Combination Locks

By Tietotree

You asked about a bondage challenge I will give you the same one that Ray gave me when he lived with me, there is one bed, there is four padlocks which lock the chain to the bed frame and four combination locks which hook the chains to your arms and legs. Each lock will open with a combination of three numbers. Now once on the bed the chain will be administered to your limbs first, the chain will then be pulled until your limbs are tight and then padlocked to the frame of the bed.

The challenge is simple you open the locks on your limbs which on your wrists you will be able to hold the lock in your hand and turn the knob with your fingers, find the combination and the locks will open.

Sounds simple right? Try it out with someone that can help you nearby if you get stuck for without knowing the combinations your chances of opening all four locks and escape from the bondage is about the same as hitting the lottery.

Ray acted like he was a sport and told me that once per hour he would let me choose a slip of paper from a bag with one number on it that will open a lock, twelve numbers, twelve hours. Now being the sport that he was he also had a price for his help with the numbers for without them there is little to no chance for escape. The price was each hour I was to drink one 12-ounce bottle of beer. That is 12 beers in 12 hours.

The numbers as they were drawn were written onto a pad which sat on the stand beside the bed, well within my sight, however being drawn one at a time the way they came from the bag still gave no hint as to the sequence of those numbers needed to open the locks.

Some of the time he left me alone to work with the numbers and feel the hopelessness of the situation, however a lot of the time he found ways with which he could fuck with me, tickle me, talk to me, make me talk back, sounds of the shower in the bathroom running water etc. Also he had sex with me during this time in his wishes his way.

It took almost three hours before the beer did the damage and came with a flood from me, I begged him to use the john he laughed and walked off telling me to learn to swim and live with it.

At the end of the 12 hours, he told me that there was no hope of beating him so he was going to be a sport again, this time he would produce four cards all with a combination written on it, note he said all had a combination on it, not all had a different combination on it, so he was going to allow me to pull one of these cards once per whole day. I was to listen to the numbers and repeat them ten times and I was to attempt to remember them. For at the end of the tenth time all the lights would go out for me to rest and sleep. Again however he had his price for this help as well, the price on that first night was a piece of wood like the size of a railroad tie, this he placed under the small of my back so that it would press there and keep my night of waiting in discomfort. All the while the numbers were not written down it was up to me to remember them or lose them.

The night was long and it was uncomfortable and I spent most of it repeating the numbers over and over so I would not forget them, I wanted the chance to open at least one of the locks and to do so the combination would have to be one of the ones on my wrists.

Morning came, as soon as it was light I checked the numbers and tried them on the locks on both wrists, neither one was the one I was looking for. I laid back and waited for him to come in.

During this time he did come in and feed me breakfast. I still had the numbers on the pad and I could try them, now they were down to nine numbers for I know that three do not work at least not in that order.

The day went by with him playing with me and my head, one of the ways used to fuck with me was that breakfast was also laced with a laxative which he told me about when I was done eating the food. (I was humiliated at first when he put me in an adult diaper, but I was glad for it by now.) This guy really knew how to get into someone’s head.

The day passed another card was drawn, the numbers were different than the first the block of wood was replaced and to add to it a smaller block this time was added under the base of my neck, too low for the head to rest on it.

The third day came, with it after breakfast came a blindfold, I could hear him calling people and talking to them on the phone, a short time latter three voices were there besides his voice, the bed by now was my prison.

These three were there to see for themselves, adding to the degradation and humiliation of the whole thing, they too had sex with me telling me I did not deserve to see the cock fucking me or I was sucking, and near the end of the day they too left. The third drawing came, this time it was a repeat of the first and him telling me that with all four cards there that it could happen.

I knew or at least I thought now that I have only six numbers to work on my wrists with for the other six were numbers for my legs, this cut the odds down greatly. I spent most of the day trying to work with them as he increased his fucking with me physically and mentally.

By day four the place really smelled terrible, I was also stiff and weak, holding the lock was a job turning the dials was almost a hard kind of deal. I knew though that with the deal that this would end tomorrow, but how? Again at the end of the day came the numbers again was a duplicate card.

The night went by, morning came, when it came after breakfast he told me that he was going to really give me a chance, he wrote in real big numbers the combinations for all four locks and laid them against the lamp on the night stand. Once putting it there he told me that he was not going to play with me today that he was going out with his friends but I could work the locks and attempt to escape.

I got the first open but could not pull on the hasp through the chain. I went to the other lock and it came free, took almost an hour and the rest was fairly easy to get loose.

Got loose and almost walked to the bedroom door to the shower and it was hard being so stiff, anyhow I looked out the door and there he was on the couch watching TV with a headset on. He saw me and walked to me smiling and went into the shower with me and we had sex. It was all a game but a hell of a game.



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