Captured by The Cavalry — Part 05

By Rubrpig

I struggled awake and tried to stretch but the bars of the dog cage I was locked in prevented it. I shook my head and slowly everything came back. Last night was a particularly brutal session with my officers. I spent the evening hanging from my wrists while they used paddles and canes over my entire body. I rubbed my hands down over my chest feeling the welts and wincing from the bruising caused by the paddles.

They finally dropped me to the floor and while I was lying on the floor struggling to catch my breath and work through the pain, Captain Edwards grabbed my right food and began caning the sole of my foot. I screamed into the gag while both officers laughed and enjoyed my pain. They told me to crawl into my cage and they locked the door and left me for the rest of the night. Fortunately, they left me a thin blanket so I was able to cover myself and gain some warmth.

After releasing me from the cage they told me to get out. I limped to the entrance area of Captain Edward’s rooms and quickly pulled on my jock then dressed in my battle dress. Finally I put on my boots but had to leave the right one loose as my foot was still swollen from the caning. I left and limped back to my barracks room. I got to the room just as my roommate Iain walked up as he had also spent the night with his officers.

We had shared a room for over a year so we had become very good friends and support to each other as we were both soldier servants to officers in the regiment. I stripped off my gear and boots and grabbed a towel as I wanted to have a hot shower. Iain stopped me by putting his hand on my shoulder which caused me to wince a little. He examined the welts and bruising to make sure there was nothing bleeding or in need of further attention.

His officers were into heavy bondage but mine were very sadistic and enjoyed inflicting severe pain on me. Over the last year my body gained permanent welts and scars from the beatings they had given me. At the start, I had dreaded the pain but now I craved the pain and the arousal I got from it. Although both Iain and I were locked in chastity devices as all soldier servants in the regiment were, our cocks still got hard or tried to at least.

I was looking forward to my next day on duty as it was going to be the first time I was going on guard duty at Horse Guards Parade. It had been over a year since my first trip to London and seeing a member of the regiment for the first and time meeting the men who would become my officers. I thought about the last year as I was standing under the hot shower. It had been a journey for certain.

The next morning both Iain and I had to be up for 5am to start getting ready. We got dressed and double timed it to the mess so we could have breakfast prior to getting ready. I was going on duty but Iain was assigned to assist me in putting on my uniform and gear and to get my horse ready as once I was in full uniform, I was not allowed in the stables but had to wait in the courtyard. When we got back to our room, there was a bag on my bed and I opened it. In it was a note along with a electro butt plug and a pair of electro nipple clips as well as a remote power box for them.

The note stated that I was to be equipped with this gear for my guard duty. My officers were going to be the officers on duty with the troop assigned that day so I knew I was going to be in trouble. After lubing up the plug and sliding it into my hole, I pulled on a clean jock. Then Iain picked up something and smiled when he handed it to me. I looked at it and realized it was a heavy adult disposal able diaper. He smiled and said yes, you need to be diapered as it will protect you against any problems when on duty. He had been on guard duty for a month already and he told me that all regimental members who were assigned to guard duty wore them to prevent issues. I nodded and unfolded it and Iain helped me to put it on and seal it on tight. Then I picked up my soft white deer skin breeches and pulled them on. Iain pulled up the leads from my butt plug and hung them over the rear belt of my breeches. I pulled up the suspenders and then Iain took the nipple clamps and clamped them onto my nipples causing me to hiss as the pain bit.

Then he connected all the leads to the power box and turned the box on. The box was preprogrammed and I groaned as the plug caused my ass hole to clinch and I felt my body betray me and begin fucking myself with the plug. Iain laughed as he watched me struggle. The program finally finished and I stood up and nodded at Iain to finish getting me geared up. I pulled on a tight under shirt and then shrugged into my navy blue dress tunic and buttoned it up. We both pulled on latex gloves and Iain picked up the breast plate of my cuirass and placed it on my chest and I held it in place while he got the back plate. The heavy metal and leather straps were put over my shoulders and I took each one and clipped them to the studs on the chest plate.

Then the lower white leather belt was wrapped around the lower edge of the plates and I tightened the belt and closed the buckle . I shrugged and twisted my body to get the cuirass to settle into place. Iain then took the cross shoulder belt and ammo box and put it over my left shoulder. Iain took my heavy jack boots out of their protective bags and put them on the floor. I steadied myself and lifted my left leg as he helped slide the heavy boot onto my leg. I grabbed the top of the boot and pulled hard forcing my foot into the boot. Then we got my right boot on. Iain kneeled and put on my spurs and snugged them to my boots with the straps. I picked up my heavy plumed helmet and settled it on my head and put the chin strap under my chin. Then Iain took the straps from the sword belt on the waist of my breeches and hung my heavy sabre on my left side. He then handed me my heavy white leather gauntlets and I pulled them on after I took off the latex gloves I had been wearing. I stood at attention to allow Iain to closely check me to make sure there were no finger prints or smudges on my cuirass, helmet or boots.

He found a couple and quickly cleaned them so I was ready for duty. I picked up the scabbard of my sabre and lifted it so I could walk with it. We left the room and I clumped along as the soles of my boots like all of our jack boots had a steel plate in them so we could not bend the boots and crack the heavy layers of polish we had spent months applying to them. I got to the stairwell and went to open the door and Iain stopped me and told me to use the elevator. I nodded and called the elevator. Only troopers in full ceremonial uniforms could use the elevators in the barracks to prevent anything happening to them. The stiff boots and spurs were dangerous on the stairs.

After getting to the courtyard, I and the other troopers on duty assembled into formation while we were inspected by our officers for the day. My officers did not give me any other attention but the same complete inspection each trooper got. Our brother troopers began to lead out our horses from the stables and we began to get mounted as the horses were lead to the mounting blocks. When Iain and my horse came out I was the second last to mount. I climbed onto the block and carefully put my left boot into the stirrup and swung my right leg over my horse. Settling into the heavy black sheepskin covered cavalry saddle, I felt my right leg being grabbed and I looked down and saw Iain guiding my boot into the stirrup. I nodded in thanks.

The formation assembled and we rode out into the road and through the streets heading for Horse Guards Parade. Once we reach the parade, the changing of the guard ceremony was held and I and other trooper were signalled to go on duty in the guard boxes facing Whitehall. We rode through the archway and then as the off duty trooper moved out of the box we rode through the rear of the box and stopped in position so that the rears of our horses were in the boxes. We were now on full public duty and we looked straight forward, the reins clasped in our left hands and our sabres out and upright held against our right shoulders. We were allowed to move our eyes right and left but not our heads. After getting our horses calmed down and settled, I was scanning the area when the e-stim started another cycle and this time the cycle went through a high cycle and I struggled to keep from wincing or groaning as the pain cycled through my ass and nipples. I looked down and to the right and my officers had walked up to inspect us and were watching my reactions. They nodded and walked off leaving me to my fate for the next 4 hours while I was on duty. We cycled through the 24 hours 4 hours on and 4 hours off.

This allowed us to rest and to have our horses fed and watered. The crowds began to swell around us as we were on duty. Police Constables were assigned to protect us from over eager tourists who wanted to get us to react and to protect our horses. Finally we heard our replacements approaching from behind us and we had our horses walk forward and turn into the centre arch and we rode back into the guards area as new guards took our places in the boxes. We dismounted and lead our horses into the stable area where they were taken by stable hands. We turned and walked through the archway and into the barracks area. On entering, I was met by Lt. Harrison who told me to follow him. I obeyed and followed him to a room.

There was Captain Edwards. I was ordered to open my breeches fly and push down my diaper and fish out my cock. I struggled but got it out and then I was ordered to use the toilet and I was able to piss for the first time in hours. Then I was told to remove my helmet and put it on the stand on the table. Their helmets were already on stands so I obeyed. When I turned back to face them Lt. Harrison was holding a white leather straight jacket. I stood and raised my arms as I knew it was going on whether I liked it or not. The jacket was slid on over my full uniform and was soon buckled on tightly. Then I was lead over to a spot by the wall and a heavy rope with several clips on the end of it was lowered. The clips were attached to heavy rings on my shoulders.

Then they begin pulling on the rope and I was lifted about 3 feet off the floor and the rope was snugged. I hung there struggling to keep my boots from getting bumped or scrapped against the heavy wood paneling of the room. I hung quietly and then Captain Edwards pulled out a remote control and started another cycle of e-stim. I hung then groaning as the pain surged through me. They walked out leaving me hanging there. After a few minutes, 2 officers entered leading their soldier servant who was already jacketed. Soon he was hanging beside me and they left. We knew each other and quietly spoke and I was told that this was standard treatment for soldier servants when on guard duty. Our breaks would be spent jacketed and hanging here. I nodded and grunted as another cycle of e-stim started. He knew who my officers were and asked if I had been wired up? I nodded and grunted that I had a butt plug in and clamps on my nipples. He nodded and hung quietly as I struggled. I tried to keep my focus on keeping my boots from getting damaged.

The duty rotated throughout the day and night. The next morning, we were relieved by a unit from the Life Guards which is the other regiment in the household cavalry. They wore red tunics. We were relieved and our unit rode back to our barracks. By now, the batteries on the e-stim had died so I was able to concentrate on the ride. We rode into the barracks and we got dismounted. Our horses led back to their stalls to be groomed and fed.

We formed up in the courtyard and were dismissed. We clumped our way back into the barracks. As I got to my room, Iain came out and told me that there was a message to report to the office of the commanding officer. I staggered a bit and wondered what I had done to warrant this. I nodded and turned and clumped my way back out of the barracks and to the office block. I entered and got to the office of the commander of the regiment. Waiting for me were my Officers. I wondered if we were in trouble but before I could ask permission to speak we were called into the office. The General stood up and looked at my officers. He told them that their requests to retire from the regiment had been granted and they thanked him for granting permission.

He turned and looked at me and asked Captain Edwards why he had filed retirement papers for me as well. He told the General that they had become fond of me and they wanted to continue their relationship with me after they left the regiment. The general nodded and opened a file and looked at me. I stiffened up as I was still standing at attention. He told to stand easy and I relaxed and put my hand behind my back. He looked at my file and asked since I had signed up for permanent duty with the regiment was I willing to leave the regiment since I had only served the regiment for 18 months. I requested permission to speak and told the General that I wanted to remain in the regiment and to serve the regiment as long as I was allowed to. He nodded and looked at my now former officers and told them that their request for my regimental termination was denied. I would remain the property of the regiment. They nodded and the General dismissed them. They turned and clumped out of the offices, their heavy boots thudding on the floor.

The General looked at me and told me that he needed a new soldier servant and that he had decided that I would suit him very well. Just then he told me to go back to my room and change out of my ceremonial gear and report back to him in battle dress and boots. I nodded, saluted and turned and left his office. I clumped my way back to my room and found Iain waiting for me. As he helped me remove my cuirass and the rest of my uniform including my heavy jack boots. I removed my now wet diaper and tossed it in the disposal bin. I then groaned as I removed the nipple clamps and the butt plug. I used the toilet and then had a quick shower. I got dressed in a clean jock strap and battle dress. I pulled on my boots, laced them up and headed back to the General’s office.

Once I got there, I knocked and was ordered in. I entered, saluted and remained at attention. He stood up and walked over to me and told me to remove my shirt. I quickly obeyed and he checked my upper torso. He ran his hand over my scarred and welted torso. He asked if I enjoyed pain as it was obvious that a lot had been inflicted on me. I nodded that I had become used to the pain and now craved it. He smiled and said that I would do nicely. He told me to put my shirt back on and once I had, he ordered me to report to the black smith to have my collar changed. My current collar showed that I was the servant to my former officers. I saluted and turned and left the office.

I headed for the black smith forge and walked in. He nodded and told me to sit on the stool and remove my shirt. I obeyed and then he grabbed a piece of metal and shoved it behind my collar so the back of my neck and head was covered. I heard a grinder start and soon felt the sparks on my skin as he cut through my heavy regimental collar. Finally, he had got through the metal and bent it open and took it off from around my neck. I felt strange when the collar was removed as I had become used to the weight of it.

The black smith brought over the heavy padded cape and hood again and soon I was covered and hooded so my new collar could be put on and welded closed. I felt the heat rise as the collar was sealed shut and then the grinder started to smooth out the weld. Finally the hood and cape were removed and I was told to stand and put my shirt back on. I reached up and felt my new collar. I got dressed and headed back to my barracks room. Iain was laying on his bed and stood up when I walked in. He asked what happened at the General’s office. I told him that I was assigned to be the soldier servant to the General and that I had a new collar.

He laughed and walked up and grabbed my collar and read the engraving. The General’s name was etched into my collar as the name of my officer. He staggered back and looked at me. He asked if the General had said anything to me and what happened to my other officers. I told him that they had requested to leave the regiment and the army and that had been granted. They had also asked for my termination as well but that was denied as I had only belonged to the regiment for less than 2 years. Then I told him that after my now former officers had left the office I was told that I would now be his soldier servant as he had just released his former servant from the regiment.

Iain suggested that we hit the pub and we head out the door. My new assignment to serve the General had begun so we needed to celebrate.

The End

Metal would like to thank the author, Rubrpig, for this story!

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