Captured by The Cavalry — Part 01

By Rubrpig

As soon as all of the travel bans and restriction were lifted as the vaccination program had finally been completed which meant the pandemic was finally beaten, I needed to get away from the house where I had been working and living without much human contact since the start of the pandemic and the loss of my Sir to Covid-19.

I decided a trip to London was in order and I smiled thinking about walking through the cool fall weather of England and enjoying myself by reconnecting to the world. As an out and proud Leatherman I wear my hides and boots proudly so I finished making the travel arrangements and packed up my leathers and several pairs of boots.

After checking into my British Airways flight and finally clearing security as my leathers and boots always attract attention. The fact that I have a solid stainless steel chain welded closed around my neck always slows the security inspection down. The man who had put the collar on me had contracted Covid-19 at the hospital where he worked as an ER nurse and had struggled with the disease for 7 weeks before he died while on a ventilator struggling for air. The loss of my Sir devastated me but I managed to come to term with my loss and grief so the trip to London was to honour a promise we had made to each other to visit London.

After arriving in London and finally clearing immigration and customs, I caught the Heathrow Express to Paddington Station. I noticed a few men checking me out as I walked through the terminal to the train station. I was wearing leather jeans, combat boots, snug black t-shirt and my padded Langlitz jacket. The jeans had been tailored to fit to show off the heavy work I had put into my workout routine in what was now my home gym. The train trip was quick and after about 20 minutes I walked off the train at Paddington Station and followed the signs to where the taxis were lined up.

I had booked into a hotel across from the stables or mews of Buckingham Palace that had been recommended by a close friend of my Sir who spent a lot of time in London. I checked into the hotel and got to the room and set down my heavy luggage and sat on the bed. The trip had tired me out but I felt happy that I had made the trip. Even though everyone was still wearing masks while travelling and in England I was still glad to be there.

After a long sleep, a great late dinner and more sleep, I woke up the next morning and stretched. I pulled on a pair of black and grey leather police breeches, my Wesco boots, a black leather shirt and headed down for breakfast. After a typical large English breakfast I went back to the room grabbed my jacket and camera and headed out to see the sites.

As I walked towards Buckingham Palace, I wondered if I would be in time for the changing of the guard but when I reached the front of the palace, I saw the notice that during the fall and winter, the ceremony only occurred every other day. I headed down the mall to Trafalgar Square and admired the lions and the square. Following Whitehall I knew that I would eventually come to the Houses of Parliament. As I got along Whitehall I saw a site that caused me to stop and stare. The mounted guards at Horse Guard Parade. The men were mounted on gleaming black horses, but it was their uniforms and boots that really got to me. I was a true uniform fan so the uniform of the household cavalry really got to me.

There were two regiments, the Life Guards who wore red tunics and the Blues and Royals who wore dark blue tunics. The regiment on duty today were the Blues and Royals. I walked slowly up to the mounted troopers and began to take pictures of their boots and uniforms. Their cuirasses shone in the light along with their red plumed helmets. I moved as close as I dared and realized that their white breeches were leather.

I stood there in full leathers and heavy boots admiring these men in their spectacular uniforms. Their tall jack boots came up over their knees and flared out to cover their thighs. The boots gleamed like mirrors and I noticed that the boots were not creased across the toes like most boots. I figured that they had to walk somehow without bending their foot to keep the heavy shine of their boots intact. I moved over to the second trooper and checked him out. Both troopers were obviously extremely fit as I knew they were active duty soldiers as well.

I walked through the archway and as I did, several troopers came out of a door to the side and stopped. They both looked at me and nodded and I nodded and smiled at them. They approached me and asked that since it was apparent that I liked leather, did the uniforms and boots of the regiment interest me. I told the 2 troopers that I found the uniforms and boots they wore to be extremely arousing and I was having a hard time focussing.

The troopers laughed and introduced themselves as Captain Edwards and Lieutenant Harrison. I replied introducing myself. They stuck out their white gauntleted hands and we shook hands. Captain Edwards smiled and then noticed the heavy chain around my neck reached up and touched the chain and asked if my owner was here as well. I quietly told him that my Sir had died from the virus. They nodded and told me that they were sorry to hear that. Lieutenant Harrison nodded and told me that their servant had passed away. Somehow, I got the impression that the servant was not just a servant but their boy or slave. I wasn’t sure but I got that impression.

We stood talking quietly and then they told me to stand against the wall behind me and I was not to move. They had to inspect the guards but they would return when they were done. I turned and moved back against the wall and watched as they walked away. They walked stiffly and they did not bend their feet. They carried their heavy sabres in their left hands to keep them from dragging on the ground. I got hard and I could feel the precum dripping from my cock head. I waited as ordered and after a while they returned and stood in front of me about 2 feet from my body.

They looked at me and asked how long I was planning on staying in London. I quietly nodded and replied, Sirs, i plan on staying for 2 weeks Sirs. They nodded and smiled as I called them Sirs. They told me that it was very obvious that I had been well trained by my late Sir. I nodded and replied, Sirs, Sir was a very strong and disciplined Sir who made sure that i knew my place and how to properly behave so not to bring shame to my Sir with poor behaviour Sirs.

They nodded and then snapped out that I was to come to attention, which i promptly did and stood there rigid facing the two officers of the Blues and Royals. Captain Edwards nodded and told me to report to the regiments barracks that evening at 7pm. He asked what other leathers I had with me. I nodded and requested permission to speak. Lt. Harrison gave me permission and i replied that i had a pair of padded Langlitz breeches, several leather uniform shirts including one that was long sleeved, and a leather tie along with several Sam Browne.

Captain Edwards snapped out an order that I was to report to the main gate of their barracks at Hyde Park at 7:00pm in the boots I was wearing, the Langlitz breeches, long sleeved shirt, tie and Sam Browne. I was to have my jacket on and zipped up and my jackets Sam Browne properly secured. If I had them I was to wear gloves. I nodded and replied Sirs, i would obey and that i would be ready and report on time as ordered Sirs. Lt. Harrison snapped out that I was dismissed. I nodded and quietly moved away from them and left the parade grounds. I checked the time and decided to head back to the hotel and get ready as it was about 3 or so.

At the hotel, I stripped and got the required gear out and cleaned and polished all the leathers till they gleamed softly. I oiled my Wescos and buffed them. I finally took a travel enema kit and headed to the bathroom and began a series of enemas to make sure I was clean. Finally I hopped in the shower and had a long hot shower. I trimmed my beard and made sure everything was ready. I toweled off and went back to the bedroom and began to dress in my hides. I pulled on my heavy leather jock with the snap on pouch, then pulled on the heavy Langlitz breeches and zipped the legs. I pulled on a pair of clean white boot socks and pulled on my heavy Wesco big boss boots and did up the 3 straps on each boot. I pulled on the leather uniform shirt and shrugged the leather to settle on my torso and I snapped it closed and tucked it into my breeches. I pulled the heavy waist belt of the Sam Browne and clipped it closed and snapped the end of the belt onto the keeper stud. I put on the cross strap and clipped the ends to the d-rings on the waist belt and snugged the belt tight across my chest. I pulled on the tie and tied it snugging it tight. I picked up my BLUF tie clip and clipped my tie to my shirt.

I checked the time and saw that it was 6:15. I picked up my heavy jacket and shrugged into it. I zipped it and clipped the belt closed and connected the cross strap and leaned down and picked up my wallet and passport and tucked them into a pocket of my jacket and zipped it closed. I pulled on a pair of tight short leather gloves and grabbing my key card I left the room. Getting to the lobby, I did not notice the stares from the people in the lobby as I walked across the lobby, my boots thudding on the floor. I asked the doorman to get a taxi for me and he walked to the curb and took a whistle and blew it. A black London taxi moved forward and I got in. I told the driver to take me to the main gate of the cavalry barracks at Hyde Park and he nodded.

The heavy evening traffic made for slow going but finally, we reached the barracks and I finally took a breath it seemed. It was 4 minutes to 7. I paid the driver and got out blessing the large roomy nature of the London cabs as it was easy to get in and out in heavy tight leathers. I walked to the main gate and was approached by a soldier in full battle gear who demanded what I wanted. I told him that I was told to report to the gate at 7pm for Captain Edwards and Lt. Harrison. He nodded and told me to wait while he checked. He walked into the guard booth and made a call. Then walking back to me, he told me to come inside. I followed him and he told me to wait behind the booth as there was an escort coming to take me to Captain Edwards. I nodded and stood in an at-ease position which seemed to surprise the trooper. I wanted quietly and after 10 minutes or so, a trooper in boots and what we called fatigues arrived and ordered me to follow him. I nodded and obeyed.

We walked through the barracks and then came to a staircase and we climbed to the third floor and the trooper walked over to a door and knocked. He stood at ease and the door opened and Captain Edwards still in his full ceremonial uniform answered. My escort saluted and told him that his guest was here. Captain Edwards nodded and dismissed the trooper. He looked over at me and nodded. He snapped a order to report and stand at attention. I moved quickly to stand in front of him and braced into the ordered position. He looked me over to make sure that I was geared as ordered. He turned and told me to follow him and close the door. I obeyed and stopped inside the room and waited at attention. He turned and told me that I was to help remove his uniform and boots. I nodded and replied quietly Sir, Yes Sir.

I moved forward and he began to explain how to remove his equipment and uniform. After a while he was standing in the middle of the room naked. I continued to deal with his uniform and equipment and stowed it as ordered but managed to take a quick quiet sniff of his soft leather breeches. I finished and came back to him. He instructed me to go to the bedroom and bring the leathers and boots I would find on his bed. I ran to the bedroom and brought back a pair of highly polished combat boots, a pairs of heavy leather chaps and a vest. I knelt and helped him put on his boots and laced them tightly. I then stood and put on his chaps buckling them snug around his waist. Then I held out his vest and he shrugged into it. He nodded and told me to go to the room across the hall and report to Lt. Harrison and assist him out of his uniform and boots and help him put on his leathers. I nodded and ran from the room closing the door behind me.

I got to the door across the hall and knocked. It was shortly opened by Lt. Harrison who nodded and barked at me to get in and do what I was there for. I nodded and did not replay but quickly assisted him to remove his equipment, uniform and boots. After putting them away, I then found his leathers and boots, and assisted him to put on his gear. Soon he was geared the same as Captain Edwards.

Following him, we crossed the hall back to Captain Edwards quarters and entered. I was ordered to the middle of the room and heard the door close and heard a heavy dead bolt close. I stood rigidly at attention while the 2 officers looked me over. Lt. Harrison barked an order and told me to strip and neatly put my leathers and boots on the bench by the entrance door. I obeyed and as fast as I could I stripped down and folded my leathers and put my boots neatly where ordered. I removed my leather jock at the very end and was abruptly ordered to stand up and turn around. Captain Edwards walked over and put his face into mine as snarled out why was I wearing a leather jock? Had I been ordered to wear one. I replied Sir, No Sir. Well then, why the fuck was I wearing one. I quietly said, Sir, this boy disobeyed and wore something which was not allowed under his current orders Sir.

Captain Edwards, snarled well at least you admit when you fuck up. But you will be punished for disobeying. I quietly replied Sir, i willing accept any punishment you deem necessary to correct my behaviour Sir.

I watched as the two officers talked quietly and then I was ordered to follow them. We went into another room but this one was fitted out as a dungeon with a heavy cross bolted to the wall, a fuck bench across from it, there was also a heavy wooden bondage chair and a steel dog cage. Racked along the walls was an impressive collection of whips, floggers, paddles, hoods and restraints. I stood quietly as Lt. Harrison walked over and picked up some heavy restraints.

The two officers quickly buckled them on my wrists and ankles padlocking them. Grabbing my left bicep, Lt. Harrison walked me to the cross and I was quickly locked to the cross. Breathing heavily I waited wondering what was going to happen. Lt. Harrison came up beside me and told me that I was going to be punished. I was going to receive 20 strokes with a leather paddle across my ass and thighs and an additional 20 strokes with a heavy knotted flogger. He told me that it appeared that I had gotten lazy and was no longer fully capable of following a Sir’s orders. I nodded and barked out Sir, Yes Sir. Sir, this boy deserves to be punished for disobeying his orders Sir.

I suddenly felt the heavy whack of the paddle on my right ass cheek and grunted. I was told to start counting and I yelled out Sir, Thank you Sir. Sir, One Sir. The paddling continued and I focussed and kept count as the pain and heat flared in my ass cheeks and upper thighs. Finally the paddling stopped and I slumped in my restraints and yelled out Sir, thank you for the discipline and pain Sir. Then I screamed as the heavy knotted flogger slammed down onto my upper back making it feel like my back was being sliced open. I yelled out Sir, Thank you Sir, Sir, One Sir. The flogging continued and finally we reached 20 strokes and I again thank them for the discipline and pain.

I slumped in my restraints gasping for air. It felt like my back and ass were on fire. The officers walked up and rubbed their calloused hands over my back and ass checking the welts for blood or skin breaks. They found nothing. Suddenly my head was pulled up and back and a heavy leather hood roughly pulled over my sweaty head. I heard the zipped closing and realized that my mouth and chin were not covered by the hood. I had been put into a eyeless cock sucker hood. I felt my restraints being unlocked from the cross and both men pulled me upright and dragged me across the room as I was stumbling.

I was slammed down onto a padded bench and my wrists were quickly padlocked to hooks and my legs were lifted up and bent onto kneeling benches and padlocked to the bench. Then a wide heavy leather belt was placed across my back and I was strapped down tightly, the heavy leather of the belt cutting into my welted back. I groaned and got a slap on the ass and told to shut the fuck up. I laid there strapped down and figured i was strapped to the fuck bench. I felt a hand covered in lube greasing up my hole and as the fingers slide out of my hole, i was told that it was good that i had cleaned myself out otherwise it would have meant more punishment. I nodded and even though the voice was muffled I recognized the voice of the Captain.

Suddenly, i felt a cock head probing my hole and i tried to relax it as best as I could to allow it to slide into my hole. The cock was big and considering the hefty packages of both the Captain and the Lt. I could not decide which man it was. I focused on letting the cock slide into my hole till I was stretched wide and I clamped down on it as much as I could. Then i felt a cockhead press against my lips and i immediately opened my mouth and tried to cover my teeth with my lips as another big wide cock forced its way into my mouth. I swallowed and tried to take it but soon the cock was forcing its way into my throat and I began to struggle for air.

I was spit roasted by the two officers and they began to fuck my holes hard and deep. My throat was torn open by one cock while the other one stretched my asshole open and made it feel like i was being torn apart. The fucking went on and finally as i almost was passed out by the lack of air, i felt the cock in my mouth pulling out till only the head of it was in my mouth resting on my tongue while the other one was buried to the hilt in my ass as i could feel their balls banging against my ass cheeks. Finally, both cocks began to pump heavy loads into my holes.

My mouth was flooded with cum as i struggled to swallow as my throat was raw and painful but i knew i had to swallow. i could feel a flood of hot cum pouring deep into my ass. Finally the flow stopped and both cocks were pulled out. I slumped in the bonds on the bench and gasped for air. i could feel cum leaking from my ass as it did not close due to the slam fucking i had just gotten. i lay on the bench and after a while i felt cocks pressing against my holes and i opened up and let them in again.

They must have switched positions as the cock in my mouth tasted of lube and my ass but that just made me swallow it more. i was fucked hard again and finally they pumped their second loads into my holes again. Finally they pulled out and then one of them slammed a large butt plug in my ass. They laughed as i grunted but was told they were tired of me leaking onto the floor. I nodded and laid there gasping for air.

After a few minutes, i felt something pressing against my lips and opened my mouth. i felt a soft rubber gag filling my mouth and it was strapped on tight. Then i felt splatters of liquid and realized that i was gagged with a piss gag and one of the officers was pissing into the piss trough on the front of the gag. The piss flowed into my mouth and i knew that i had to keep swallowing. i kept swallowing and finally the piss slowed and stopped but then it started again and the other officer began filling the piss trough with his piss. By the time he finished, my stomach was feeling bloated from all the piss i had just swallowed.

After a while, i was unlocked from the bench and felt myself being dragged across the room. I heard what i realized was the cage being opened and i was forced into the cage and the door slammed and locked. The Captain told me to get comfortable and get some rest but not too comfortable as they would be needing their urinal during the night. I shifted around and got as comfortable as i could and fell asleep. Several times during the night they came and nudged me awake and used me as a urinal.

i felt my foot being nudged again and i woke up struggling to kneel thinking it was another urinal visit. I heard the cage unlocked and i was dragged out and helped to stand. Straightening up I stood up and went to attention hoping to show that i respected the Officers. i felt someone at the rear of my head as the piss gag was unstrapped and removed then the hood was unzipped. I blinked and shut my eyes till i could adjust to the light. Finally, i was able to open my eyes and stood there blinking as both of the officers stood in front of me in uniform. Khaki brown tunic jackets, tan riding breeches and brown riding boots. They were not on guard duty today. I stood there and waiting for further orders.

Captain Edwards walked over and smiled at me. He spoke telling me that i had proven to be a willing and fairly well trained servant. i stood quietly as he told me that for the duration of my stay in London, I was to report to them each evening at 7pm in full leathers. i nodded and quietly spoke, Sirs, Yes Sirs. Then Lt. Harrison ordered me to go get cleaned up and shower then put on my leathers. Once that was done I was dismissed. i nodded and ran for the bathroom, the plug in my ass rubbing on my prostrate as my hard dripping cock bounced.

I got cleaned up and dressed and headed to the hotel. I spent the day resting and then got ready to report to my Officers. Each night for the next 2 weeks i was beaten, fucked, used a urinal. In addition, i was instructed in the special art of polishing their jack boots, and cleaning and polishing their helmet and cuirasses along with their other equipment.

The final night in their quarters, i was ordered to kneel at their boots. They were sitting in chairs and the Captain looked at me and asked me if there was any reason or need for me to remain in the US. i told him that i really had no family ties and my job was done remotely and i could work from anywhere there was a good internet connection. They nodded and handed me a file folder and told me to open it. i obeyed and found it was a completed set of enlistment papers for the regiment. Apparently, it was possible to get me enlisted and once i had completed basic training, i would then be assigned to the ceremonial unit as their servant soldier. i nodded and signed the enlistment papers.

Sitting up, i was told that i had to return home and clear up my personal and legal affairs and report back to the regiment in one month. If i failed, i would be considered as being AWOL and subject to being arrested.

I nodded and leaned forward and kissed both sets of boots belonging to my new commanding officers.

Metal would like to thank the author, Rubrpig, for this story!

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