Changes …

By Rubrpig

Alan slowly woke up and stretched. Looking over at the sleeping form of his partner Robert he smiled and stretched again. Standing up he scratched his furry chest as he walked to the bathroom. Standing before the toilet, he grabbed his semi hard cock and began to piss. The dark yellow piss stream arced into the bowl. Shaking the drops from the head of his cock and the 2 gauge PA he turned and walked over to the sink and got a glass of water. Looking out the window, he decided that a morning swim in the pool would feel good. Grabbing a dark blue Speedo from the drawer he pulled it over his heavy muscled furry legs and over his butt.

Walking through the bedroom, he headed downstairs and out to the backyard pool. Diving in he spent 20 minutes swimming laps in the pool, and then hoisted himself out and sat on the edge of the pool. Hearing the sliding door open, he turned and smiled as Robert walked over carrying 2 mugs of coffee. Handing one to Alan, Robert pulled over a chair and sat down. Alan smiled at Robert and told him that it had been a great time at the bar last night. Robert agreed and smiled as he said, “those 2 boys were certainly willing and able.” Despite the warnings of their friends that a relationship between 2 confirmed leather tops wouldn’t work but it did. After 4 years together both men were still happy and committed to each other.

Just then the phone rang and Robert got up and walked into the house to answer it. He shortly came back carrying the portable phone and handed it to Alan. Alan looked up and saw that Robert’s face was troubled. Alan took the phone and said Hello and then began to listen to the caller.

It was the Police Department and they were calling to inform him that his friend George Robertson had been found dead in his store early this morning. They were calling as they found his name listed as the emergency contact in George’s cell phone. After agreeing to come to the police department, he hung up and looked at his partner. Standing up he moved over to Robert and hugged him and told him that George had been found dead at the store and they needed to go to the police department to speak to the Detective handling the case. Standing there, he hugged his partner and Alan felt nothing as he was shocked by the news. He did not even smile as he usually did when he hugged Robert as he always enjoyed seeing his hand standing out in contrast against Robert’s dark chocolate skin.

After showering and getting dressed, both men left the house and drove to the police department. Walking into the police headquarters, the men approached the front desk and requested to see Detective Wallace. The Desk Sergeant turned and asked a patrolman to escort the men to the homicide unit. The two men attracted stares as they were both over 6ft, obviously very fit and athletic and a contrast as one was very Nordic in appearance and the other of African heritage. Entering the homicide office the officer indicated the office of Detective Wallace, and the two men walked over and knocked on the door and was told to enter.

Detective Wallace stood up as the men entered and thanked them for coming. Asking which of them was Alan Edwards, Alan indicated that he was and then introduced Robert as his husband. Asking the men to sit down, he began by informing them that the cleaner for George’s store arrived and found the door broken in and called the police. When the police arrived, they searched the store and found a body who the cleaner identified as his boss. The detective then asked how Alan knew George and why was listed as his emergency contact. Alan explained that George had no family and that they had been friends for at least 20 years. Then last year George had suffered a heart attack and it had made it necessary for George to appoint someone with power of attorney for medical care reasons. George had also updated his will and named Alan as the executor of his estate. The detective had been taking notes and then asked Alan where he had been the night before. Alan looked at him and told him that he and Robert had been at the Eagle bar and that they had arrived around 9 and left at closing. After they left the bar they had walked to the coffee bar near the bar and hung out with several friends for a while and then headed home getting there around 4am. They had gone to bed and had only gotten up about 30 minutes before the Detective called.

After leaving the Police Department they headed back to their home. After arriving, Alan found the file that George had given him last year and called the attorney listed. Telling the attorney that George had been found dead this morning, he began the process of getting George’s estate in order.

After several weeks, the Police had released George’s store and the attorney told Alan if he could meet him at the store. Walking up to the store, Alan felt sad as he would not find George inside dressed as usual in wesco’s and leather jeans. The window display as usual was a display of the hard core leather gear that George specialized in. The men entered the store and went to the rear and into George’s office. They went through the files and got the name of the accountants and then the attorney left to begin the process of settling the estate according to the terms of the will. The store had been left to Alan and Robert, and aside of several gifts to long time staff members, the balance of his estate was left to Alan. Alan had never known that George had been as wealthy as he was and the balance of the money came from his family as his parents had been very wealthy.

Alan looked around the office and noticed a large box in the corner and saw a label on it with his name on it. Pulling it out he opened it and saw a mass of leather inside the box. Sitting on top was an envelope with his name on it. Opening it, he pulled out a letter and began reading it.



I have noticed in the last year or so, a change in you. I think you are looking for something but not sure what it is. However, the clues have led me to one conclusion so I have made you something to help you find your destiny. It is up to you now to accept that destiny or reject it.

Take care my friend,



Puzzled by the letter, he picked up the box and shoving the letter in his pocket he left the store and locked it up. Arriving at their home, he was happy to see Robert’s car in the garage, he pulled in beside it and stopped. After locking the car and closing the garage door, he took the box from the back seat and walked into the house. Finding Robert sitting on the deck, he walked over and kissed him and told him about the box and the letter. Handing the letter to Robert he watched as Robert read it and looked up. Robert asked what was in the box, and Alan replied he hadn’t looked at it. About time we do don’t you think? he replied and the two men walked into the house. Opening the box, Alan pulled out the mass of leather and put it on the floor and spread it out. The leather was actually a black/brown leather suit along with a dog muzzle hood and a heavy latex dog tail butt plug. Looking at the leathers and then at Robert he was stunned. What was George thinking when he made this. Alan had not given anyone any idea that being a dog was a turn on but George had figured it out. He hadn’t even told Robert that he was aroused by it.

The men looked at each other and both looked puzzled. Alan picked up the heavy leather and put it aside and said, Not sure what to make of this and then suggested they go out for dinner and relax.

Finally, everything was settled with George’s estate and the store had reopened with a new manager and designer hired away from Mr. S in San Francisco. So George took a few days off from his job to relax and unwind. Sitting there he was relaxed and thought about the leather dog suit and pulled it out from the closet where it had been put after he brought it home. Sitting there he began to examine the suit and figure out how it was to be put on and how it would control the wearer’s body and movements. He examined the canine muzzle hood and the mouth piece that would prevent the wearer from speaking but not drinking or swallowing. His curiosity grew and he began to get very aroused and his cock hardened and began to leak pre-cum. And just then Robert walked in and found him with the heavy leather suit in his lap. Robert looked surprised and then asked Alan if it was true what George thought. Alan blushed and nodded. Robert said, well time to find out. You had better strip and get ready as it is time for you to get into that suit and find out for certain.

The suit dropped to the floor as Alan stood up and began stripping off his clothing. Robert walked over and picked up the heavy leather suit and examined it and began unzipping the back zipper and spreading it out getting it ready for Alan. Alan picked up the suit and worked his legs into the suit and into the leather socks for his feet. There were heavy knee pads built into the suit and he adjusted them so they fit over his knees. Then he worked his arms into the sleeves of the suit forcing them into the padded mitts which would form them into dog paws. His hands slid into and the padded leather forced him to form fists naturally. Kneeling there, he watched as Robert moved in front on him and knelt. Robert worked his cock and balls through the hole in the suit. Pulling down on Alan’s balls he fastened a wide heavy ball stretcher around them then worked Alan’s cock into a leather tube which would hold his cock against his stomach. After that was done, he saw there was a small hook which he figured out would attach to Alan’s PA and keep it from pulling back inside the tube. Telling Alan to put his front paws on the floor, he stood up and moved around and began to zip up the opening of the suit snugging the leather tighter and tighter around Alan’s body. Then when the zip was closed, he took the heavy leather flap and covered the zip pressing down on the flap to get the velcro on the suit to mate with the flap sealing the zipper.

He then opened the double zipper on the ass of the suit and pulled it wide exposing Alan’s ass. Taking some lube he lubed Alan’s hole and the heavy latex dog tail butt plug and began working it into Alan’s tight hole. Finally after much pressure and Alan’s groaning as his hole stretched to accept the plug, it popped it and was seated in Alan’s hole. Closing the double zips the tail was held in place and it prevented Alan from pushing the tail out of his hole. Moving around to Alan’s head he knelt and asked Alan if he was ready. Alan nodded and Robert began working the heavy leather muzzle over Alan’s head. The mouth piece slipped into Alan’s mouth and he adjusted his tongue and found that he could no longer form words as everything he tried to say came out as a muffled slur. The hood slipped into place and Alan found there were dark lenses covering his eyes so he could no longer see colours. Everything was now shades of grey. Robert started lacing the hood tight and the leather smoothed out and formed to Alan’s head. Tying off the laces and closing the flap, Robert began lacking the neck of the hood to the neck of the suit as there were grommets for this purpose.

After this was done, Robert put on the heavy leather collar and padlocked it. Moving around in front of Alan he knelt and looked at his partner now looking like a dog. Asking Alan if he was ok and did he feel ok in the suit? Alan nodded and then barked. That surprised both of them and Alan began to walk around on his paws and got used to the suit. Robert noticed that there was a flap on Alan’s upper back leg and a matching one on the rear of his ankle. Finding a couple of clips in the box, he realized that he was to hook up Alan’s ankles so he could not stand up. Robert walked over and grabbed Alan and quickly bent each rear leg and hooked them into position and Alan growled.

Alan twisted loose and moved as quickly as he could on his hands and knees. He realized now that he was trapped in the suit and it was forcing him to remain in this position. Alan sat back like a dog and looked at his partner and whimpered. Robert walked over and knelt by him. He began to pet Alan and rub his head to calm him down. Realizing he was reacting to Alan as a dog he smiled. He stood and moved in front of Alan and laughed. Well Alan, you wanted to try being a dog so you will have a good try at it. You are staying in the suit until you go back to work next week. Now, what should I name you. You look like a bull mastiff so I think Bruno might be a good name for you. You like that name boy? Yes, that works. Bruno it is.

Alan growled and tried to run at Robert but the heavy leather suit restricted his movements and he stumbled and fell over. Twisting he managed to get upright and move again. Robert laughed and told him to get used to it as he was going to stay that way. Robert laughed again and said that he was going to take off as he had to get some things from the pet store. Grabbing his keys he left the house, locked it up and headed to a pet store in a nearby strip mall. After buying a couple of large steel dog dishes, a heavy leash, a large dog bed he headed to the grocery store. Deciding that real dog food would not work he realized that canned stew would work as a excellent substitute for canned dog food. Buying a few cans of it he headed home. Walking in he found Bruno waiting and whimpering. It was obvious that Bruno was scared and that being left at home for the first time as a dog scared him. Robert petted him and then brought in his purchases. He filled one of the dishes with water and put it down. Then he prepared a bowl of beef stew and put it down beside the water bowl. Kneeling beside Bruno he examined the muzzle of the hood covering his partners face and realized that the muzzle part could be removed. He removed it and told Bruno to drink and eat. Bruno walked over and began to drink and at first he had a hard time as the mouthpiece restricted his tongue’s movement but he figured it out and then moved over to the food dish and began to eat. Bruno realized that he was starving and despite the look of the bowl of food he knew that he would not get anything else so began to eat. Finally finishing the food, he drank more water and sat up and looked at Robert. Robert knelt and cleaned Bruno’s face off and re-attached the muzzle so Bruno was fully canine once again.

Robert brought in the large dog bed and showed it to Bruno. He walked into the bedroom and put it on the floor beside the sliding doors to the patio. Bruno followed him as best as he could as he was still getting used to moving in the suit. Pointing to the dog bed, he told Bruno that was where he was going to sleep now. Dogs don’t sleep on the beds or get on the furniture. Bruno whimpered and Robert told him to behave.

After a couple of days, Alan had gotten used to the suit and adapted to it. Robert walked him in the back garden each morning, removed his tail and helped him to shit, then cleaned him up and put his tail back in. Alan got used to walking out of the house or scratching at the door when he needed to pee and would walk to a tree and lift his leg and pee like any other dog. He realized that he was accepting this and it felt right. Laying down on his dog bed that Robert had bought him, he curled up and waited for Robert to come home and let him out.

That evening, after Robert had fed and walked him, the doorbell rang and Robert went to the door. Alan sat up and got very nervous as he wasn’t ready to be seen by anyone like this. He whimpered a little and waited. Hearing boot steps on the tile floor, Robert returned accompanied by their buddy Andrew who was another Sir like them but Andrew was into puppy training. Andrew was wearing polished dehners, langlitz ranger breeches and a langlitz jacket but he was bare chested. Andrew pulled off his langlitz jacket and tossed it on the chair and knelt in front of Alan. Looking at Robert, he asked when had they got a new pup. Robert laughed and said it was actually a dog not a pup and that the dog was actually Alan. Andrew stood up and asked Robert if that was a joke. Robert told him that it was really Alan inside the dog suit and he had been in it now for 2 days. Asking Andrew if he wanted a beer, and Andrew agreeing, Robert grabbed a couple from the fridge walked back in and the men sat down with Alan remaining sitting up on his bed by the sliding door. Robert filled in the story of the suit and what George had said in the letter. He went on to say it was Alan’s choice to be in the suit as he wanted to try it. Once he was in Robert decided he did make a pretty good dog and he would remain in the suit till he went back to work next Monday. Since it was Tuesday he had a few days to go.

Robert and Andrew smiled at Alan who sat nervously watching. He was scared being seen like this and yet he wanted to walk over to Andrew and get petted. Getting up on his paws he walked over to Robert and nuzzled him and got some pets and then went over to Andrew and sat down in front of him. Andrew rubbed him under his chin and Alan barked. Robert told Andrew that the dog’s name was Bruno. After a few minutes of watching Andrew interact with Bruno, he asked Andrew if he would like to stay with them for the next few days and begin Bruno’s training. Time Bruno was properly trained, and Robert did not have the time right now due to work. Andrew smiled and agreed.

Andrew left and returned later with several bags for his stay. Bruno followed him into the guest room and sat watching as Andrew unpacked. Bruno whimpered as he saw several leashes, whips and canes knowing that they would most likely be used on him. Robert walked in and asked Andrew if he needed anything as he was going to crash. Andrew asked Robert if he had total control of Bruno while training him. Robert smiled and told him that Bruno was his dog to train and that he would stay out of the training as to not confuse Bruno.

Robert turned and left the bedroom and headed for the master suite. Andrew walked into the family room and picked up Bruno’s bed and carried it into his bedroom and put it on the floor by the closet. Pointing at it he ordered Bruno onto to it and told him that he would be sleeping in here now. Bruno whimpered and refused to move, so Andrew picked up a cane and struck Bruno on the ass, which cause Bruno to growl and howl. Andrew again pointed to his bed and told Bruno to go to his bed, and this time Bruno moved over and got on the bed watching as his new trainer pulled off his dehners, socks and then shoved his heavy leather breeches down and pulled them off. Stripping off his leather jock he sat on the end of the bed and ordered Bruno to come over. Bruno obeyed and walked over and Andrew grabbed his head and forced him into his crotch so he could smell nothing but his cock and his body musk. Holding him there for about 5 minutes so the smells were imprinted on Bruno and so Bruno would associate the smells with his trainer.

After he released Bruno’s head, he ordered Bruno get up on all 4 paws and he stood up and moved behind Bruno and unzipped the ass zip and pulled out Bruno’s tail. Bruno yipped as his tail was pulled. Andrew knelt and rammed his cock into Bruno’s waiting hole and mounted him and fucked him hard and fast like he was breeding a bitch in heat. Andrew came deep in Bruno’s hole and then pulled out and quickly put Bruno’s tail back in and zipped up the suit again. Telling Bruno to go to his bed he walked to the bathroom and pissed and got ready for bed. Walking back into the bedroom, he saw Bruno sitting up on the bed watching as Andrew walked over and got into bed and turned off the light. Bruno laid down and settled down so he finally could fall asleep. Tonight was the first time that he really felt like a dog as Andrew treated and saw him only as a dog. Andrew was going to train him and that would make him a better dog.

The next morning Alan woke up and sat up and realized that he was indeed sleeping in the guest room with Andrew. Alan realized that he needed to piss and shit and walked over to the bed and nuzzled Andrew. Finally Andrew woke up and saw the large leather dog and he was whimpering. Asking if he needed to go out, Bruno barked and walked over to the sliding doors. Letting Bruno out, Andrew walked out and helped Bruno shit and cleaned it and him up. They then headed back into Andrew’s bedroom, while Andrew had a shower and pulled on a pair a camo fatigues and boots. Kneeling beside Bruno, he asked if Bruno was hungry and Bruno barked happily. Telling Bruno to heel, Bruno tried to follow as best as he could but Andrew was moving quickly. Telling Bruno to heel again, he picked up a riding crop and gave Bruno a couple of cracks with it. Reaching down, he grabbed the ring on Bruno’s collar and pulled.

He angrily told Bruno, that when he was told to heel he had better do as he was told. Bruno whimpered and sat quietly. Standing up, he again told Bruno to heel and this time Bruno stuck to him closely and moved as fast as he could. Reaching the kitchen, they found Robert sitting at the counter having coffee and breakfast prior to leaving for the office. Robert dressed as usual in a dark grey suit aroused Andrew who had a thing for men in suits. He greeted Robert and the two of them kissed. Bruno watched and then barked for attention. The 2 men broke apart and laughed at the dog. Robert walked over and knelt by Bruno and told him to be a good dog and listen to everything that Andrew told him to do. Robert stood and told Andrew that he would mostly likely be home around 6 and tossed Andrew a set of keys and gave him the code to the alarm. Take care of my dog and make sure he learns what he needs to and he turned and left.

After Andrew put down a bowl of fresh water and a bowl of stew for Bruno, he made himself breakfast as he watched Bruno struggling to drink and eat. Andrew cleaned up Bruno and the mess he had made around his bowls and then knelt on the floor and called Bruno over to him. Andrew needed to see if Bruno knew any basic commands. Looking at Bruno he told him to sit. Bruno sat but did not keep still as he was still nervous and not quite able to stay still. The next command was to lay down and Bruno obeyed as best as he could. The heavy suit restricted a lot of the movements but Bruno got down. Bruno had basic knowledge and was showing that he was willing to learn. That was a good sign that the man inside the dog suit was getting comfortable in his new identity.

Andrew for several years had lusted after Alan and Robert. Both were large heavily muscled leather tops who had excellent reputations as very heavy players who were very skillful in inflicting pain and pleasure to those they selected to play with. Now, he had one of them under total control and in a way that he controlled him fully aroused Andrew. He pulled out his cock and asked Bruno if he wanted a bone. Bruno whimpered and whined. Telling Bruno to come and get the bone, he laughed as Bruno crawled over and slowly worked Andrews thick cock into his muzzle and into his mouth. Andrew felt the mouthpiece and laughed knowing that Bruno would have trouble sucking his cock but would be able to be face fucked. He grabbed Bruno’s head and began to fuck his muzzle. He came and filled Bruno’s mouth with a heavy load of cum. Bruno pulled off and swallowed, then barked happily. Standing up, Andrew shoved his cock back into his fatigues and looked down at Bruno, he told him that it was time to begin his training.

Bruno was worked hard all day, and surprisingly enough, did not resist the training and made real progress in getting more agile in the suit. Andrew was happy with the progress and the obvious change in Bruno. Bruno was moving better and was more sure of his movements. He had gotten used to the suit and how to move in it so the suit would not hamper the movement. By late afternoon, Andrew was pleased and it was obvious that Bruno was tired. Walking to his bedroom, he was followed by Bruno. Pointing to the dog bed, he ordered Bruno on to it and he stripped off his boots and fatigue pants. Pulling on a black Speedo, he walked through the sliding door and out to the patio. Bruno started to follow but Andrew turned and ordered Bruno back on his bed. Bruno turned and went back to the bed and sat down on it. Watching as Andrew dove into the pool and spent time swimming in the cool water. Getting out, Andrew walked over to the outdoor bar and grabbed a beer and sprawled out in a deck chair. Keeping an eye on Bruno who was on his bed watching. Just then, Robert walked out of the house and saw Andrew relaxing. Asking him how the day went, Andrew smiled and said that Bruno was a natural and took very well to the training. He turned and ordered Bruno to come. Bruno jumped up and came over quickly to the 2 men. Robert watched and was surprised at how well Bruno was now moving in the heavy leather skin. Bruno sat by Robert and barked happily and was rewarded with some pets.

The men walked into the house followed by the large dog. Andrew looked at Robert and said, “I think it is time that Bruno is socialized and get used to being around other people who only will know him as a dog. ” Robert nodded and asked how best to do this. The men talked and decided that they would take Bruno to the Eagle bar that night. They would tell anyone who asked that Alan was away on short holiday which he needed after settling Georges estate. Andrew was staying with Robert while work was being done on his condo.

The men made dinner for themselves and fed Bruno. Afterwards, they went to their rooms and pulled on leathers. Andrew put on the dehners and breeches he had arrived in and Robert put on a heavy leather jock, chaps, tactical boots, and a vest. Walking back out, they called Bruno and the dog came over to them. Robert took a heavy leather leash from the counter and hooked it to Bruno’s collar. Telling him to heel, the men walked out to the garage, and helped the whimpering dog into the back of Robert’s Audi. Locking the house and the garage after pulling out, they headed to the Eagle. Once there, they parked as close as they could and got out. Opening the rear door, Robert hooked the leash to Bruno’s collar and pulled hard on the collar. Bruno whimpered but came out of the car and after being told to heel, he followed the two men into the bar. Alan was scared and terrified that someone would figure out that he was the man inside the dog suit.

The 2 men were greeted by their friends who were there. They asked where Alan was and they were told that Alan was in Hawaii for a week or so, relaxing. Then the questions started about the large dog. Robert told his friends, that it was a boy who had been talking with him for several months about being his dog and since Alan was away, he had decided it was a good time to try the boy out. The boy had arrived a couple of days ago eager to begin and had even brought that leather dog suit with him. Andrew told him that Robert had asked for help as he had never trained a dog before.

Bruno sat quietly by Robert’s left leg and tried to be quiet. Occasionally, a man would kneel down for a closer look and Bruno kept still and let them pat him and he responded hopefully as a dog would. The evening passed and Bruno got more comfortable and less nervous as it became clear that no one suspected that the man in the dog suit was actually Alan, a confirmed heavy leather top.

Finally, Robert and Andrew decided it was time to leave, and they made their way out of the bar. By this time Bruno had become a favourite of the men in the bar as he was a well behaved but friendly dog. The men got him back into the car and they headed back to Alan and Robert’s home. After arriving, they got Bruno settled and calmed down. They were both tired and they headed for bed.

The next few days fell into a pattern, Andrew working with Bruno during the day and getting him more and more attuned to being a dog. In the evenings, the men would either relax at the house beside the pool or head out to the bar with Bruno. Bruno had become a familiar sight at the bar and men were happy to see the large friendly dog and in turn Bruno got lots of attention.

Finally, the last day arrived, as Alan was due to return to work the next morning. Robert and Andrew relaxed by the pool and talked about whether or not to remove Alan from the suit that night or wait until morning. Andrew told Robert that it was best to do it now so Alan would have time to adjust before going back to work in the morning.

Robert agreed, and he called Bruno over and the men began the process of removing the heavy suit from Bruno. As they began, Bruno whimpered and growled but the men continued. The process took about 10 minutes and finally Alan was out of the skin and the two men helped him to his feet for the first time in 8 days. Alan stood up shakily and was dazed. The colours and the light hurt his eyes and he squinted till his eyes adjusted. He looked at the 2 men and whimpered and barked. Helping Alan to sit in a chair, they watched as he adjusted to being out of the suit. After a while, Alan looked at them and smiled. He looked happy and softly spoke to thank them for doing so much to turn him into a dog.

Alan sat quietly and looked at his partner and his friend. Robert smiled at him and asked, “Well, Alan, was George right?” Alan looked at his partner and smiled. “yeah, it looks like George knew me better than I did.” Alan told his partner that they needed to talk and try to figure out what they were going to do now. All Alan knew was that he was happy when in the suit and as Bruno. Andrew smiled, and said he needed to take off so the 2 of them could talk. Alan stood up and walked over to Andrew and hugged him and thanked him for all the hard work he had put in training him to become the best dog he could. Andrew smiled and said it had been worth it as it allowed him to finally have Alan under his control which he had always wanted.

Andrew took off and headed back to his condo leaving Robert and Alan alone. Both men knew that things had changed and changed dramatically for them. Deciding they needed to sleep on it, they agreed to talk the next evening.

After a long day at the office, both men were bad at their home and relaxing by the pool. Alan felt uncomfortable sitting in one of the chairs by the pool, so he stood up, and walked over beside Robert’s chair and sat down beside the chair on the paver stones. That felt more normal. Robert smiled at the site of his partner sitting on the ground beside him. He reached over and began to stroke Alan’s head and neck. Alan whimpered and nuzzled Robert’s hand. Robert smiled and said, “well, I think you have decided haven’t you Bruno. You want to remain as my dog don’t you?” Robert keeping stroking and petting his partner. Alan smiled and nodded, “yes, I do. It feels so right and feels like I am whole and I really think I was meant to be a dog and be your dog. But, I also think you need to replace me as you partner. I want us to invite Andrew to be part of our relationship. I want you and Andrew to become partners and have me as your dog. I want to belong to both of you.”

Robert picked up his phone and called Andrew. Asking if he could come over as there was something they wanted to talk over with him. Andrew agreed and said he would be right over. Andrew arrived about 20 minutes later and he walked out to the patio. He had kept the keys to the house so he had just used them. Seeing Robert and Alan on the patio, with Alan sitting on the ground beside Robert he smiled as he realized that things were changing.

After being told to grab a beer and sit down, Robert looked at him and told him that they had talked. But he wanted Alan to tell him what had been discussed. Alan smiled at Andrew and told him that he wanted to remain a dog as it felt right and it was what he was meant to be. He would be resigning from his job, and since George had left him a large amount of money, they were financially secure. And with the steady income from the leather store, they did not have to worry about things. However, he wanted to make sure that Robert was happy and that both of them had decided to ask Andrew if he wanted to join their relationship as Robert’s partner and lover. The pair of them would then be Bruno’s owners. Andrew sat back and was stunned by what had just been said. He was being given everything that he had always wanted, both Robert and Alan. He had been in love with both of them for several years and now both men knew it.

Smiling, he looked at the two men who were now his family and said, “Guess we should call a real estate agent and put my condo on the market.” Standing up he walked over to Robert and pulled the larger man to his feet and kissed him deeply. Whispering, that he had always wanted to be with them, and now he was. Alan stood up and was pulled into the middle of them and the men stood there enjoying the feelings.

Alan went into the office the next day and tendered his resignation. After the 4 weeks had passed, Alan packed up his office and said his good-byes to the people in his office. Andrew’s condo had sold quickly, and he had used the profits from the sale to buy into Alan and Robert’s house so all 3 men owned the property. Arriving at the house, he put the stuff from his office on a shelf in the garage and walked into the house. Standing there waiting were his partners and now owners. He walked over to them and the men hugged and Robert asked him if he was ready. Alan smiled and said it was time and he was ready. Alan stripped off his clothes and folded them neatly. Walking over to where the heavy leather skin was spread out and waiting, he began to pull it on and work his legs and arms into the skin. Once in the skin, Robert zipped up the skin, and Alan sat up and Andrew worked Alan’s balls and cock into the harness for them. Finally, the process of getting into the suit and muzzle was done, and Bruno the Bull Mastiff sat there wagging his tail.

Robert and Andrew walked to what was now their bedroom. During the day while Alan had been at work, they had moved Alan’s things to the guest room and put Andrew’s clothes, boots leathers into the master closet. They changed into wesco boots, langlitz ranger breeches, Sam Browne over their bare chests and put vests and their Muir Caps. Dressed the same they walked out and snapped a leash on Bruno’s collar and they left. They arrived at the Eagle and walked in. Since it had been awhile since Bruno had been at the bar, he was given lots of attention. Finally, one of the men asked why Andrew and Robert were dressed the same. Robert said they needed to make an announcement. The men in the bar gathered around and Robert began to speak, “Things have changed in the last 4 weeks, so we have decided to let you, our friends know. First, the dog you know as Bruno is partner Alan. Alan has willingly accepted that he is and was meant to be a dog and he will now remain one. Bruno is now the property of both Andrew and myself. Andrew has agreed to move in and be with me and be my partner and help take care of our new dog. That’s it guys.”

The crowd looked at each other and then cheered. They all wished Andrew and Robert good luck with their new lives together. Bruno got lots of attention and everyone patted his head which made him feel good. He had been scared coming to the bar as he wondered what everyone would think about him becoming a dog. So now everyone knew and they seemed happy for them and for Bruno. It now felt complete and right. He now knew that the change was right and now it was complete. Alan had now become Bruno and he felt complete.


Metal would like to thank the author, Rubrpig, for this story.

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  1. A great account. . .of my lifelong desire. i hoe to realize it in the few years i have to live. thank you!

  2. WOW!!!! what a beautiful story…. if only dreams could really come true… my lifelong desire… I have prayed and dreamed it would come reality for me… I am so ready…..

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