Down To Business

A video at Serious Male Bondage titled “Down To Business” features a guy who wanted to be mummified while wearing a black Zentai suit under a full business suit including black shoes and tie. This is not something you see every day. Once he was in the Zentai and business suit they briefly locked him in a full body cage, but the remainder of the video highlights the mummification and tie down to a padded bondage platform. Mark of Serious Male Bondage writes, “For me, the best part of the video was when his rubber gloved hands were handcuffed behind his back.”

VIDEO at Serious Male Bondage

Title of this update: Down To Business – 3 Videos

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  1. Hello! I am the man in the pictures. I feel quite honored you thought this video was good enough to be listed. Certainly all the others listed under suits were more professionally done. Just recently did another shoot with, hope it gets put up soon. (In that one, they liked my hat). Once again, I’m honored you liked the video and images.

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