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7 Days in Berlin – Part 06

By Takeo

Day 2 continues …

I stay in this kneeling position in the cell for a while, the fresh air of the apartment making me shiver. I can feel all my muscles after the gym session Franz put me through this morning. Not that it hurts, but I can feel the work that has been done.

I hear a door open and footsteps approaching the cell.

“Hello, boy,” says a beautiful rocky voice.

“Good morning, Sir” I reply.

I am not wearing a gag under the gas mask, so I imagine a response from me is expected.

“Come on,” orders Sir Flo.

I scramble to my feet, Florian taking me by the arm to help me. He leads me into another room, which I imagine to be the playroom. The temperature is a little higher, more pleasant than the coolness of the cell. Florian removes the chain linking my wrists and ankles and ties my hands above my head. In this basic position, I feel very exposed. Florian tenderly caresses my chest. His hands roam all over my body, sides, arms, back. He ventures farther down, to my buttocks. His caresses on Franz’s gym shorts provoke immediate arousal. He puts his hand on my chastity belt and whispers in my ear.

“So it looks like you’re horny boy, do you like it?”

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The Fall of a Master – Part 03

By Rubrpig

The slave quietly sighed, and its body relaxed in the cage and restraints.  Strangely enough it felt freer than it had ever felt…

The slave shifted as it tried to work cramps out of its biceps and legs.  It was not used to being forced into tight restrictive positions, so it tried to ease the pain that was beginning.  Its head was held by the stocks of the top of the cage it was still locked in.  It heard thuds of a pair of heavy boots and knew its Master was coming back into the room.  The door opened and Master Gunther walked into the room and over to the cage where his new slave was locked up.  Master Gunther was wearing a full leather uniform with flared breeches.  His tunic was belted with a Sam Browne and there was a set of braided silver shoulder cords.  The brown leather shirt under his tunic gave the uniform a distinct look which aroused the slave as it used to wear one very similar.

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Only a Boy Can Hope – Part 01


I have been talking with a Master online for what has been at least six months. Our schedules finally allow us to have our first in person meeting. During the past six months of talking both online and by phone I have been following any orders he has instructed me to do. This would include chastity, sleeping with wrist and ankle cuffs on and various other tasks as he saw fit.

The time was getting closer for me to travel to him and I was getting excited to finally meet the Master I have been wanting for quite some time. I have been locked in chastity for almost a month at this time and have not had any release. I got an email from Sir the day before I was to leave with a detailed list of things to bring with me. This was to include my rubber and electro gear to name some. I was so excited to spend with week with my Sir.

That night I did not sleep at all, my cock was rock hard in its cage. That morning I had a small breakfast and Sir instructed me to wear my skinny jeans and 14 eye boots for the drive to his house. I was also instructed to be wearing a jock. For the last six months Sir only had me wearing jocks as underwear. My heart was racing as I packed my truck for the drive. All ready to go I locked my house and started the several hour drive to Sir’s house.

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Bog – Part 2

By ty dehner

ty dehner bondage storiesThe drizzle has stopped as the bog is getting gray as the cloudy skies block most of the sunlight as the day is getting long. Missing his hard hat, Josh is leaning against a tree with dirty white rope tightly securing his body. The biologist is still unconscious, as his hands are also tied, laying in his lap, his hi-viz gear covered in dirt and mud.

With Josh’s head slumped on his chest, a dark mud-covered figure approaches the lifeless Josh. Stopping next to the bound man, Tyree lowers himself to come closer to the handsome man he has secured for himself. Tyree’s dirty gloved hand reaches across to stroke the face of the bound man. As the hand lightly strokes, some mud is left on the goatee of Josh.

Kneeling next to the captive, Josh is a large, well, creature. Though he is a man, he has outfitted himself in camouflage gear to be hard to spot in the bog. Standing six-foot-six, Tyree settled into the bog to hide from the world while hiding from his life and desire to be with a man.

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Captured – Chapter 3

By Rubrpig

Thomas stood breathing heavily trying to get as much air as he could through the breath slits in his war helm as he thought about the news he had just been given. He stared through the vision slit in his helm and watched the hall erupt with cheers and congratulations to the new Earl. The celebration went on through the night and he continued to stand behind the Earl’s chair silently.

Finally, the Earl stood up unsteadily on his feet as he had been drinking steadily and turned to the traitor and told him to follow. The two men left the hall and the Earl climbed the stairs to his private chamber with the armoured figure following slowly behind, the armor clanging softly and the chains rattling on the floor as he climbed the stairs behind Earl Robert. Reaching his private chamber he turned and pointed to a straw pallet on the floor beside the door and told the traitor that is where he was to sleep.

He was to sleep outside of his Lord’s chamber and protect him from harm. The armoured traitor responded by saying Yes My Lord. Earl Thomas entered his chamber and slammed the door and Thomas stood quietly and then walked over and knelt slowly and got onto the pallet and fell asleep exhausted from what had been done to him that day.

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