Delivery Man

By Norm

It was another wasted day, waiting around for the delivery guy. My old sofa was dead and a new one on the way. Had a call from a guy named Ric, said to have the old one ready to go. I left the door ajar and started cleaning up when I heard a knock and a shout, “Deliveries by Ric, got a new sofa here.”

“Come on in,” I yelled.

“You need to sign here.”

Before me stood Ric — muscular build, buzz cut, chiseled features, sweaty tight black t-shirt, skinny black jeans and heavy boots. He looked like someone I wanted to take upstairs and lock away.

He smiled, “Ah Mister, your sofa?”

“Oh yeah,” I stammered, “in here.”

Ric gave me a funny look and wheeled the new couch into the living room, while I stared at his wonderful body. If only …

After he pushed the old sofa on his cart, as he turned to leave he handed me a card, Deliveries by Ric.

“Here, this is my personal number, I’m on call after 7:00. I can tell by your stares that you may be interested in some of my personal services. I deliver in more than one way.”

As my mouth dropped open he added, “I like to do it with men, I like it rough, I’m 100% top and I do it in rubber. If you can’t handle that, don’t bother calling.”

He grinned and patted my ass as he pushed my old sofa out the door.

I stood shaking for minutes after he left, and spent the afternoon debating, watching the clock. Hesitantly I reached for the phone, my head saying no, but my crotch saying YES. Do I dare?

At 7:30, I finally got up the nerve to call, “Hi, is this Ric?”

“Thought you’d call, name is Joe isn’t it?”


“Are you willing to agree to my conditions?”

“Sure, what do you want me to do?”

“Here is my address, the door will be open. Turn to the left and you’ll find a bedroom.  Strip and leave your clothes neatly on the bed. You will find a rubber suit. Put it on and go back into the hall. There will be a door open to the basement. Go through the door, lock it and come down the stairs. If you’re not here in 30 minutes, the arrangements are off. Understand?”


“The correct response, Joe, is ‘Sir, yes Sir!’ Do you understand that? I will not explain it again.”

“Sir, yes Sir!”

“Very good Joe, you now have 28 minutes.”

I got in my car and quickly followed the directions. Nervously I entered a well-kept home in an upscale neighborhood. I couldn’t believe I was actually doing this, with no one knowing where I was, with someone I only saw and talked to for a few minutes. But I was drawn to this man and knew he would fulfill some of my strongest desires.

I entered the bedroom and undressed. Lying on the bed was one-piece rubber suit, with a zip that went from the neck, down the front and up the ass. Hesitantly I began to slip on the suit. The latex was cool and powdered inside. My feet slid in and glided into place. I slowly pulled the rubber up over my legs and pulled it tight up to my ass. As I struggled to get my cock and balls slipped into the attached sheath and ball sack, I found it well lubed with who knows what. I pulled the suit up my chest, slid my arms in and pulled the zip shut. I found myself secured in rubber! Just for good measure, even though not instructed, I slipped my feet back into my combat boots and laced them up tight.

On the bed, under the suit I discovered a hood, gag and gloves that apparently I was to also put on. I pulled the hood down, and discovered there were openings at the eyes, nose and mouth. As I tucked it into the suit, and turned, I found myself staring at my reflection, all in black, shiny rubber. I was instantly hard. I put on the gloves and tentatively placed the pecker gag in my mouth. It was large and filled it completely. Finished and breathing hard, I headed for the basement door. As instructed, I locked the door and descended the stairs. As I reached the bottom, I found my new Master, standing under a light, waiting for me. He was in skin-tight rubber, showing every muscle defined in detail. He had on tall rubber boots, gloves, dark glasses and a military hat. He stood, evaluating his new toy encased in rubber.

“Nice touch with the boots, boy,” he said, evidentially pleased as a smile crept across his face. “Welcome, Joe, I’m glad you made it in time. As you can see by your outfit, talking will not be necessary from now on. You are under my control. If you understand this, nod once.”

I nodded and waited for further directions. Ric walked over to me and tightened the gag. My fear factor went up a notch when I heard the lock click shut, keeping that gag right where Sir wanted it.

As I stood there, wondering what the hell I had done, my eyes were glued to Sir as he slowly went to a large wooden box and opened it. Out came heavy, hinged, iron restraints that as he picked up he turned to me and smiled.

“I just love these things,” he said.

Sir slowly unhinged the large metal collar and swung it shut around my neck. The weight if it took me by surprise. It too was locked shut, as well as metal-hinged cuffs for my wrists and leg irons for my feet.

He led me to a central spot in the room and attached the collar to chains hanging from the ceiling. My wrists were pulled to chains in the wall, and my feet attached to chains in the floor.  I was completely helpless and, as my cock showed, horny as hell.

“Now Joe, it is time to play!” He fastened a heavy gas mask over my head and made sure it had an air-tight fit. “Let’s reduce your air supply by half.”

He adjusted the valves and suddenly I was sucking a lot harder to get air.

“Ummmm, better.”

Ric reached over to his table and retrieved several straps. He began tying them around my cock and balls, making my dick erect, my balls hanging, and impossible for me to cum.

Sir opened the zip at my crotch and began slowing fingering my hole. Excited, my ass became hot and he stretched my hole bigger and bigger. When he was satisfied, he shoved a huge plug into my butt and stood back to examine his work.

My body was quivering, and I was sucking air as hard as I could. I am sure I must have been whimpering at this point, out of fear and excitement.

“One more thing and you’ll be ready!”

Suddenly there was a heavy weight hung on my balls. I felt as if they were going to be pulled to the floor. Not noticing my cries of pain, Sir smiled.

“Looking good, Joe! Now just a few shots for the record book.”

Ric began snapping photos of me, helpless, chained to the rafters in his basement. Tears of pain, mixed with anticipation, ran down my cheeks.

“How about a little more action, Joe?”

“NO, NO!” I tried to scream, but no sound came out of the tightly placed gag.

Ric took out a riding crop and began to smack me lightly over my body. As he settled on my ass, the swats got harder and harder, and I began to swing slightly on the chains as my ass got hotter and hotter. I was screaming for him to stop, but through the gag it must have sounded like cries of pleasure! I wanted to cum, but couldn’t! My mind said I wanted out, but a deep desire inside of me was totally satisfied.

Finally happy with the results, Ric stopped and changed the arrangement of his chains.  I was lowered to my knees, and wrists were fastened to ankles. Ric began stroking my rubber head.

“You’ve done well, Joe, and now it is time for some more play. I think you will like this.”

He removed the gag and allowed my breathing to stabilize.

Opening the flap at his jeans, his large and hard cock was released from its prison.

“I think you know what to do Joe!”

“Sir, yes Sir,” rushed out of my mouth, and I quickly leaned forward and swallowed his dick. I licked and sucked, rubbing my tongue on his most tender spots. His thrusts became hard, diving deep into my throat. Within moments Ric was “delivering” his cum in hot, forceful eruptions. As he finished, I was told to make certain no drop was left. Gasping, I complied like a good boy.

Sir looked down at me, smiled and said, “Time for some rest.”

He forced the gag back into my mouth, undid the chains and led me to a long padded board. My arms were fastened underneath, my neck to the top and ankles to the bottom. Ric began wrapping long, wide rubber straps around the board and my body. He slowly wrapped me, leaving my cock exposed, until he reached my head. Leaning down, he whispered in my ear, “I think you won’t be going anywhere for the rest of the night!”

Slowly he released my cock from its tight straps and began teasing my rubber-coated tool. His hot mouth went down over my manhood and within minutes I was filling my sheath with streams of hot cum. Finally released, my body shuddered, I gasped and finally slumped into a tired submission.

“Sleep well, Joe, I’ve got a few deliveries to make, I’ll be back by morning!”

Whether or not he actually left, I’ll never know, but I spent the next hours wrapped and sucking for breath, sweat pouring over my body and as happy as I had ever been.

As morning rolled around, I found my new Master unwrapping me. He unlocked and pulled off the mask, removed the restraints and smiled at me.

“Delivery complete, Joe, return to the bedroom, undress, shower and if you’re interested, take the suit home. I’ll bill you later. I expect you to call for another delivery soon!”

With that he patted my ass and headed up the stairs.




Metal would like to thank Norm for this story. If you liked this, check out another of his stories, Stud Poker.



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  1. Really great. Had me hard he whole time now gonna read it again and do more than get hard. Think I need a new sofa!

  2. that story captured me from the start.and like the other comment had me hard too.I want more of this guys story , when is part two coming?

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