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Christian Wilde brutally fucks a bad-ass inmate in his prison cell

Christian Wilde brutally fucks a bad-ass inmate in his prison cellChristian Wilde is a new guard assigned to watch over Troy Daniels, an inmate whose file lists him as a bad-ass. The warden has chained Troy up in his cell and fitted him with a chastity device. It’s late and the jail is empty so Christian decides to turn the bad-ass into a sex slave. Christian uses the crop on the prisoner and makes him choke on his cock.

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He slides his dick up Troy’s ass and fucks him mercilessly on the desk. With Troy on the CBT box, Christian hangs weights from his balls and gives him a hard flogging. With an ass hook filling his ass Troy’s mouth his held open by the spider gag and filled with Christian’s cock. Suspended by the jail house bars, Troy is fucked hard by Christian and covered in his cum.

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One thought on “Christian Wilde brutally fucks a bad-ass inmate in his prison cell”

  1. OK, where are the leather cop gloves? Seriously, this is like the third Bound Gods video with a uniform theme that has outright omitted the gloves! Did they get lost in the laundry? Van lose one of each pair? What the hell?

    Otherwise, the stills and preview video looks interesting though the lack of cop gloves severely hurt the video. I do like the blondfold mask though. That’s an awesome piece of mask-related gear I hope we see in future videos.

    Give Christian Wilde a pair of cop gloves and a police uniform to wear at all times in his videos and maybe Van can create his next big character for Bound Gods to replace the now departed Brenn Wyson/Creepy Janitor. God knows Wilde is vanilla as hell, but give hjm a pair of gloves, maybe get him to grow a ‘stache, and keep him in a uniform and he might actually manage to break out of his generic A&F image and become something awesome….

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