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Goodbye Leatherman

Written by ty dehner

ty dehner gay bondage authorIt’s one of those days that feels like a movie. One of those old black and white films that used to be on late at night, as the actors were so dramatic. But their characters had a passion that we don’t see today. Though many never find that passion, I have been blessed to experience a life many would dream about myself for the past year. A passion that fills my heart and my thoughts daily, each morning rising; glad to have him in my life as he displays how much he wants me in his.

Another gray day in the Emerald City of Seattle, I have brought Kane downtown because he and I are faced with a moment we didn’t want to come but was going to happen because one thing we can’t do is to stop time. The damp feeling lays upon my emotions, causing a depressing mood, feeling gray like the clouds outside as they drizzle just enough to fuck up the day’s activities.

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New issue of Drummer magazine

With great pleasure, I received a brand-new issue of Drummer magazine in the mail this week! The publication is 100 perfect-bound pages and includes articles, photographs, and lots of erotic male BDSM artwork. Even the ads are hot. There’s a report on the Old Guard leather scene that existed back in the 1950s and 60s. The theme is “The Superhero Issue,” and there’s a stylized rope bondage photo essay by Bruce LaBruce that rounds out the issue. My favorite section is the “Tough Customers” photo profiles.

Drummer magazine superheroes issue

Congratulations to editor Drew Kramer and publisher Jack MacCullum for bringing Drummer back!

You can get a digital subscription or a digital-and-print combo by visiting the official Drummer website, drummermen.com. I have the latter. There’s also an archive of vintage issues of Drummer.

The Fall of a Master – Part 04

By Rubrpig

Master Walther nodded and indicated that the slave should clean its master’s boots and the slave crawled over and began cleaning Master Gunter’s boots.  The two leather officers sat quietly watching as the slave obeyed and cleaned the tall riding boots worn by its new Master and owner…

Master Walther watched as the slave crawled around his tall riding boots and then when it was finished it moved over and started on Master Gunther’s boots.  Finally, both pairs were cleaned to the satisfaction of both men.  The Master stood up and started to remove their tunics, then the rest of their until they were naked and their cock swinging gently as they moved around as they walked over to where the slaves lay.  Master Walther had picked up a pair of leather fist mitts and he quickly put them on the slave and locked them.  He then padlocked the slave’s wrists together.

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The second ‘Leather Life’ book by Peter Fiske

Peter Fiske has published a second book, titled “My Leather Life: Later Years,” available as a paperback purchase via Amazon. The description reads:

“At the center of leather life for 50 years, Peter Fiske whips up leather history in this delightful second volume of his memoirs, covering the years since the AIDS crisis emerged in the 1980s. He takes us through his relationship with the love of his life, Coulter Thomas, the founding of The 15 Association, and the struggle for trans acceptance. A must read for leatherfolk.”

My Leather Life: Later Years book by Peter Fiske


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The first book by Peter is My Leather Life: Early Years

The first 100 issues of Drummer magazine are online

There are five recently published issues of Drummer magazine — available at drummermen.com — with more issues on the way!

Drummer magazine new issues

Meanwhile, if you are a subscriber as I am, you can access the first 100 issues of Drummer, which are archived under their Origins tab. Here are two of these vintage issue covers:

Drummer magazine back issues

Find the old and new content at the Drummer official website, available here.

Drummer magazine new issues

Drummer magazine website is relaunched

And they have a new Editor-in-Chief! And they are promising a new issue coming soon! Details are available at their website:

Drummer magazine

They have some newer content available, including five complete issues as well as articles. And one of my very favorite features is a complete library of the first 100 issues! If you are a subscriber as I am, you can access this vast library.

Drummer back issues

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