male sex in bondage

Dressed out in an orange prisoner uniform

Criminal Neil Stevens has a little attitude, not a big attitude but enough to piss off Officer Denali, and when he didn’t turn himself in for sentencing Officer Denali went and arrested him! Criminal inmate Stevens has a new nose ring, and the Judge doesn’t like those and is more than happy to add a year or two to the sentence of the defendant for the wearing of the arrogant nose ring and other body piercings that a criminal will by mistake wear into court. Just because Officer Denali is supposed to strip the criminal’s body clean, doesn’t mean that he’s going to! Yes, in this case, Officer Denali would rather the inmate irritate the judge and get a couple extra years in prison. You might ask why Officer Denali would do such a thing? Well, because he can!! Neil Stevens is headed to prison and the judge is about to tell him for how long!

orange prisoner uniform



See the video at Guys In Lockup


male strip search cavity search

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