Captured – Chapter 1

By Rubrpig

Earl Thomas of Wessex groaned as he woke up and sat up on his camp bed. Sitting on his bed, he looked around his tent and watched his two squires working away getting all of their armour ready. He felt sick to his stomach as he always did before a major battle but he knew he had no choice but fight for his king. The King’s army was camped outside of the small village of Bosworth and today, the outcome of the pending battle would determine if the lawful King of England Richard III would remain on the throne or the usurper Henry Tudor would seize the throne if he was victorious in battle. Earl Thomas was one of the King’s generals and one of the most experience battle commanders in England. He stood up and stretched working the kinks out of his heavy muscles.

As he was 36 years old, he had been a warrior for 20 years and it showed in his heavily muscled frame. Twenty years of fighting and jousting in fully heavy armour and chain maille showed in the heavily developed muscles of his body. His squires looked over at him and asked if he wanted anything to break his fast and he told them that he did not feel hungry.

The two squires nodded and as they had been with him for 10 years, they both knew that he would not eat before a battle. He sat at the table and rubbed his face, feeling the thick heavy and now short beard. He always had a beard but it was only trimmed short when he was in a campaign so it would not interfere with his helmet and visor. He looked over at his squires and told Charles, the older of the 2 to take a pair of shears and trim his shoulder length hair down as short as he could so his battle helmet would fit better.

Charles took the shears and walked over to his lord and began to cut the dark thick hair as short as he could make it. Soon, Earl Thomas was shorn of his hair and he stood up and brushed himself off. Looking at his squires, he told them it was time to begin arming. He picked up the soft leather breeches he had made to wear under his maille and put them on. This tight soft leather creaked as it slid over his heavy thighs. He then sat and pull of tight soft leather boots. The squires began by putting on his lower armour and soon he was armed from the waist down and after a few more minutes, he was fully armed with the exception of his heavy war helm and gauntlets. He stood as they finished up. Putting his coat of arms over his armour, then they picked up his heavy war helm and opened it, after putting on his padded arming cap.

Putting the heavy helm they settled it on his head and closed it locking it to the gorget fastened around his neck. Leaving the heavy visor locked open, he was handed his gauntlets and he pulled them on and they were strapped on tight so they would not come off during the battle. The squires picked up his sword belt and wrapped it around his waist and buckled it then put his battle sword in the scabbard.   Telling his squires to get armed, the 2 of them were soon armed including their helms and gauntlets. The three armoured men left the tent and walked through the encampment to the large tent belonging to the King.

Leaving his squires outside of the tent, Earl Thomas entered and greeted the King. King Richard greeted his trusted General and they reviewed the plans for the upcoming battle. After reviewing and making some changes based on the forces which had arrived at the camp, the King ordered his herald to sound the call to arms and the armoured men left the tents and walked over to the pens where all their horses had been saddled and readied. Soon, all of the knights and their King were mounted along with their squires. They rode out of the camp followed by the thousands of men at arms.

The force made their way to the ridge near Bosworth Field and after a while all was in readiness. They could see that lower in the valley the forces of Henry Tudor has formed and were then in motion heading for the King’s army.

The battle commenced. Two walls of men slammed into each other, men on foot armed with makeshift weapons fought and died turning the field into a sea of bloody mud. The mounted knights rode through and swinging their swords hacked through the armies and fought opposing knights while trying to remain mounted. The tide of the battle slowly turning in favour of Henry Tudor and suddenly, the cry went up that the King was down and his knights and men stunned were taken aback and lost heart.

Earl Thomas fought long and hard. Blood, gore, dust and dirt coated his once shining armour but he kept going. Having lost sight of his squires in the massive melee, he focused on the battle but eventually tiring, he was knocked from his horse and fell heavily into the mud and mire of the battle field. Another knight wearing a Tudor rose on his tunic ran over to them and knelt on top of his chest plate and held him in place while forcing his grip to remove his sword from his right gauntlet. Leaning down, the victorious knight told Earl Thomas to surrender and consider himself his prisoner. Earl Thomas acknowledging his defeat told his captor that he surrendered. The victorious knight stood up and leaned over extending his left gauntlet to the fallen Earl to help him to gain his feet. The two armoured knights one victor and one captive stood as the battle surrounding them gradually moved away and ended. The cry was heard that the King was dead and love live King Henry. Earl Thomas turned in the direction of the cry and saw the now naked body of his beloved King tied to a horse being led off the battle field.

Suddenly, 2 armoured knights came at a run calling to Earl Thomas’s captor. His captor’s coat of arms was torn and bloody so it was not immediately recognizable. The knights came up to their lord and thanked God for the survival of their lord. Turning to Earl Thomas, they drew their swords and stood beside their lord to protect him. Earl Thomas fumbled with the buckle of his sword belt and removed it surrendering it to his captor, then he unlocked and opened the visor on his war helm locking it in the open position. His grimy sweaty face starred at the armoured figures of his captors. He asked who he was taken captive by and his captor raised his visor locking it open. Earl Thomas nodded and realized that he was now prisoner of Baron Robert of Tysedale. The 2 men were well known to each other and had been squires together. Earl Thomas nodded and felt his cock grow harder in his leather breeches. Baron Robert had always aroused him when they lived together. Earl Thomas, who was a sodomite in the eyes of the church and state, lived a life which covered up his true nature. He had become a fierce warrior, a general in his King’s service and a married man with 6 children.

Baron Robert nodded and looked at his old friend and asked if he would give him his word of honour not to try to escape otherwise he would be forced to give the orders to put Earl Thomas in chains. Earl Thomas told his old friend to go to hell. Baron Robert nodded and told his knights to find some rope or straps that could be used to restrain the Earl. Soon Earl Thomas found his arms tied behind his back and was being led off the battle field.

The knights led him on foot to the Tudor army camp where he was told to kneel and then sit down with his back to a pole and he was soon lashed to the pole. he was given food and water and in the morning allowed to toilet. He watched as the camp was packed up and soon he was put on a horse and ropes were tied to his armoured ankles under the belly of his horse and his hands tied to the saddle. By now he had been in his full battle armour for over a day and it looked like it would be a few more days before he would have a chance to remove it as he knew they were about 5 days ride to Baron Robert’s small castle. Once there, he was certain ransom demands would be delivered to Wessex Castle, his family castle with the amount of gold demanded for his release.

Baron Robert and his men rode in maille tunics for protection but their heavy battle armour had been cleaned and packed in the wagons. After 5 long days in the saddle, the troop arrived at Tysedale Castle and the men at arms were dismissed to return to their homes and fields while Baron Robert and his household knights rode into the castle. The castle guard and workers cheered their Lord’s arrival and seeing the fully armoured knight tied to his saddle they knew that their Lord had captured a wealthy prize.

Earl Thomas was untied and removed from his horse and held by several soldiers. Baron Robert gave orders to take the Earl to the tower room in the inner gate tower. He was to be stripped of his armour and allowed to bath and then he was to be fed. He was to be treated properly as long as he behaved. The soldiers nodded and led the Earl to the tower in the inner courtyard. Entering the tower, the Earl climbed the steps to the top floor where he was told to enter the room there. There the soldiers began to remove the earl from his armour and maille. Soon he was standing there in the sweat soaked linen shirt and leather breeches and boots he had worn under his armour. The men left with the armour and Earl Thomas heard the door being bolted and locked. He stretched and pulled his linen shirt off his dirty grimy body and walked over to the wash stand and washed and scrubbed his face head and upper body to remove the dirt and grime. He smiled as he opened the narrow window and tossed the dirty water out the window. he then washed his linen shirt and hung it on a wall peg to dry. He sat on the edge of the bed and then soon he was asleep.

He was awakened that night by one of his guards who told him that the Baron demanded his presence. The linen shirt was still wet, so Earl Thomas simply stood up bare chest and followed his guards. The Earl’s powerful build was shown to those who saw him walk past. His heavy muscled pecs were like slabs of granite and his stomach was a hard, lean and cobbled with heavy muscles. His ass was heavy with muscle from years in the saddle and his thighs heavy and rubbed while he walked. His arms heavy with corded muscles from his years of sword fighting and jousting flex and shone in the light from the torches in the hallways of the castle.

He was shown to the great hall and walked in. The household knights fell silent as he walked through the room to the dais where Baron Robert was seated. Telling Earl Thomas to sit to his right and enjoy a meal and wine, the Earl obeyed his captor.

After several hours, Earl Thomas requested permission to return to his quarters as he needed rest and was escorted back to the tower. About an hour later, he was awakened by the door being opened. He sat up in bed. He was still in his boots and leather breeches as he was too tired to remove them. He blinked in the lights of the torches as Baron Robert entered and closed the door after ordering his men to leave the anti chamber.

Baron Robert walked over to the bed and looked down at his old friend and smiled. He leaned forward and suddenly grabbed the Earl and kissed him long and hard forcing his tongue deep into the Earl’s mouth. He forced the Earl to fall backwards on the bed and he climbed on top of the Earl pinning him to the bed. He broke the kiss and told the Earl that he was now in command and that the Earl would learn to obey his new Lord and Master.

Baron Robert, unlaced the Earl’s leather breeches and shoved them down over his thighs and then ordered the Earl to turn over which he did knowing he now had to obey as he was a prisoner. Baron Robert shoved down his breeches and pulled out his rock hard dripping cock and then he spit on the Earl’s asshole and then on his cock then drove his cock hard and fast into his former lover’s ass.

For several years when they were younger and squires, the two men were lovers and managed for years to keep it secret from the world. If they had been found out, they would have been arrested as sodomites and executed.

Baron Robert pounded his old lover’s ass hard and soon he was pumping a heavy load of cum deep into the Earl’s ass. He pulled out and standing up, he ordered the Earl to get up and kneel in front of him and clean his cock. Earl Thomas obeyed and swallowed his former lover’s cock and licked and sucked it clean. Baron Robert pulled back, his cock popping out of the Earl’s mouth. He tucked his cock back into his breeches and walked over to a chair and sat down. Pointing to a spot in front of him, he ordered the once powerful Earl to crawl over to him and kneel in front of him.

Baron Robert smiled, well a cruel smile appeared on his face as he watched the once powerful Earl and General of the King’s army crawling across the stone floor of the tower room. When they were younger, the Earl was always taking charge and ordering the Baron to obey. Since they were forced to hide their true natures, to avoid imprisonment and death, the Earl used this to keep the Baron under control. Now, the Baron was in control and he had changed in the subsequent years. Years of war and fighting had hardened him and turned him cruel. His servants, men at arms, and serfs lived in fear of his anger and temper. He had remained unmarried and there was always a murmer about why a Baron had never married as one of the main duties of a member of the aristocracy was to produce an heir of the body. The truth, that the Baron could not stand touching a woman, if it had become known would have caused the King to execute him on the orders of the church.

Baron Robert reached over and grabbed the left nipple of the Earl and twisted hard causing the Earl to grunt with pain. Pulling a couple of wooden pins out of his belt pouch, he slipped them on the Earl’s nipples and pushed them on as tight as he could. The Earl hissed in pain as his nipples felt like they were being torn off his pecs. He looked down and saw his cock pushing its way out of his leather breeches, it was rock hard and starting to drip. He was surprised at how aroused he had become once the pain began to be inflicted by the Baron. He knelt and to his surprise, thanked his new Lord and Master for the pain.

The Baron stood up and told the Earl to lick and kiss his soft leather boots. The Earl leaned forward and pressed his lips hard against the soft leather toe of the Baron’s left boot. He licked and sucked on the soft boot and then was given permission to move over to the right boot. Once the Earl had cleaned his boots, the Baron ordered the Earl to stand up and face him. Once the Earl was standing, he reached forward and yanked the wooden clamps off of the Earl’s nipples causing the Earl to scream in pain as the blood rushed back into his nipples. The Earl’s cock started to cum and sprayed a heavy load of cum onto the Baron’s breeches and boots. The Baron slammed his fist into the hard abdominal muscles of the Earl causing the Earl to double over. The Baron grabbed the short dark hair of the Earl and forced his head down and snarled that the Earl was to suck and lick up the mess he had made of the Baron’s breeches and boots. The Earl, his face flushed with blood, quickly knelt and licked and sucked his cum off the soft leather of the Barons breeches and boots.

Once the Earl had finished, the Baron turned and left the room. Earl Thomas stood up slowly and moved over to the bed and sat down heavily. His head in his hands as he realized that he was now the play toy of his former friend. He shifted over and laid down and fell asleep from exhaustion.

To be continued …

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