Enter Reality – Part 03

By ty dehner


ty dehner gay bondage storiesThe ride through the metro area was interesting as Chris controlled the conversation. He had questions about my stories which let me know he had spent a great deal of time keeping up with my imagination. I felt safe during the ride, secured in the leather straitjacket and muzzle, and a bit excited with the unknown of all this. As we exited the freeway, I didn’t know where he lived as he didn’t discuss much about himself when we have talked. During the drive when I responded to his questions I mumbled through the gag, my throat getting dry as it had been a while since I had anything to drink, not even water. But I was glad we weren’t sitting in silence this entire time.

Driving down Riverside Drive, the road was on the edge of the Los Angeles River along the edge of the mountains in Griffith Park.

The area was filled with established homes not far from the movie studios where amazing films have been created over the years. Chris let me know that the area is known for being close to the Los Angeles Equestrian Club. He joked that I would enjoy that, lots of guys in riding gear and boots. Perhaps one day the leatherman could introduce me to a friend who likes to train a guy like me into being his horse. I looked at Chris, realizing he was referring to the story where one of my characters is turned into a leather horse and ridden in the woods.

As Chris drove, he turned from street to street from the main thoroughfare to neighborhood drives. These homes were California ranch-style probably built in the 1930s and 1940s. Before us I noticed the garage door sliding up as Chris approached. This had to be his home, a nice ranch with a large Jacaranda tree in full bloom. These trees are amazing when they bloom with their bright purple flowers. As he pulled the Jeep into the neatly organized garage, Chris brought the vehicle to a stop, released his seat belt as the engine turned off and turned to me, “You still up for this, ty?”

Without hesitation, I nod that I am indeed. While I didn’t have any expectations of where he might live, I was interested in seeing what he had in store for me.

Exiting his vehicle, Chris came around to my side, opening my door and helping me exit. As my booted feet are planted on the concrete of the garage floor, Chris hugs me then smiles. He moves me to an area next to a doorway that exits the garage, pauses and turns me to face him. “This is where we begin, ty.”

Taking his key ring, Chris unlocks and removes all the locks from the straitjacket that I’ve been in all night. I look up at him, “Once I take you into my world, I want you to be naked and raw. I want you to feel vulnerable and nervous as you don’t know what you are stepping into. You will be exposed for the first time, ty. Allowing me to fully control your experience. I value this trust you have given me, ty.”

ty dehner storiesHis words worry me a bit, but his touch to my cheek with his glove hand causes me to feel safer and allows me to trust this man. As he stands before me with his arms crossed I remove all my clothing and become totally naked before this leatherman. While the muzzle stays, my cock is exposed, erect and dripping. I am not ashamed of being naked before him, as I know this is my showing him the respect and faith of fully submitting to him. There is actually a level of confidence in what I am doing.

Chris opens a small cupboard where he has me place all my clothing and boots. He closes it and takes the keys, locking the cupboard door. Placing my hands behind my back, just because it felt natural, my eyes meet the leatherman’s as he smiles. “You continue to impress the fuck out of me ty. I still don’t understand how a man of your pedigree isn’t collared and making a man fulfilled.”

Reaching up, Chris takes me in his gloved hands, pressing my naked body against his leathered torso for a warm and strong hug. His right-hand strokes my back, “I think we’re ready, ty.”

Releasing the hug, Chris firmly grips my arms looking me directly in my eyes, “Follow me, ty.”

With that he turns, leading me out of the garage.

The room is lit with red light, creating warmth to the environment. Standing in the center of this space, that is clearly used for bondage and sadistic sex, Chris has created a space that undoubtedly reflects his varied interest in leather. I am standing at attention, my hands placed in the small of my back, behind and ready for Chris to return.

From the garage, I was led outdoors to this outbuilding that looked like a classic California pool bungalow next to his rectangle swimming pool. But upon entering there was a very different vibe going on. Allowing me a moment to take it all in, Chris came up behind me, stroking my body with his gloved hands, whispering in my ear, “Imagine the possibilities, ty. What stories you could write.” I sensed his warmth at his leather scent filled the space and this man continued to twist me to his proprietorship.

Quickly, Chris removed the muzzle so that I was completely naked. He instructed me to use the small bathroom to empty my bladder and refresh, while enjoying a bottle of cold water. After, I made my way to the center of the room and waited, as Chris left the space.

And waiting I was. As I looked about the space, my mind started to think of how a specific hood could be used, or how that sleep sack hanging on the wall could keep a boy locked up for a long term. I think I stopped those thoughts as I didn’t want to have expectations about what Chris had planned. So, I emptied my mind, focusing on paying attention to this leatherman that had taken me further than I expected this night.

The door opened with a cool burst of air coming into the room and floating over my bare skin. The leatherman was still in the leathers he had worn all night. Proceeding directly to one of the drawers of the wall of cabinets, Chris approaches me with leather wrist and ankle restraints, which he quickly puts on me, small locks added to keep them secure.

Placing his gloved hand on my back, he moves me to the large king-sized bed covered in a leather sheet. “On the bed, ty, face down.”

As I open my mouth to respond, Chris grabs my arm tightly, “Until I state otherwise, ty, you will not speak. I don’t need to hear you, only just need to see you follow my orders. Do you understand, ty?”

I nod my head, which Chris likes, “Nice ty, you catch on quickly.”

Releasing my arm, I climb onto the bed, on my stomach, my arms at my side. As Chris steps away from the bed, I keep my eyesight directly in front of me. I don’t want to know what is coming next as he prepares me for his pleasure. I hear his boots on the concrete floor as he moves about, no doubt gathering the equipment that will be used on me.

As I focus on the sounds, I am startled when I feel the leather man’s weight on the bed and a heavy leather hood being slipped over my head. Lifting my skull so that Chris has easier access, the leather envelopes my head sending me into darkness. Chris works the hood around so that it fits under my chin, the leather now huggin my face. There is a small grommet hole at my lips as he lines up the two breathing holes built into the heavy leather. Adjusting the leather, I realize there are straps that Chris is adapting with a thick tall band of leather that acts as a collar that wraps around my neck.

As Chris gets the hood settled property, he pulls down the zipper that brings all this leather snug around my skull as I begin to only hear my own breathing. It is dark inside this leather, as I take in the scent, with Chris closing the collar around my neck, buckling it securely as I hear the sound of a lock.  The leatherman starts tightening the straps that tighten over my eyes and my lips to silence me even further. As he buckles them he makes sure they are also locked. Rubbing my head, I take it as a signal he is happy now that I am blind, deaf and silent. As I lower my head to the bed, I hear the locks jangle and take in the feeling of being hooded in leather.

As he leaves the bed, I wonder what will happen next. My wondering ends quickly as I feel my hands brought together behind my back and secured in what must be a lock. My cock gets a bit harder as I feel helpless. There is an element of excitement because I really don’t know this man and here I am now hooded and being put into bondage while naked and exposed in his house.

While Chris stays on the bed, I feel his work with my arms bending them towards my neck and securing it with rope. This now puts my arms in a position that will become painful over time and starts to choke me some as I am now in a dance between relieving pressure on my throat or arms.

As I try to keep my struggle to a minimum, Chris works on my waist as he wraps several rounds of rope around it, making it snug. Then he takes the rope, lifting my ankles and places them at my side in a stress position that will expose my ass. I moan into the hood as the leatherman slaps my naked ass hard. The man seems to be an expert with the rope as he works quickly securing my ankles, allowing very little give in their position. Once he is confident in his bondage of me, Chris sits up as I struggle knowing enough that I’m going to feel this bondage fairly quickly.

Before Chris gets off the bed, he reaches under me with his gloved hand to pull out my hard cock and balls, settling them on the leather sheet. As he leaves, I focus my mind on remaining relaxed for if I tense up, I’m going to start to hurt.

My focus is changed when I feel Chris working on the top of the hood I am locked in and my skull is lifted up. He takes a long piece of rope where the other end he wraps around my balls then pulls them away from my body. My head is tugged as the connection is tightened, the leather of the hood now pressing against my face. My head naturally drops when he lets go, but tugs on my balls, creating another element of pain as I yelp inside the leather hood.

My breathing is becoming labored as my body is being stressed while lying on the leather-covered bed on my chest. My face is tight in the hood as I feel my balls being tugged. I also find that my cock is continuing to drip as I like the feeling of my struggle in the bondage. As I am concentrating on my being in bondage I realize that the room has gone quiet. I don’t know if Chris has left or is just watching me struggle on the bed. The room is also getting a bit warmer and my labor starts building sweat on my naked skin.

Time passes as I move very little in the tight restrictive bondage that this stranger in leather has placed me in. I cease my breathing at times to hear beyond the hood, but I hear nothing other than my movement on the leather bed. The bondage is relentless, keeping me secure as I feel my muscles starting to tense while weakening in their restraint.

Suddenly, one of the muscles in my legs starts cramping and I yell into the hood that presses upon my face. I thrash on the bed trying to release myself from the bondage that I am in. The pain is intense as I continue to yell, muffled in the heavy leather strapped and locked on my skull.

In time the crapping ceases and my leg relaxes. My breathing slows as I feel my cock softening. That is when I heard the voice of the leatherman. “This is what real bondage is, ty. I have never seen you write about this in your stories.”

I feel cool gel being rubbed at my asshole, as I realize that Chris will up the torture of me. In moments, he has a rubber dildo at the edge of my hole, a hole that is tight and hasn’t been used in a very long time. Slowly, the dildo pushes into my ass, stretching upon entry as I sweat even more, moaning into the hood. Struggling with the bondage as it is pulling my muscles to their limits, the rubber dick goes in deeply then starts to pull out. There is a rhythm building as I figure out that Chris has me at the end of a fuck machine. Ramping up the pistoning, a new focus of the pain that my body is experiencing fills my mind as my ass is being stretched and opened.

All these sensations go on for a while, as I am no longer in tune with time. My body is quivering in pain, taut in bondage, my head pulling my balls as my ass is plundered and my limbs twisted in a position they aren’t meant to be in.

My pain and suffering are taken away for a split second as I feel the gloved hand of Chris stroking my leather-encased head. I feel the weight of his body lying on the bed in front of me as his touch calms me a bit. I moan with contentment as I feel his touch.

“How are you doing, ty?” I hear his voice beyond the sound of my breathing in this intense hood. “Actually, I can see how you’re doing, your struggling and you’re in pain. This is good for you ty, very good for you.”

His other hand moves across my sweaty naked back, “The thing is that right now I know you are focusing on your suffering ty, you’re not focusing on my pleasure. Don’t you say in your writing, that the sub is for the Master’s pleasure. This, where you are right now, ty, my pleasure.”

“You are suffering, because I love when a naked, exposed fuck like you is bound, hooded and helpless. Being exposed and at my mercy to struggle in bondage and pain the way I like my sub to be.”

I hear his words and recognize that I’m not paying attention to his pleasure, focusing only on my pain in this complicated bondage. I moan a bit in the hood as the leatherman removes his touch. The dildo is continuing its plunder of my ass.

“The bondage you are in now, ty, is how you need to be more often. You are meant to suffer at the gloved hands of a Master like me. Think about how enthralled you were when I sat down in front of you in leather, you couldn’t believe that someone would actually meet you in leather. I am pleased that you have given yourself to me ty.”

Chris increases the speed of the plunger that is the dildo in my ass. “You need to focus beyond this moment and understand that this is all about me, not about you. You suffer for my pleasure, so you get to see me in leather. You feel the pain so that you will later become an encased object to be locked away and disappear from the world. You have allowed me to do all this to you, because you know you need to serve, suffer and please a powerful man like me, ty.”

As Chris speaks to me in a gentle and firm tone, I realize that my cock is getting harder through all this agony. Chris sees that also, “Fuck, ty, you cock betrays you, you are so fucking screwed that you know you need to be treated like a fuckwad to gain your ultimate release.”

The dildo moves faster and faster, my struggle causes my limbs that are pushed beyond their limits to quiver and my breathing becomes more difficult.

“Listen to me ty, you want to shoot your load, you don’t want to be released from this bondage, because you are pleasing me beyond what I could have expected.”

I feel the presence of Chris lean in close to my tension-pulled hooded head, “And ty, you allowed all this to happened.” At that moment, the fuck machine goes even faster as I feel the weight of the bed adjust as Chris moves off it and as I hold my breath I hear his boots move across the floor and the door closing.

Screaming into the hood, I cause my own pain as I struggle for release. In my darkness I focus on taking this pain for him. That man in leather that met me tonight, took me to the Eagle in leather and has now put me in this strenuous position that provides him all the pleasure that controlling a man brings him.

Alone in this room, I take a deep breath, absorbing all this pain slowing my struggle and just accept that I am going through all this because I want to be with the leatherman. I need to be with and serve this leather master.

When your body is being assaulted in all directions it is difficult to keep track of time. My focus would jump from the most painful point to the next as the bondage kept me in the most unnatural position on the leather-covered bed in the leatherman’s room. In my darkness, locked in the heavy leather hood strapped and locked on my skull, I moan and sweat as my ass is filled with a forever pistoning dildo that keeps me on edge as my hard cock leaks on the leather causing slight pleasure in the predicament. As my body gets weaker, it is more difficult to keep my head upright to release the pressure on my balls as they are stretched when I lower my head.

Over time I realize how simple the bondage is that Chris has placed me in, but how intense it is. He has created a space for me to suffer for his amusement and I can only imagine him sitting in the large leather chair I saw in the room before I was hooded. In the fine leathers Chris wears, he must be sipping a scotch held in his gloved hand as the leatherman watches the naked and bound object struggle, moaning in a position of its own making.

As the time has passed I have focused more and more on making that man happy by experiencing all this, the stress of my muscles as they suffer more tension than they have ever experienced. The tightness of the leather on my face as the hood pulls on my balls. My thoughts now imagine that rubber dick that is fucking my ass is actually the cock of the leatherman as he intends to seed me and takes deeper ownership of my soul.

My thought has always been about being encased in leather or rubber, now this man has shown me that my destiny isn’t being in heavy gear, it is raw and exposed to provide enjoyment to a leather master like Chris by being his tool to use as he sees fit. Fuck if my cock hasn’t been hard during most of this, if I could only work it I would shoot my load. But I am certain that Chris has set things up that I can’t shoot my load, that leatherman will want to control even that. I stop myself once again from thinking about my release, focusing on taking all this pain to please Chris, make him proud of me by going as far as he wants me to go.

ty dehner bondage storiesAs my body gets weaker, I give in to the pain as my balls are stretched with my head falling more and more towards the comfort of the bed. The images in my darkness are of the leatherman, sitting in the Eagle, his boots, the leather he wears, the smile on his face as his gloved hand lifts the beer bottle to his lips. The man is very confident in who he is. His blue eyes sparkle with authority and knowledge of what he wants in life. There is a devious part of his smile as I now know in the back of his mind he has planned how to treat a man like me for his ultimate pleasure. Chris is a man that I want to have in my life, serve him, suffer like I am now. Even when I focus on him, I find that my cock gets hard as I think about following this man wherever he leads me.

Those thoughts are overcoming the pain that I’m in. Wading deep in the man that is Chris my numbness becomes aware that the pistoning of my ass has stopped, there is an emptiness as the dildo has been removed. Coming back to the real world, my leather-encased head is lowered to rest on the leather bed as I moan with relief. Gently, but with some urgency, Chris works to release the rope bondage, first with my ankles and then my wrists. As the leatherman helps me move my limbs into a natural position, I scream in the hood as these parts of my body have been seriously stressed and the blood returns to locations that have been missed for a long while.

After releasing all the bondage, the leather cuffs remain, I feel the leather man’s gloves stroking my sweaty skin to comfort me, but he still is silent. Gradually, Chris rolls me over to my back and I release a heavy breath as I feel him lay his leathered body next to me. I feel the leatherman place his lips on the grommet hole of the hood as his gloved hand lightly moves over my chest. Chris whispers to me, “I’m very impressed with you, ty. You are fucking good toy, ty.”

This moment of affection fills my heart as my emotions are heightened by the struggle I have been through. Hearing and feeling his appreciation only makes me want to connect with Chris even more.

“I know you’ve been wondering ty, all you need to know is that you pleased me for three hours!” the leatherman kisses me again.

Chris kept us on the bed for a long while as his gloved hands helped bring my body back to life. While still in darkness, I reached over and hugged him, holding him to feel his leathered body against my nakedness and showing him that I needed to hold him for safety and assurance.

But Chris had more plans and it wasn’t long after he allowed me to get some water in me, use the bathroom after the hood was removed that the leather man was putting me in leather. First came a one-piece motorcycle race suit of black leather followed by a custom-made leather bondage suit that the leatherman laced up and tightened around my body. A pair of heavy black motocross boots were placed on my feet with very tight-fitting leather gloves on my hands. A new leather hood was placed on my head, filling my mouth with a gag with eye holes allowing sight.

The leatherman led me to a custom-made chair made of wood that was on wheels. I discovered the chair was based on the famous Academy bondage chair as many belts and restraints kept me in place, including a wood piece that lifted my chin so that my head couldn’t move. As I was seated, an opening in the leathers allowed a steel butt plug to slide into my ass that filled me as I settled into the hardwood seat. Only my hands were left free as he slid a small lap table at my waist and I was securely in this bondage chair.

The leatherman smiled as he checked all the restraints that he had secured. I felt the chair start to move and Chris moved me to a small cubby hole in the wall where I was pushed in that fit all this perfectly. As I was settled into place, a computer monitor attached to the wall directly in front of my sight. Chris attached a couple of clips to keep the chair from moving then placed a keyboard on the table in my lap. Placing my gloved hands on the keyboard, he moved my right hand slightly so that I was able to reach a mouse that sat next to the keyboard. Then the leatherman placed metal cuffs on my wrists that provided enough movement for the typing that I figured I was about to be doing. Another chain was attached to the center of the straps that went across my chest.

Everything was quite secure as Chris stood next to me on my right side, the monitor flickering on. There was a desktop image of me in the bondage I had just experienced. “You like what you see, ty?”

Chris rubs my head with his gloved hand as I moan in the gag, seeing what I experienced for the first time.

“We’re almost done for the night, ty. Well, that is up to you actually. I want you to write about your experience tonight. You will have two hours to do your magic with the words that you create. You know I love what you write and I am anxious to read what you write about what we’ve shared tonight.”

With the little movement that my head allows, I look over at Chris, surprised that he wants me to write situated like this.

“Oh, ty, I know you’ve often thought of being so used that even a Master like me makes sure your writing is controlled. You’ll notice you can use the keyboard and mouse with no problem and let’s face it this is much more comfortable than what you just experienced.”

My sight reviews the desktop to see a lone folder titled ‘ty’s story.’ Then I look back at Chris.

“So, this is what we’re going to do. You have two hours to write, I’m not looking for a polished story, just the best you can write about what you’ve experienced tonight. When you finish, put your document in the folder that is on the desktop. I will then review it. Now this is the exciting part. If I like what you write, I will release you and you will be headed home. But if I think you could do better. I will be keeping you longer and encourage you to write better, you will go through an even more intense experience. After all, I can keep you for as long as I want.”

That last comment makes the cock jump, as I look at Chris seeing a very serious look on his face.

“I’m really proud of you ty, you have impressed me. Don’t let me down now.”

With that, Chris stepped back and a wall slid into place and I was plunged into darkness with only the monitor’s light before me. I heard the sound of a power drill securing the wall in place. Now I was a leather writer in storage. Fuck, if this isn’t a fantasy of a guy that has many fantasies!

I place my fingers on the keyboard, close my eyes for a moment to gather my thoughts and start writing the most important piece of literature I’ve had to write while encased in leather, bound and secured like an object in a small room of a leatherman I only met through an email. As I get through the first paragraph, the steel plug in my ass comes alive with a current of electricity. This is going to make my focus to write well a bigger challenge. But I will make sure I do my best, because I want Chris to be very impressed when he opens this file in a couple of hours.

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All rights reserved.

To be continued …

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  1. Oh my goodness!! What fantastic writing to take me places I don’t want to go, finding myself wanting to be there!

    I eagerly await what follows!

  2. Chris initially tells Ty to trust him implicitly, says he’ll keep him overnight then tells him “After all, I can keep you for as long as I want”. Not sure I’d trust him implicitly.

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