Enter Reality – Part 04

By ty dehner

Is this the end?

ty dehner gay bondage storiesIt took me a couple of hours to write the story for this leather master. The writing was difficult at times, as my focus would stray from the written word to the pain in my ass as the steel plug would ramp up the electroactivity. But I was able to conclude my writing and provide Chris with the signal that I had completed it and saved the file to the folder that he had instructed me to. Now I had to wait for him to read it. The screen went black and I was alone in the bondage, hearing my breathing as I awaited my fate.

The fresh air filled the space and my nose picked up his scent as I was aware that Chris had read my work and would render my verdict. The light filled the small space that I had been trapped in for several hours. My cock grew a bit as I thought about the results of my writing about the power that Chris has taken over me.

Chris’s smile appeared at the edge of my sight, and I moaned a bit to let him know I appreciated seeing him again. “Glad to see you too, ty.”

His gloved hand reached out and stroked my hooded head which was the first human touch I’d had in a while. Leaning my head as much as I could because of the resetrictive restraints of the chair, into this touch, Chris’s smile reflected that he liked how I appreciated his touch.

The leatherman then released the chair from the connections in the small hole, rolling it into the playspace.

Standing before me he started to speak, “So, you’re no doubt interested in how much I liked your story.”, Chris states as he releases his stroke of my head. Listening to his words, I latched on to the words of ‘how much I liked.’ That was positive and perhaps I am about to get out of all this bondage.

Taking a wooden chair from the corner, Chris sat down directly in front of me so I could see him clearly. Wearing leather jeans, a black t-shirt, gloves he looked casual as a leatherman. The leatherman placed his hand on my knee.

“As you remember, I told you there were two outcomes today. If I like your work, you will be released and can head home. If I don’t like what you’ve written, you will be returned to the intense bondage but for double the time you were originally in. Then you will have to write about the experience again and face the same decision as you are now.”

ty dehner bondage storiesAs he spoke, he gently rubbed my encased legs to provide me encouragement. Then he continued, as I was now prepared to hear my fate. “I have one more choice that came to my mind as I read your words. I know you don’t know how I will respond, but I will give you one more option. If you agree, right now, without me providing you the outcome, I will put you in even more restrictive bondage and gear for a deeply intense experience. It will be long-term, but you will be released fully after you complete the challenge.”

Fuck! Where does this guy come up with this shit! I really wanted to get out of this bondage, but didn’t my cock get hard as he described the third option. As I took in this option, Chris squeezed my leg as I think he really wanted me to take this new option and see how far he would torture me.

“Are you confident that your story is the best you can do, considering that it has not gone through a proof? Or can you just admit you are meant to be an object, controlled by me and suffer for me?”, his gloved hands stroke my legs, with his right hand moving up to the crotch where he rubs my encased cock, building the solidness of my manhood. The leatherman smiled as I lifted my crotch up to meet his touch, as he knew I was horny as fuck. “Time to decide, ty.”

My mind was a whirlwind, all the options were exciting and I had experienced more than I ever thought I would. Chris has provided me experiences beyond the fiction that I write. I had been in bondage for what had to be a day, but I truly don’t know. This leatherman had gotten into my head, me learning to suffer for his enjoyment. I learned that by my suffering to please this leather master, I pleased myself as he enjoyed what I was going through. When I saw him in the restaurant last night I could have never imaged that I would end up here, in such intense leather gear, bondage and awaiting the decision of my fate based on my writing.

My thoughts were stopped by Chris’s final instructions, “Grunt once if you want me to just throw this story away and you continue your captivity for my enjoyment. Grunt twice for me, if you want me to tell you my conclusion of your story. What is your choice, ty?”

My cock was rock hard, telling me to keep going with this time Chris. My mind was telling me that I had had enough and needed to be released. As the leatherman lifted his hands away from my legs, he encouraged me, “Come on, ty, you know what is right.”

Feeling my cock, I struggled a little in the bondage as the leatherman’s stare didn’t give me any clue what he wanted in my response. With my mouth full of the gag, I couldn’t get into a debate with him. In the end my mind knew what was the correct choice, so I gathered all my breath to give him the first grunt. The grunt was clear and loud as a smile grew on the leatherman’s face.

A split second passed as I gathered my strength for the second grunt.

But before I got it out, Chris immediately stood, grabbed my chin and exclaimed, “Good choice fucker, you are going to suffer for me even more. Shit, I can’t believe you decided that, as I know you were into being owned, I just never thought this much!”

I struggled in my restraints as I started the second grunt, I didn’t want to continue the bondage for a longer period. I knew my story was good and I wanted to get free. I grunted over and over as I was sweating in all this gear.

Laughing, Chris looks at me, “What the fuck, you can’t back out now! You made your decision! It was your fucking choice. Gees, ty, I’m going to have so much fun with you!”

As I struggled, unable to speak or let him know that he misunderstood my response, Chris turned to leave. But he paused, turning back to me and bring his face close to me so that our eyes connected.

“For your information, I loved your writing! You would’ve been released.”

Chris caressed my face, “You need to have confidence in what you write, ty. But with my help I’ll make you the best writer you can be.”

The leatherman left me alone, my fate awaiting.

The End

© Copyright 2021  ty dehner

All rights reserved.

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8 thoughts on “Enter Reality – Part 04”

  1. So so pleased with and enthralled by this story, and really happy with the cliff hangar where you left it! Thank you Ty!!!

  2. Ty, I am the author of the, “I had No Idea” series. I think this short story is one of your best. I would love to talk.

    1. This story and “I had No Idea” are two of my favorites. You are both great writers. Thank you for sharing your talent!

  3. Oh shit, what a great ending!! I started freaking out when Chris didn’t allow him to grunt the second time!
    Thank you for a great story ty.

  4. A superlative story, ty. i tried to place myself in your shoes in this. But, i failed. i have not met a dominant man who would conform my will to him for his pleasure.

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