl had got Clark into the gear within just a few hours. Vickers had enjoyed getting Carl restrained inside the vac rack, but all that day his attention kept getting drawn across the aisle to Clark. The sight of his body in the tight leather harness with his arms locked behind him distracted him, aroused him – and made him jealous as hell.

After the conference, Vickers continued talking to Clark by email and text and monitoring Clark’s workouts. It was clear the man was still working hard at the gym, though his measurements had stabilised and he seemed to be improving definition rather than just putting on bulk. Vickers had several thoughts about where to go next, but whenever he broached ideas with Clark, Clark seemed distracted and gave brusque off-hand replies. Vickers also noted that he was curious about Greg and Carl and the conversation often returned to them.

The last straw came when Greg and Carl invited him to their latest open house to display their latest creations. Their venue was in an abandoned warehouse, and the main showroom was circular and high-ceilinged. High on the walls were video screens, and on this occasion they were showing slideshows of men wearing various items of leather wear. Vickers grabbed a drink and wandered around. As usual, their gear was high quality and piqued his interest – but tonight his attention kept getting drawn back to the video screens. Despite the fact that the leather being worn kept changing, the model looked the same. The photos never showed his face, but as he looked on Vickers realised that they were all photos of Clark. This was confirmed by the last set where he was wearing a leather version of his guard uniform. Vickers felt his cock swell and gulped down his drink as his jealousy spiked.

He felt an arm around his shoulder and looked up to see Greg smiling at him. “What do you think? I have to tell you that Cl…Samuel is an amazing model.” Vickers was too angry to speak and could only nod in agreement. “Hot damn I can see why you were trying to keep him hidden – but we’ve got him right on display now.” Greg nodded towards the centre of the room, where there was a fully leather covered figure shackled and secured in a full leather bondage suit. Vickers stepped forward in amazement – surely Clark couldn’t be inside that, but the more he looked, the more he was sure it was true. He walked up close and saw that whoever it was seemed to be sitting on a metal pole. As he turned to ask Greg a question, the bigger man nodded. “Yeah he’s in there. And he’s got a dildo up his arse holding him in place.”

Vickers didn’t know what to say. He made an excuse and left, driving him dangerously fast. He had lost – he had lost Clark. Or had he? An idea began to work its way into his head, and he quickly turned on his computer and started his design program.




For Clark, it was a long, frustrating and arousing evening. The dildo up his arse started off painful, then as he got used to it he found himself rocking to and fro enjoying the stimulation it gave him. However, it didn’t matter what he did, his cock was trapped under a solid leather plate and he couldn’t get hard no matter how much he tried. By the time Greg and Carl released him he was hot, sweaty and very, very horny.

Clark’s drive home was weird. The clothes he was wearing somehow felt too light, too insubstantial. His cock was highly sensitive and he could feel it rubbing against the cloth of his jockstrap. By the time he got home, he was hard and when he got inside the house, he could barely drop his trousers fast enough. Just a few strokes of his hand brought him fully erect and he came massively, groaning loudly as the frustrations of the last three weeks were released.

Over the next few weeks, Clark tried to keep his mind firmly on his work and the gym. The experiments (as he was thinking of them) with Vickers, Greg and Carl were interesting but he wasn’t sure how much further he wanted to take them. Instead he concentrated on developing himself further at the gym. Like Vickers, he had noted that he wasn’t gaining mass any more but he was gaining definition. He had noticed a big increase in strength and stamina – and it had been noticed by people around him. At the prison, he now noticed that he and Morrison were now the same size – previously Morrison had always been more powerful. This surprised Clark as he had always put Morrison in a size league above his own – now it appeared that he was matching the prisoner. Clark enjoyed that and made sure Morrison realised that the minor advantage in size he had was now gone as well. Morrison spent even more time scowling and grumbling about Clark, but knew that he was still helpless to do anything about it.

Clark maintained contact with Vickers, Greg and Carl although he stopped short of arranging any more meets with them. He decided to ratchet things back a bit. This didn’t stop him jacking off or exploring the internet and several times he found himself sat in his leather guard uniform as he jacked over some bondage porn.

This went on for several weeks, and Clark settled back into a routine. A routine that was broken at work when he was called up to the warden’s office. Clark cursed quietly to himself. He only ever got called there when some prisoner had made a complaint about him. He racked his brain to see if he could think who he had been bullying recently. The only prisoner he had been ragging on was Morrison – he was sure that Morrison wouldn’t complain as it would ruin his hard-man image. So as Clark knocked on the warden’s door, he was confused.

“Come in,” came the call almost immediately. Clark opened the door and saw the warden behind his desk. There were several other people in the room and Clark recognised some of them as the Prison Governors. “You wanted to see me, Warden?”

“Yes, Clark, come inside. You can help us with a demonstration.”

Clark stepped inside and shut the door behind him. “A demonstration.”

“Yes, Clark. One of our ex inmates has come to us with a proposal for a restraint system for our more violent prisoners. In fact, he was just explaining the need for it to us and asked for our strongest guard to demonstrate his point. So, Mr Vickers, here he is. Carry on.”

Vickers stepped out from between the two men that had been screening him from Clark. “Hi, Mr Clark. Can you just step forward into the centre of the room a bit? Thanks.”

Vickers turned away from Clark as he started his sales pitch. “The problem you have is that your more violent offenders spend all their time in the gym or exercising in their cells. As a result, your traditional restraint systems are ineffective. Let me demonstrate.”

Vickers turned around to Clark and held up a standard set of chain-linked prison handcuffs. “Hold out your wrists please, Mr Clark.” Clark looked past him at the seated Warden, who waved him on to encourage his compliance. Clark sighed and held his hands out and Vickers swiftly handcuffed him.

“Now, these restraints work fine on most people. But once someone gets strong enough, they are insufficient. Mr Clark, would you please do your best to break the cuffs?”

Clark knew this wouldn’t work, but even so he bunched his muscles and pulled as hard as he could trying to rip his hands apart. To his surprise, the central link of the chain bent, widened and then finally snapped, allowing his arms to fly out sideways, nearly hitting one of the Governors. Vickers smiled – weakening the chain links had been simple. As he removed the ruined cuffs from Clark’s wrists, he continued.

“Relying on traditional cuffs is insufficient and dangerous for your guards. Instead you need a cuff that has no weak points to be exploited. The cuff I would recommend is this one.” He held up a cuff which seemed to be made of a circle of metal dived down the centre by a metal bar. “This is based on the design of a chalet cuff. It is solid steel and holds the hands together so that fingers cannot reach the lock. Also it has no weak points. Allow me to demonstrate.”

Before Clark could do anything, Vickers opened up the cuff and slipped one half over Clark’s right wrist. Vickers pushed the big man’s hands together and then locked the left half on. With the cuff secure around his wrists, Clark found his hands were held with his palms facing each other. He could make a fist, but do little else. He twisted around and could see that the base of the cuff held a couple of recessed slots, but little else. Experimentally, he tested his strength against the cuffs, but they didn’t budge at all.

“As you can see, Mr Clark can’t exert enough force to damage these cuffs, which makes them an ideal upgrade for your restraint systems. However, there are still dangers inherent with this approach. Mr Clark could still put his arms around a guard’s throat and do serious damage. That is why the cuffs are part of a whole prisoner set.”

Vickers held up a metal belt. The belt was made of a series of overlapping plates that almost looked like snake scales, except for a metal square on the front that had a one-foot length of chain attached to it. The chain had a 2-inch bar of steel at the end of it that looked like a key but had several holes in it. “Using this belt allows further control.” Vickers looped the belt around Clark’s waist, where it hung loosely. “Clearly your prisoners have a wide variety of body sizes, so the system needs to be adjustable.” Vickers took out his iPhone and opened an app on it. He punched a few buttons, and Clark felt the belt tighten around his waist until it was snug. Vickers then took the chain at the front of the belt and pushed the “key” into the largest slot in the base of the chalet cuffs. It snapped into place, and Clark found that no matter how hard he pulled, it was locked in place. “Now you can see that Mr. Clark is much more under control. His hands are now severely limited in their movement, and he poses much less threat to your staff. However, he can still kick out.”

Clark knew what was coming next, yet he still groaned as Vickers held up a set of steel ankle shackles with 2-foot length of chain between then. A further length of chain was attached to the middle of them and ended in another key. As the Warden nodded encouragement, Vickers chained Clark’s feet together and then used the key to lock the ankle shackles to the chalet cuffs. Clark was now restrained hand and foot — and his cock was starting to swell inside his trousers. He moved his hands to cover his crotch and hoped that Vickers would soon stop.

But Vickers, of course, had more. “So your prisoner is now safe to deal with – however some will still refuse to comply. As a result, you need something that will enable your guards to control them easily and quickly.” He took out another strip of metal similar to the belt – this one about half the size. Clark knew where that was going, and before he could say anything his fears were confirmed as Vickers wrapped it loosely around his neck. Another command on the iPhone tightened the collar. A chain attached to the front of the collar ended in another key which locked into the final slot on the chalet cuffs. Clark was now restrained neck, hand and foot. The length of the chain between neck and hands made him bend over slightly, the chain between legs and hands made him walk slightly bandy legged. He was feeling humiliated — and very horny. He was sure the Warden could see his cock, which was now pressing against his underwear and trying to break free.

“As you can see this ensures that the prisoner is properly controlled. His posture ensures he cannot run and keeps him off balance. But it also provides another means of compliance.” Vickers grinned wickedly at Clark and pressed a command. Clark felt a sharp buzz against one side of his neck. “The technology used in dog-training collars has been included and can be used to ensure compliance with orders. It has 10 different settings, and they are all totally humane.”

The Warden nodded, visibly impressed. Vickers was on a roll now, and he pressed on. “But the prisoner can still spit and verbally abuse your staff.” Clark groaned as he suspected what was coming next. Vickers picked up an item and stepped towards Clark. He grinned as he lifted it up. He was carrying a metal muzzle that as he slid it on covered the entire bottom half of Clark’s head. It was secured by two straps made of the same overlapping plates as the belt that went over the back of Clark’s neck and the top of his head. The muzzle fitted loosely and was featureless except for a small hole in front of the mouth. Vickers input a final command and the straps tightened, forcing his mouth closed.

“As you can see, Mr. Clark cannot spit or even speak. He can be fed using a straw through the hole in the front.” Vickers took a step away from Clark and looked back, admiring the sight of the man in his uniform, in a full set of restraints and with an obvious erection. “And that completes my presentation, Warden. The spreadsheets I sent you earlier contain all my proposed prices and timescales.”

The Warden stood up. “An impressive demonstration, Mr. Vickers. You have given us much to think about.” He looked at his watch ostentatiously. “But I have another meeting to go to – Mr Clark will show you out — once you have released him, of course.” Vickers grabbed the rest of his stuff and headed out of the room. Clark looked at him and grunted, expecting to be unlocked. As he looked back at the Warden gazing calmly at him, he realised that he was expected to leave just as he was. Clark shuffled out of the room, the chains clanking loudly, much to the surprise of the Warden’s secretary.

Vickers stood just outside and used his iPhone to release the restraints and then helped Clark out of them. As he did so, Clark whispered furiously to him. “What the hell is going on? Why didn’t you tell me you were doing this? And why the hell did you pick on me?” He looked up to see the secretary was watching him curiously – he also noticed that she had her phone out and had snapped a picture of him in the restraints.

Vickers grinned – he had noticed that as well. “Oh come on, Clark, you can’t tell me you didn’t enjoy that.” He stepped so the secretary couldn’t see what he was doing and put his hand on Clark’s cock and squeezed. “Something tells me you had the best time in there.” Clark blushed and nodded. “Alright, you bastard, yes it’s a great bit of kit.”

“I knew you’d like it. It’s a prototype – so I can give it to you for a reasonable price.” Clark helped Vickers pack the restraints away in the bag Vickers had with him. He held back from saying anything else until they were carrying the gear downstairs towards the garage.

“How much?”

Vickers turned to him innocently. “For what?”

“For the set of course.”


“Fuck.” Clark didn’t say anything else as they walked to Vickers car and then with a sigh he added “Can I add it to my debt?”

Vickers grinned. “Of course you can.” He handed the bag to Clark. “Consider it yours. When you get home, check your DropBox. The install programme for the restraints is in there and you can load it onto your PC and iPhone. Oh, and it includes a timer.”

“A timer?”

“Yes – not much use for the Warden or his guards, but I thought it would be highly useful for you. Have fun!” With that, Vickers got into his car and drove off.

Clark put the kit in the back of his car and returned to work. He completed the rest of his shift in a half-dream. All he could think about was what awaited him at home. He was distracted all day, and any time he had time to think about the restraints his cock swelled in his pants. He caught several of the inmates including Morrison staring at him strangely, but a few curses and his baton soon moved them on. Finally his shift ended and he drove home.

By the time he got home, he was completely on edge. He wasn’t the only one. Vickers was online and watching Clark through Clark’s webcam and was desperate to see what Clark did. To his delight, Clark logged on and downloaded Vickers’ app onto his PC and phone. Vickers watched as Clark spread out the restraints on his bed. He then reached into his wardrobe, grabbed something and then headed into the bathroom. Vickers cursed quietly – he would have loved to see Clark changing – but he had to wait patiently. When Clark emerged, Vickers gasped.

Clark was wearing a one-piece rubber suit. It covered him from neck to feet and was jet black except for the chest, which had a stylized logo that Vickers had seen on Dainese bike suits. Vickers realised the suit had been designed to look like a racing suit. It clung to Clark, moulding beautifully to his muscled form. As he moved, Vickers could see the play of his muscles through the thin rubber and his hand moved automatically to his cock to stroke.

As he watched, Clark placed the belt around his neck and the collar around his throat. He picked up his iPhone and hesitantly used the app until the two items tightened. Vickers grinned – Clark’s excitement was clearly visible through the rubber. Clark then picked up the ankle shackles and locked them on. He hesitated as he looked at the muzzle, then put it on and again put in the command to tighten it. Clark now only had one step to go and he hardly hesitated before locking the chalet cuffs around his wrists and then securing them to the rest of the set. Bent over and hobbling, he then tapped some more commands into the iPhone and then lied back on the bed, his hands rubbing his bulge.

Vickers looked at the app and saw that Clark had set the timer for 30 minutes. Vickers grinned wickedly and added a zero – now Clark was locked in for 300 minutes. Vickers settled back to see how Clark would enjoy that.


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  1. On and on and on your incredible fantasy goes, and continues to leave me hanging!! Damn, please keep this coming!!!

  2. This slave is glad to see this story continue, almost busting out of my cage. This is a fantastic story, well paced with innumerable possibilities.

  3. Hmm It seems interesting in what going on in Vickers head…. will he and Clark get closer Why is Clarke buying all the bondage gear when he is a bottom with no Master… Will he end up working for Vickers… Hmm …

  4. Vickers has to step up his game to keep control of Clark.
    I imagine if the warden buys into the new restraint system then Vickers will again need Clark to help train all of the other guards in it use. All of the guards would have a turn to practice restraining Clark and some might enjoy controlling him more than others. How embarrassing for Clark to be at the mercy of his coworkers and showing his excitement.

  5. “Dang!” Clarke thought. “I should not have shoved up that big new plug before locking myself into the new restraints!”. A detail Vickers had missed when Clarke was changing into rubber.

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed “Undercover” yet think that this story is even more compelling. Thanks for an especially well-written description of the demonstration of the restraints, particularly the passage: “Clark was now restrained neck, hand and foot. The length of the chain between neck and hands made him bend over slightly, the chain between legs and hands made him walk slightly bandy legged. He was feeling humiliated — and very horny. He was sure the Warden could see his cock, which was now pressing against his underwear and trying to break free.”

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