Captured – Chapter 3

By Rubrpig

Thomas stood breathing heavily trying to get as much air as he could through the breath slits in his war helm as he thought about the news he had just been given. He stared through the vision slit in his helm and watched the hall erupt with cheers and congratulations to the new Earl. The celebration went on through the night and he continued to stand behind the Earl’s chair silently.

Finally, the Earl stood up unsteadily on his feet as he had been drinking steadily and turned to the traitor and told him to follow. The two men left the hall and the Earl climbed the stairs to his private chamber with the armoured figure following slowly behind, the armor clanging softly and the chains rattling on the floor as he climbed the stairs behind Earl Robert. Reaching his private chamber he turned and pointed to a straw pallet on the floor beside the door and told the traitor that is where he was to sleep.

He was to sleep outside of his Lord’s chamber and protect him from harm. The armoured traitor responded by saying Yes My Lord. Earl Thomas entered his chamber and slammed the door and Thomas stood quietly and then walked over and knelt slowly and got onto the pallet and fell asleep exhausted from what had been done to him that day.

Over the next few days, the castle was busy as everything was prepared to be moved to Wessex Castle as ordered by the new Earl. Finally all of the preparations were complete and the Earl and his men along with the castle servants were ready to leave for Wessex Castle. The Earl strode out of the inner keep of the castles, clad in heavy chain maille and that was covered by his coat of arms. The men at arms riding with him also were in chain maille. It was easier to ride in maille than in full heavy plate but would still give them protection in case of an attack on the group by outlaws. The Earl was followed by the armoured and chained figure of Thomas.

The 2 men walked over to the waiting horses and the Earl mounted. One of the men at arms knelt in front of Thomas and unlocked the chains connecting his ankles and stood up. Thomas walked over to a mounting block and climbed on it as his horse was brought over and he swung his leg over the saddle and carefully got into the saddle. The man at arms got on his horse and took the reins of Thomas’s horse and they moved over into position behind the Earl. The Earl rode off and the column of his men and wagons followed.

The journey took 5 days as the column could only move as fast as the wagons which were heavily ladened with the Earls possessions and records. Finally, the column came to the top of the rise and below them in the valley was the massive complex of Wessex Castle. The castle was built on a natural island in a deep swift moving river which provided a natural moat for protection. The massive outer walls protected the inner walls and then the inner buildings of the main castle block. The column followed the roadway down to the moated bridge protecting the entrance to the castle.

The Earl instructed a man to ride over the bridge and announce his arrival and have the drawbridge lowered. The man rode quickly over the bridge and announced the Earl’s arrival. The clanking sound of the heavy chains moving let the Earl and his men know that the drawbridge was lowering. The Earl rode onto the bridge and over the drawbridge and into the outer courtyard of his new castle. He dismounted and his horse was lead away. The rest of his men and the armoured traitor entered and dismounted.

Once Thomas was off his horse, a man at arms put on his ankle chains and locked them to his armour. Thomas looked around at his former castle and the men and women looked at him and realized that the armoured figure was their former lord as they recognized the coat of arms he wore even though the arms had been reversed to show that he was a traitor. He walked over to Earl Robert slowly and stood behind him as he had been trained to do. Earl Robert gave orders to have his men housed and the wagons unloaded and his possessions put into his private chambers. Earl Robert turned and walked through to the inner courtyard followed by Thomas and then into the main building of the castle. He walked into the great hall of the castle and over to the dais and then sat down in the chair of state which stood there.

Thomas followed Earl Robert to the dais and moved to stand behind his former seat of power. Looking through the slit in his visor he looked around the great hall and saw that his coat of arms had been removed and the hall was barren of the banners of his ancestors. The order that had branded him a traitor had removed the Earldom from him and his family.   It was as if they had been erased from history. He had been the 7th Earl of Wessex in his line. And now that line of men had been erased as he had followed his King into battle.

Earl Robert sat quietly in the great hall as the castle was filled with servants and his men unpacking and settling his possessions and his men into the massive castle. The traitors men were given a chance to swear their loyalty to him and if they did not then they were arrested and taken to the dungeons to wait their fate. Any who failed to swear loyalty were declared traitors and taken to the dungeons were they were held until the scaffold could be erected where they were hanged.

Thomas’s days blended into one another. He slept on his pallet outside of his former private chambers. The heavy armour that was locked on soon felt like it was part of his body. He spent his days chained and standing behind his Lord and Master.

Several weeks after arriving at Wessex Castle, Earl Robert told Thomas to follow him and they went down the stairs to the dungeons of the castle and then into the torture chamber. Thomas looked around the room and felt strangely comforted as this was a room he had spent many hours in, inflicting pain on his victims and feeling the surge of sexual pleasure as his victims screamed in agony. Earl Robert beckoned the jailor over and handed over the key to the locks that sealed the traitor into the armour.

The jailor went to work and finally unlocked the last piece and removed the last of the armour. Even the heavy gauntlets had been unlocked so the traitor could slide his wrists and hands out of them. The chain remained connected as it had been riveted to the gauntlets. Thomas was standing in the soft leather shirt, breeches and his heavy boots. the chains from his nipple rings hung down his chest as they had been pulled through the holes in the chest plate when it was removed. His nipples were swollen and raw from the heavy rings that had been pierced through them.

Earl Robert turned and dismissed the jailor and when he had left closing the heavy door he turned to Thomas and smiled. He pointed to the heavy wheel and Thomas walked over to it, and was then told to remove his clothing and boots. He obeyed and was soon mounted on the wheel facing the room. Earl Robert picked up a heavy whip and began using it on Thomas’s abdomen and legs. The whip raised heavy red welts and soon Thomas was moaning in pain as the whipping continued. Finally Earl Robert stopped and walked over and picked up a heavy lump of lead and hooked it to the chains on Thomas’s nipples and dropped the weight. The sudden drop of the lead pulled hard on the rings in Thomas’s raw nipples and he screamed from the pain.

Thomas slumped in his bindings and then Earl Robert unlocked the wheel and began turning it so Thomas was hanging upside down and his weight supported by his ankles. His ankles began stretch and he groaned from the pain. Earl Robert walked away and sat down on the bench of the heavy rack and watched as his captive suffered. Finally, Thomas began to groan and moan from the pain in his ankles and Earl Robert walked over and looked closely at his captive. His face was red and swollen from the blood that was pooling in his head and he smiled. Finally, Thomas was losing consciousness and Earl Thomas turned the wheel back so Thomas was upright and the blood drained from his head and upper torso and he slowly regained consciousness.

Earl Robert smiled and pulled his cock out of his soft leather breeches. He began stroking himself and soon he was cumming. His cock spewed a heavy load over the chest and legs of this captive. He smiled and put his cock back into this breeches. He walked to the door and opened it. He summoned the jailer and gave orders that the traitor was to be washed and cleaned up, allowed to empty his bowels and bladder and once that was done, he was to be put back into his clothing and armour which was once again to be locked. Once he was back in the armour the jailer was to bring the traitor back to the Earl’s private chambers.

Earl Robert left the dungeons and headed back to the great hall and called for food. He ate and drank with his men and enjoyed the evening. The jailer went about his work. He soon had assisted his former Lord from the wheel and helped him over to a chair. Bringing water and soap he washed and scrubbed Thomas and then cut his hair and trimmed his beard. Rinsing Thomas again he dried him using rough linen and tended to the welts on his body and his raw nipples.

Once that was done, he helped Thomas into his soft leather shirt, breeches and heavy boots. Then he began the process of putting the heavy battle armour back on Thomas and locking it. Finally, he was almost finished and he put on the padded arming cap on Thomas’s head and then put the heavy war helm back on and strapped the helm down to the breast and back plates. Locking the buckles he secured the helm which locked Thomas’s head into one position and then closed the visor. Insuring that the chains on Thomas’s wrists and ankles were properly secured, he pointed to the door and Thomas stood up slowly and walked out of the dungeon. His armour clanking softly as he slowly climbed the stairs, the heavy chain dragging on the stone floor. He walked out into the great hall and saw that the Earl was not there.

Thomas stopped and the jailer told him to go to the Earl’s private chambers and the jailer followed. Once there, the jailer knocked on the heavy door and was summoned. He entered and bowed and asked permission to turn the key to the traitor’s armour back to his Lord. He was told to approach and he walked over and handed over the key and turned and left. Earl Robert looked over at the tall armoured figure of his prisoner and smiled. Telling Thomas to leave and take his place outside guarding the door, he smiled as the heavily armed figure turned, stumbled slightly and slowly walked out of the chamber closing the heavy door closed behind him.

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