Corporate Takeover – Chapter 02

By lthr_jock

At that point the buzzer sounded, indicating there was a customer at the door. To Brian’s surprise, Dave didn’t release him, instead going over to the counter, checking the CCTV and then buzzing the customers in. Brian flushed red with embarrassment as three men came in. He tried to look inconspicuous, but they spotted him and pointed at him with a chuckle. Dave headed over. “Don’t mind them. Let’s just get you somewhere more discrete.” Dave grabbed the leash again and led Brian back into the rear room.

He took him right to the back of the room where there were several heavy and cumbersome items of dungeon furniture. He swung the door of a steel cage open. “Get in.” Brian looked at him in shock. “I have to deal with the customers, so you need to be stored. Get in.” The cage was a dog cage, so Brian had to get onto his knees and shuffle in. Dave grinned and locked the door behind him, then threw a sheet of soft leather over the cage. “Stay.” Brian then heard the sound of his steps as he walked away.

Brian tried to get comfortable, but with his hands locked behind him there was a constant stress on his arms and chest. The gag was making him drool and a constant stream was now dripping onto the floor. But the thing that did surprise him was the way that his cock remained rockhard. He could feel it trapped between the leather and the skin of his leg. He found that if he rocked to and fro, he could get more traction on it and he soon found himself very close to cumming. He was stopped as the leather sheet was removed and Dave grinned down at him.

“Look at you, Brian. What a great sight that is.” He unlocked the cage and assisted Brian out. He unlocked the wrist restraints, but left them on. He didn’t make an attempt to remove the head harness or gag. “Right then, Brian. Let’s get this sorted and you can be on your way.” He paused. “Unless there’s anything else you want?” Brian shook his head – this was enough for the moment. He stood at the counter as Dave took his wallet out of his tracksuit and then rung up the purchase. He then handed Brian his clothes back. “Unless you want to leave like that?” Brian shook his head making Dave laugh as he leant forward to unlock the rest of the padlocks. “You can use the changing rooms now, Brian.”

Brian headed off and in the small changing room stripped off his gear, noting the pre-cum stain on the inside of the leather trousers. He then changed and headed out, carrying his new purchases. Dave handed him a couple of discrete black carrier bags and then saw him to the door. “Hope to see you again soon, Brian.” Brian said something non-committal and left the shop.

Brian stood outside the shop for a few seconds – he felt confused: he had never done anything like that before. He thought about going back to the hotel, but the gym he had found was less than a mile away, so he checked the directions on his phone and walked across to it. The gym was a typical weight lifter gym and as he stood by the desk, he could see the shape of heavily built men working out. Brian had planned to just pay for one day, but on the spur of the moment he bought a month’s subscription. He headed in, downed his supplement and set about his workout.

As usual, the workout flew by. He checked his watch and realised he had been working out for nearly three hours. His muscles were burning as he headed for the locker room. He showered and got changed, enjoying the way he was aching. Then, as he got his jeans out for the journey home he changed his mind and instead slipped on the leather jeans. As soon as he pulled them over his legs, he felt his cock rise and he grinned to himself as he tightened the belt. He looked up to see two big guys watching him and nudging each other at his obvious arousal. Brian flushed lightly and headed back to the hotel.

Once back in his room, he ordered room service and then sent out some emails. He decided to change his plans and, after a short conversation with the hotel manager, he told everyone that rather than visiting them, they would all be visiting him at the Presidential Suite at the Hyatt Regency. He got some room service, had a light dinner and sat checking some more things out online. As he did, one hand kept sliding down to rub at the slick leather of his trousers. Eventually, he stripped off his shirt and soon he was sat in the bulldog harness and leather trousers as he answered his emails. After half an hour like that, he buckled and locked the wrist restraints on and then added the head cage. The latter took a lot longer then he thought it would as there were more than 10 buckles and it was easy to get them mixed up. By the time it was properly on, his cock was rockhard in his leather jeans and leaking freely. He pulled it out and with a few jerks, came with a huge orgasm. With a groan, he cleaned up and then went to bed. As he collapsed on the bed, he remembered to put the blu-ray on and he went to sleep as it started.

Waking up in the leather gear was a novel experience – but one that Brian enjoyed. He quickly showered and settled down wearing nothing but the leather jeans to check his emails. He had a long rant from his Chief Accountant about the cost of the changed plans – Brian just deleted it. Aubrey would have to cope – anyway, it was a drop on the ocean as far as his finances were concerned. He attended his only meeting which took the whole morning and then had the afternoon free as his original plan had been to travel to his next site. Instead, he packed a sports bag and slipped on the leather jeans and a tight t-shirt before heading to Cuir Experience.

As he had extended his stay to a fortnight, Brian didn’t want to have to rely on taxis, so had hired a car for the period. He hopped into the BMW, put his gear in the boot and then went through the arduous process of finding somewhere to park. He eventually parked near the gym, then hiked back to Cuir Experience. This time he knew what he was going to buy, so he pushed the button and when the buzz came, walked confidently into the shop. He was disappointed when he saw that Dave wasn’t on duty – behind the counter was a thin, sallow looking individual who looked at Brian, nodded and returned his attention to his magazine.

Brian headed into the back room where he grabbed a heavy leather slave harness. He then went back into the main room where he selected a pair of Dr Martens boots, a leather jockstrap and a pair of leather chaps. He also picked up a heavy leather jacket and a leather Muir cap. He took them all across to the counter where they formed an impressive pile. As the assistant started to ring them up, Brian heard a voice behind him.

“Blimey, Brian. Didn’t expect to see you again so soon.” Dave had walked up behind him, today dressed in tight leather jeans and a sleeveless leather top secured with laces down the side. He turned to the assistant. “You can head off, Dean. Thanks for covering for me.” Without speaking, the sallow assistant wandered off, leaving Brian with the muscular younger man.

“I see you’ve been shopping without me, Brian.” Dave checked through what Brian had selected. “Nice selection. Have you tried it on?” “No, I was going to do that at the hotel .. at home.” Dave raised an eyebrow. “Oh no. That won’t do at all. You need to make sure it fits right here.” He handed most of the gear back to Brian, leaving the jacket and cap on the counter. “Just go and slip those on, Brian, and we’ll see how you’ve done.”

Brian headed into the changing room and stripped down. The leather slave harness proved to be difficult to get right as it included straps at pec height and waist height as well as a strap that went between his legs. It took several attempts before he got the chrome ring centred properly between his pecs and even longer to get the second one over his navel. He then had to push his cock and balls through the chrome cock ring and secure the crotch strap. Finally, it was in place. The rest was easy and soon the jockstrap, chaps and boots were on and he went back into the shop.

Dave grinned as Brian walked up to him, especially as Brian’s excitement was clearly visible in the leather jockstrap. “Right. Let’s take a look at you.” Dave checked the straps on Brian’s harness, tightening and adjusting each one until they dug slightly into his skin and had the effect of making his muscles look bigger. When he turned him round and saw the crotch strap running up the line of his arse, he smiled. “You know that there’s a dildo attachment for this Brian?” He looked at the way Brian flushed. “Not yet, eh? Maybe next time.”

He took a step back. “Not bad, Brian. You’re missing one thing though – that’s a slave harness you’re wearing. Slaves should be collared. Go into the back room and find yourself a collar.” Brian hesitated, then walked past Dave without speaking. To his surprise, Dave turned and gave him a sharp spank on his bare buttocks. “What do you say, slave?”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”

“Good lad. Off you go.”

Brian did as he had been told and went into the next room, where there was a staggering array of collars. He picked up a plain leather one, then wondered what Dave would want him to pick. For some reason, he wanted to please him. His gaze travelled over rubber collars, spiked collars, metal and chain collars, posture collars. His eyes lighted on one he thought would be suitable and he grabbed it and took it back to Dave.

He handed it over. “Interesting choice, lad. You know this is a punishment collar, right?” Brian nodded. Dave looked at the collar Brian had chosen: thick leather rimmed with chrome, the outside with two rows of studs, interspersed with heavy D-rings, the inside soft leather but lined with dull studs. He knew that any slave wearing it would feel those blunt studs digging into his throat. He grinned and leaned forward to wrap it tightly around Brian’s neck. He strapped it tightly in place, then padlocked it shut.

Brian could immediately feel the pressure as the studs dug into his muscled neck. He groaned quietly as his cock swelled at the feeling. “Good choice, lad. Now put your jacket and cap on.” Brian did so and Dave took him over to the mirror. “Look at that. What a transformation. Quite the leather slave, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Sir,” was all that Brian could say. “You have good taste, lad. I’m impressed. Let’s get this rung up.”

When Dave escorted Brian back to the desk, he got him to walk around to the staff side of it and kneel down on the floor beside him. He then instructed him to cross his hands behind his back and bow his head. “That’s how a good slave should sit.” He took a length of chain and locked it to the collar, then attached the other end to a ring welded to the counter. “Stay.” With that, he walked off into the shop.

Brian knelt there, a dull ache in his knees soon joining the ache around his neck. Each time he moved his head, the studs dug in a little, reminding him of the collar’s presence. He couldn’t see where Dave had gone without standing up, so had no idea what was going on. When the door buzzer went, he jumped with surprise. Dave’s voice came from the other end of the shop. “That’s the delivery guy. Just hit the entrance button, lad.”

Brian looked around and saw a large green button under the counter. He pushed it and the door clicked open. Someone came in and stacked several large boxes on the counter. Dave came back and had a short conversation with the delivery driver and then the other man left. Dave returned to the counter and patted Brian on the head. “Well, aren’t you the obedient one? Let’s get this rung up and you can be on your way.”

Working around Brian, Dave started ringing up the purchases – including the collar. As he did, he chatted to Brian. “So, are you new to the area? Just moved in?” “No, just staying at a hotel for a couple of weeks, Sir.”

“Oh, so not local then? Shame. There’s a couple of clubs here you might enjoy.”

“Well, I’m here for a fortnight, Sir. I can enjoy them while I’m here.”

“That you can.” Dave pulled a flyer off the wall and handed it to Brian. “You might like it there.” The flyer was for a club called Boltz and advertised leather and rubber nights. “Tomorrow night is their leather night. You’ve got the gear for it, Brian, so why not go.” Brian nodded and got a slap around the head. “Yes, Sir, thank you Sir.” Dave grinned – Brian was a natural submissive.   “Right. You’d best get changed, lad – unless you want to leave like that.” “Yes, Sir.” Brian waited for Dave to unlock the chain and remove the padlock from the collar and then headed off to the changing room.

When he came back, Dave smiled as he saw he was wearing the leather trousers that he bought yesterday. “Good to see you again, Brian. Maybe we’ll get you into some rubber next time?” Brian nodded and laughed “Maybe, Sir. Bye.” Happy with his purchases, he headed out, pausing only to slide the leather jacket over his t-shirt.


(lthrjock updated the above while wearing a posture collar, chastity cage and heavy handcuffs following orders from Metalbond)


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4 thoughts on “Corporate Takeover – Chapter 02”

  1. You’re got a nice way of building up the suspense.

    And a five day turn around on a chapter is remarkable. It seems that the posture collar, chastity cage and heavy handcuffs improves your output!

  2. Damn man, you do such a good job of changing things up from story to story, but still working through some similarities we all adore. The pacing in this one is quite different from the last few, and I’m really looking forward to what comes next!

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