Earn It Pup – Chapter 7

By Pup Shaggy

A firm slap to the side of my face woke me up, my head trying to recoil but held in place firmly. My muffled exclamation, followed fast by groaning and whimpering reminded me of my situation, quickly realising that my entire body was either dead or asleep, tied down for too long and too tightly. Not that I was about to argue. There was a low chuckle over me and a sudden burst of light as the blindfold was removed off my face revealing my captor.

I could only see his chest through the eye holes of my hood; all fuzzy and muscular… it was Alex. I was un-able to turn or lift my head, held down by a belt or chain probably fed through my hood somehow. I couldn’t move an inch. Slowly, Alex’s chin appeared and then his smile. His hand appeared, resting on the nose of my dog-hood giving it a scratch. I couldn’t feel it, but I murred and groaned happily as I watched his fingers dance across the surface of the fabric of the hood.

“Good pup, sorry for bailing out and leaving you here like this.” I looked back at him with a muffled whine. I didn’t care, not in the slightest. I’d whine, whimper and beg but I loved it “I needed to think. About me… About you…” He leant on the table beside me, his hand moving to my forehead. Now this I could feel, faintly sensing his fingers through the hood. His eyes stared at me and I knew there was thought going on behind them. I sensed a question was coming my way, but none came.

Instead, he leaned forward planting a kiss square on my forehead. I murred up at him, hearing the growl deep in my own throat, unable to escape pass my lips because of the gag of the muzzle pounding the back of my throat. “I’ve been talking to Drake too much.” He laughed. There was a good minute or two of silence, just him staring at me with a forlorn smile. And then, he reapplied my blindfold. I whimpered meekly, shaking my head disapprovingly; I didn’t want to be left here any longer, not in darkness… not on my own. but he quickly reassured me with a pat on my head. He started untying me; feeling my ankles getting slack on the chains that bound them, and then my thighs, and finally the belts looping my torso and over the strait-jacket were gone.

My arms still stuck to my chest but for now, it was enough as my shoulders relaxed. I felt a tug, and I was pulled upright, sitting up on the gurney. Playfully struggling again, I tugged at the jacket. It probably wasn’t the greatest move because Alex watched me and must have figured it was too loose, because a quick re-adjustment meant the loose slack I had was gone and I was back to being encased utterly and entirely just as I had been way back when. And now my shoulders quickly returned to a dull ache as he reapplied some of the belts off the gurney; wrapping them around my body only increasing the tightness.

Not that I could really feel any of it mind you; my body was very much still asleep. I felt the restraint of it when I struggled, and I could certainly smell the leather, but that was it.

I wasn’t sure what Alex was doing, or what I was expected to do, unable to see anything or hear him usher a command to me. But then his shoulder came to my chest and I was lifted up off the table. I could feel his body under me, and a hand gently caress my arse, his fingers groping, prying apart the crotch straps of the jacket to find my plump bottom beneath. It was probably still red from yesterday, it certainly felt like it; stinging a little at his touch. I felt him rub, and grope the entire time he carried me, that finger running loops around my tail hole like it was painting a target on me. I felt each step and each of his steps as I bounced, carrying us both through the house. My sense of direction was gone but I knew we weren’t in the dungeon anymore, the heavy thud of the door confirming that. I was dropped back onto the floor still standing, feeling a familiar carpet beneath my toes: the living-room. He turned me around, facing me away from him, some creaking of the boards beneath us, as he walked about and then his chin on my shoulder.

“You okay Shag?” I nodded, grunting happily as his voice hit my ears. “You enjoy yourself? I wasn’t too rough?” Again, I shook my head, pushing myself back into him, feeling his chest behind me and his cock push against my back, eliciting a laugh from him. “Good, I enjoyed playing with you down there. You can take a lot pup, and that’s good news coz now you’ll be spending a lot more time down there… and I certainly enjoyed the feeling of your throat on my cock. Did you too pup?” I tried to bark, but only got a gurgled grunt out, unable to pry my lips apart long enough to let anything but drool escape.

From there, he took off my hood, placing it on the coffee table in front of us, letting me blink away as the light breathed into the Livingroom through the curtains. It must have been morning. I must have been downstairs for a good ten hours at least. Everything was just as I remember it; pretty much anyway. On the coffee table at my feet was also the urinal nose of my hood and an empty 2 litre bottle that made my stomach churn just looking at it. I recognised Alex’s biker boots as well, flopped on the floor of the archway leading to the entrance hallway. Drake was nowhere to be seen. He might have gone home… He might be upstairs in bed, I didn’t know. He cupped his hand under my chin, pulling my head back against his shoulder, and I found myself growling again happily, feeling his strong fingers scratch away at my jawline and his other hand finding my butt again.

“Do you remember what you said to me pup? After I fed you?” It took me a while, I felt more than I could remember about yesterday… and most of that was my back and my arse. More my arse really; my back was covered in a layer of leather and that obscured the stinging welts across my back of yesterday’s play. But I smiled, as I ran it all through my head.

“I thanked my Master for feeding me.” His hand got a tighter grip on my chin.

“Yeah, you did….So… I’m your Master from now on, huh?” I don’t think that was a question, we both knew the answer… I knew I did at the least.

“Yes Master.”

“I do like the sound of that… but…” he left my back, the rooms silence broken by my breathing and the sound of creaking as he fell back onto his armchair, both of his bare legs coming out either side of me. The silence almost broke me, his hands quickly coming to my waist and gently pulled me backwards back towards the chair. I felt his hand loop get a good hold of one of the belts of the jacket and tug me backwards more until I was slowly bending my knees, falling down onto him… Slowly at first, I didn’t want to just fall back and crush him. But that was exactly what he wanted… at least after he’d lined my hole up with his raging boner.

As soon as he lined me up – or more importantly my twitching hole – he gave one firm yank and I came down fast, right on his cock. I don’t need to say that I was bone dry inside. Sure I was relaxed, and I think he’d coated his own cock in his spit, but it still hurt like a bitch shooting his full length inside and up into my gutt in one go. I couldn’t even yell as soon as I was falling he’d wrapped a meaty hand around my mouth pulling me backwards even harder into his chest, letting my pained shout fade in my throat as he held me there tightly, feeling his full length tear me open and burrow itself inside like a parasite invading its host.

He held me there tightly, my head on its side up against his shoulder, my leather contained body up against his chest pulling needlessly against its confines. Even his feet had wound their way around mine keeping my legs spread apart and my body movement to a minimum. I whined and whimpered, panting trying to catch my breath as he held me down. He didn’t say a word, He just grunted, deep and primal as I felt his rod twitch and strain in me as he enjoyed my insides that clenched around the impaled beast.

Eventually, he started shushing my whimpers. “Shhh, good pup. Feel your Masters cock.” I certainly felt it alright, all 8 and a half inches of it… And it hurt and made me twinge like fuck. His thumb started stroking the bridge of my nose, the fingers still clamped tight over my mouth. I was still trying to catch my breath, overwhelmed with the pain… at least at first. But as I started to listen, I could smell leather and musk off his hands, probably from the gloves he’d worn last night. And then there was the movement of his thumb on my nose; the sensation somewhat hypnotic, that appendage slowly gliding its way down my nose, lifting up and down. It calmed me, knowing he was there… that hand, stroking my nose, quieting my whines and whimpers… learning to push the pain away, relaxing back into his hands and his body.

“There’s a good dog.” I felt his feet coiled against my legs, his thighs around mine and his balls hilted right up against my arse. The hug he gave me was deep and all the while, that thumb stroked my nose. “I guess I know what I can do to calm you down eh pup?” and he took the thumb away briefly. Instantly I whimpered and struggled causing him to laugh and bring it right back.

“I’ll have to remember that. Does that bone feel good buried up in you pup?” I whimpered again, trying to say Yes.

“You know, I do really want another pup, and you are one heck of a pup… But… If I really am your Master… than that means I’m also your Owner.” I ‘mmphed’ just to confirm I was listening, although really I was more overwhelmed with his thumb than anything, feeling his cock harden and strain in me again.

“Do I own you now Shaggy?”

“yermmphh phherrr.” He released his hand from my mouth and pulled my head back, looking down at me, and me back up to him.

“Say it pup. Tell me I own you.” I swallowed, realising what I was about to do.

“You own me, Master Alex.” He smiled.

“Which means I can do anything I want to you, right pup?”

“Yes Master.”

“Say I wanted to tie you up here and leave you here for hours, days even…” He looked at me, as if requesting permission.

“That’s your right Master.” His grin grew wider.

“Say, I wanted to take this cute puppy arse, and share it with all my friends at a club…” Again I swallowed.

“That’s your right Master.”

“Say…” He leant in. “Say, I wanted to get you tattooed; black bold ‘puppy bitch’ in text right across your back.”

I stared at him. “Brand my name, right into your skin so everyone knows who you belong to. Forever.” His smile got even closer to my face. “Say if I wanted to get you pierced, so I can keep that cock of yours locked away, forever. Tugging you about my your nipples.”

I opened my mouth for a moment and the hand quickly silenced me. “Say I’d keep you here, forever. Move all your stuff out your current shitty house, bring it all here. Say I wanted to kidnap you…. You’d let me… right? Because you’re my property, right pup? I can do anything to you, because you’re my good young little slice of meat, right?” I whimpered meekly in his hands. I was putty, and he knew it. How was I supposed to answer no to that logic?

“Good boys obey their Owners and you’re a good boy aren’t you?” I nodded my head as best I could, feeling a tear in my eye.

“And you’re my good boy, aren’t you?” I nodded again.

“And I’m your Owner.” I looked at him, feeling his breath hit my eyes, his hand tighten over my lips.

I knew what I was doing. I told myself that. I had no reason to distrust this man, he’d given me everything I’d wanted and more, he’d shared with me his world, given me time to calm myself when I had a panic attack… He was gentle, yet stern, caring and authoritive. He’d train me, he’d teach me everything I’d want to know, and everything I’d need to know, and probably even a few things more. He’d beat me; I knew that. He’d beat me till I was bleeding and crying probably… and I’d be lying if I said that was too much for me… It was a compromise.

So when his fingers left my mouth, and my mouth opened, I knew just what words to say.

“I am yours Master. Do with me whatever you want. I want to be your good puppy, your bitch.” With that we kissed, long and deep and I knew what I’d just done… and I wasn’t scared. Maybe I should have been. Maybe I should have been terrified. The guy just asked me for permission to kidnap me, to tattoo his name across my forehead… and I’d let him… I told him he could… His tongue played in my mouth like a serpent, and mine did its best to keep up. But… But what else would I ever want, that wasn’t right here?

The rest of the day was… mostly a blur. We hugged and kissed mostly, and I remember the entire while, his rock hard cock was in my arse. He told me he’d taken Viagra, so his cock would stay hard for a long, long time and I’d be right here the entire while, pinned deep in my arse letting his pre and musk seep into my insides. An idea he got from Drake. I had no complaints. And it didn’t take long for him to become overwhelmed with lust, push me to the floor and start fucking me, and fucking me hard. I had no-way to escape that jack-hammer even if I wanted to. He didn’t even bother to lube it up, he just fucked me as he was. Sure, by then I was stretched open, but that wasn’t the issue; it was like a friction burn, multiplied by a hundred up the length of my insides, everywhere his cock was able to reach, and he could reach deep.

I grunted and yelped and barked, like a bitch in heat, burying my face into the carpet, into his hand, into a pillow or the sofa, whatever he placed or manhandled me in front of. On the coffee table watching was my dog hood with its empty eyes. We were once on the floor and in one move, he flipped me over onto my back so he could stare down at me like he was eating me, his face full of thirst. His arms supporting his naked body over me, my legs frail and limp dangling in the air with the ankle and thigh cuffs still looped around them from the gurney. My cock now limp, stuffed back in its tiny plain smooth metal cage with ‘no need to ever let me cum again’. That’s what he said, that now I was his dog, there was no need for me to cum. Ever. I knew he was joking, or at least a part of me hoped, growling down at me dominantly as he pushed my hard-on roughly into its protective case… there to stay. By now he knew the catheter was an ingenious idea of his and he knew it worked. There had been no complaint from me while I’d worn it, no issues. Explaining that from now on, I was never going to piss in a toilet again, and that like a good dog, I was going to scratch at the back door and he was going to kick me out for me to do my business. Like a good dog.

“It’ll take a while for you to get used to pup, but that’s alright. It’s what I’m here for, I’ll help you learn the rules. I’ll help embed them into that puppy brain of yours anyway I can…”

No one would have been in doubt who I was… and who he was. I was the bitch, the toy… the slave, the sub-human… and he was the man, the handler, the owner. And I’d just given him permission to do anything he wanted to me, and my mind did all it could to terrify and arouse me with all the things and perverted kinks he could do to me from now on. Again, I should be scared. I should be terrified, but as soon as he’d started pounding my tight tail hole, I’d groaned and whined like a bitch in heat.

He needed to fuck me, and his stamina seemed to be annoying him because the longer it took for him to cum, the harder he fucked me and the more abusive he got. Before long, he wrapped one of his meaty hands around my neck and cut of my air, his fingers digging into the side of my neck. I could still breathe just about; wheezing and whimpering, looking up at him with my best pleading look, tears in my eyes and red in my cheeks as he growled and grunted as he fucked my hole. He planted a deep kiss on my mouth, not for passion or love, he was marking his property… He owned this mouth, he was making sure I knew that, just as much as he owned the air I breathed.

His first ejaculation deep in my gut sent him wild, his roar was deep and primal, his arms quivered as he tried to hold himself up and over me, letting me exclaim as I felt his shoots deep in me. His arms quickly gave in and he came down on top of me like a stallion breeding his mare, exhausted and his energy spent, still releasing his powerful milk in me. His hands in my hair holding my head down and his face in my cheek, whispering sweet praises in my ear.

“You’re my fucking bitch from now on pup, get it. My bitch. No-one else’s, never ever again. Forever. Never again will you feel any other cock in your arse. Only mine. This hole, this cunt of yours, is mine.” And after minutes, mere minutes, he started fucking me again, just as hard as before, only this time, we were back to doggy style and his hand was over my mouth again, and my nose. My lungs burned, my cheeks red, my grunts even more hoarse and my throat welling up to burn, but still he pounded away and held me there. He came again in me like that, releasing only my nose for me to suck in air before pulling out of my arse finally, spinning me around, and plunging his cock straight into my gasping maw, shooting the rest down my throat.

As I said, the day was mostly a blur. But I knew what was happening. He was claiming me. And I was letting him. He was marking his property. He wanted every single part of me to smell, taste and feel like him… His cum in my blood, his voice in my head. He ejaculated on and in me so many times, I think his balls were dry ages ago, but still he used me how he wanted. He pissed in my throat letting me recycling his piss. ‘Letting’ me was perhaps too generous of a word. He forced me. But I didn’t fight him… not really. Maybe just for fun. But here we were. Here I was.

* * *

I tried rolling over again, but I couldn’t. I was trapped. He’d thrown me, thrown me into the cage under his bed, my arse still tingling and twitching from his repeated assaults, the smell of his musk in my nose and his piss still sending my taste buds wild and swishing around in my stomach making me nauseated. And all the while, my puppy cock strained uselessly in its tight cage, dripping and flicking pre in every direction. I knew I was going to have to get used to not cumming… and fast. It wasn’t my place anymore, I was to help Master Alex cum, and anyone else he commanded… not me… not anymore. And that realisation made me think back to the last time I did actually cum and I couldn’t even remember. Weeks most likely.

I was still in the strait-jacket, locked in my hood, the gas mask nose being the closest muzzle he had near him at the time as he pulled me upstairs. He’d sat me in front of the cage after he put the hood on, giving me that loving smile. A tail plug stuffed in my arse; bigger and wider than last time. Even after his attempts to break my arse, the plug was still a struggle to get in. Now the silicone rod that wad the tail rested on the floor between my legs. He disappeared into a cupboard briefly, leaving me look around his bedroom… our bedroom… If I was allowed a bedroom from now on. I guess the cage under his bed would do… or that terrifying cell downstairs… He came back with a box, coming down on his haunches in front of me. It was square in shape, but shallow, and something in me clicked as it looked familiar. It was identical, identical to the same box he’d given me on our very first meeting, maybe even the same box. Not in the public bathroom, no, that had just been a bandana, which I realise now I’d left back at my house in my bedroom on my pillow. No, I’m talking about the box he presented me with which contained my collar. And as he opened it, prying off the lid, I was greeted with a new one, a new collar.

In many ways it was the same as my current one: 2 thick straps of raw hide leather, only this one in front of me now, was burgundy brown where my current one was pitch black. And on the inside of it was a thin square strip of metal that stretched the length of the belt. The D rings were in the same place, as was the buckle only this one presented a bigger one… more secure… more threatening. It was already tagged with the name ‘Shaggy’. He made it a point to show me the reverse, and his house address was already there… as was ‘bitch of Master Alex’ etched at the top. I looked up at him, whimpering meekly… but happily.

“This isn’t just a collar, dog,” he began staring deep in my eyes like a predator. A scary possessive smile on his lips. He pulled out the set of keys from his pocket, the set of keys. “This is a very special collar. This is your… forever collar.” Slowly, he unlocked the padlock on my current collar, placing it on the floor beside me. He moved slowly, very slowly, gently pulling the black leather collar off my neck, the place it had been for 3 days now. He flipped the collar around, showing me my old collar. The one with no address on the back… the one that left me ownerless. With that, he threw it behind me, and presented my new collar to me.

“You’re going to be wearing this for a long, long time pup. And don’t worry, we’ll get you trained up good and proper. You won’t care about people staring at you before long…” As before, he showed me the collar slowly bringing it closer and closer to my face.

“Kiss it, bitch.” I did as I was told, kissing the small silver circle.

“Good dog. You ready to be owned pup?”

I barked through the gas mask muzzle, letting the hissing and ticking of the valve hit my ears. He smiled with a grin, patting my forehead, rewarding my efforts.

“There’s my good bitch.” With that settled, he moved forward, flipping the collar round so the cold metal touched my neck as the thick leather slowly coiled around my throat.

“This collar does more than label you as my pup… This collar I got specially made from my friend… and it’s linked directly to my phone.” He smiled at me, his mouth a fingers distance from the edge of my nose… my hoods nose.

“See, this collar has lots of sensors imbedded under all this leather, sensors that tell me all the things I need to know about my property.” The collar wrapped tightly around my willing open neck, the metal freezing against my neck.

“See, it has a tracker… tells me exactly where you are, wherever in the world. It also tells me other things… like your heartbeat…” it grew tighter, and tighter, the metal sitting right up against my skin as he fed the end of the belt through the loop in the buckle.

“… Your blood pressure…” Tighter and tighter.

“… Blood oxygen level… all sorts of things. So when I get real hungry for you crying out in pain, for when I block that pretty mouth with duct tape and then clamp your nose shut… I know when to stop…” I stared… and gulped… and whined quietly. “…and when I continue, no matter how much you squirm and struggle and yell.” I got a feeling, I just gave myself to an absolute sadist.

“I know when and how much, my new toy can take.” I sat there on the floor, staring at him, awash with mixed feelings… and suddenly, I could felt the welts on my arse and back that much clearer.

“You ready boy, you really ready for this? I’m not lying. When I lock this on… it’s staying… forever.” I didn’t answer… “I have rules I expect you to follow, flawlessly. There is no ‘sorry sir, I’ll try better next time’. In fact, there won’t be any words at all because you’re a dog and dogs don’t talk. You, are, mine.” I still, couldn’t speak… But I knew what to say… and he saw it in my eyes… I wanted this… I needed this.

So he pulled the buckle tight, fastened in the pin… and showed me the padlock… the only time I’d see it. He smiled, a big grin. He was proud of me.

I sat completely still as his hands moved behind me, that padlock vanishing from view. That single faint ‘click’ of the padlock… changed everything… I knew… that my life would change.

So now, here I lay… still trapped in the strait-jacket. Under the bed of my owner. Hooded… collared… where I belong… and he knew exactly where I was because of this collar.

I was home. Awaiting for my training to begin… waiting for him to come back from my house with all my stuff… waiting for him to ‘kidnap’ me… I’d say he already had.

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Metal would like to thank Pup Shaggy for this story!

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