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Links to some long-standing bondage stories in the prison library

The Corporal Performs – Part 1

The Corporal Performs – Part 2

Glass and a Half

Stud Poker

Many more stories are coming to Metalbond in the coming days and weeks, so keep checking back early and often. For those of you who have been sending me stories, you are all awesome! It sometimes takes me a while to read the stories and beat off to them a few times before I post them. Thanks to all the story writers, and please keep them coming!


By Norm

Norm gay bondage storiesI was curious, seems to always get the best of me, but I couldn’t help it. I was walking along an unfamiliar deserted street, when the unmistakable smell of leather came across my nose in front of this imposing abandoned building that reminded me of someone’s castle. Looked like it must have been a boarding house in its final days. Right now it looked tired but grand, but that smell pulled me toward it. I had to try and go in to see what it was like. Didn’t look dangerous, and my fantasies were in high gear. I told myself nothing could happen, this is a safe part of town.

I tried the old wooden door, heavy and solid, needing some cosmetic help, but impressive nonetheless — and it swung open, easily. Odd I thought, but it didn’t stop me.

This must have been someone’s mansion at some point I thought as I entered a dusty but elegant entry. Leathery smells wafted around the room. Sunlight filtered down from the stairway windows, glittering on the remaining crystals in the chandelier as I moved into the room. Caught up in the moment, I sauntered up the massive staircase like an Earl of the Manor. As I got to the top enjoying the feeling, I heard and felt the vibrations of the massive front door slamming shut.

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Meeting a Hot New Friend at the Eagle

By Norm

The last thing he remembered was being invited to dinner and drinking a cocktail.

Normally he wouldn’t consider going to an event hosted by a total stranger, but he accepted the invitation from a new hot friend he met at the bar.

It was a great night at the Eagle, geared up in his tight leather uniform, flirting with a hot leather Sir who seemed really interested. Truthfully he was thinking with his crotch not his head as he hopped on his bike and headed out to the secluded home deep in the woods. When the hot leather daddy answered the door, all reason left him.

Now he found himself totally confined. Arms behind his back in some sort of unforgiving shackles, head held in place kneeling with his legs attached to something on the floor. For some reason he assumed he was under a table, mostly because he had bumped his head on the top and he could hear what he thought was the sound of chairs sliding on the floor.

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Stud Poker

By Norm

Hey boys, glad you could make it to our monthly fetish night poker game. We are up to 5, last one in makes stud. Mike, the host for the evening said. The dress code of leather or rubber was strictly enforced, and tonight was no different. A leather cop or two, as well as rubber men gathered in Mike’s garage, turned playroom. Not long after, Kurby, came in, out of breath. Tonight he was in his motorcycle leathers, chaps and a jacket, and what looked like something rubber underneath tightly plastered to his skin.

“I’m not late am I fellas, my cycle broke down and I had to push it 4 blocks.” Kurby was an ass, really just a young kid, on his own, always late, and usually hitchin’ a ride. Most times he was pretty broke, and thought he could win some extra money at the games. The guys had met him at the local bar and if it wasn’t for his great body, no one would have bothered. Most of his ability to think centered around his dick, and not much else. Tonight he was the betting stud, and the opportunity to dish out some needed training.

“Well Kurby boy, I’d say you’re just in time. You’re the designated betting stud tonight.”

“Shit, guys, not again, last time it took me a month to grow my hair back.” Kurby moaned.

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