Edgy Guys Edge Each Other

Edgy-103Two young, “edgy” guys taking turns torturing each other with pleasure. Jonathan has his young friend Zeke tied down and delivers a torturous, slow handjob that has him on the edge looking like he can shoot at any moment. He uses the massager like a pro, holding it against Zeke’s asshole as he strokes the head, a move that has his “victim” in almost unbearable ecstasy. He moves the massager up and down Zeke’s big, hard cock like he’s polishing it, sending tingling pulses of pleasure shooting through his body. All this keeps Zeke rock hard but unable to shoot a load. Then, when Jonathan has had enough fun, he uses the massager to stimulate a load out of the grateful Zeke, then continues to stroke and massage his spent cock, sending pleasurable spasms shooting throughout his body.

Edgy-104 Edgy-108 Edgy-112 Edgy-118

You can see this one, and lots more like this, at Slow Teasing Hand Jobs


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