Earn It Pup – Chapter 1

By Pup Shaggy

It was then and there that I found the second of my most favourite sounds, the first being the subtle ‘click’ of a padlock closing. I shook my head from side to side, hearing the metal jangle about. I must have had the biggest grin on my face because Alex had one too… Master Alex I should say… His collar, his name tag, his house… that’s who he really was now.

He’d given me the small leather box as soon as I entered his house. I’d been nervous, and rightly so. He hadn’t said anything, just smiled as he led me inside, and handed me the small box without a word. His lime green eyes stared at me thoughtful, and his smile was welcoming. He could tell I was nervous… I could feel the sweat under my arms… which only made me more nervous.

But then I’d lifted the lid of the box to find a supple black leather collar, 3 chrome D-rings decorating the outside of it. The buckle too was chrome, the pin ending in a small ring for a padlock to keep the whole thing on.

But most importantly, at least for me, was the name tag; a large silver bone clipped to the centre D-ring lay there, glinting in the hallway light above me. “Pup Shaggy” etched into it. The look I gave him must have been to his liking because he enveloped me in his arms laughing.

And now here I am, on all fours on his carpeted living room, shaking my head back and forth like a hyper-active puppy listening to my tag bounce around. My new favourite sound. And I was loving it. He was too as he watched, patting me or giving me a scratch whenever I was in range. I hadn’t even taken off my shoes or my work clothes. I was too busy having fun until I heard my second favourite sound as he snuck forward and slipped a tiny padlock through the pin of my collar. Even in my state I knew what that meant. If the collar and name tag hadn’t already.


I guess, Context. We’d been talking online for only a couple of weeks; probably not long enough really. His name was Alex, although originally I’d only known his as “MasterA_1”. It was pretty usual at first; the ‘ping’ sound that indicated someone had ‘cruised’ me (the equivalent of a ‘thumbs up’ on Facebook), and a single message which read:

“Aren’t you a cute Pup. That muzzle suits you.” He was probably referring to my profile picture.

Needless to say I replied, but I was still at work so I didn’t have a chance to look at his profile.

“Thanks! *wags tail*” was what I wrote back to him. It wasn’t till I got home and had a chance to look at my phone that things kicked off. He hadn’t replied, but I knew he’d seen the message and had chosen not to say anything. I looked through his profile and was met by his profile picture: An open leather vest revealing a furry belly, an out stretched hand to the camera and a collar lying upon it.

The first line read ‘Come get your Collar Pup’. Going from his description, he seemed like a gentle down-to earth kind of Dom. Both demanding, confident and strict; yet caring and loving. This was the kind of Dom that would tie you up for hours in a restrictive tie till the point you were sobbing and then just gag you and go back to whatever he was doing before… But he’d also look after you insuring lots of cuddles and scratches went to pups who behaved themselves. A mixture of Slave master, and Pup handler. Exactly the kind of guy I’d hoped to find.

I’d be lying if I said my cock wasn’t hard at the end of his profile. The last line of it read: ‘all boys are to address me properly, at ALL times: I am MasterA. If you don’t address me properly, don’t talk to me.’ And it was then why I realised he hadn’t replied… I hadn’t addressed him properly. How was I supposed to know! Quickly scrolling back to my messages I hastily tapped out:

“Thank you MasterA.” But there wasn’t an immediate reply. I shrugged it off, thinking I’d missed that chance. But there’d be others… Right? After all, I was still only in my first year at Uni…

I forgot about it pretty fast, going to bed. Perhaps I dreamt about him, I can’t remember, But I knew I woke up with a raging hard-on the next morning. I had to do something about that, lying there staring at the tent beneath my boxers. I grabbed for my phone ready to scroll through tumblr, and saw the notification on the lock screen: I’d received a message… from MasterA_1… that must have been what woke me. I double tapped on it.

“That’s better Pup. I guess you finally read my profile. You owned Shaggy?” That was my name online, or my pup name really. I’d chose it out of the blue seemingly, but I liked it and it worked on multiple levels: my hair was always long and shaggy, and I am a pretty laid back chill guy… like a certain TV character back in the late 90s. I tapped out my reply.

“Yes Sir, Sorry I was at work. And no, I’m not owned MasterA.” His reply was instant, which caught me by surprise.

“I don’t much care for excuses Pup. But it’s good to hear you aren’t owned. I’m looking for a Pup like you.”

“Like me MasterA?”

“Cute, young. Un-trained. A stray. Ready to be moulded. I don’t need another mindless cock-sucker who think he’s a god-send. You at University?”

“Yes Sir. How would you mould me MasterA?” I was curious.

“Whatever way I choose boy. That’s my right. Now show me your arse. NOW.” It wasn’t a question. It was an order. My first. I toyed with the thought of sending him an image I already had on my phone; I had several to choose from… plugged, shaved, furry… But before I knew it, I was on all fours, standing my phone up on my bedside table for a selfie, setting the timer so I could spin around and take a quick snapshot of my arse.

I sent it before really looking at it. His reply started with a smiling Emoji, and then a devil.

“I take it that’s your morning wood Pup.” And then I realised I was still hard. I checked back the photo I sent and sure enough, my raging boner was dangling straight down between my legs in the shot like a tail. As if that wasn’t enough you could faintly see the layer of pre on the end glinting in the light from my window. Almost embarrassed I replied.

“Yes MasterA.”

“Good. Nice size. You busy?” Now? Right now? I was still questioning it before I realised I already answered.

“No MasterA.” Had been my reply.

“Town Centre Starbucks. You’ve got 20 minutes to get there. Now Shaggy.” I stared at the screen wasting valuable time. I could just not go. I’d only just gotten up. My shyness kicked in trying to justify why I shouldn’t. That I should just lay down and go back to sleep. But I couldn’t bring myself to do that. I looked at the clock. I could make it there easy in that time. But come on! We’d barely said 10 lines worth of text to each other! I gulped. Was I actually going to do this? For goodness sake, I’d only first heard of this guy 10 hours ago…

“Are you going to be there Pup? Or are you going to waste my time?” As if he sensed my apprehension. For some reason, being called a ‘time-waster’ hurt. That wasn’t me, I didn’t agree to dates or meets and not show, or at least I didn’t WANT to be that way. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I had to do this. For myself.

“I won’t waste your time MasterA. I’ll be there.”

“We’ll see about that. I’ll be wearing a grey and black bandana, Pup. I’ll know when you arrive.”


I found myself out on the street before my head had really caught up with what I was doing. It was early –perhaps too early – as the streets were dead, making my way there speedily. I didn’t think about much on the way there. I wasn’t sure what to think. I hadn’t even checked my phone to check the time when I pushed open the door. It was a big store, but thankfully there was only the one Starbucks in town which made it easy for me. I stepped in looking around briefly. There was only one other person in the store and I was fairly sure ‘MasterA’ was not a lean thin woman with lips as tight as a purse. She glared at me like I was trying to kick her out of her house or steal her drink.

I must have got here before him. Either that or this was all some con and he wasn’t going to show at all. Resigning myself I went to the tills and bought a bottle of orange juice; I was not a fan of hot drinks. Still, no-one else entered. Realising I needed to be pee, I figured now would be better than later, so I leapt into the small bathroom only to stop in my tracks.

Arms crossed, leaning against the only cubicle, was MasterA. The first thing I noticed was his size, I didn’t know exactly how tall I was, but I knew the average door frame was about 2 meters high… He must have just been under that because he towered over me. He was probably in his early 30’s (I forgot what it had said on his profile online), an angular rough jawline covered in rugged stubble, and lime green eyes that contrasted against his brown hair. It was messy and unkempt, the length looking a little out of place for what I’d imagined. He’d seen me before I’d seen him, already grinning as he pushed himself off the wall.

He was wearing nothing particular; brown jeans, plain white buttoned shirt and a pair of Biker harness boots. But of course, there was the bandana, tied around his neck; grey and black just as he said.

“Good to see you in person Shaggy.” He said, coming towards me slowly. I froze like a rabbit. This only made his grin bigger as he reached out a hand to my neck, spun me around and pushed me up against the wall where he’d been leaning. He wasn’t rough and it didn’t hurt, but it was forceful enough to tell me he was powerful. Plus the fact we were still in public had me urging myself to not make a scene. He held me there grinning, his hand firmly around my neck as I stared back up at him, not struggling or putting up a fight, just watching him, my eyes at an angle just to see his.

“It’s alright to be nervous you know,” he said with a grin. “I know I look pretty mean and sound mean online, but I’m a nice guy.” And his other hand cupped itself over my crotch where my cock was stirring.

“And to think, this guy was rock hard a moment earlier.” His hand pulsed on my crotch as if trying to get a reaction. Just the fact his hand was there at all was certainly going to make a reaction.

He laughed letting go. “Kneel,” he ordered as he took a step back. I stared back at him blankly for a few minutes, stuck in a ‘this is a dream’ moment. He smiled down at me, a hand on my cheek giving me a little slap to wake me up.

“Puppy, I said Kneel.” I went to my knees slowly, not taking my eyes off him. In retrospect, things could have gone in a really bad direction at this point. It might not have ended well for me.

But for whatever reason, there was no alarm going off in my head, no sense of danger or worry. Maybe there should have been. I don’t know.

“Good boy.” And he took out another bandana, identical to his from his back pocket. It only took one step for him to close the distance between us and tie the square of fabric around my neck in a loose knot. I remained still the while, my face barely a hairs’ distance away from his crotch. I stared at it, daring not to breathe or I knew I’d be overwhelmed by his scent, his musk.

But just as I was about to fall to temptation, he stepped back came down on one knee and hugged me tightly. I was a little taken back, but I still found the breath to murr quietly. I don’t know if he heard or not.

“I’ve had my fun.” He said, placing his lips on my forehead giving me a quick kiss as he stood back up. I was about to do the same, before a large hand rested on my head giving me a light scratch but also keeping me down on my knees. So I obeyed, kneeling in the bathroom looking up at him… under him. When he was happy I wasn’t going to move, he ruffled my hair playfully which relaxed me a bit. He turned to the sink, picking up his leather jacket that I hadn’t noticed, strewn across it. It was black leather with red accents. I wouldn’t know the make, but I didn’t need to to know it was designed for bikers in mind.

“You’re going to wear that bandanna all day, for me, understood?” and he left the bathroom before I could so much nod, kneeling there awestruck. Forget trying to catch up, my mind was back outside running down the street in the opposite direction. All I knew, was that I no longer needed to use the toilet, and I had to actually check to make sure I hadn’t wet myself and was kneeling in it.

Picking up the courage to stand, I left the bathroom scanning the café’. He’d left, and there I stood, the un-opened bottle of orange juice still in my hand emerging from the bathroom with the knees of my jeans wet… oh god I hope it wasn’t piss. The bar-tender looked at me quizzically, noticing the bandana that had appeared around my neck.

Maybe I was expected to follow him or something? I stepped out looking to either side of the street, barely making out the leather-jacket figure in the distance disappearing around the corner on the back of his motorbike.

For one, eventful morning, the rest of the day was pretty dull. I didn’t have a class till 3, and up until then I spent the rest of the day on my computer doing coursework. Many times I considered taking the bandanna off. How would he know? Why did I care anyway?

I guess it was the pup in me, the obedience… obeying a superior. Whatever the reason, I grew accustomed to the fabric around my neck, and had completely forgotten about it till I was at university.

“What’s with the neck-tie?” was the only question that was asked by a mate of mine. But in the grand scheme of things, a bandanna was hardly the most outlandish thing a classmate had worn… so everyone just seemed to accept it. They stared a little, but that was easy to ignore. Class went on as normal, more time spent staring at a screen, and 2 hours later I was out again, saying farewell to my mates for another day. No work that afternoon thankfully, so I was free. What should I do myself for dinner? Maybe take-away? Chinese?

My eyes caught something that sparked my brain to re-boot, one of those ‘hey, wait a second, was that’ moments. And I looked back behind me to a group of men, all of them in hard hats and visibility vests looking over a particularly run-down warehouse on the out-skirts of the town centre.

I stared at them a moment, wondering why my brain had jumped. Eventually I noticed it, one of the men was wearing a grey and black bandana, barely visible over the high-vis jacket. I don’t know how I managed to spot it. Regardless I stared, half of me remarking that it couldn’t possibly be MasterA, whereas the other half was laughing; retorting with ‘how many people walk around with bandanas around their necks?’

It was him for certain… He turned around in my direction sensing someone gawking at him like a toddler eyeing chocolate. Goodness knows how I must have looked; standing in the middle of the pavement staring. But he didn’t seem to care, as he grinned at me. He didn’t say anything, nor did I expect him to. But he pulled out his phone and wagged it in my direction. ‘Check your phone’ was the general idea. And he turned back to join the conversation with the other two guys.

Thinking better than to run over to him, I went home and lay on my bed staring at the ceiling. I’d forgotten about dinner. I forgot about everything and somehow managed to fall asleep before my phone beeping jerked me awake.

“Who’s my good boy?” was all he’d typed in the message screen.

“Woof,” was what I typed back.

“Yeah you are. Take off the bandana.” I did, lying it on my lap as I waited for the next command.

“Read what it says.” Read what what says? The bandanna? I looked at it, there wasn’t anything obvious written on it. I picked it up to look a little closer, the fabric as you’d expect, the white pattern that lined… no wait…. the pattern… what I had mistaken for as a simple geometric pattern was actually text. It read: “Temporary Property of Master Alex” and repeated itself over and over in fancy stylised text. How had I not noticed that? I’d been wearing it all day! I went to university with that on my neck! If anyone had dared to read it…

“What does it say Pup?” he messaged me again. Biting my lip, I typed it out.

“That’s right pup. Now I got work to do, so we’ll talk again later. But I want you to tie it back on around your neck, till I say otherwise. Yes?” I could tell he was waiting for a reply, and what other reply was I going to give?

“Yes MasterA.”

“Good boy. Oh, and one other thing, you’re not allowed to wank tonight. Bye Pup.” I read, and instantly thought of my cock. It was hard, and it was moist.

I tried to be good, honest I did. It wasn’t until 4 hours later, sitting at my computer munching what I could find in the fridge, that the temptation was too much to bare and I slid my jeans off. Pulling my cock and balls through my boxers, I started pumping, trying to convince myself I was only going to edge myself. I buried my face in the bandana around my neck, thinking of him. Of MasterA.

I couldn’t of stopped myself from cumming at that point if I tried. But I shrugged it off when finally the after-glow faded. What would he know?

The day after I had work again, and we only got a few minutes of chatting before he had to leave for work himself. I thought better to not mention I’d wanked….. And by then I’d disobeyed… twice.

It wasn’t until the day after that that I admitted I’d been naughty. I was almost afraid to, expecting he was going to turn around and say not to talk to him anymore. At least I’d still have the bandana.

But he just laughed and said it was alright… although he’d make me regret it later. He’d then told me his original plan was to have me meet him every morning somewhere in town, but his work was getting busy and his plan failed. I admitted that would have been fun, but if it couldn’t be helped, then that’s the way it was.

And thus the two weeks past. There were days we talked, days we didn’t. I only sent him one picture during that time and that was with a belt around my neck and the rest in my hand, similar to his profile picture – like I was offering him a leash to my collar. ‘Soon pup’ was the reply I’d gotten. But half term was approaching and I knew he knew. I’d expected our first proper meet would be then, but one day, after work I got a call from him.

We’d decided at some point in the past week to trade phone numbers so we could text each other rather than use Recon. It just seemed easier to not have to rely on a Wi-Fi connection. At least for when he ordered me to do something… which I never hesitated to do.

I took my first step out into the air and instantly, instantly my phone rang.

“Hello Shaggy,” he said, his voice reminding me of our bathroom visit.

“Hello Master A,” I replied. Although I knew his name was Alex, I still called him what I’d been told to.

“I need a cuddle pup. You free?” He sounded… off. Not that I’d heard his voice enough times to know really. But he at least sounded down. I paused.

I was free, I liked cuddles and I liked him. What better reason would I need?

“Yes MasterA, I’m free. Where…?”

“Simmons Street. Number 18. Ring the doorbell.” And then the line went dead as he hang up. I gulped. There was that familiar nervous feeling again. Fighting past it, I quickly googled where his place was. Barely 2 blocks away, I could walk it with ease… But I was still in my work uniform. But there was no-way I was getting back to change in time… And I didn’t’ have his bandana on me either (he’d given me permission to take it off for work because my manager wasn’t keen on it). I didn’t have a choice. I’d be going there now.

I walked the two blocks in silence, my mind jumping at everything. 20 minutes later I was turning down Simmons Street. It was nice, decent sized homes behind well-kept front lawns and drives, it all seemed pretty nice. Not that I was one to judge, I lived in student Housing.

There was Number 18; an almost cottage looking house with a small front garden. The drive occupied by a big dark green truck. A few lights were on in the house, although I didn’t see any faces staring out. Swallowing whatever was holding me back, I rang the doorbell.


And the rest you know: He was standing in the doorway behind the open door, bare-chested with office trousers on, a grin on his face but a tired expression overall. He was in need of some company. Welcoming me in with a hand, and then out came the box with the collar and my name tag. I had been nervous. You know that. But that all just melted away as the collar came to my neck and I dove deep into the pup head-space I knew so well; deeper than I’d ever been before and I didn’t want to leave it.

I was on all fours in his spacious open-plan living room bounding around, still in my work uniform full of energy which I had no idea where it all was coming from.

He beamed happily as he reeled back, the key to the small padlock now in my collar still in his hand.

“Maybe I should start calling you Tesco,” he grinned, motioning to the large ‘Tesco’ sign emblazoned across my back. I shook my head angrily and growled.

“Yeah, you’re right, Shag is a better name.” and he patted my head. “Strip,” he ordered, and I took it all off, a little too eagerly. I stood there on all fours -in nothing but my boxers- for a moment, before I took my work shirt in my mouth and start throwing it around and chewing it. I didn’t care if I ruined it. Not at that moment anyway. He laughed at that, coming down and wrestling me to the floor to stop me and pull the shirt away from me.

I was enveloped in his arms, murring and panting happily, trying to lick his shoulder but only getting a glancing swipe from how he held me. I heard him sigh.

“There’s a good pup.” I grunted back. He curled his arms around and under me, picking us both up, falling back on the sofa. And there we stayed. His body warmth against me, around me, the sound of his heart beating in my ear. I was in Nirvana. It must have been an hour before the cuddle was interrupted. He stood up, pushing me off him and onto the floor. By my collar he pulled me out back roughly, me sliding across the wooden floor and then the tiles in the kitchen to the back door. With a firm kick I was outside onto his patio.

“Go piss pup.” He told me as he closed the door before I could scramble back inside. Thankfully, his garden was pretty concealed… and big; the fence at the back too far away, obscured by trees and bushes. I was safe more or less. I quickly scanned for signs of movement or windows that overlooked where I cowered, but it was too dark to be spotted unless I drew attention to myself.

Despite it all, despite the cold and the fact I was kneeling on a stranger’s patio in nothing but boxers with the time getting on for 8pm with a dog collar padlocked around my neck; despite all that; I needed to go toilet.

So I crawled slowly and quietly to the nearest patch of grass. I was too deep in the head-space to really question anything, and nor did I want to leave it. So I raised my leg, released my bladder onto whatever unfortunate plant had been beneath me and crawled back on all fours to the door I’d been pushed out of. The bricks were rough on my hands and knees, not to mention cold.

By the time the kitchen light flicked on, I’d started shivering a little. Not that bad, it was more exaggeration than anything. The light cast a glow on the patio, quickly being blocked out by the silhouette of Alex. I pawed at the door and whimpered a little to be let in; the door opening and warmth welcoming me as a reward. Before he let me in however, he came down to one knee and clicked a chain leash to my collar. I didn’t argue as he gave it a quick yank. His smile returned, and I think he even murr-ed happily a little.

“Damn you’re a cute pup.” He remarked, and I barked a reply, grinning proudly back up at him.

“In then,” he laughed as I lept up the step and back onto the tile floor. I shook myself as the door closed, an attempt to warm myself up too distracted to watch what he was doing and I should have done. I probably should have been worried why he wanted me on a leash in the first place. But I was inexperienced, in a world of my own when something was lowered over my face. I backed up a little startled, but he was fast and stern, shoving the end of what felt like a cock gag in my mouth. I grunted a little, and coughed as –whatever it was- dove an inch deeper in my maw as he buckled it up tightly behind my head.

I quickly realised looking out at the openings of the hood that I now had a dog nose stretching out in front of me. I shook my head a little, just to test it, only for Alex to hold my head still as he padlocked it on me, like my collar. It was tight; tight enough to not slip off or move. I’d worn dog hoods before, although not for a long period of time, and certainly not one with a gag in my mouth. It seemed to seal itself around my face where it rested against my skin. I assumed this was normal. I tested the thing in my mouth, moving my tongue up and down the shaft, to realise it was indeed a cock. A dog cock that ended in an average sized bulb, locked behind my teeth. The hood itself was made out of neoprene… although where it sealed itself to my head seemed to be rubber as it was a lot cooler against my skin. And then there was the cock gag which must have been silicon and bent a little if I bit it.

I looked up at him quizzically, only for him to yank my head around getting a better look at my now enclosed head. I whimpered a little, but he didn’t care. I quickly got used to the cock in my mouth as it wasn’t that big, I wasn’t really thinking at this point anyway. It was more the drool I was having an issue with. I had to keep swallowing every few seconds or I’d be making a mess.

He was happy with how I looked and gave me a hair ruffle. I pawed at it, not to get it off but just re-position it a little, but he scolded me.

“No boy, it stays on till I say so.” And using the chain leash, he pulled me back into the Livingroom, yanking me over to a large dog bed that somehow appeared out of nowhere. He must have pulled it out while I was pissing in the garden. Either way, he pushed me down to my belly with a foot on my back.

“Stay,” he ordered me; pulling out a large padlock, coming down to one knee and with one firm yank on my collar forced my head to the floor as the padlock was looped through my collar and a metal ring hidden in the carpet fibres.

That particular ‘click’ as the padlock closed wasn’t a great moment. Uselessly I tried to pull my head up, almost making myself gag as my collar tightened. I whimpered loudly, as he gave me another hair ruffle.

“That’s why your muzzled pup,” he laughed as he pushed my butt down onto the cushion, leaving me in my predicament. I yanked at the padlock, but I wasn’t going anywhere. If I got back up, I could crawl around the ring, but there wasn’t much I would have been able to reach that would help me. I wasn’t paying attention when he returned, yanking my hand up pushing on a leather mitt. Where the outside was rough leather, the inside was smooth and rubber; the mitt itself extremely padded and cushioned forcing my hand into a tight fist. Of course, he padlocked it on the first chance he got. I tried to shake it off, but was met with another firm yank of my other hand and the other mitt going on and buckled up tight. With both hands mitted, he pulled out yet another large padlock, taking both my paws and chaining them together to the same ring bolted in the floor.

The result of which, I was now huddled over; my head barely able to lift a couple of inches off the floor and my ‘paws’ trapped out in front of me.

“There you go Shaggy, now be good and lay down.” I couldn’t do anything else, sprawled out in the basket. Thankfully the bed was quite soft. The position still made my neck ache – the way I pulled at the ring in the floor – so I lowered my head onto my leather and rubber enclosed hands and looked up at him as he knelt over me grinning.

“Yeah, there’s my good boy.” With that, he pulled down his work trousers and his boxers to reveal a very large cock, dripping with pre. It was probably about 7 inches at first glance. I pulled my head up instantly in anticipation, but once again almost choked myself out so lowered my head again. All I could do was watch as he started jacking himself off, standing over me. His eyes never left mine, grinning down back at me as he started going faster and faster, grunting and groaning as he got himself closer.

“Yeah, you’re my dog. You’re my fucking dog.” I don’t think I’ve ever whined and whimpered as loud as I did. I wanted nothing else than to suck on it for him, to lick and drool all over it. But I could only watch as it hovered just above my nose. I couldn’t even smell it. I tried sucking on the cock in my mouth, hoping it would satisfy me, but it didn’t.

And then it came at me, huge white globs of seed barrelling over my nose. It dribbled down my muzzle as more and more came. But still. All I could do was watch as it landed in globs and dribbled slowly across my new nose. 5 shots… no 6 remained on my nose. I looked at it sadly. Unable to taste it. Smell it… I was this close to it and unable to do anything about it. He wiped the rest of it on my forehead before folding it back away behind his work trousers. He saw me looking at him, as if I was about to cry. I almost was.

His hand came on me and scratched my ears lovingly. I huffed, lying there, unable to move or so much as wipe the cum off my muzzle with one of the mitts.

“You need to earn my cum pup.” He said, noticing my dismay. “One single day of doing what I tell you is not enough. Not enough to even smell it. No, the only thing you’ve earned is for me not to lock your bone away for the night. For the night.” He repeated. All I could do was look up at him with puppy eyes, meeting his gaze as he smiled.

“Now you be good and lay there quietly while I find us some dinner.” With that, he stood up and left me alone, lying there with nothing to do but watch the cum slowly fade and disappear, all hope of being able to taste it – hell, I’d settle with just feeling it against my skin – slowly leave me.

Slowly I watched the seed fade; beautiful creamy white blobs fading to clear splotchy dribbles, and eventually nothing but wet splotches that might as well as been water. And by this time, Alex strolled back in, a phone to his ear ordering take away.

He sat himself down in the arm chair beside my grounded body, lazily resting a hand on my back giving me a gentle scratch and rub as he continued to lay out his order to the phone. I didn’t really pay attention what he was saying. I was too horny to think straight, adrenaline coursed through me and I couldn’t even move.

I knew I couldn’t get up, or so much as move my head up from my mitted paws, but I still tried; shifting constantly. I started whining before long, and then got scowled.

“Shut it Pup,” He told me harshly. And instantly I fell quiet. I didn’t like being told off. No pup does. I lay there, panting. I shut my eyes. I had to distract myself. I couldn’t see the TV he’d turned on, but there was one thing I did have, and that was the average sized, dog cock in my mouth. Needless to say, I started to suck on it, nibbling at the base of the knot just behind my teeth.

My world became that cock. Imagining what it’d be like if it came, feeling it pulse and wriggle. I drowned out everything. Even the soothing motion of Alex’s hand on my back. All I knew was those few precious inches of silicon. I didn’t care about anything else. But then that damn doorbell rang and I was kicked out of my state. I whimpered un-happily. But Alex was there to comfort me as he petted me on my head.

“Quiet pup.” And he left. I heard the door open, and a quiet conversation. I picked out the word ‘dog’ as well. But then nothing. Footsteps, bags, un-packing…

And then he was back in the arm chair, eating whatever he ordered…By now, I’d calmed myself down. I was still horny, and sure enough, my cock was still hard beneath me, but I had no choice and had no other option but to lay there; staring at the bare patch of wall I could see.

Time just seemed to slip away from me, lying there. I wasn’t even all that hungry… at least until he waved a piece of chicken in front of my eyes. I heard my stomach growl and whimper loudly, but he just chuckled and took it back out of my view.

Then I felt his hand again on my back.

“Shhh,” he cooed. “You’ll get fed. Eventually.” Another chuckle. More waiting. Teased with bits of food, dangled in front of me, letting the smell waft into my nose before taking it away again.

I don’t know how or why – it must have been because there was nothing else I could do – but I somehow managed to fall asleep watching the food dangle in front of me. I had no clue for how long I slumbered, But I knew I had probably one of the strangest dreams ever: a bunch of chicken thighs spinning around me like a ballet… I was awoken by a gentle slap to the side of my muzzle and Alex’s voice.

“Puppy, you okay?” he asked me. I couldn’t nod, so I grunted to confirm. “Ready for your dindins?” Again I grunted, trying to wag my butt a little. It seemed to be enough as he unlocked my paws first, and then my collar, allowing me to sit up for the first time in at least an hour.

“You need another wee?” I shook my head. Back on went the leash, and giving me time to stretch, I was lead into the kitchen. There he placed two metal dog food bowls; one with water, and one what I could only assume were his left overs on the ground in front of me. Now this was a first, eating from a bowl on the floor like an animal… and my horny animalistic brain loved it- and for some reason – all I kept thinking was that maybe, maybe, if I was good, he’d let me taste his next load… or feel it…. Or sniff it. I was in deep.

So out came a set of keys, some brief fiddling, and finally, the hood was taken off. Trying to open my mouth so the knot of the cock could get out was a bit of a challenge, and I hadn’t swallowed in a while so there was a lot of drool with it… but off it came. He sat it on the floor next to the bowls so I could look at it while I ate.

The holes for the eyes were empty… and it was weird suddenly seeing what I’d been made to wear for the past… I don’t even know how many hours. But I loved the look of it; cool neoprene exterior, a slight rubber interior, a large stiff muzzle. It looked like the muzzle itself – the part with the cock attached – could be removed as well. I stood there, watching Alex set it down giving me a gentle head scratch, motioning to the dog bowls to begin.

So I dove my head right in, gulping down whatever mess of rice and vegetables he’d not bothered to eat. Eating like this was more fun than I thought, although my long hair kept getting in the way. Alex observed for a bit, kneeling beside me giving me a good stroke. Until he got bored at least and he left me alone once more in the kitchen.

While I ate, I looked at the hood. I’d never seen its like before… I mean, it looked just like the average neoprene hood but I was fairly certain they didn’t have a rubber seal in the hood and a removable cock gag muzzle… It had to be custom made… which meant money… or a creative friend. It was watching me eat; that hood, with its empty eyes.

Alex came back into the kitchen when I was nearly done. It must have been getting late now – or it might have just been because I’d already fallen asleep – but I think we were both getting pretty sleepy. He knelt down again, going straight to the hood. I watched intently as I lapped up the cool refreshing water. I was beyond thinking really by now. I just wanted to see what else he had planned for me. A part of me hoping he wasn’t just going to kick me out.

I watched from the corner of my eye as he picked up the hood… getting curious when he completely detached the muzzle from it, seeing the cock I’d been sucking on so deftly… Off it came….. And on went something which confirmed all my theories of it being custom made. It was still in the shape of a dog nose, just as long, but it had no holes, no breaks or gaps in the smooth flat neoprene.. Only one large air intake valve… at the jaw… it was a gas mask.

I lifted my head, and that caught his attention.

“Finished?” He asked me. I looked at him, curiously, switching between his face and the now, almost sinister looking hood in his hand. What had once looked cute and adorable has suddenly become dark, scary and threatening. Gone was the soft looking cool neoprene, making way for a solid block of firm hardened rubber. The one air valve sat at the base of the jaw-line to the right hand side of it.

I admit it, I’d be the first one to try this kind of thing on… I’d also be the first one to regret it. Alex wasted no time lunging at me and started strapping it up. I quickly realised as well that this was why the hood had a rubber seal around the face, to make it air tight… well minus the eye holed that I could still breath through. It was heavier though than before.

“Don’t worry pup,” he said, me listening intently for that ‘click’ of the padlock. “I’m not going to do anything major with this thing, although I can tell from your cock you wouldn’t have a problem with it if I did… no, this is to just calm you down, slow r breathing and get you under.” Under? What did that mean? There was that ‘click’ of a padlock ensuring it would stay on… although hard to hear over the sound of my breathing echoing in my ears. Happy, he took back the leash and led me back out, turning off lights as he went. For the first time, we went upstairs, which was a bit tricky on all fours, but I made it eventually. Alex seemed to slow himself down and wait for me to catch up, which I was grateful for, especially going up all those stairs. Out on the landing, first door on the left, in we came to his bedroom. Large, spacious, and cluttered. I had little chance to look at it though. Alex turned, and came down to his knees, giving me a large hug… it was warm and a warm hug was always going to be welcome.

“There’s a good boy,” he whispered in my ear. And then I opened my eyes to see the blacked out skiing mask coming at me. The lenses were still there, but they were far too dark to see far ahead of me, the nylon strap stretched around my head, resting over the two eye holes of my hood. And thus the last bit of the hood became air tight; the mask specially designed to go with the hood. Now the only air I could get was through the valve that rested to the side of my face.

But I didn’t struggle, or resist. Maybe I was too tired, all this time thinking I was too deep in my head-space… I don’t know. All I knew was I couldn’t see much of anything, say anything and I could barely hear anything either. He was right about calming me down as well: the fact all my air came through a valve quickly made me start thinking about my breathing: almost instinctively taking fewer and longer breaths.

I felt a hand on my head, some more fumbling, the hood move about a bit… no clue what was going on or what he was doing until it was too late and a re-breather bag was attached to the mask. Instantly, the air turned hot and stuffy inside the hood. I groaned, just to state my disapproval. But we both knew I was going to keep it on anyway.

“Now just relax Pup. Kay? This will help you sleep. You won’t suffocate, just keep taking nice deep breaths… that’s it. It’ll tire you out, makes energetic things like you easier to handle.”

And then the hand started pushing me forward, turning me around and forward again. I didn’t get a good look at his bedroom as I said, so I hadn’t the faintest idea where I was being pushed. I could perhaps see an inch in front of me, barely able to make out the rest of the nose. He stopped pushing me forward yanking on the collar to hold me still, then pushed me forward again. I saw bed sheets, assuming I was going to sleep next to the bed or on it… But then his hand disappeared from behind me… I stopped moving forward, wondering what was going on and I heard a loud “thunk” behind me.

It took me a good 2 minutes to realize where I was; I was in a cage, and the creaking over my head confirmed to me I was in a large cage nestled under his bed. I crawled around the enclosure, stopping every time a bar came in to view.

“Goodnight Pup. “ I barely heard his voice through the rubber and over my breathing that echoed around me.

I was too curious to sleep at that moment, still trying to figure out my surroundings. So I explored my new cage, feeling the bed sag above me and my ‘ears’ drag along the underside of the mattress. It wasn’t small, although it must have taken up only half the size of the bed… Either that or my sense of direction was completely gone. I quickly found that there was a large cushion in one corner and a load of what felt like toy bones to play with scattered about the cage. They were different sizes, materials, shapes. One even squeaked loudly which made me jump, reeling backwards into the bars and mattress above me. I heard Alex laugh over me. I was almost attempted to play with it, squeaking it annoyingly, even if that meant spending another few minutes with Alex.

But he was right, I was beginning to tire. The bag on my hood forced me to recycle my own air, and it made every breath I took heavier than usual. The space in the muzzle was quickly filling up with stale air that made my skin sweat and my hair cling to me. The mask fogged up making it even harder to see where I was until all sense left me. Before long, I found the pillow again and collapsed on it, being careful to make sure I didn’t lay on the re-breather bag: my only source of air.

I debated to paw myself off; I was still rock hard, and had been for a while, and my hands although locked in mitts were still mobile enough to squeeze my cock. I lowered my hands, squeezing my cock between two squishy leather gloves. But that alone made my breathing quicken and I groaned loudly… but had to stop before I got any real progress. There was no way I could jack off without passing out in this state. Of course, it took a few more tries before I came to this conclusion.

Alex knew what he was doing. Overwhelmed by everything, by my ragged breaths, by my sweaty face, my tired limbs, I drifted off to sleep… a lot easier than you would have thought. The funny thing was, I don’t think I’d actually thought anything in hours. Actual, proper, people thoughts. And that WAS a first for a pup-play session for me. I always got distracted at one point or another, thinking about getting back home, or Uni work, or family… This time, I hadn’t been distracted at all. I really was just a pup. For now, I just lay there asleep. Not caring where I was, or about work, or university. I didn’t care about any of it. I was happy to be here. More than happy really… call it what you want, I was one happy pup.


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