Corporate Takeover – Chapter 01

By lthr_jock

Brian Watling exhaled sharply as he completed his last bench press and put the weights bar back in place. He sat up, grabbing his bottle of water and his towel as he sat for a moment before standing up and stretching his aching muscles. As he did, he looked at himself in the mirror – for a 53 year old man, he was doing pretty well. At 6ft tall, he still retained a good deal of the muscle mass from his youth. Regular workouts had ensured that he didn’t put on the paunch that so many of his colleagues had developed and a couple of minor operations had ensured that he retained a good head of hair. Most people assumed he was in his late 30’s – until they considered that he had been the chairman of Watling Inc for over 20 years.

Brian headed for the showers but before he could get there, the intercom chimed. “Sorry to disturb you Mr Watling but your son is here to see.” Muttering a curse, he wondered what that useless parasite wanted now. His only son had been a constant disappointment to him, more interested in lazing around than hard work. As a result, Brian had kicked his son out three years ago and now lived alone in the sprawling mansion. “Tell him to wait in the drawing room. No, wait, send him through. Let’s get this over with.”

He took a long swig from his water bottle and sat down on the weights bench waiting for Geoff to arrive. The door to the gym swung open after a few minutes and Geoff walked in – both shorter and less muscular than his father, he reminded Brian of his long-deceased mother. As usual, he was wearing what Brian though of as chav couture – shiny black Adidas tracksuit and baseball cap and undoubtedly ruinously expensive trainers. Brian sighed. “Geoff. What do you want?”

The younger man grinned and leaned against a running machine. “What? No tearful welcome for your only child? Surely you’ve missed me, father?”

“Cut the crap, Geoff. What have you done this time?” Geoff’s only contact during the past three years had been when he needed money or bailing out when he had got in trouble with the police. “I warned you last time, I’m not interceding with the police again.”

Geoff raised his hands in mock horror. “Nothing like that, I’ve turned over a new leaf. I’ve been studying and am looking to open up a business.”

Brian looked sceptical. “A business? Doing what?”

“Well, I’ve been working with several personal trainers about…”

“You want to buy a gym? And I suppose I’ll be bank-rolling it? Fat chance.”

Geoff tutted. “Now father, don’t jump to conclusions. No, we’ve been working on developing a supplement to assist in muscle gain and weights loss.”

Brian barked with laughter. “There are a thousand of products like that on the market – and they’re all crap. What makes yours any different?”

Geoff smiled and for the first time Brian realised that his son’s eyes were like his own – and he had seen that look in the mirror before: a look of steely determination. “Because this works. It enhances muscle growth, accentuates fat loss and helps with concentration and motivation.”

“Sounds too good to be true.”

“Doesn’t it? But I don’t expect you to take my word for it.” Geoff opened up the bag he was carrying and pulled out a sheaf of paperwork as well as 6 canisters of tablets. “Here are the medical workups we’ve done as well as the results of the tests we’ve been doing for the last 6 months. I think you’ll be impressed by the results. These are samples of the supplement. Feel free to try it for yourself.”

Geoff stood up and headed for the door. “Wait, so you don’t want a hand-out?” He turned with a smile. “No, father. I want you to check my work, have it tested yourself and then once you’re convinced you will be one of several people that may bid to invest in my company. Best hurry – we’re already being spoken to by several major pharmaceutical companies.”

With that he left, leaving Brian in a state of surprise. This was so unlike Geoff that he wondered if it was some kind of scam. However, when he was reviewing the paperwork later he was impressed – impressed enough to send it off to his R&D head for review. He also sent 3 canisters of the tablets off for testing.

Two days later, Brian had almost forgotten the encounter. He was currently organising the takeover of two competitor companies so had been in a succession of high-level meetings and his only respite had been his workouts each morning. He got up, got dressed and started his stretches. As he did, he saw one of the spare canisters of supplements and decided to take a couple before his workout. Swallowing them down, he went into the gym and got going.

Two hours later, Brian was interrupted by the intercom and he realised he had worked out far longer than intended. The time had blasted past and he was feeling a massive high – he didn’t know whether it was down to the supplements, but he felt better than he had for ages and after he answered the intercom, he whistled happily as he went into the shower.

His good mood lasted all that morning, but as he headed into the first afternoon meeting, he was irritable. He found it difficult to concentrate and he snapped at several of his staff when they couldn’t answer his questions. The meeting ended unsatisfactorily and when his following conference call was late, he cancelled it and stormed out of the office. Brian strode around the office, his staff keeping well out of his way before deciding to take an unprecedented early day.

Heading home, Brian was unsure what to do to get himself out of this mood. As his car idled at a red traffic light, he caught sight of a sign “Bodyworks”. He knew the place – a gym for real muscle-heads. He didn’t use public gyms as he home gym was better than most, but for some reason he decided to give this place a visit. He parked up and headed inside, only then realising that he had no workout gear with him. Luckily the gym had a shop attached to it, so he was able to get something that he could use.

The shop didn’t have anything like his normal workout gear, so when he went into the gym Brian was wearing a pair of blue lycra workout tights and a black underarmour sleeveless top. He had loose shorts over the top and a hoodie so that he wouldn’t get a chill afterwards. He set to expecting to get as good a buzz as he had earlier – but it just didn’t seem to get going. He cursed to himself as he failed to get into the right head-space, but persevered until he was sweating and his muscles ached. It was a frustrating workout – but maybe, just maybe his idiot son was onto something.

The next morning, Brian headed into the gym wearing the gear he had picked up on the previous day. He grabbed the supplements and took two before starting his workout. As with the day before, the time rocketed past and once again he was interrupted by the intercom. He had powered through a hard workout, and felt fantastic. It looked as though Geoff had actually done something worthwhile. Still, no reason to tell him that. Brian sent off a memo to the lab directing them to break down the supplement so that he could create his own version. By the time that was done, it was time for his meeting and he didn’t have time to change. So his board of directors got treated to the sight of their chairman running the meeting in his sweaty workout gear. If any of them thought this was odd, no-one mentioned it. Brian finished the meeting off quickly and then headed back into the gym as he had a gap before his next appointment.

Again he took the supplement beforehand, and again he had a fantastic workout. Although he was in time for his next appointment, he found himself distracted – all he wanted to do was get back into the gym. As a result, he cut it short and went into the gym for his third workout of the day. As he loaded the bar for his chest presses, he noted that he was already 10k higher than he would normally go – damn, this supplement really worked!

Over the next two weeks, Brian worked out two or three times a day, taking the supplement before each session. The results were obvious – his muscles were bulging larger and his body fat was reducing. His normally flat stomach was now clearly showing the development of a six pack and his muscles were bulging his clothing. He ordered new clothing – including workout gear. His new workout gear was all lycra and spandex as he enjoyed the way it showed his muscles off.

As Brian chugged down the supplement, he realised that he was on the last bottle. His scientists had been unable to break the supplement down yet, and he wanted to make sure that he had more – his workouts had been too good. He made the decision to call Geoff.

“Geoff, it’s your father.”

“Oh? Have you made your decision?”

“No – the supplement is still undergoing testing. But the lab has had an accident and run out of the tablets. Can you send another set of samples through?”

There was a moment’s silence before Geoff replied. “Of course. I assume it’s the Basingstoke lab? I’ll send them directly there.”

“NO! No need for that. Send them here and I’ll maintain closer oversight to make sure this doesn’t happen again.” Brian was surprised at how much he wanted to make sure that he got more of the tablets.

“OK. Would another 10 bottles be enough?”

“Yes, that’s fine. Thanks.” Without saying anything else, Brian hung off and headed into the gym.

At the other end of the call, Geoff smiled at his phone. He still had friends inside the mansion and they had been reporting on his father’s gym habits. Everything was going as he planned. He packed up 10 bottles of the supplement. In the package, he included a Blu-Ray and an instruction manual. He looked forward to his next call from his father – assuming all went to plan, he would be in control of the company within a year.

The package arrived by courier early the next day and Brian ripped it open. He sighed in relief as he saw the bottles of supplements and raised an eyebrow as he saw the Blu-Ray. The paperwork with it said that it was a motivational programme intended to help focus and was intended to be played when someone went to sleep each night. Brian shrugged – the supplements had worked, so why not try this as well. He was tempted to head into the gym right there and then, but he couldn’t put off his next meeting. He was distracted all the way through it, but kept it going and was heading out the door when his aide reminded him that for the next three weeks he would be touring the company satellite sites. Brian cursed to himself and told the aide to make sure that everywhere he was staying had a decent gym.

He had forgotten that he was going to be away. When his aide packed, Brian made sure he packed enough workout gear. He then slipped the supplements in the bag and, after a moments hesitation, added the blu-ray.

The next day he got up early so that he could have a good workout before he left. That didn’t help, though and a long day of traveling and meetings left him snappy and irritable. With a sense of relief, he arrived at his hotel and immediately changed and headed down to their gym. Despite looking for hotels with good gyms, this was nowhere near as good as home gym. Even so, he was able to get in a good workout and he ended the evening going to bed with his muscles burning warmly from the work out.

Just as he was about to go to sleep, he remembered the blu-ray. He put it on and (as expected) heard some bland background music and a voice encouraging him to relax. He nodded off within a few minutes, so didn’t notice when the voice changed. Now the voice was encouraging other things: working out more and harder, eating better, using the supplements more. As the blu-ray progressed, other things were added: attraction to men, submission, desire for bondage, attraction to leather and latex and finally reduction in intelligence. In all, the blu-ray played for three hours, flooding Brian’s subconscious with its instructions. With a final instruction that Brian would play the blu-ray every night, it stopped and allowed him to spend the rest of the night in peace.

Brian woke up and stretched before heading down to the gym. After a heavy session and a shower, he stood looking at himself in the bathroom mirror. He was looking good – but he could look better. He wanted to be bigger, more massive. He needed to get to work on that as soon as possible. In between that days meetings, Brian spent time online buying heavier weights and better workout gear for his home gym. He also researched gyms near his hotel and found one that was more like what he was looking for. He also did some research into other places to visit and found what he wanted.

Brian finished off his meetings as quickly as possible, then packed up a sports bag and took a taxi down to the first of the shop names he had noted down. The area wasn’t a particularly good one, but he was unconcerned as the taxi dropped him outside a shop in side-road called “Cuir Experience”. He pushed the door and found it locked, then saw an intercom beside it. Pushing the button, he waited a couple of seconds before a buzz and a click indicated the door had been unlocked. He pushed it open and headed inside.

Once inside, he stood for a few seconds, looking around. The shop was full of the aromatic smell of leather – not just jackets, but trousers, shirts and all sorts of uniforms. He could see there was a back room as well. Behind the counter a hugely muscled young man was looking at him. He smiled. “Good evening. Are you looking for anything in particular?”

Brian looked at him, finding himself staring at the way the guys chest was clearly defined by the black rubber vest he was wearing. “Umm..I’m just looking for some stuff.” The usually confident corporate giant found himself tongue-tired and uncharacteristically unsure. The younger man grinned and leaned forward on the counter. “No problems. Just give me a shout if you need a hand with anything. This area has all the leather in it. The back room has all the rubber and bondage gear – you know, if you’re into that.”

Brian nodded “Ok. Thanks. I’ll check it out.” The younger man raised an eyebrow and Brian found himself blushing and walked towards the racks. “Oh, you’ll have to leave your bag here.” Brian handed it over and the young man stowed it behind the counter. He watched Brian with a smile – he had dealt with lots of nervous people, but usually they were much younger than Brian. He wondered what his story was – probably shopping on behalf of a new boyfriend. He chuckled to himself and kept one eye on Brian as he leafed through some paperwork.

Meanwhile, Brian was wandering around feeling confused. He wasn’t sure exactly why he had decided to visit this store and didn’t know what he wanted. He picked up several items, only to put them back down again. He found he was enjoying running his hands over the leather and inhaled deeply to get the smell into his lungs. After about fifteen minutes, he found himself by the entry to the backroom and headed in. This room was much larger and Brian stood for a few seconds with his mouth open. Racks of rubber wear stretched away to the left. On the right was every conceivable kind of bondage gear that Brian had even imagined – and quite a few that he had not. He didn’t know what to think, and as he stood there he felt a presence behind him.

“Impressive isn’t it?” came the voice of the assistant. “We’re very proud of our range. So, are you buying for yourself or someone else?” Brian paused and without turning around said “For me.” “That makes things easier – a Top shopping for himself doesn’t get distracted so much by the bondage gear.” He paused and as the silence extended, he noted the way that Brian was staring at the racks of bondage gear. “Or have I made a mistake? Are you maybe not a Top?” Brian wasn’t sure how to respond. “I’m not comfortable discussing that with a stranger.” The man chuckled and stepped in front of Brian, turning to face him. He held out his hand. “I’m Dave. Don’t worry, you’re not the first person to be nervous when coming in here for the first time. Why don’t you try something out – just to see how it feels.” Brian nodded without thinking and Dave grabbed something off the rack.

“Stand still.” Brian did as he was told and Dave started to strap something around his head. He could feel it tightening all across his scalp and face and something thicker was secured around his neck. Dave turned him to face a mirror and Brian could see that his head was covered in a mesh of leather straps secured by straps with buckles at the back. It included a leather collar with a big D ring at the front and there was a larger gap around his mouth. “So, what do you think? Do you like it?” Brian nodded, though Dave was able to see his excitement by the bulge in his tracksuit. “Excellent. There’s a gag that goes with it – if you want to fully experience it.” “Maybe later.” Dave nodded and pocketed the gag. “Very sensible – the gag does make conversation tricky. So, tell me, what’s your name?” “Brian.” “Good to meet you, Brian. Now that we’ve introduced ourselves a bit, let’s make the situation clear. While this head harness is on you, you call me Sir – understand?” “Yes, Sir.” Dave grinned. “Very good. Good to see that you can take direction. Now, Brian, do you want to start in here or next door?” Brian paused and licked his lips, his tongue running over the leather than was framing his mouth. “In here.” “Well, that’s keen – but don’t worry, we’ll start you off gently.”

Dave clipped a chain leash to the D ring on Brian’s collar and gave it a pull as he walked over to a rack of harnesses. “So you’ll need a harness, Brian.” He pointed out the chest and bulldog harnesses and then the more complex slave harnesses. “I’d suggest this – he pulled out a bulldog harness in thick black leather and white leather piping. “What do you think?” Brian nodded. “Let’s see how it looks on you. Take your top off.” Brian paused, then took off his tracksuit top revealing the Underarmour vest beneath. “Damn, Brian, you’ve been working out. Looking good.” As Brian paused, Dave continued “vest off as well.” Brian was now stood in the shop naked down to the waist. Dave pulled the bulldog harness around him and then secured it tightly in place. Brian shivered as the central D ring sat against his chest. Dave moved so he could see himself in the mirror and Brian noted how the harness made his pecs seem even bigger. He nodded with approval.

“Look at you admiring yourself.” Dave chuckled before yanking on the leash and leading Brian back out into the front room. Brian was nervous about going out and paused but Dave pulled harder and he stumbled as he followed the assistant. Dave walked over to the racks of leather trousers. He checked Brian’s waist size and pulled out a pair of leather trousers with white piping. “Put these on.” Brian took them and looked around for a changing room. He saw a sign and stepped towards it, but the leash pulled him up short. “That’s for tops. You change here.” Despite the fact that there was no-one else in the shop, Brian was scared he would be seen and he hesitated. Dave just looked at him. “Strip, or I’ll strip you. NOW.” Brian jumped as he was shouted at and he pulled off his trainers and his tracksuit bottoms. The Underarmour shorts followed and he went to step into the leather trousers. “No. underwear too.” Brian barely paused as he slid his jockstrap off, allowing his semi-hard cock to bob in front of him. He then pulled the leather jeans on. They were absolutely skin tight – Dave had deliberately given him a pair that was a size too small – but he got them on and felt great as his legs were now covered in tight, glossy leather.

“Much better. Now boots.” Brian took him over to a rack and handed him white rugby socks. He then handed him a pair of Dehners. Brian pulled both on and then stood up as Dave led him to a mirror. “How does that feel, Brian? Is that what you were looking for?” Brian couldn’t think of anything to say, so he just nodded. “Want to get the whole experience?” He nodded again. “Good.” Dave stepped behind him. “Open your mouth.” Brian did so and Dave reached around him with the gag, allowing Brian to see what was happening in the mirror. The gag was a small cock gag that Dave pushed into his mouth and secured with press studs. He then took a set of padlocks and locked the head harness and collar in place. “Don’t move.”

Dave stepped into the back room and came back with heavy leather wristbands that he strapped and locked onto Brians wrists. He then pulled his hands behind him and secured them together with a heavy padlock. Brian’s cock was now trying to burst out of the leather trousers and he could feel pre-cum leaking out. He let out a groan into the gag. Dave grinned. “I think that’s a sale, isn’t it?” Brian nodded.

(lthr_jock updated the above while wearing a posture collar, chastity cage and heavy handcuffs following orders from Metalbond)


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  1. Every now and then a fetish writer with unique ideas and exceptional story-telling abilities rises to the top of the pack.

    There has been Pierced Skin, David Stein, Quandt, Ryan and blufman.

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