7 thoughts on “Don’t fall for this crap”

  1. These entries are getting more and more prevalent in the past month or so on RECON. In fact, two of them referenced a website that was the same with different contact emails. In the end they will cost you your hard earned money. Beware!

  2. Got one of these messages on its Recon profile. Chatted with ‘Master’ via email and after about 24 hrs ‘He’ wanted the slave to join up to a very expensive website per month to receive ‘His’ personal slave training. Needless to say, didn’t fall for it and cut off all conversation.

  3. Caveat emptor is always good advice, but i wonder if you’re not painting with too wide a brush. New guys join Recon all the time. A profile isn’t automatically illegitimate just because it’s recently created! You need to look further to catch the genuine whiff of rat, such as overblown claims (“Super-experienced Master” at 21), inconsistencies, websites that are no more than come-ons, and so forth. But do keep on warning guys to keep their eyes open and their wits about them!

    1. If they are asking you to email them or visit them at another website it is a scam. There has been a rash of this on Recon of late, hence the warning.

  4. These guys leave their profiles up for only a few hours and then they disappear. If you are sent a message, wait a few hours and see if the profile remains active. They usually pull them within hours. Also be wary the minute they want you to go to another website. They are seeking your hard earned money.

  5. I got one of these on Recon a while back from a Master looking for a slave. His profile was deleted shortly after sending me this message:
    To qualify you must be single and live alone. Are you ready to be owned and serve on a long term and PERMANENT basis as my slave and personal servant? You will answer the question by ONLY saying “Yes Sir!” or “No Sir!”

    I wish I could delete my ancient gay.com profile as these scams to go to another webpage rule over there. Gay.com has it impossible to totally leave, although I was able to edit my profile so any descriptions are blank, and pictures have been deleted.

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