Charlie and the Kink Factory – Part 1

By TieMeEdgeMe

Note: This story originally appeared at Gay Spiral Stories, and it is posted here with permission.

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The 5 Lucky Ticket Winners

30-year-old Charlie layed restless in the bed of his apartment. He could not take his eyes off of the email he had just received. A notice from one of his favorite BDSM news sites stating that Mr.Gray was going to be re-opening his kink factory for 4 lucky guests for the first time in 20 years for a special tour. Charlie had heard many tales about this place from others in the kink community. That the stuff that took place there was beyond the real of possibility. Magic. He had always wanted to see for himself. The end of the email stated that 4 tickets would be sent through the mail. Charlie turned his phone screen off Trying to get some actual sleep and calm down his hopes and excitement.

Charlie woke up and turned on the news and much to his dismay had seen that 3 people had already won.

First was a man from Georgia. A middle aged heavy set bear type guy named Adam. He bragged about being the first to receive one. He stated in the interview that he was more curious to see what was so special about Mr.Gray. he was a Dom himself.

“I don’t really buy into the magic mumbo jumbo you hear about that place. If anything I’m going just to entertain myself and get a good laugh” he told the man interviewing him.

Next was Willy from Los Angeles. He was 28. Purple haired twink. Lots of energy and excitement. He was discovered as the winner after taking selfies to boast on twitter to his followers. He seemed to be an influencer of some sort.

“I can’t wait to share this journey with all of my fans” he said to the reporter as he blew a kiss at the camera.

The 3rd was Victor.  A handsome 21 year old preppy boy from Washington. Charlie thought he came off as very snobby and spoiled.

“I don’t get into any weird kink stuff…I’m actually normal. I just wanted to be able to say I got to experience something that others may not get to see. Ill admit, my family is pretty well off so I’ve gotten to experience so many great things at a young age. This sounded different so I thought why not”

Charlie felt down having not received anything yet. He went to check his mail the next morning and low and behold…the ticket/invitation was there. Charlie contacted the news and did his interview.

“I’ve heard so many great things about Mr.Gray I can’t wait to meet him! I feel really lucky and grateful for this opportunity” he told the reporter.

That night in bed Charlie heard noise in his apartment. He saw his window was open. It all happened so fast. He saw a figure dart towards the window and climb out. Charlie turned on his light and looked at the top of his dresser to see the ticket was gone. The man had stolen it. He threw on some shorts and ran outside trying to catch up with him. Charlie used to run track and was still pretty in shape and was able to catch up. He grabbed the man. The man spun around and punched Charlie in the gut, knocking the wind out of him. Charlie fell to the ground looking up at the young man smiling down at him.”

That’s too bad isn’t it” the man said cockily. “Don’t follow me. Just accept it for what it is” he said before spitting on Charlie and running off laughing.

Charlie was embarrassed, angry, and sad. He did a walk of shame back to his apartment. Their was no way to prove the ticket did not belong to the man who had taken it from him as he had already discarded the envelope.

Charlie saw the young man giving an interview on tv. His name was Trevor. 25 year old punk looking guy.

“It was so crazy man. I opened up my mailbox and the ticket was there. I’m SO grateful. I had thought they were only giving away 4 of these” he said, almost mockingly…

Charlie was making himself a coffee when his doorbell rang. A good looking guy was there. He was a clean cut guy, had the look of a salesman. Charlie was already annoyed and didn’t want to be sold anything.

“Hey I’m Nick, I am the assistant of Mr.Grey”.

Charlie looked shocked and confused.

“I was sent here because Mr.Grey wanted to personally invite you to his factory after hearing what had happened” The man said with a smile. “Will you accept this invite? He only planned for 4 people but wanted to make a special exception”.

“Of course!” Charlie said.

“Great! We will see you this Friday. Nice to meet you Charlie” Nick nodded his head and walked back to his car.

Charlie could not believe it…A personal invite to the factory.

The Gravity Machine

Friday came and Charlie got dressed in a simple jeans and T-shirt. He drive to the factory which was isolated in the middle of nowhere. He saw the other 4 were already there. Trevor looked completely stunned to see him. He smiled embarrassingly and put his head down as Charlie approached them all.

“I thought there were only supposed to be 4 of us?” Victor asked.

“It looks like someone’s sob story worked” Adam replied.

Charlie just laughed unsure if he was just joking around. He didn’t know if he should confront Trevor but opted not too, not really being the type to like confrontation. Willy was streaming for his viewers on his phone….holding it to the door waiting for Mr.Grey to come out.

The door opened and a handsome older man came out. Mr.Gray was mid-fifties but could pass for younger. Very much a silver fox.

“Nice to meet you all he said smoothly, before you come in I ask that you not record or take pictures. I have staff that work here who are discreet”.

Willy groaned and put his phone away. They all walked into a giant room full of bdsm type equipment. Lots of men in blue latex, work gloves and face shields building different equipment on the floor.

“This is our tech room, we create all types of bondage restraints, toys, ect. You guys are free to walk around and look at everything. Please don’t touch any of the equipment that is marked “Do not use” as we are still testing and working on them”.

Charlie roamed around looking at the different equipment. Stretching racks, bondage chairs, Vacbeds, and vaccubes. The group came across 2 of the tech guys working on what looked like just a giant slab of metal.

“What is this supposed to be?” Adam asked.

The techs were taken by surprise and turned to him to happily explain.

“This is the gravity machine, When you lay down on it someone can control the dial to make the gravity more or less strong” He pointed at a dial at the very bottom of the metal square. “The other dial next to it is to control sensitivity, We can make the person laying upon the gravity machine more or less sensitive to touch. Too just slightly ticklish to its more strong setting where just a poke would make the person shiver”.

“Impossible” Adam said as he dismissed the explanation. “Let me try for myself and see if this is for real”.

The two techs looked at each other unsure of how to respond and then at Mr.Grey.

“Well you see…the machine isnt exactly finished yet…We would rather be safe and not. We like to take regular bondage equipment and enhance it to be something more powerful and intense. Their is plenty of other stuff I would be happy to show you” Mr Grey said.

“Oh please” Adam replied as he laughed and rolled his eyes.

Mr Grey changed his mind, “Hmm well if you insist why don’t you climb up there”.

Adam smiled confidently and layed on the table.

“We will go just half way on the strength to be safe” one of the techs said. He slowly turned the dail up. Adam leaned forward a bit but slowly felt himself being weighed down. The tech increased the sensitivity half way as well.

“Lets test this” Mr.Grey smiled as he approached.

Mr.Grey lifted Adams shirt and lightly ran his finger down Adams side. Adam scream/laughed and jolted up before being forced back down very hard by gravity. Mr.Grey did it a few more times. Every time, Adam would jerk forward every time Mr.Grey would tickle a different spot and he would immediately be pulled back with great force. Mr.Grey then went for Adams worst spot. Adam howled with laughter and used all his strength to sit up before violently being forced back down. Adam is a large man and the amount of force when he came back this time made a loud slamming noise which shook the whole machine and also caused the dials on the machine to both turn to their most high settings. Mr.Grey acted like he didn’t even notice and continued to tickle various spots on Adam. Adam was both screaming and laughing. Tears were flowing down his face and he kept trying to beg in between laughing. Mr.Grey leaned in his ear and whispered something and then snapped his fingers. Adam had suddenly become quiet. His eyes were still blinking but  he looked peaceful in the face just lying there.

“I’m sorry Adam, It just came to my attention that the machine appears to have malfunctioned after you slammed down so many times so hard.” He tried to turn the strength dial down. “Both dials appear to be jammed”. I will have my techs work on this and get you off this table. With the most powerful setting on, even we will not be able to lift you off.” He turned to his tech workers. “You guys take care of Adam and get this Machine fixed, The rest of our group will have to move on. We will come back for you later Adam. My apologies”.

The techs nodded and shared a wink with Mr.Grey and then got to work inspecting the machine. The group of ticket winners looked shocked.

“Glad that is not me…” Victor said.

“Why did he become so quiet?” Trevor asked “What did you say to him?”.

“Oh I just simply calmed him down was all” Mr.Grey said as they moved to the next room.

The Fetish Bar

“Now this is the fetish bar,” Mr.Grey said with a laugh. “In this room we make different treats to help enhance some of your kink scenes”.

Charlie looked at the different vials labeled. Shrinking potion. Muscle growth formula. Bladder filler. Rubberize liquid. Charlie was intrigued to what these would all go but didn’t want to mess with anything.

“This is all so weird, no offense” Victor told Mr.Grey and all of his helpers.

The helpers were all behind the bar in the “kitchen” mixing different ingredients and making new creations. Charlie took notice to 3 different milky colored small bottles one of the workers put on the bar. One labeled A week. One labeled A month. And one labeled 6 months. Charlie picked up the one that said six months and observed it before Trevor grabbed it out of his hand.

“Yo what is this for MrGrey?” Trevor asked.

“Those are a chastity formula designed to modify your body so that you have the amount of cum built up that is on the label. So for example, the bottle that says 7 days will make it so your body matches having not cum in 7 days, try it, it is neat and can be great fun!” Mr.Grey said.

Trevor thought about how good that release would feel. He could always just exit to go to the restroom and let off relief after drinking it. He chugged the 6 month bottle down and felt the affects immediately.  He felt his balls physically enlarging. He became instantly hard and was quite embarrassed of the tent in his pants that everyone giggled at. His mind immediately went to needing to blow NOW.

“Here this will probably help” MrGrey said as he smiled and approached Trevor.

“Do you mind if I pull your shorts and underwear down just briefly?”

Trevor was confused and just eager to cum and obliged, thinking Mr.Grey was about to get him off in front of everyone. He wouldn’t of cared. He wanted to get off that badly. Instead Mr.Grey pulled out a chastity cage and forcefully hooked it together around Trevor’s dick.

“There you go, It will probably be uncomfortable at first but you need time for that to wear off and I can’t have you blowing all over my peoples hard work” Mr. Grey laughed. We’ll take that off at the end of the day when the formula should wear away”.

Trevors stomach dropped. He was not going to be able to focus on the rest of the day like this.

Willy whipped out his phone and began to live stream to his Instagram followers. He was recording the assistants working when one of them put their hand up and asked him to please not put them on video.

“It’s fine its just for instagram! Guys look at all of this crazy cool stuff you’re missing out on” He said to his followers.

Willys mind was on doing something bold for views. He forced his phone into the hands of one of the assistants and asked his to record for him.

“Watch this guys it’s crazy. Apparently these potions can have some crazy physical affects on you!”

He didn’t even read what they did before be chugged all 4 of the potions Charlie was viewing earlier. He smiled into the camera the surprised assistant was holding.

“Guess it didn’t seem to have much of an affect on me” he bragged. “oh…” He grabbed his stomach and private area. “Wait turn that phone away from me! I gotta go! Where is the restroom?!?”

The worker only stood defiantly recording Willy and smiling at his panic.


Just relax it will wear off” Mr.Grey smiled and said calmly.

“I need to go now! Tell him to stop recording me sir!””

Just relax you’re good man” MrGrey once again passively responded.

Willy began to wet himself and put his hand to try to block the camera from seeing. That’s not where his trouble ended. He felt his muscles start to inflate. His veins were popping. He went from twink to scary body builder. Charlie became a little worried that he would rage for the worker recording him or Mr.Grey and really do damage….And that is what looked like was about to happen when Willy charged at the worker holding the phone. He quickly stopped in his tracks. He was still muscular but his body was starting to shrink.

“Ahhh what’s happening!?” he yelled.

He was now about the size of an action figure. The tiny willy punched and kicked at the ankle of the worker he had the phone fixed down at him. Other workers gathered around amused and in awe. They got to see some of their new recipes in action. Next Willy began to feel his skin solidify to an extent. He could no longer move his arms on his own. Eventually he lost all autonomy. His entire body, skin and clothing, had became rubber! He basically looked like a rubber action figure charlie thought. Like one of the old WWE figures he used to play with when he was younger. One worker bent down and picked him up by his rubberized arm.

“We’ll go ahead and work on fixing this, don’t worry about it boss” the worker said to Mr.Grey.

“Thank you gentlemen, that was certainly unexpected! I’m sure it will be an easy fix though. Nothing to stress about. We’ll move along while my men go ahead and help Willy with his issues.”

Mr.Grey led the group out of the room while the workers carried Willy in a different direction. They seemed to be adjusting his arms and playing with him while they walked away. Clearly having fun with it all.

The Spa Foot Chair

“I need to go to the restroom very fast before we move on…” Trevor said.

“To be honest I could probably go as well “Victor added.

“Yeah of course, The rest room is right around the corner down the hall, I’ll be in this room when you guys are ready” Mr.Grey said, Pointing as a room at the very end of the hall at the other direction.

The guys all went into the restroom. Charlie went to one of the urinals and heard the other guys talking. Trevor grabbed Victor and was pleading for him to help get the chastity cage off.

“Please help get this off me man, You have no idea how bad I need to bust. It’s killing me!”

“Not sure what you want me to do about it” Victor dismissed him.

Victor went to the urinal next to Charlie and began to laugh to himself.

“What?” Charlie said.

“So funny story, The janitor at my Fathers company was actually the one who got the ticket. Of course…He wanted to keep his job and didn’t want any problems with myself and my Family so you can put 2 and 2 together and guess how I got it” Victor said with a chuckle. “I told the news I bought it off of him haha”.

Charlie was pretty sad and disgusted hearing that. Trevor still stood picking at the lock and shaking it getting aggravated. He wanted to beg Charlie for help as well but felt to stubborn to beg the man he assaulted for help.

Charlie exited the bathroom first and heard some faint laughing from the door of the tech room they were in first. While the other 2 guys finished up he figured he would peek his head in the door and see what was going on. He slowly pushed the door open enough to put his head in and was shocked by what he saw. The tech workers had Adam still on the gravity machine. But they were certainly not helping him. His clothes except his underwear had been cut off and a few of the tech guys were tickling in his pits, belly button, and the soles of his feet. They guys were sharing a laugh while Adam just layed there. He still didn’t react at all but his eyes were darting back and forth, glaring, and watering like a fountain.

“Uhh charlie…”

Charlie jumped and turned around to see Nick, Mr.Greys assistant.

“Oh sorry, I got lost”

“That’s okay. The rest of the group is waiting for you. Follow me” Nick said with a smile.

They walked to the room where Mr.Grey and the group were waiting.

The inside of the room was like a mini spa. Massage tables. A pedicure area. A hot tub and small pool. In the corner on the room one of the tech workers seemed to be working on some sort of crate contraption. The crate had a large hole in the center and at the very end of the crate was a very comfortable looking massage chair.

“Why dont you guys enjoy a break in our erotic spa. Please help yourselves” Mr.Grey said.

Charlie decided to strip down and lay on one of the massage tables. One of Mr.Greys assistants came over and began to give him a massage. It felt amazing.Trevor went to get a massage on the other table. He was even whispering under his breath for his masseuse to take his cage off. The worker just cracked a smile and continued to rub him down.

Victor didn’t go for a massage but instead went straight to Mr.Grey.

“How much would it cost to rent out this room a few times a week, I think I could enjoy this and being worked on by your servants.” ”

Oh sorry victor, this room is not for sale” MrGrey said. “My workers only work for me”.

Victor did not like being told no. While getting his massage Charlie listened into the two of them going back and fourth, or more so, Victor berating Mr.Grey. Victor got in Mr.Greys face

“Now you listen to me…”

A worker stepped in and pulled Victor back a little telling him to calm down.

“Dont you touch me! I don’t want your filthy hands on my clothes. They are worth more than your entire being” Victor said yanking his arm back.

“Alright victor, i’ll make a deal. If you agree to help us test out out new piece of spa equipment, then I will agree to you being worked on FREE 3 times a week here” Mr.Grey said.

Victor instantly stopped his tantrum and smiled feeling victorious.

“Of course I accept that deal”.

The worker and Mr.Grey shared a smile and they led Nick over to the crate that was finished being built.

The worker used a key to unlock a small door on the side. He directed Victor to get inside and sit. He followed Victor inside and helped him fit his head into the hole. He secured Nicks head in place with several straps tightened around the back of his head so that it could not be pulled back. His head was visible filling in the hole and perfectly immobile. He then fit Victors wrists that were on each side of the inner crate. Victor began to protest but Mr.Grey assured it was just for safety. The worker exited the small door and locked it. He then asked Victor to open his mouth a little. Victor hesitantly did as told hooked together what seemed to be some variation of a dental spreader in Victors mouth. It was not opened up though. Mr.Grey went to the door of the spa room and let in several tech workers who all seemed to be on break. Some got massages, some relaxed in the hot tub. Mr.Grey brought one over and asked if he would be happy to test the new spa chair. The worker looked at Victor and his eyes lit up with excitement.

“Of course man! I was actually wondering how this project was going”

He hopped into the chair. He slid off his work shoes that he was wearing sock-less.

“It has been a long day, This is a nice surprise. It looks like you did a really great job on this man, I’m impressed” he said to one of the other workers.

He then planted one of his soles across Victors face and leaned back to get comfy in the chair. He smiled and let out a relaxing sigh. Victor became enraged at what was happening and began kicking and trying to jerk around. He was going anywhere and could not turn his head. On the side of the chair was a remote with an up and down arrow. The worker tapped the up arrow repeatedly. The dental spreader in victors mouth began to widen. Once he felt it was wide enough the worker quickly stuffed all 5 of his toes into victors mouth and flexed and curled them all over his tongue. Victors yells were muffled by the workers whole foot in his mouth.

“Can you tell the other guys about this still working out there? They are gonna love this! You have to get them in here” He said to one of the other workers.

“Of course” the worker responded as he turned to leave and go fetch more guys to try the chair.

Mr.Grey smiled down at Victor “I hope you’re still excited about our deal for you to come here a few times a week to work on you”.

He turned to the other guys and had them get dressed to leave to the next room on the tour leaving Victor with the dozens of workers on break waiting for their turn to test the chair.

Milking Justice

“This is the last room I wanted to show you guys” Mr.Grey said.

Mr.Grey, Nick, Trevor, and Charlie all worked into a room that looked very medical looking. A hospital bed was in the center with restraints.

“So, Trevor. You have been dying to get that sucker off all day I imagine?” Mr.Grey said, smiling at Trevor.

“Yes! Please man!” Trevor laughed “Its killing me!”.

“Well I can help with that. Why dont you strip down and lie on the bed” Mr.Grey instructed.

“Of course, I’ll do anything at this point” Trevor said hopping on the bed.

Mr.Grey and Nick restrained Trevors arms, legs, ankles, chest, and waist. Nick wheeled over a milking machine….Mr.Grey unlocked Trevors chastity device and Trevor became instantly rock hard. He was dripping pre-cum like a leaking faucet. Mr.Grey whispered in Trevors ear

“No matter how close you get, you can’t cum without my permission” he then snapped his fingers.

Nick was working on his cock steadily stroking him up and down. Nick felt like he was at the point of no return the entire time yet could not cum. He was yelling and begging to cum. Mr.Grey would snap his fingers which seemed to trigger more sensitivity. Trevor just kept begging and pleading to no avail. Finally Nick hooked the milking machine up to his cock.

“You’re free to cum Trevor” Mr.Grey said.

The machine was hardly on his cock for 20 seconds before Trevor let out a scream and blew a gigantic load that immediately got sucked up into the machine.The machine stayed on for about a minuet and pulled out another load while Trevor yelled. At this point Trevor could not even be understood. He looked like he was being possessed. Nick stopped the machine after the second load and took it off. Mr.Grey approached Trevor and whispered in his ear. The same thing happened that happened with Adam. Trevor became calm but his eyes were still moving and blinking. He was like a statue.

“Do you like to polish a knob Charlie?” Mr.Grey said as he rested his palm on Trevor’s cockhead.

Trevors eyes were bugging but he just stayed laying there still. Mr.Grey waved Charlie over

“Come over here and enjoy yourself, he is fully alert and awake, he is just paralyzed. He can still feel everything”.

Charlie smiled “That is amazing.”.

He grabbed Trevors cock and began to slowly rub the cockhead with his palm. Every once in a while Mr.Grey would snap to increase sensitivity.

“If your hands get tired i’m happy to step in” Nick joked.

Charlie polished Trevors cock head for a full 15 minuets and his cock stayed hard the whole time. Trevors eyes had tears running down his face the whole time while Charlie never let off. Charlie just kept eye contact with him the entire time with a smirk on his face.

“That’s just to bed isn’t it?” Charlie said.

Eventually Charlie got up while Nick hopped in his place to pick up where Charlie left off. Mr.Grey walked with Charlie out of the room.

“I’m glad you came. You’re a pretty quiet man but I knew you had a an amazing dominant side in there. You were amazing and ruthless with Trevor”.

Charlie smiled, enjoying the praise.

“I want you to join me at my factory. I plan to re-open it back up and could use an extra assistant. Nick is moving away….” He said looking over at Charlie.

“Are…are you serious? Of course sir! It would be an honor to work here with you.”

“Great Charlie! I knew you would not disappoint. I think we will have a lot of fun running this place together.”


To read more of this story — as well as several other titles by the same author — visit his author page at Gay Spiral Stories. You can also follow the author on Twitter.


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