Display Models – Part 02

By Rubrpig

Both men were stunned by the offer to become geared-up slaves, but they begged Sean to release them from the armour. Sean smiled and agreed. Quietly and quickly, he removed Robert from the heavy Halo Armour and then he removed Chas from the Iron Man armour. The men stripped off the heavy under suits and asked if they could shower and would Sean removed the tubes from their bodies. Soon both men had the tubes removed from their noses and the caths removed from their cocks. Robert then slowly pulled out his butt plug and then removed all the e-stim patches and cock ring. After showering, he walked back into Sean’s office while Chas was showering.

Sean smiled as his cousin entered. Well, did you get enough bondage time in the armour? Robert smiled and nodded. Robert then asked his cousin if he enjoyed fucking him. Sean smiled and laughed. Yeah, that was the best part. Knowing I had my cousin the big bad top as my fuck toy.

Chas walked in and thanked Sean for the experience. Asking if there was a way to call a taxi or someone to drive him to the airport so he could catch his flight. Sean called for a cab while Chas got dressed. Robert waited quietly while Chas got dressed and left. Walking over to his cousin, he grabbed him and kissed him. Well, cousin, wasn’t there something else you wanted to try on me?

Sean smiled and asked if he was certain. It was going to be more intense than the armour. Robert smiled and told him to get started.

Sean indicated to follow him and the men left the office and walked into a side room of the studio. There was a large electronic system there. Sean activated it and the system opened up a chamber containing a mould of a human shape but the mould was very detailed and there was room for additional parts to the mould. Sean then began to prepare his cousin. He placed dark plastic lenses over Robert’s eyes sealing them down with glue. Then tubes were inserted into Robert’s nose and sealed into the nostrils by soft pliable rubber. Using liquid rubber, Sean sealed Robert’s mouth   Plugs were placed in Robert’s ears and sealed with the same rubber compound. Robert’s cock was again cathed and a butt plug put in. Now ready, he was led into the machine and placed into position in the human form mould. He felt Sean glue something to his back and felt wires fall across his ass. These wires were then picked up and most likely connected to something.

Sean walked over to the controls and activated the machine. The mould closed and pumps kicked in. Robert felt the heavy liquid pour into the mould filling the mold. He began to panic a little as the liquid came up to his chin but the tubes in his nose allowed him to continue to breathe. The mould finished filling and then it began the curing process. The heat built up till it was like he was melting. Then the heat began to dissipate.

Finally the process finished and the mould opened. Sean walked over to his cousin and smiled. He helped Robert pull loose from the mould and move away from the mould. Robert felt something pull down and it’s weight pulled him backwards. He leaned forward a little and his centre of gravity shifted and he was able to adjust to the weight on is lower back. Sean helped his cousin onto a stool and began to remove the covers from his eyes, and then using a scalpel he carefully made openings in the ears which were moulded over his cousin’s and removed the plugs sealing his ears. He then began to use paint, makeup to cover the skin around the eyes disguising the human flesh. He used an air brush to tone and tint the rubber covering of his cousin.

Finally finished, he told his cousin to stand up and walk over to the mirror and take a look at what he had become. Robert walked over and looked. Standing there was a dark green reptile human form with a tail. Robert opened his mouth and the dental appliances that had been glued to his teeth showed, yellow and pointy. He stuck out his tongue and a forked tongue appeared. His cousin had put a special latex appliance onto the tip of his tongue to simulate a reptile tongue. Yellow slit opening contact lenses had been inserted in his eyes. He held up his hands and saw that they were now webbed claws with long black claws. He turned and saw that a 4 foot tail now came from his lower back. He looked over at Sean. Sean smiled and told him to try and make his left glute move. Robert did and his tale twitched and moved to the left. Robert twitched his right glute and his tail moved to the right. Robert laughed and asked his cousin what he was.

Robert was surprised as how he now spoke as he had a lisp and his mouth leaked saliva as he could not really close his real mouth.   Sean told him that the was the prototype for the Swamp Thing for the new remake. The director and producer wanted a creature as realistic as possible.   They were coming in the morning to inspect and check on their monster. If the monster passed then Robert would remain in the monster form to provide a check on how long it could remain on a human before it had to be removed. The designer of the rubber compound seemed to think it was 7 full days. Then it would be cut off and removed. The wearer given several days break and then moulded back into the monster form.

Robert walked around flexing his muscles and getting used to his new form and his tail. Robert turned and asked if he could piss and shit while this way. Sean indicated that the cath was sealed into the skin and that all they had to do was remove the plug and his bladder would drain. Since he could not feel anything and his now larger and clumsier claws would not allow him to do it, it would have to be done for him. To shit, he could sit backwards on a toilet and lift up his tail. He could shit normally and someone would have to wipe and clean his ass. Sean indicated that he would be given use of his slave to take care of his bodily needs while he was encased.

Sean asked if he was hungry. Robert told him yes as it had been over a week since he had anything solid. Sean called and ordered pizzas. Once the food has been delivered, Robert grabbed one of the pizzas and sat down on the stool. He had tried a chair but his tail would not allow him to sit down. He began eating and it was challenging to get used to his new teeth and tongue but he finally got used to them and finished his pizza.

Sean told him that to make it as real as possible for his clients, he needed to put Robert into a set of 5 point chains and then lock him in a heavy steel cage. They wanted to see a real swamp monster locked and under control.

Robert laughed and told him to go ahead. Considering he had agreed to be moulded into a heavy rubber skin that had turned him into a reptile, what did chains and a cage matter. Sean picked up a heavy set of chains and walked over to his cousin. He knelt and padlocked the ankle restraints around the heavy green ankles and then stood up and did the same to his cousins heavy and wide green wrists. Then he put the heavy collar around the heavy thick reptilian neck of his cousin and padlocked it. His cousin shuffled in the chains getting used to the weight and the further restriction to his movements. Sean led him to a large steel cage with a cot in it and indicated Robert should enter. Robert moved into the cage and the door was locked behind him.

Sean told Robert to get some rest and to practise his growls and roars. Robert asked if he was going to speak as well and Sean told him that he was to limit his words to simple sentences that made it sound like he had just learned to speak. Robert laughed and said “it wants out. it wants to leave” Sean told him that was very good as Robert now had a heavy lisp and the saliva that oozed out of his mouth made it sound wet as well.

Sean handed over several large bottles of water and asked if he needed to help Robert piss before leaving. Robert told him that he really needed to piss. Sean unlocked and entered the cage. Telling Robert to stand over a bucket he reached between Robert’s legs and removed a small plug. Robert’s piss drained into the bucket and when the flow stopped, Sean replaced the plug. Smiling, he asked Robert if he was thirsty as he picked up the bucket. Robert stood quietly and watched, then he awkwardly knelt and Sean slowly poured the piss from the bucket into Robert’s mouth and watched as his cousin swallowed it. Then he pulled out his cock and told his cousin to drink his piss as well. Robert leaned forward and put the tip of his cousin’s cock in his mouth trying to be careful of his new pointed teeth. Sean began to piss and watched as his cousin swallowed steadily. Once it was done, he pulled out after telling Robert to open his mouth.

Turning, he left the cage, locked it and turned off the lights except for one light so his cousin could see.

Returning in the morning, he brought his slave with him to be the servant to the swamp monster he had created. During the night, the rubber compound encasing his cousin had cured completely making it tough as the armour scaled skin it was moulded to represent. To remove it would require heavy cutting implements to cut it open and peel it off the human body it covered.

After putting food through the feeding slot in the cage door, he watched as his cousin grabbed it and ate with his claws. Growling as he ate, he was getting into the headspace of a reptile humanoid he was moulded to look like.

The slave entered the cage and asked if he needed to piss and shit. Robert nodded and stood and the plug was removed. Once the piss was drained, he sat on the bucket and shit into it. Then he stood as the slave wiped his ass. Sean entered and told him to bend over. A special moulded piece was put on his ass covering his human ass so he was now completely scaled and reptilian.

The Director and Producer of the film arrived and was escorted into the room where Robert was caged. He growled and roared at them. He lisped and slobbered at them asking them why they had caged him.

They left after a close inspection. To make it as realistic as possible, there were two men in black swat uniforms with cattle prods ready to protect them as they entered the cage with Sean.

The men left and the guards remained outside of the cage as Robert prowled and roared in frustration. Once they had signed off on the creatures design pending the final determination of the length of time a man could remain encased, they took off.

Sean entered the cage room and unlocked the cage. Entering, he smiled as he led Robert out of the cage. They left the studio and Sean helped Robert into the back of the truck. Chaining Robert into a standing position using restraints clamped to his biceps, waist and to his ankle chains, he was held snuggly into position. Sean ordered his slave into the cab with him and they drove to Sean’s house where Robert would live for the next week or so while the test continued.

As the week passed Robert got used to being chained up in the 5 point chains which were never removed. He was kept in the basement dungeon space and only allowed out into the back yard at night.

After the week, Sean decided that it was time as the rubber was showing signs of breaking down and that Robert was indicating that he was starting to feel like he was suffocating. Using heavy clippers, Sean slowly cut the heavy rubber skin open along the back and with the help of his slave began to peel it off his cousins body. After about 40 minutes, the skin had been finally removed and the contact lenses, tongue extension and dental appliances removed.

Robert begged for a shower and afterwards he walked into the dungeon naked and gave his cousin a big hug. What an amazing 2 weeks! A week locked into a Halo Master Chief Armour and a week as a real reptilian monster.

Smiling, he looked at his cousin and asked what was planned for his next vacation. Smiling, he told Robert that he had just signed a contract to provide working realistic Apollo Moon Suits. They should be ready for long term testing in about 4 months. Interested?


Metal would like to thank the author, Rubrpig, for this story.




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