Captured – Chapter 2

By Rubrpig

The guards at the gate of the castle sounded the alarm that riders were approaching the castle. The garrison of the castle responded and ran for their positions on the walls overlooking the drawbridge and main gate. The gate guards began turning the winches that lifted the drawbridge which would prevent the riders from gaining entrance until it was determined if they were friendly. The riders stopped and called over for the gate to be lowered. The guards recognized the riders as the men that the Baron had dispatched with the ransom demand for the Earl of Wessex who the Baron and their lord has captured at the Battle of Bosworth.

The drawbridge was lowered and the party clattered across the heavy timbered bridge and entered the courtyard of the castle. The men dismounted and their armour clattered on the cobblestones of the courtyard. The party of knights had been forced to ride in armour due to the total collapse of any law and order after the defeat of the king and seizure of the throne by Henry Tudor who had been hailed as Henry VII.

The men entered the main block of the castle and were told that Baron Robert was waiting for them in the hall. The men entered the hall and as they entered they saw Baron Robert sitting in his chair of state on the dais at the end of the hall. They removed their helmets, the padded caps and their sweaty grimy faces were showing how exhausted they had been on the 3 day ride to Wessex Castle to deliver the ransom demand for the Earl and then their ride back.

After spending days in their armour they were physically exhausted but they were also aware that the news they were bringing would cause their lord to become extremely angry and they knew they would be the target of that anger. They walked forward when the Baron summoned them with a wave of his hand. They walked forward and knelt. Baron Robert nodded and told his cousin who he had given the duty of delivering the demands nodded and looked at his cousin. My Lord, we return with the news that there will be no ransom paid for the return of the former Earl of Wessex. On arrival at Wessex Castle, we found that the castle was now in the hands of our beloved King Henry as the former Earl has been declared a traitor and all of his lands and manors have been seized. The Baron sat back and smiled.   This caused the men kneeling before him to worry as his temper was legendary. He stood and nodded dismissing them. They quickly stood, their armour clattered as they quickly left the hall.

Baron Robert strode from the hall and climbed the stairs to the tower room where he had housed his prisoner, the traitor who had been the Earl of Wessex. He entered the antechamber of the room and dismissed the guards. They quickly left, and he unbolted the door and pushed it open and entered the chamber. He saw his prisoner was laying on the bed and he sat up when the Baron entered. The prisoner’s chest and arms showed heavy bruises and welts from the sadistic tortures that the Baron had been inflicting on him. The prisoner stood up and walked over to the Baron, and then kneeled in front of him and kissed his boots. The prisoner quietly spoke, how may this unworthy man serve his Lord and Master. The Baron smiled as it had not taken long to break down the strong and haughty Earl to become his willing victim. The Baron nodded and told the Baron that his men had returned from Wessex Castle but that they brought him news rather than the treasure that had been demanded was not forthcoming. The Earl nodded and the Baron smiled and told the Earl that he had been declared a traitor and that his title, manors and wealth was forfeit.

Thomas remained kneeling and nodded at the news that he had been declared a traitor by the new King and his advisors. He was certain that all of the knights who had supported King Richard had been declared traitors as well. He remained kneeling with his head bowed showing his total submission to his new Lord and Master. He knew his best chance at survival was to remain in the custody of Baron Robert.

Baron Robert watched and smiled at his new servant and slave. As a traitor, the former Earl was no longer a citizen of the kingdom as everything including his freedom was now forfeit to the crown. Baron Robert ordered his slave to stand and put his hands behind his back and the kneeling man quickly obeyed. The Baron drew on a pair of heavy leather gauntlets and began slamming his fists into the abdominal muscles of his slave. After a while, he stopped leaving his slave beaten and struggling to remain upright. The Baron turned and opened the door and ordered two of his men to take the traitor to the dungeons. The men walked in and grabbed the semi conscious man and dragged him down to the dungeon of the castle and tossed him into a cell just off the main chamber.   Thomas landed on a pile of rotting straw and passed out.

The Baron walked into his private chambers and told his servant that he wanted the castle armourer and the dungeon keeper to attend him. The servant ran and delivered the orders to the two men and they reported to the Baron’s chambers. The Baron sitting at a table pointed to the bench opposite of him and the two men sat. The Baron outlined his requests for the treatment of the prisoner and the two men nodded and asked questions just to clarify exactly what was to be done. The men nodded and told the Baron they understood what was to be done and they were dismissed.

Summoning his servant he finished writing a letter to his King and the servant was told to summon a messenger and guards to protect him. The messenger was instructed to place the letter in the hands of the King himself. The man nodded and left the castle and entered the courtyard where his escort of 4 men waiting to protect him on the ride to the King. They had received word that the King was at Lincoln and had taken up residence there prior to his triumphal journey to London where he would be crowned at Westminster Abbey.

After several days, the armourer and the dungeon master reported that all the preparations were completed and they waited for the Baron to give the command. The Baron ordered them to meet him in the dungeon where he could watch the work being done. He walked into the large dungeon chamber where the equipment used to extract information under extreme duress was and the men were waiting for him. After he had entered and sat on a heavily carved chair, the guards opened the cell containing the traitor and dragged him out. He had been left in the dark for the entire time he had been in the cell so he was blinking in the light of the torches in the main chamber. He was brought over to where the armourer and his men were waiting.

They began by cutting off the linen shirt, leather breeches and boots that he had worn since the morning of the fateful battle. Once he had been stripped, the armourer handed him a new pair of breeches which did not cover his cock and balls and left his ass fully exposed. Then a soft leather shirt was handed to the prisoner once he had put on the breeches. Once this was pulled on, the shirt had 2 openings which left his nipples exposed. A pair of heavy leather boots was handed over and the traitor pulled them on. He was then ordered to stand up straight and not move. The dungeon master came over and knelt in front of the traitor and begin to work a heavy iron ring over the traitors heavy cock and balls. Once the traitors cock and balls had been worked through the ring it was pushed against his groin and the tightness of the ring kept the traitor semi hard.

The dungeon master then stood up and picked up a sharp needle and shoved it through the traitors left nipple and then a heavy ring was put into the wound, blood seeped down the traitors chest. The right nipple was done in the same way and once this was done, the dungeon master walked away.

The Baron nodded and told the armourer to complete the work. The armourer and his men began quickly putting the traitor back into his battle armour. The armour had been modified so that the buckles on the armour was now able to be locked. When they got ready to put the chest and back plates on, the armourer took two small chains and hooked one to each of the traitors nipple rings. Then the chest and back plate were mounted and fastened then locked. Soon the traitor had been put back into his armour including his helm and gauntlets.

Then the armour knelt and fitted a heavy steel codpiece over the traitors cock and balls, but this one also went between his legs and covered his ass. It was hinged on the front and locked at the rear to prevent it from being removed unless it was by a guard or the Baron. The final step was heavy chains were connected and bolted to the shackle rings that had been riveted to the leg greaves of the armour and then a chain was attached to the gauntlets but this chain was riveted so it would have to be cut off to remove it from the armour.

The Baron got up and walked over to the now fully armoured traitor and reached up and closed the visor on the traitors heavy war helm and closed it. He walked over to a table and picked up a lump of lead with a hook embedded in it and then moving back to the trailer he picked up the chains that ran through holes in the chest plate of the armour and clipped them to the lead. These were the chains that had been connected to the traitors nipples. He smiled and released the weight which dropped and stopped at the length of the chain. The traitor screamed from the searing pain in his still bleeding nipples.

He stood there and smiled, then he told the traitor that since it felt it was still a knight, well, it was going to remain looking like a knight. The Baron walked over and then unhooked the lead weight from the nipple chains and then picked up a surcoat and put it on the armoured traitor and buckled it in place with the traitors own sword belt. The coat of arms was the traitors but it was reversed to show everyone that he was a traitor and was not longer a honourable knight.

The traitor was told that the armour was now locked on and it would remained locked on till the Baron decided otherwise.  The traitor stood still and was breathing heavily due to the searing pain from his nipples. He could not even nod his head or turn it due to the heavy war helm that was now locked on to his armour. He had spent days before in full armour so this was not something that daunted him but something to endure.

The Baron ordered the armourer, his assistants and the dungeon master to leave the chamber and they quickly left closing the heavy door behind them so just the Baron and his captive were standing there facing each other. The Baron could hear the traitor breathing heavily through the slits in the visor of its helm and smiled. Pointing to the heavy table he told the traitor to walk over and bend over the table. The Baron walked up and unlocked the back piece of the cod piece and let it drop, then he pulled his rock hard cock from his breeches then rammed it home deep into the traitors ass without any spit to help ease it into the traitors ass.

He pounded the traitor’s ass hard and then came deep in his hole. He pulled out and reached down and brought up the steel cover and locked it back into place. He stood up and then ordered the traitor to stand up and turn around then kneel. He watched as the traitor struggled to kneel restricted by the heavy battle armour and the chains on his ankles and arms, but he managed it. The Baron opened the visor of the battle helm and told the traitor to lick and suck his cock clean. The traitor quickly obeyed and licked and sucked the Baron’s cock clean. Once that was done, he put his cock away in his leather breeches.

He turned and ordered the traitor to follow him and the two men left the dungeon and climbed the stone steps back to the main chamber of the castle. They walked over to the dais and stepped up onto the platform. The Baron sat down in his chair of state and the traitor was ordered to stand behind and to the right of the chair. This made a striking image of the power of the Baron as everyone in the chamber knew who was locked in the heavy armour and chains.

Six days later, the messenger and his escort returned from their mission to the king. Running into the main chamber of the castle, he requested permission to approach and was told to approach. He walked up to the dais and handed up a roll of heavy parchment and withdrew. The Baron broke the seal and opened the document.

He read the document and began to smile. He stood up and turned to the armoured figure standing behind his chair and spoke quietly. He told the traitor that the King has given total custody of the traitor to the Baron and that the Baron was now made the Earl of Wessex and given all the castles, and manors that the traitor had possessed were now made over to him. The traitor looking through the visor slit saw the evil smirk on the face of the new Earl.

The Baron now Earl turned and summoned his men and informed them of the King’s decision. The men erupted in cheers. The Baron gave orders to make preparations for their departure to Wessex Castle which would be the Earl’s new seat of authority over his Earldom. The traitor stood quietly and watched as men began to make preparations. He was nervous about returning to Wessex Castle as a traitor and prisoner of the new Earl.


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  1. excellent description of the guy locked in armour . cant wait to hear more . more armoured knights and more armoured sex.

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