Electro stimulation gear

Check out the 2B™ Pro Pack, available from E-Stim Systems. The pack brings together E-Stim Systems’s flagship power box, the 2B™ with some of its most popular accessories. Included are the 2B™ Digital Link cable and Commander2™ software, which give the user the ability to connect their 2B™ to their PC or Mac for higher levels of control, as well as allowing over-the-Internet control. The Universal Power Supply gives the 2B™ an instant 30 percent increase in power. Users can also enjoy unlimited play time with no concerns over battery life.


E-Stim Systems is a British manufacturer of quality electro stimulation (“e-stim”) equipment and accessories for the adult market, established in 2004. All E-Stim Systems power boxes and premium electrodes come with a lifetime guarantee.

“The 2B™ Pro Pack is for experienced customers who want the best of the best, all in one package” said E-Stim Systems director Wayne Allen. “It’s like including all the optional extras when you buy a new car.”


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