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The best of Men At Play

Men at Play is a site featuring men in suits having sex. The men are smoking hot, and some of the scenes involve fetish gear and bondage, what I would actually describe as “lite bondage.” Here’s a look at some of their top favorite suit sex movies from last year.

Men at Play is a site featuring men in suits having sex


SITE: Menatplay.com

VIDEO TITLE: Best of Menatplay 2022 Compilation

Men at Play is a site featuring men in suits having sex

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Drake Jaden is super ticklish all over his sexy body

Drake Jaden gets tied up, jerked off and tickled at My Friends Feet


Drake Jaden is super ticklish all over his sexy body. After being captured in his business clothes, he gets tickled non-stop until he is ready to go crazy. After being driven to hysterics he even ended up being stripped naked and jerked off until he shot a thick load of cum. It would appear as though Drake loved being bound and tickled after all!

Drake_Jaden_tickled_02 Drake_Jaden_tickled_03

See the VIDEO at My Friends Feet


Bondage and captive edging

This video is for fans of hot sexy businessmen clad in shirts and ties giving in to their raging hard-ons to have sex without even stripping out of work clothes. And guys who get off on a bit of bondage and captive edging, too! Handsome Asian muscleman Hiroya has sexy muscleboy Rio just where he wants him, bound in leather cuffs and blindfold yet dressed in proper white shirt and tie. He teases Rio erotically, taking him to the very edge of orgasm.

Japanese gay male bondage and captive edging


See the video at Japan Boyz

Title: Rio’s Tie-Up

Bondage and captive edging

Suit sex play with bondage and a necktie blindfold

A Master is a male dominant — and they come from all ages and backgrounds! Master Pol Prince exerts ultimate control over his submissives, and today he is visiting Dani Robles for a suit sex play session. Blindfolded and with his hands tied, Dani awaits his Master on the sofa, wearing the suit that Pol has approved. When Master arrives, Pol begins touching and kissing Dani gently and soon frees his hard cock for a good sucking by Dani. Seeing Dani submit his freedom turns on Pol, and he tears Dani’s pants, only to discover a butt plug sex toy inserted in Dani’s hairy ass. Dani smiles mischievously — he can’t see Pol’s face, but he knows this will please his Master! It’s time for Pol to fuck Dani to the max.

Suit sex play with bondage and a necktie blindfold


SITE: Menatplay.com

VIDEO TITLE: Worship 2

STARRING: Dani Robles, Pol Prince

TAGS: Rimming, Condom-Free, Facial, Feet Worship, Hairy, Sheer Socks, Bukkake, Suit Sex, Tied, Uncut Cock, Blindfold

Blindfolded and with his hands tied


After giving orders all day, executive Rocky Vallarta takes a turn on having his sex slave Drew Dixon worship and obey him. Mr. Vallarta has complete control over Drew, who’s happy to obey and satisfy his master’s every command and need.

male power suit worship

See the video HERE

SITE: Menatplay.com


STARRING: Rocky Vallarta & Drew Dixon

RELEASE DATE: October 30, 2020

TAGS: Ass Rimming, Condom-Free, Bareback, Hardcore, Rough, Sheer Shocks, Gagged, Suit Sex

male bdsm


Suitsex is combined with a little bondage in “Bound,” featuring Emir Boscatto and Manuel Skye. When Emir doesn’t show up for work, someone calls Manuel to find out where he is. Manuel knows but he’s not telling. He’s tied up, still in smart clothes, his sweaty chest exposed. If you like nipple play, you’ll get stiff watching Manuel lick and rub Emir’s firm nipples.

men tied up in suits

Even smart-dressed men like a little BDSM every now and then, and Emir and Manuel match up quite well. Mashing up suits and ropes, with Manuel enormous cock and Emir’s tight little hole, make “Bound” a film you’ll be shooting a hot load to. Check it out!

See VIDEO at Men At Play

male bdsm

Kidnapped in a business suit

Dani Rivera, in his Men at Play debut, prepares his briefcase with important documents and a stack of cash. When he’s almost ready to leave, a stranger surprises him from behind and renders him unconscious. Dani is awoken, blindfolded and tied to a chair. Someone is tapping him on the head, asking him for the code to open his briefcase.

Since Dani refuses to share the code, the stranger takes a high-pressure power water gun and starts spraying him with cold water. Drenched and cold, Dani finally shouts the code.

The stranger opens the briefcase and finds what he was looking for: the money and documents. But wait, there is more; several anal toys which he soon uses to torture his victim with.

He makes Dani suck a massive black dildo, then impels him to suck his cock. Shortly thereafter, he unties Dani but keeps his hands tied, moves him against the wall and works his ass with the anal sex toys followed with a rough fuck. While Dani is getting fucked, he manages to remove the blindfold, finding out that the stranger is Manuel Scalco, also making his Men at Play debut.

male bdsm business suit

See the video at Menatplay.com

Title of this shoot: Wet & Code

Featuring: Manuel Scalco & Dani Rivera

male bondage

Bad Cop

Bruno Boni is not in the mood for putting up with any bullshit, especially if you’re a hot-shot businessman. So when Denis Vega is arrested, Bruno shows him no pity and handcuffs him to a chair ready to show him who’s in charge now.

Bruno Boni and Dennis Vega

Denis turns out not to be as cooperative as he‘d expected, so Bruno resorts to forceful action in order to get him exactly where he wants. And, that’s on his knees begging for his leniency with Bruno‘s meaty, uncut cock deep down his throat.

Bruno gets his way with Denis‘ ass bent over his desk, and ready for a seriously hard pounding by the hard-handed investigator.

See the video at Men At Play

male bdsm

muslce men in suits