Trenton Ducati ties up two hot captives

Here’s another from the Bound Gods library. In “Bondage Envy,” Trenton Ducati works over Ian Levine and Jacob Durham:


Creepy handyman Trenton Ducati is working in the restroom when Ian Levine rushes in. As he’s pissing in the stall, Trenton grabs him and takes him back to his hideout. Bound with duct tape around his mouth, Ian awaits as his captor approaches to tear away his clothes. Trenton torments the bound stud with electricity before ramming his giant cock up his ass. All of a sudden Officer Jacob Durham bursts through the door to rescue Ian, but the site of bondage makes him pass out. His worst fears come true as Officer Durham finds himself tied up at the mercy of the creepy handyman. Jacob is beaten with the flogger and made to swallow Trenton’s hard cock. Candle wax is poured all over the officer’s body until his legs are tied up with his ass spread wide open. After a relentless fuck, the creepy handyman blasts the officer with a face full of cum and has him suck off every drop.

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One thought on “Trenton Ducati ties up two hot captives”

  1. Metal – think you’d agree with me on this – love when Bound Gods does cop/prisoner scenes – you’d think they could purchase a real leather duty belt (Sam Browne style) with the dual buckle.

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