Buying Love – Part 2

By Cutieboy90

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gay male BDSM fiction“Fetch! Good boy!” Brett watched as Mascot chased after the leather-coated stick he’d thrown across the gym. The German Shepherd styled leather pup’s powerful and graceful movements were hypnotically natural and easy-looking. It still took Brett’s breath away. Like it had every day for the past several weeks. Brett had been true to his word. Every day after work, he stopped by the leather store and warehouse near the waterfront to visit Mascot. He’d walk in, greet the staff, then scan the security card he’d been given to access the pup training facility.

Down the hall, up the stairs, and down another hallway to the suite apartments where Mascot lived. The lean-muscled pup always greeted him at door with a bark, a wildly wagging tail, and lots of eager nuzzles. Brett knelt in greeting, petting him all over, and telling him what pretty dog he was. And how good he was. An athletic guy, Brett liked to unwind after work by doing something physically active, so he’d take Mascot for a jog in the facility’s gym which had an expanse of astroturf designated for runs, games of fetch and frisbee, all in an indoor air-conditioned environment.

Presently, Mascot came trotting back, proudly holding the leather-covered stick in his mouth.

“Good boy!” Brett praised, petting the dog’s head and grabbing the stick. Mascot held on playfully growling.

“Heheh, you like the stick huh. I’m going to take it!” He teased, pulling firmly and side-to-side. Mascot’s tail wagged, and he growled again, making a show of planting his leather-mitted paws. Brett mimicked the stance, and growled back with a toothy snarly grin. Mascot huffed, sinking his teeth harder into the leather trying to yank the stick from Brett’s hand. The two were locked in a tug-of-war stalemate; the age-old battle of wills in every dog and master. The one wanting to keep the stick, the other wanting to take the stick. Intense, quiet playful growls, and unblinking eye contact. A bead of sweat rolled down Brett’s neck, and a slight tremble rippled up Mascot’s forepaws. Brett smirked.

“Drop it.”


“Drop it, puppy!”

“Rrrrr…” Mascot whined. Brett raised an eyebrow. With a huffy whimper, Mascot finally let go.

“Good boy!” Brett’s immediate praise elicited a happy bark, and Brett held his hand up for Mascot to high-five, a trick they’d been working on. Mascot jumped up, slapping his paw into Brett’s hand.

“Yes! Such a good boy you are!” Brett panted. “Come on, let’s rest a bit. Heel!”

He made his way toward the bench by the door, Mascot following obediently. This was a resting area with a long bench, some vending machines and a water fountain with a pup-level bowl. Mascot slurped thirstily from the water bowl.

“Good boy, drink up.” Brett patted Mascot’s back. This pup could wear him out playing! He sat on the bench, admiring the details of the leather dogsuit as he caught his breath.

“It really is something, isn’t it?” Rich’s voice piped up from the door. Brett nodded in agreement and acknowledgement. “All those expos, fairs, and shows get very demanding. We had to develop a suit that could keep up with it all.”

“No kidding,” Brett agreed. Rich sat down, typing into his tablet for a moment. Mascot rested his chin on Brett’s knee.

“Mascot here was a tremendous help in the design process. Of course, he was the one in the suit all the time, and he’s still the only one who does the long demos, but there are elements every suit has standard now because of it. The pony suits in particular got a lot more comfortable.”

Brett blinked. “Pony suits?”

“Sure!” Rich continued. “We don’t just offer puppies here. But the stallion market is so specialized it’s always custom. Because of that, we don’t keep a stock like we do the pups.”

“Huh… I guess that makes sense. But Mascot here isn’t a pony, what happened about the design of the suits?”

“Ah that. Well, stallions are either for show or for labor. There isn’t much in between, so the suits had to be different. But they got so bulky, heavy, and stiff. So Mascot here, while designing his suit, found a way to make a sleek-looking exterior that was comfortable for long periods but could also move. I’ll show you.” Rich snapped his fingers, and Mascot stood, with his head up, his back arched, and his back legs angled like a true showdog.

“The suit Mascot designed is made of many layers of material. The core layer is a thin synthetic, very much like spandex only it’s far stronger, and much thinner. It is exposed at the joints, seams, and other stress areas. It allows movement, and provides ventilation so the suit doesn’t get too hot.” Rich pointed out the seams and joints on Mascot’s suit as he spoke. Mascot’s suit had at least four different colors each separated with thin stretch panels. Each seam was integrated into the color pattern or a joint, making them almost invisible. Rich continued:

“The elastic layer also provides padding and insulation overall, and of course more padding is added where it’s needed like at the knees. The leather is moderately thick, and provides insulation, support, and all the sensual aspects we love about leather. Through the means of thicker panels of leather buried in the padding, the back of the suit offers more support without being stiff. So it helps maintain a head-up and arched back position for long periods of time without him straining or fatiguing. See here, how there’s no pull on the seams? If Mascot were to slouch, the leather at his hips would buckle slightly. You can’t see it here very well because the extra stretch seam between the black and the buff takes it, but it’s clearer with other ones. It’s all skin-tight of course, all the layers are compressed, and all the zippers are integrated and concealed.” Brett ran his hand along the suit’s spine, where the zipper was concealed under a padded velcro flap.

“Traditional leather suits without this stretch material have to to be tailored perfectly to look good, but then they don’t allow a great range of motion. You’ve been playing fetch with Mascot for the past two weeks, so you know he can really move. Well guess what, this is the same suit he’s worn at demos and photoshoots. There isn’t a duplicate suit for that. Which is why the design elements are great for the pony suits. We don’t have to supply multiple suits for every different situation. They get one suit that can do anything, and it’s a comfortable and safe experience.” Rich pulled up a picture on his tablet. “This was the last stallion we sold, and if I zoom in enough… There, you can see the similarities with the integrated stretch seams. The client wasn’t sure whether this stallion was going to be a lawn ornament, a pony ride, or a workhorse, so it’s good that the suit won’t be any trouble.”

“Look at that huh…” Brett noticed the muscles through the suit in the picture. “I bet he needs a strong grip on the reins.”

Rich laughed. “Yeah, with the stallions all that equipment comes with. Saddle, bridles, reigns, crops. Everything. Carts and hitches are additional.”

“I see. Well that sounds awesome, if you have a farmhouse in the country.” Brett petted Mascot’s head affectionately. “I know I’d prefer a flat in the city, and a sweet, playful buddy to come home to!” He hugged Mascot against his chest. The dogslave’s tail wagged, and he yipped and sniffed hungrily into Brett’s armpit.

Rich shook his head with a disbelieving smile. “I still can’t get over how well you two get along.”

Brett smiled as Mascot licked and nuzzled at his face. “How could we not?” He asked.

Rich chuckled. “No reason, it’s just really nice to see.” He typed into his tablet again. “Ah well. I’ll leave you to it.” He got up and walked across the field towards a couple of pups wrestling by the opposite wall.

“Alright boy, let’s go upstairs.” Brett pointed to the door that lead up to Mascot’s apartments. They still had a couple hours before dinnertime, and Brett was ready to relax.

Once back in the cozy sitting room, Brett reclined on the plush sofa. Mascot pawed at his legs.

“What is it pup? You wanna nuzzle my feet, is that it?” He smiled with a wink as Mascot whined pleadingly, his tail wagging. “Ok, how could I say no to that face?” Brett pulled off his shoes, and sat back a little to enjoy the nuzzles, nibbles, and sock-sucking they’d both come to enjoy after a long game on the field. Today Mascot seemed especially eager, hungry even for a taste of Brett’s musky socked feet. He chewed on the toes, and nibbled at the arches, occasionally resting his nose against the broad soles. Brett was a size 12.5, so there was plenty of surface area for a pup to enjoy. He sighed happily as his feet were worshipped by his favorite pal. He could certainly get used to this.

Something slimy dashed up Brett’s face. He awoke with a slight jump, sitting on the floor with his back against the couch. He’d dozed off!

“Sorry boy,” he stretched letting his arm fall back around the shoulders of the sweet dogslave, who was still licking at Brett’s face and pawing at his chest. “Guess we played a bit harder today, huh?” Mascot yipped an affirmative.

Brett rubbed the sleepiness from his eyes. As he adjusted to the light, his gaze fell upon the large, very needy-looking bulges at his own crotch as well as Mascot’s. No wonder he’d seemed so eager today, the poor pup’s balls were ready to burst!

Mascot whined, following Brett’s gaze, and seemingly having the same thoughts as he lowered his muzzle and rubbed his nose at Brett’s package.

“Mmmm, fuck…” Brett moaned. He petted Mascot’s head, running his hand along the shoulder seam. He was horny and pent up himself. As his hand traveled down the leather suit toward Mascot’s rump, he noticed another detail of the suit. An erection. Somehow, Mascot’s dick was in a leather sheath that was able to grow outside the suit! Brett gave the leather cock an experimental stroke. Mascot whined needily, and humped at Brett’s hand. His tail wagged.

Damn, Brett thought, still fascinated by the level of detail of the suit. There was always something new and amazing he learned about it, every day there was yet another one. How had he not noticed this one sooner!? But now, as he began to squeeze and pump at the leather-sheathed puppy bone, now he did. And would he ever enjoy playing with this latest feature.

“Feel good, buddy?” He asked, giving the sheath a firm squeeze. Mascot whimpered happily from Brett’s crotch, clearly enjoying the attention. With his free hand, Brett pushed the pup’s head deeper under his ballsack. “Good dog. Get that sniffer in there, boy. Good…”

He hadn’t jerked off all week, and as much as he would have loved to give Mascot a good hard bone to suck on, Brett had another idea in mind. He eased up on Mascot’s cock, and gently rose back onto the couch, holding Mascot’s head in both hands.

“I have an idea. A crazy idea, and I’ll need some help with it. I promise we’ll take care of these,” Brett said nodding to their boners, his voice shimmering with lust. “Can we get Rich to help me into one of those stallion suits? Say for a couple days? I have the next several days off anyway, and I wanna know what it’s like.”

Mascot’s tail wagged so hard it looked like it would lift him into the sky like a helicopter. He let out a deep, encouraging “woof!” and his eyes sparkled.

“You like that idea too?”


Brett kissed the dog’s forehead. “Great. Let’s go see if-”

“Already here,” Rich stepped through the door as if on cue. “Let’s get you suited up fast. I see a horny stallion in desperate need of a collection.” Rich placed his arm around Brett’s shoulders and lead him down the hall talking over the details, as Mascot followed on Brett’s heel yipping happily.

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3 thoughts on “Buying Love – Part 2”

  1. Another fantastic and well-written chapter in this story! Very much looking forward to see where this goes next.

  2. Very glad to see this posted! I really enjoyed the 1st part and this part was great too! Love the addition of the stallion suits and the description of how the suits work. I hope Mascot and Stallion Brett have a good few days together as pet slaves. If either suit existed in real life I’d try them on in an instant. Great work!

    BTW out of curiosity how are the feet tucked in the suit as in the first part it was mentioned the rear legs are kept doubled over, but the butt is still visible? Are they pushed flat or do they stick out on the back?

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