Buying Love – Part 1

By Cutieboy90

Cutieboy90 gay bondage storiesBrett Wilson awoke with a groan. His shoulders were on fire. He slowly sat up on the couch, blinking his eyes awake. The lights were dim as he tugged his shirt open. He’d fallen asleep! He didn’t even remember coming home that day, it was all such a blur.

Well fuck… He got up from the couch, gently rolling his shoulders as he stumbled into the kitchen. One hand fished his phone out of his pocket, he was just going to order a pizza. 30 minute delivery time? Just enough for a nice evening jog. Brett pulled out of his suit, and changed into some shorts, and better shoes.

The cool night air felt good against Brett’s face as he jogged down another street. He felt better already! Being cramped in an office every day wasn’t easy for the 6’4” athletic 37 year old. He’d been active and on sports teams since he was able to walk, and he’d never been comfortable sitting still for very long. His athleticism kept him in very fine shape and physically healthy, but it also meant few could keep pace with him on a jog, in the pool, or on the field.

Perhaps that’s why he was still single? Brett huffed the thought away as he rounded the corner and started back toward his place. Nah, he thought. He was fine being single, but he was lonely. It certainly would be nice to have a buddy around. Or a dog. However his long hours away and frequent travel meant he couldn’t exactly care for a pet. Though… Now that he’d been working for a while in his promotion, maybe it was time to go to that store. The one downtown, at the edge of the waterfront district, the leather store that also sold human pets.

Brett’s cock jumped at the idea, like it always did. A guaranteed boner… And here he was still six blocks away, and wearing thin running shorts that would do nothing to hide his 7 inch length. It grew as the images of that store flashed in his mind, the leather bondage equipment, the sex toys, and the super cute pup they used in all the posters. A complete skin-tight leather suit hugging his body, keeping him on all fours, and a big tail plug secured in his butt. The leather was black and brown, styled like a German Shepherd, with a matching hood. They’d used this same pup in all of their demos, all of their images, and Brett could tell it was the same guy, because his eyes were so beautiful. That, and that ass was unforgettable. He’d jerked off hundreds of times at the idea of having that sexy bondage beast to come home to after a long day.

Brett cooled down as he reached the secured entrance of his building. He did some stretches, and was just about to head inside when the pizza showed up. Brett pulled his wallet out, and tried to act non-chalant about his bulging shorts, as he tipped the blushing, wide-eyed delivery man and took the pizza box inside. Upon entering the quiet one-bedroom flat, Brett made up his mind. No more lonely, dull Friday nights! He was going to get himself a pet. Tomorrow.

The store was in a renovated warehouse a couple blocks from the water. There was only a small simple signage of numbers and a darkened glass door. Brett had been in a few times before, bought a few toys, but nothing too crazy. The demo floor was large, open, and they held a fair number of events and dungeon parties. Brett’s eyes automatically wandered the shelves and shelves of leather gear, casual wear, and other goods as he walked toward the sales counter.

“Welcome!” A leather-clad bear of a man waved from the counter. “What brings you in today, stud?” His friendly voice boomed across the glass, and echoed slightly from the rafters.

Brett smiled, a touch nervously as he leaned against the counter, the display inside of the largest dildos Brett could ever imagine. He cleared his throat. “I’m in the market for a pup.”

A smile lit across the bearded face of the sales clerk. “Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got a whole kennel. Let me call in the handler, and he’ll set you up.” He pressed a button next to the register, and a bell chimed somewhere in the cavernous building. “In the meantime, tell me what you’re looking for.”

Brett pulled out some of the pamphlets he’d printed out, and began to explain his situation. He felt a little silly as he recited many of the slogans he’d read for “no more lonely nights!” “All the benefits of man’s best friend, without the messes!” “He’s not a slave, he’s a lovable pal!” “Who says you can’t buy love?” Etc. And staring up from each page was that adorable German Shepherd-styled leather pup. Brett had intentionally worn a tight jockstrap, and loose jeans to hide the inevitable boner he’d anticipated. Still, he couldn’t help but press against the glass, as he spoke about his ideal buddy.

“You wouldn’t happen to have any here with a suit like this, would you?” Brett finally asked pointing at the picture of the pup he’d jerked off to thousands of times before.

The jolly bear chortled. “Haha, you like that German Shepherd pattern, don’t ya? Mascot there is certainly a looker. Of course the suit can be custom made, if you want. I do believe we have a few of those in the kennel. Rich?”

Rich the handler had joined them at the counter, and had been taking notes as Brett talked. “Yes, there’s a couple back there. I’m not sure they’ll be a good fit for what you’re looking for mister..?”

“Brett.” Brett nodded.

“Brett, it’s nice to meet you.” Rich offered his hand. “We do have a great inventory, new offerings all the time. However, we believe it best to make sure the customer gets exactly what they want, and it’s best for the pet too, to find a good home. We can always provide a custom suit, but most important is the match.” Rich lead Brett through a doorway at the back of the shop and down a hallway to the kennels. He continued:

“Based on what I heard you say, and what I can tell of your personality and vibe, you’re looking for a playful, affectionate, loyal dog primarily for companionship, sex, maybe some light housework. You want him to be able to take care of himself while you’re away long hours at work, and you’d still like the man to be just as good company so can take him traveling, to games, movies, etc. And I do have a few pups that just may fit the bill.”

They stepped over a threshold and into a large room that had several adjacent rooms fanning out from a central nave. A few leather-clad pups lounged on couches, a few were wrestling in a corner, and still another was playing with a ball. Brett suddenly found himself mobbed by seemingly hundreds of leather pups, wagging their tails, and nuzzling at him eagerly. He couldn’t help but smile and pet them.

Rich looked non-chalant as the pups greeted them. “They get a bit excited when visitors arrive. Come on, then. The ones I think you’ll get along best with are going to be in the exercise room.” They walked through the room, the dogs obediently stepping aside and sitting back, their tails wagging and a few yips and barks.

The exercise room was an air conditioned gym. It had a large area of green astroturf, a squash court, and a window looking into a lap pool. “For the humans,” Rich explained. “We do basic dog training before putting them on the market. It helps us get to know each one, and what they like, want, etc. These are the sporty ones here. Tanner! Come here, boy!”

A good-sized pup, in a tan colored leather suit clearly meant to be a golden retriever, came bounding across the squash court. He had a very athletic body, and moved well on all fours. Tanner was wagging his tail, and he panted lightly as he sniffed and nuzzled at Brett’s hand.

“Tanner here loves sports, very independent, but also very loving.”

Brett patted Tanner’s back, admiring the boy’s body in the skin-tight leather. His chest was broad and muscular, his waist slim, and his legs were well-toned. He also got a good look at the suit itself. It kept the hind legs bent at the knee, with the ankles tight against the thigh. At each joint there was a thin break in the leather for a stretch panel, to allow a bit of flex and movement. Locking zippers ran up the back, and along the insides of the legs, and these were hidden by flaps that secured by velcro. The hood was also leather, and was secured to the body suit with a locking collar threaded through connecting pieces between the hood and suit.

Tanner nuzzled firmly at Brett’s chest, his tail wagging wildly. Brett had knelt down to greet the pup, and was petting him all over. Friendly pup, Brett thought. Tanner had nuzzled his way down, and had found Brett’s throbbing boner and was eagerly pawing at it. Maybe a bit too friendly, Brett thought.

“Woah Tanner, down boy!” Rich called. Tanner whined, and sat back. Brett patted his head, and whispered a “good boy,” while Rich looked at his tablet.

“Well that explains it. Tanner here is being trained for chastity, so he’s pretty horny. He was supposed to be milked last night, but got into a scuffle and as punishment is having to wait an additional two days.. Huh, Tanner? You silly horny rascal!” Rich ruffled the dog’s collar, scratching under the chin. Tanner yipped an affirmative, his tail wagging proudly.

Rich chuckled, and took out a little biscuit which he gave to Tanner. “Go play, boy!” He said and patted the dog’s head. Tanner barked, and bounded back over the squash court.

“Tanner’s a bit on the energetic side.. Cute, affectionate, and active, but maybe a little too much so.” Brett suggested. Rich nodded.

“I’d agree. Not to worry, the others are a little more relaxed I think.”

They walked towards an open door on the far side of the window. Beyond was a small rec room with some stationary bikes, treadmills, and a few video game remotes. As they approached, Brett looked up at a row of windows and spotted the markings of a German Shepherd. Even through the tinted glass and the distance, the markings were recognizable, and that beefy bubble butt was unmistakable. Brett’s heart did a leap, and his cock twitched.

“Yes…” He breathed. “How much is the dog in the window?”

Rich stopped, and followed his gaze up to the window. He looked back at Brett, and chuckled. “Ah yes, that’s Mascot. He’s been the face of our company for years. He’s a fine specimen for sure. It does cost extra to meet and play with him.”

Brett was only half-listening. “Sure, of course,” he said, not taking his eyes off the hypnotic sway of Mascot’s tail. A damn fine specimen for sure…

“Well it’s settled, then.” Rich chuckled, the sight of Brett standing there, practically drooling, with a huge hard-on in his jeans, staring up at a pup was certainly amusing. For his own entertainment, the entire facility had cameras everywhere, so this moment could be preserved and enjoyed forever. He laughed to himself. “Come on, then!” He said. “Something tells me you’ll enjoy actually meeting him even more.”

Rich lead Brett back inside. Rich tapping on his tablet and speaking into his mic, as Brett followed trying to regain some composure. He couldn’t hide the obscene bulge in his jeans now no matter what he tried. They reached a set of double doors.

“Now,” Rich explained in a serious tone. “Mascot is a bit selective. You must understand, he’s been here a long time, and tends to be aloof with anyone that states they have an interest in him.”

Brett blinked. “So what should I say or do?”

“Just be yourself. Mascot’s friendly, don’t get me wrong, just be aware.” Brett nodded his understanding.

“Oh, and one more thing,” Rich said pausing with his hand on the door. “When it’s time to go, it is time to go.”

Brett felt his heart leap as they pushed through the door. He was about to meet the very pup who’d inspired this entire endeavor. He’d met several of his sports idols, but never had he been this nervous and excited.

“Hey Mascot! You’ve got a visitor, come on out!” Rich called, clicking his fingers. Brett detected a hint of passivity in his tone that was different from how Rich had called to the other pups. Rich quietly explained. “Mascot has been here longer than anyone. He has unquestioned seniority, and is the heart, soul, spirit, and face of this company.. I’m not sure any of the other human employees have worked here as long.”

“Really? How’s that so? I figured he was the owner, or the owner’s pet?”

“Oh no Sir, Mascot’s a fine prize alright. He just hasn’t found the right home yet, so he’s ours. Come on, boy! Wanna play?”

“He’s… Unowned? How?? He’s so..”

Rich turned with an unreadable expression on his face. “Mascot is his own owner. He hasn’t been on the market for almost ten years.”

Brett stopped. “What!?”

“Ah, there you are pup!” Rich exclaimed. “You’ve got a fan here, Mascot!”

The thoughts of how and why of Mascot’s story left Brett’s head immediately. There before him, stood the most beautiful sight. The gorgeous stylized German Shepherd, just like in the pictures. The leather dog had been lounging in the window, and had gotten up at the sound of Rich’s call. Mascot eyed the two visitors, aloofly studying them both it seemed.

To Brett, it felt like a dream. Surreal. Like he wasn’t really there. He wasn’t thinking. BUt he found himself kneeling, and holding out his hand. “H-Hi there.” He managed a smile, and looked into those dark soulful eyes.

Mascot stood his ground for a moment before slowly approaching. He eyed Brett’s outstretched hand warily, his movements graceful, almost cat-like. He gave Brett’s palm a sniff, then nuzzled up his forearm.

“Hey boy,” Brett whispered, petting the dog’s head. “Such a good boy you are.”

Mascot sat and leaned into Brett, pawing at his shoulder. “Too cute.”

“Woof!” Mascot’s tail wagged as Brett scritched and caressed his chest.

“You wanna play, huh?” Brett asked.

“Woof!!” Mascot jumped up, nodding, and wagging his tail eagerly.

“Ok, go get your ball! Go on! Fetch it!” Mascot bounded away. Brett admired the ease of his movements, and the sight of Mascot’s round muscular butt as he darted off. Very fine indeed, he breathed to himself.

“I’ll be damned.” Rich had seated himself on a chair by door, quietly watching. “I’ve never seen him respond so quickly to someone. You’re a natural.”

Brett smiled and shrugged. “It just feels right, I guess.” He replied. Mascot wasn’t gone long. He came running back with a large red ball in his mouth and his tail wagging happily. Brett took the ball from the pup, and threw it across the room. “Fetch!”

The big leather pup raced after it, proudly bringing it back and dropping it at Brett’s feet. He trotted to and fro as the ball was thrown and bounced around time and time again, bringing it back to Brett’s praises of “good boy!” Brett worked up a little sweat, and finally sat down next to Rich. Next time Mascot brought the ball back, Brett pressed the large ball into his muzzle, securing it in with the attached straps.

“Good boy! Go ahead, you’ve earned it!” Brett petted the boy’s head, and Mascot growled playfully, settling down at Brett’s feet pawing at the ball stuffing his mouth. His tail wagged happily as he wrestled with it.

Brett smiled. “He’s a fine one alright. A dream come true.” He panted lightly, and tugged at his shirt. “I didn’t expect he’d be able to play that long!”

“Yes,” Rich said slowly. “Well he is used to long days and shows.”

“Right, of course.”

The rest of the visit was a blur. Brett played with Mascot for the rest of the afternoon, stopping only when Rich said he needed to take his lunch break. Brett patted Mascot’s head farewell, and he and Rich walked back to the main store.

“Mascot liked you. A lot.” Rich said as they walked down the hall.

“Yeah? I guessed he was just like that for everyone. Isn’t he used to adoring fans?”

“Yes, of course he is.” Rich laughed. “But you can tell when he’s really into it.”

“He’s a sweet pup. There aren’t any others here like him, I bet.”

Rich shook his head. “You seemed a really good fit. You liked him, right?”

Brett felt defensive. “I did! I mean I do, like him very much!” His hands were kneading the inside of his pockets.

A cautious smile played on the corners of Rich’s mouth. “Listen…” He stopped, and turned to face Brett. “Mascot isn’t for sale. He isn’t for sale because he asked not to be. He wasn’t treated well by any of his initial owners, each one was worse than the one before. They’d return him every time, and poor Mascot finally said enough was enough.”

The air in the room seemed to disappear. Brett felt like he’d just been hit full in the stomach by a 88mph fastball. He’d know, after all the baseball he played. “Return?” He finally managed to choke out.

“Yes, we do have a return policy. Afterall there are few places that sell human pets, and we do like to keep our customers-”

“No, I mean..” Brett finally caught his breath again. “Who would want to return a delight like Mascot? He’s lovely!”

“I know. And I was hoping you’d react that way.” Rich beamed. “Look, Mascot’s not for sale. However… After watching you two today, I think you just might be the one. So how about you come back, spend some time with him over the next couple weeks, and see if Mascot would be willing to give you a trial. At your convenience, of course.”

Bzzzz! Rich’s tablet buzzed to life. He look at the notification, his bushy eyebrows raised in surprise. “Well, I’ll be damned!” He smile at Brett. “Somepup seems to have the same idea. You’ve been given clearance to visit Mascot. Anytime, and at no charge.”

Brett’s face cracked into a smile. “Well… I’m going to be in every day to see my favorite pal. Whatever the outcome, I want him to be happy and comfortable with.”

“Good answer.” Rich smiled and showed Brett back to the counter where he got Brett a security card, and explained the entry process for visiting Mascot.

Brett walked home, his hands plunged in his pockets trying to minimize the tent in his jeans. It was dark as he strolled toward his apartment complex, and a light rain began, wetting his hair. It was of little concern, for Brett barely noticed. He’d been smiling the whole way, thinking about playing with Mascot again.


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  1. Another great story! I love how you bring the emotional connections between your characters to life. I’m looking forward to the next chapter.

  2. What a hot story! Those dog suits sound incredible! Question though, in this story universe is slavery real and legal or does this store simply help people live their doggy fantasies? Either way it’s great! Would love to see more descriptions of what life for the dogs is like, what duration they wear the suit for, how often they might enter human mode, cleaning, etc.

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