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Bathhouse bondage

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Christian Wilde and Jessie Colter decide to drag their bound whore Connor Patricks to Club Eros, a bathhouse here in San Francisco, with his eyes blindfolded. The horny crowd takes his clothes off and starts playing with the bound stud’s cock. That’s just when it starts to get interesting.

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Dolf Dietrich endures abuse from Master Christian Wilde

Leather slave Dolf Dietrich awaits on bended knee for Master Christian Wilde, begging to feel his touch.

Mr Wilde obliges with heavy punches to Dolf’s muscled torso before working up his fat cock. Begging for abuse, Dolf endures the cat-o-nine tails before he’s bound to the wall, with a gag lodged in his mouth. Drooling all over himself, the bound slave takes a relentless flogging, the blindfold covering his eyes making it impossible to anticipate each blow. Dolf is rewarded with servicing his master’s rock hard cock and taken over to the bed. A row of clothespins line across Dolf’s muscular ass, his hole exposed as Christian crops each one off. For a final reward, Christian pounds his slave’s hole before erupting a huge load across Dolf’s face.

Models in this shoot: Dolf Dietrich, Christian Wilde

Title: Muscled hunk begs for his master’s abuse

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Brian Huggins is abducted and tied up by the creepy janitor

Hot muscular athlete Brian Huggins is exhausted from his workout and just wants to take a nice hot shower away from the prying eyes of the creepy janitor, but Brian’s smooth tanned naked body is just too much to resist! The janitor jumps on Brian, slamming him up against the lockers and tying his wrists before throwing a collar around his neck and shoving an anal hook deep in his tight resistant asshole. After a thorough paddling and face fucking, Brian is strung up against the showers and flogged mercilessly until the janitor adorns his writhing body with numerous clothespins, taunting him and teasing the clothespins with his hands as a gagged Brian groans and curses in waves of pinching agony. Just as Brian is getting used to the pain, the janitor fires up the hose and subjects Brian to a merciless stream of freezing water straight on the clothespins! The soaked captive is then dragged into the sauna and bound precariously in the middle of the room, where he faces even more torment in the form of the janitor’s massive cock in his mouth and ass and hot wax all over his chiseled chest, washboard abs and even on his tongue! Once the janitor has blown his load all over Brian’s face, he stashes him in with the dirty laundry so he can play with his poor victim again and again!

Title of this vid: Straight Boy in the Locker Room is Abducted and Fucked!

Models in this shoot: Brian Huggins, Christian Wilde

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Online hookup turns into a night of full bondage

Eager and horny, Grayson Frost waits in his apartment for his online hookup to show. When Christian Wilde walks through his door, Grayson is in awe. This is a recent shoot from Bound Gods. Christian can tell Grayson is a little nervous, so he gets right to business, telling him: “When I play, I play rough. Don’t waste my time.” Before he knows it, Grayson is pushed to his knees. His arms bound behind his back before taking every inch of Christian’s hard cock down his throat all while being beaten with his own belt.

Bound for the first time in full bondage, Grayson attempts to touch his cock but Christian has other plans for him. He edges the captive’s hard, uncut cock before ramming a giant plug up his ass to pry him open for Christian’s cock. Grayson feels the leather paddle beat his flesh while servicing Christian’s cock once more. Hot wax all over his balls and clover clamps across his chest, Grayson bites down on his ball gag as Christian removes the giant plug and replaces it with his giant rod. Once the clover clamps come off, Christian pulls the gag out of the boy’s mouth and rewards him with a massive load.


Models in this shoot: Christian Wilde, Grayson Frost

Title of this shoot: Online hookup turns into a night of kinky sex for BDSM virgin

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Kaden Alexander gets flogged on every part of his hard body

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In this shoot from KinkMen:

Kaden Alexander likes a little bondage and corporal with his sex. Luckily the ruthless sex maniac Christian Wilde discovers Kaden and knows exactly what he needs. Kaden is tied against a pillar so Christian can easily beat him mercilessly. Once Mr. Wilde grows tired of using his fists, he unleashes the electrified wrath of the zapper across Kaden’s body. Kaden is then flogged on top of a lazy Susan, so Christian can effectively flog every part of his hard body. The extreme corporal is exactly what Kaden desired, and he is more than ready to fuck. Mr. Wilde suspends him in front of a pillar and destroys Kaden’s tight hole with his huge cock. A satisfied Kaden is freed from his suspension so he can take all Christian’s hot cum in his mouth. Christian’s hard cock, and ruthless fists is just what Kaden needed to blow his load all over his battered body.

kaden_alexander_gay_bondage_02 kaden_alexander_gay_bondage_03 kaden_alexander_gay_bondage_04 kaden_alexander_gay_bondage_05 kaden_alexander_gay_bondage_06 kaden_alexander_gay_bondage_07


Title of this shoot: Straight Boy Begs for Hard Torment

Models in this shoot: Christian Wilde, Kaden Alexander

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Christian Wilde’s gay bondage nightmare

Christian Wilde gets tied up, cock teased, tormented, beaten and edged.

Christian Wilde gets tied up, cock teased, tormented, beaten and edged

Late at night two invaders enter Christian Wilde‘s apartment while he’s sleeping. These pervs mean to admire the stud’s body, but when one of them gets clumsy Christian wakes up. The invaders have no choice but to take him down. Christian’s cock gets hard through his underwear as the two men tease him. They lick his head but never suck his cock as he struggles in bed, begging to cum.

Early the next morning Christian finds himself bound to a chair with nipple clamps on. The vibrators on his cock head bring him to the edge again and again. Lastly Christian is flogged and one of the pervs eats his beautiful ass. After being edged all night, Christian rockets his huge load into their mouths

The vibrators on his cock head bring him to the edge again and againThe vibrators on his cock head bring him to the edge again and again. Lastly Christian is flogged and one of the pervs eats his beautiful ass. After being edged all night, Christian rockets his huge load into their mouths

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Two studly slaves get tied up, used and abused by Christian Wilde


This session was streaming live over the internet, and members were calling the shots through chat. House doms Christian Wilde and Van Darkholme worked over the house slaves Chad Rock and Ned. Chad’s worst fear is electricity, and that entertains the hell out of the doms and not to mention viewing members. Ned’s role is the pampered slave while Chad gets the raw end of the deal … because he’s a sinner. It says so on his back. Regardless, both men are beaten and fucked until they get a face full of cum from Christian Wilde.

chad_rock_gay_bondage_02 chad_rock_gay_bondage_03 chad_rock_gay_bondage_04


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