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Forced male nudity at CMNM

At CMNM.net, Jamie shows off the curves of his arse wearing tight trousers and pants in ad campaigns, but he’s never allowed anyone to touch it! Now he has no choice as the men grip and kiss his hairy cheeks, then pull them apart to lick and taste the horny-smelling rim of his sphincter.

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With his wrists tied and suspended to the ceiling, Jamie is helpless to defend his hard muscular body and genitals from the pervy man groping him. The stud is paraded through the corridor like a prize stallion so his perfect body can be inspected by everyone in the office.

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Caged at The Leather Man

By Jamie

A good friend Gary and I made a pilgrimage to New York City back in December of 1993. I was showing him the sights on Christopher St and we ended up at The Leather Man. On prominent display was a heavy steel dog cage in the middle of the store. I was showing this cage to Gary when I heard a voice behind me, “Do you like that?”

“Oh yes, it is very impressive.” I replied.

In an authoritative voice I was commanded, “Get in!”

I did.

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At BrutalTops. Angry, muscular Master Jaime finds his pathetic sub trussed up on the ground of his sordid basement. Disgusted by what a worm this sub is, the Master makes him lick a filthy toilet before ordering him to run his tongue all over the Master’s boots. This excites the Master, who then straps a mouth gag onto the sub to keep him quiet before kicking him, knocking him about and then riding him around the room like the donkey he is.


The Master gets his hands on a huge dildo, which he makes the squirming sub slide his ass onto. The whole length of it goes up the gaping, rancid asshole of the worthless sub. Then the Master pulls out his own impressive dick. By now excited and hard, the Master rams his big dick into the sub’s mouth and makes him lick off the drops of piss from his bell-end as he pumps his dick in and out of the sub’s mouth.

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BrutalTops300x200_07 copy


Roped to the spanking bench

At BrutalTops the battered, pathetic sub is roped to the spanking bench with his asshole gaping open and unable to stop the sadistic master doing with him as he will. Sneering top Jaime comes in and is hell bent on giving the sub a thrashing that he will never forget. Mean, callous anger flashes in his eyes.


Jaime canes sub Elliott’s backside hard, causing deep red welts to appear on his lily white skin. He squirms as the Master rains down harsh swipes on his rear. Opening his own ass cheeks, the master reverses onto the sub and makes him rim his sweaty ass crack.


Then the Master yanks the sub’s balls, causing him pain and embarrassment and goes up close to his whimpering face to mock and humiliate this defenseless worm.

007 016


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001 copy


Master Jaime humiliates a faggy sub who is chained to the urinal

At BrutalTops. In this shoot, horny straight Master Jaime returns to humiliate a brand-new faggy sub whom the top finds squirming completely naked on the floor of a toilet. The sub is already chained to a urinal and the sneering, muscular Master thrashes him with a cane and orders him to lick his filthy shoes.


This excites the handsome top, who finds a huge dildo and orders the fag to lick it clean before ramming it up his loose asshole. The top proceeds to pound it hard into the sub’s rear and causes severe damage to the compliant worm.


Jaime needs to piss, so he pulls out his sizable cock and showers stinking urine into the face of the sub and orders him to swallow the fetid liquid. Watching the runt so uncomfortable really excites the top, who begins to ram his rock-hard meat deep into the sub’s mouth. The feeble faggot groans as the long dick is pumped in and out of his mouth.



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Jamie at CMNM

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At CMNM, hard-bodied model Jamie needs a special kind of convincing to allow the suited men to enjoy his muscular body. His hands are tied behind his back and he’s pinned down while they eagerly stroke his cock, insistently press their lips against his and stroke his hairy firm body. Under such intense attention Jamie can’t stop himself growing aroused and spilling his sperm right on the office floor! The arrogant stud is thrown back out onto the street without being given a penny.

0008 0020


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