Enter Reality – Part 02

By ty dehner

Take a chance

ty dehner gay bondage storiesWalking thought the parking lot I keep a pace behind him, showing him I understand my position to him. We arrive at his flat gray Jeep. He turns to me, reaching for me and hugging me tightly. This is the first time I feel his leathers so completely and I melt in his arms with the warmth he provides. Pushing us apart. he holds on to my shoulders as he looks me in the eyes. “I said I have some gear that I want you to be in when we get to the Eagle.”

“Yes Sir,” I affirm, anxious to see what he would like me in. He opens the back door on his Jeep and pulls out a large piece of leather. Holding it up, it is a heavy, quilted leather straitjacket. I look at the jacket, then at him. “Yes Sir.”

“Fuck, I knew you would, ty,” states Chris. He holds it open as I slide my gloved hands down the thick sleeves. Pivoting on my feet, the leather wraps my body and the scent fills my nose. Sir works the leather around me as it fits snuggly. The back zipper is fastened and then my arms are wrapped around my body. Sir secures all the straps tightly, and I see him placing locks on all the buckles. I look at him as I see that, he smiles, “Come on, ty, you know you want it very secure.”

My cock is growing in my jeans with all this, which Chris discovers as he squeezes my crotch a few times while securing the straitjacket. The tall leather collar is snapped and lock around my neck that lifts my head slightly. Stroking my arms, Chris is very happy with his work putting me in the leather bondage. He steps back, “ty, you look fucking amazing, just how you should be.”

I struggle a bit to feel the tightness of the bondage and enjoy his smile as he is happy to have me secured this way. “Thank you Sir.”

“Oh ty, we are going to have so much fun!”

He leads me to the passenger side door, where Chris helps me climb in. I get settled in the seat and he straps the seatbelt across my chest. Shutting the door, he gets into the driver’s seat and shortly we are heading through the traffic to the Los Angeles Eagle near Hollywood.

ty dehner bondage storiesChris finds a parking spot that isn’t too far from the legendary leather bar. Personally, I’ve only visited on rare occasions but felt that Chris must be more familiar with this establishment. During our drive, the leatherman asked me how I felt while being in the leather straitjacket sitting in the car, which I didn’t mind. He pointed out that when we were stopped at traffic lights, someone could notice me bound the way it was. As he drove he would keep his hand stroking my leg and I enjoyed reviewing the leathers he was wearing. I wondered what it would be like to live in leather like he is wearing, to drive, heck, just to sit in a restaurant in leather. The one thing that this short drive did was to calm me and put further trust in this man. He has been so polite, yet confident and in charge.

Putting the Jeep in park and turning off the ignition, Chris climbed out of the drivers seat and came to me, where he helped me out of his vehicle, my boots landing on the pavement. Closing the door, Chris ran his hands down my arms, enjoying the feeling of the smooth, quilted leather, as he looked at me and smiled. “You look amazing, you know that, ty?”

Looking directly into his blue eyes, I responded, “I’m glad you suggested this and glad you are enjoying it.”

Pausing for a moment, Chris looks at me, “Do you trust me?”

“Yes, Sir. I’m in this leather straitjacket.”

Chucking, Chris responds, “Yea, you are.”

Rubbing his gloved hands on my arms quickly, “I have another idea, if you are up for it. It would please me and add another element to your entering the bar with me.”

I watch as Chris steps away, opening the back hatch of the Jeep, grabbing something, then he closes the Jeep door. Coming to me, the leatherman holds up an intense-looking leather muzzle, with a small gag that inserts between the lips. “I want to put this on you, ty.”

Before I can respond, he is already working this contraption on my head, adjusting the straps as the gag fills my mouth and the leather chin cup presses it in deeper, silencing me. He adjusts the straps again, then adds locks, seven locks, to all the buckles on the harness. I feel the snugness on my head, the lack of speech and the scent of the leather.

My cock was hardening in my jeans as I was aroused how Chris just went ahead to lock me in the harness without asking me if I wanted it. He stepped back to admire this guy in a leather straitjacket and head harness. “You’ve really impressed me ty with how cooperative you’ve been. This is what a leatherman looks for in a sub to serve him. How do you feel, ty?”

Knowing that I can’t speak, I nod my head and he smiles, “I love to hear the jingle of the locks on a boy’s harness or hood. It reminds me of his submission to me and how I control a man.”

Chris reaches and grabs my chin tightly in his leather glove, gripping firmly. Placing his face close to mine, our eyes connect as he speaks with authority, “And you love being controlled like this don’t you ty? If I felt down your jeans your cock would be hard as a rock. Deep inside I bet you are craving even more control. You are going to be so fucked, ty.” Chris pushes my head away, pulling a chain from his jacket pocket that he attaches to a ring in the collar from the head harness. Then the leatherman reaches into my back pocket to retrieve my wallet. Holding it up for me to see, “I need this to show your ID for when we enter the Eagle.”

With that he tugs on the chain and we proceed towards the leather bar.

Entering the Eagle, the guy at the door checks our ID. Chris hands my wallet to the guy since my hands are not free. The guy holds up the wallet to check my eyes and nods that all is good. Turning to Chris, the doorman states that I look good and could get into trouble if left alone. Chris smiles, “Yes, perhaps he might end up in lots of trouble tonight!”

With that the leatherman tugs on the chain, pulling me into the dark bar. It is early for bar time, so the place isn’t crowded. Chris enjoyed leading me in a roundabout path through the place as I noticed most guys checking us out. Of course they are impressed by the man that holds the chain, as he looks amazing in his leathers. Chris creates a powerful statement as his leathers are fitted and reflect his confidence. There is also the fact that this leatherman is towing me behind him, secured in a heavy, thick leather straitjacket and firmly muzzled.

The guys here understand just what is going on and I am thoroughly enjoying this. One of my fantasies that I’ve written about is being at a very public place, dressed head to toe in leather, hooded and secured in a straitjacket. Just an object lead around in public, perhaps blindfolded where I can’t see what is happening around me. Right now, this is very close to that, I can’t speak and will go where ever I am led by the leatherman.

Chris makes a stop at the bar, getting himself a bottle of craft lager. After all this is Los Angeles, no one drinks Bud anymore. They have to drink things with trendy names like pumpkin spice daisy moonbeam dark. If Chris knew I had that through I bet he flog my ass to make it look like a black and blue moon!

After securing his brew, Chris tugged on the chain, leading me through the rest of the establishment until he found a quiet spot to settle. Leaning against the brass rail, Chris smiled at me. “Sorry ty, I know you might be liking a drink, but for now I enjoy the fact that you are silent.” With that he takes a swig from his lager.

Placing the bottle on a small shelf, Chris positions me against the wall as he releases the chain. Lifting his gloved hands, the leatherman starts to paw me as he feels his leather boy. This man is thoroughly enjoying me in his command, the smooth leather that keeps me trapped and the silence from my lips as our eyes connect. Closing my eyes, I take in the leather scent coming from both of us with the heat of the bar. This man is very handsome and I can only wonder what he looks like beneath his leathers. Still, right now I take in the feeling of the leather he has locked on me, that he enjoys touching me, the connection we are having as my cock is hard in my jeans, releasing the man juices that lubricate it, continuing to arouse me.

After a while, Chris steps back, taking the end of the chain connected to my collar, wraps it around a shelf bracket and locks it with a padlock. I’m a bit surprised by this as I look at him. He smiles, reaching up and stroking my face, “Don’t worry, ty. I’m going to walk around and see if my friends are here. You’ll be safe here, though someone might be attracted to you and check you out.” With that Chris picks up his beer and I watch as he disappears into the growing crowd.

I take my time to look around the bar, as the customers have been entering with the night getting later. I’m not sure of the time as there is no clock in his bar and I can’t access my phone in my jeans pocket. Thinking of my pocket I realize that Chris has my wallet and that could leave me in trouble if someone leads me astray. But that is highly unlikely with the size of the lock that secures the chain to the wall. Deciding to just relax as there isn’t anything I can do and enjoy my situation, I had often thought of, being in leather like this in a public place. I just never thought I’d actually meet a guy that would follow through on it.

Standing alone, guys would walk by most of them too shy to actually say anything to me. A few would smile, pause and admire how secure I was. A couple of men that had to be Masters looked very serious with their harness and ink, no doubt able to control a boy very well. Then I spotted a black-haired guy in a tan CHP uniform. His tall black boot showed that he was a motorcycle cop, with everything he was wearing looking very official. He was handsome, his long sleeves went into his tight cop gloves, his duty belt sat on his waist. Even though this CHP officer was in a dark bar, he was wearing dark sunglasses. I watched as he was scanning the bar when he turned towards me.

At that moment, even though I couldn’t see his eyes, I knew we had connected. The cop took a drink from his beer, then a slight smile grew on his lips. My heart skipped a beat as I saw him turn his body and he stepped towards me. Here I was secured in leather with a chain on my collar keeping me from leaving and this CHP cop was now standing directly in front of me.

Lifting his sunglasses his deep brown eyes looked deep in me, “What have we here?”

Since I could not speak, I nodded my head hoping he would take that as a sign of respect.

“You are obviously not here alone. Did your Master leave you here?” asked the cop. My head nodded that indeed he did.

“He took a chance doing that, as you are fucking hot secured in that leather, unable to speak. A cop like me could pick that lock and you’d end up on the back of my bike.”, the cop chuckled. “You ever been taken out to the desert on the back of a cop bike, then fucked under the full moon with the coyotes howling?”

Gees, this guy doesn’t start slow does he, my cock jumps in my jeans as I find myself just moaning with his description. I get this vision in my head of me on the back of a police bike in this leather straitjacket, muzzled under the helmet as he races down the 10 freeway at seventy miles an hour.

My imagination was interrupted by the grip of the cop taking my chin in his gloved hand, lowering my head to view his highly polished boots. “Too fucking bad that muzzle is locked on your head, or you’d be tasting my boots right here.” He lifts my chin so I look into his eyes and I nod to let him know that I would indeed taste his boots if I could.

Releasing my chin, the cop leans against me as I’m pushed against the wall feeling the pressure of this beefy hispanic man against me. Keeping me under his pressure, his gloved hand reaches down and begins tapping my balls that are in my jeans. He can hit them just right to create pain and I jump but he just pressed upon me to keep me under his control. A smile was on his face, behind those sunglasses as he continued to beat my balls. He nodded his head a bit as I was moaning in the muzzle with the gag filling my mouth and my eyes closing as the hits would just strike my balls just right so that I wanted to lean over and move away from his strike.

Since I was so focused on this cop, I didn’t see Chris return. As I struggled I heard the cop through my moaning stay, “Hi Chris, I like your boy here.” With that the cop punches my balls hard and I yell into the gag as he releases me and see that Chris is smiling. As I bend down in pain, Chris introduces me to Billy. Catching my breath I nod with respect to him. As he reaches over and rubs my belly fondly.

They both stand back and admire me chained in the bar. “So this the writer you’ve been telling me about these past few years.”, notes Billy as he drinks from the beer bottle.

Chris steps forward, placing his hand on my shoulder and rubbing it, affectionally. “This is ty dehner. ty, this is Billy and I know you have been admiring his uniform and boots.” I tilt my head with slight embarrassment that indeed I have.

Chris leans in and whispers in my ear, “He is a real CHP officer also, motor patrol out of Carson.”

I look at Billy and his eyebrows jump up and down as he confirms that I have been informed by my leatherman.

“You finally got up the courage to meet him and bring him to the bar, huh?” asks Billy.

Chris notes, “Well, I met him for dinner earlier this evening and suggested we could have some fun here at the Eagle. He actually agreed to the straitjacket and muzzle.”

Billy looks at me, “Good for you ty. You should know this guy speaks about your stories often, he really likes what you write.” I look at Chris, not that aware that he was into my writing.

Leaning in, the cop adds, “But, beware, he is a fucking sadistic Master that loves gear and bondage.” The cop punches my balls again as I release a burst of air from behind the gag.

“Look who is sadistic!” exclaims Chris. Billy shrugs as he looks at Chris then gazes at me.

Billy puts his arm around Chris and they leave me, moving into the crowd.

The night moves on as the two friends meet up with other guys and they all catch up. At one point Chris released the chain and brought me to a corner where a stool was waiting for me. He secured me once again and left me on the stool until late in the night and he was ready to go. I got a hug from Billy as he whispered in my ear that he would enjoy having me in his jail for a few nights.

I was led out of the Eagle by the end of the chain and down the sidewalk. We made it to the Jeep and returned to the restaurant parking lot where my car was. As much as I didn’t want the night to end, it was late and I had a two-hour drive home. It didn’t take long for Chris to remove me from the straitjacket, but he didn’t unlock the muzzle. I looked at him with question.

“So, ty, I have a plan for you and you get to decide. I would like you to come home with me, but I know you never planned on what we’ve done so far tonight and don’t want you to become untrustful of me. But I like to tempt you so I’m not going to remove the muzzle. You will keep it on until you get home and you can cut it off.”, this doesn’t bother me too much for I figure I can just stay in my car for the drive home.

Chris smiles, “I know what was running through your head, you would just stay in your car until you got home. Well, you will have to get gas as I had a friend pump out most of your gas, you can’t get home. So, you’ll be exposed with that muzzle on.”

Reaching up, Chris stokes my chin with his gloved hand. “You know that muzzle suits you perfectly and I fucking love seeing you in it. The question is, will those at the gas station be ok with it?”

Lifting my chin, Chris looks me in the eyes, “Or you can stay, give me your keys and my friend will bring your car to my house and you can spend the night with me. I’ll put you back in the straitjacket and take you home.”

My cock is aroused once again, as the voice of this leather master gets into my mind. He certainly knows how to tease me where I end up going against my better thoughts so that I do what he wants but making it all my decision. Deep inside I ignore my desire to go home and agree to be his for the evening. I hand him my car keys and he hugs me, looking me in the eye telling me that I made the right decision. “I knew exactly that you would agree ty. The possibility of you having to get out of your car with a muzzle on doesn’t really threaten you does it?”

I shake me head that it doesn’t.

“Fuck, I knew you had more balls than so many of these wimpy guys I encounter.” With that he attaches the chain back to the collar and we walk back to his Jeep.

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To be continued …

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