Caged at The Leather Man

By Jamie

A good friend Gary and I made a pilgrimage to New York City back in December of 1993. I was showing him the sights on Christopher St and we ended up at The Leather Man. On prominent display was a heavy steel dog cage in the middle of the store. I was showing this cage to Gary when I heard a voice behind me, “Do you like that?”

“Oh yes, it is very impressive.” I replied.

In an authoritative voice I was commanded, “Get in!”

I did.

As I sat down that voice said, “Listen to this.”

The door squeaked shut and then a padlock snapped shut. A steel collar with attached cuffs was added to me. Gary and the salesman (I later found out his name was Eric … another story!) left me there. Some tourist/customers entered.

The voice yelled from the back of the store, “The puppy goes with the cage!”

These people looked at me with bewildered expressions. One asked, “You do work here don’t you?”

I replied, “My God no. Just walked in the door and the next thing I knew I was locked up in here!”

Those people went running out the door!!

The magic of New York at Christmas … wishes do come true!!


The End


One thought on “Caged at The Leather Man”

  1. Love it! I could just picture that couple, and knowing Jamie, I’m sure he loved being locked up like that.

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